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  2. A couple years ago, a chef shared a conversation with me that he had had with another chef, the gist of which was this: we are all doing pretty much the same thing. Since then, not consciously though, I have slowly been less enthusiastic about trying new venues. It's hard to convince me to check out a new $30/entree place, because generally it really isn't that interesting. And you can only do so many tasting menus. So, I now have my core favorites, maybe 4 or 5, that we visit 80-90% of the time. And really, the only time I change places is if I am following a bartender or chef that I already know there. Thip Khao is one of those places where I eat less than I should, because it is always very very good, and has some personality to it. My spouse met up there with her friends, and 10 minutes before their kitchen closed, she accommodated my request for take-out. The catfish red curry was excellent and traveled well, and I wish this place was an UberEATS option or whatever instead of Mr. Chen's Organic or whatever else drivel is out there.
  3. Communal Tables Have Got to Go

    I always thought that sitting at the bar and ordering there was the sign you wanted to be social.
  4. Evergreen comment. It has probably been about two years since my last visit to Rasika and it'll probably be another two years until my next one. Just a mental note for the next time I end up there.
  5. Communal Tables Have Got to Go

    I hate that there are communal seats on buses. When I am alone I am alone for a reason. Why should I have to tolerate someone sitting next to me?
  6. @TrelayneNYC that galette looks delicious. If you don't mind sharing, where did you find the figs?
  7. Communal Tables Have Got to Go

    Someone disapproves of communal seating arrangements in restaurants and is not shy about sharing their views : "Communal tables are trash. They are garbage. And there is literally no reason to have them because I have never met one person who likes them and I ask every person I meet about their feelings on restaurant seating arrangements. If you’re a restaurateur, you can totally just trust me on this and not waste any more time or money on market research." Let's discuss...
  8. When St. Louis Bread Company first opened, the breads were quite good - not Fresh Baguette or BreadFurst level good, but close. Quality and 1,900 stores are really not things that go well together.
  9. Cuban Sandwiches

    That abomination is not a Cuban. Okay, abomination is a strong word, because the sandwich still sounds delicious. But, man, don't people know that words and names have meanings? "I'd like a Sazerac but could you make it with ..." NO!! A Sazerac is the finished product. Bacon is from a certain animal, and it's not bacon if it doesn't come from said animal. Don't get me started on martinis...
  10. For a supposedly "healthy option," Panera's food contains awful lot of sodium.
  11. I had the tuna salad sandwich last year when Panera was really the only meal option, and I thought it was pretty good. I was famished at the time, so that may be a factor.
  12. Cuban Sandwiches

    I had a carrot last night that I considered to be a Reuben.
  13. Went to dinner with my aunt and cousin for their second evening in DC last week. Ordered the palak chaat, makkai kofta, tandoori lamb chops, chicken tikka masala, garlic naan, and cucmber raita. Palak chaat was very good, but my aunt and cousin who eat Indian food regularly in California, did not think it was as revelatory as people here make it out to be. I ordered the makkai kofta to get a vegetable dish into the mix and while I liked it, my family thought it was just okay. After reading Don's review above, I wish I had ordered the eggplant chili garlic instead. Lamb chops were our favorite dish of the evening. Three meaty and well cooked chops. The chicken tikka masala was a request by my cousin and we all enjoyed the dish. However, it felt a little "safe" and I wish we had ordered something more adventurous. The garlic naan was great, we should have ordered more. Agree with Don that the raita was no better than a standard raita and none of the dishes we ordered were spicy enough to merit a dollop of raita. The meal was lovely and very good, but wish I had do-overs on the makkai kofta and chicken tikka masala. Guess I will have to order a bit more non-traditional the next time I am at Rasika.
  14. Solar Eclipse, August 21 2017

    Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang has been posting weather forecasts for the eclipse area. Looking very good for the western third and hopeful for South Carolina. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/capital-weather-gang/wp/2017/08/16/total-solar-eclipse-weather-forecast-as-of-aug-16/ This site has pretty exhausting description of possible weather scenarios based on historical probabilities. http://eclipsophile.com/
  15. If you're collecting points, keep in mind that if you purchase directly from an airline using an AmEx Pt, you will get 5x points (eg, a $2,000 business class ticket to Europe will get you 10,000 points). Do look into transferring your points from the regular AmEx to the Pt, though, and make sure you don't lose anything in the process.
  16. Solar Eclipse, August 21 2017

    Everything I'm seeing now says sunny to partly cloudy.
  17. This is journalism at its best. I felt like I was there. Kudos to the reporter, Elle Reeve: She stood her ground and got the story. This is must-see news reporting for anyone interested in what is going on right now.
  18. One of the most important news reports you will ever see in your life: "Charlottesville: Race and Terror" by VICE News Tonight, HBO, on vice.com
  19. Scotland

    Any updates? Planning on doing the North Coast 500 followed by a lot of time on the Isle of Skye. TIA!
  20. Yesterday
  21. I find the Mediterranean veggie sandwich to be pretty good. I haven’t been there since they were bought by Krispy Kreme, I didn’t think that was a good sign.
  22. I enjoy their breakfast soufflés and every once in a while will idly wonder if there's a way for me to make them at home.
  23. We're having a meeting at noon tomorrow and we have to order lunch from Panera. I hate everything that I've tried from Panera.... Last year I took the kids to one because a percentage of the sales went to support my daughter's school. I also had to dine at Silver Diner multiple times....
  24. Cuban Sandwiches

    is a turkey Reuben still a Reuben?
  25. Cuban Sandwiches

    Tons of fresh roasted pork (roasted that morning). Abundance of roast pork, smaller elements of proscuitto and cheese. Tons of roast pork. I guess the only thing that is the exact same with the original is the roast pork!!! I've had Cubanos with ham but more w/ glazed ham; glazed providing the sweetness element, which is why I was thinking that the honey mustard (plus fried pickles) does a nice job of replacing the sweetness from glazed ham. I've had them in Miami and Little Cuba in Jersey (Union City/Hoboken across from the Lincoln Tunnel into NY). I'm not an expert, but I've had a healthy number. Its the Earl's version. Its not a Cubano, but its a lot like a Cubano. Its good...and very hearty.
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