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  2. Yup. I worked on this going through a variety of topics. Couldn't find a perfect topic as currently defined. News?? Eh....not really. BTW: In the vast content there are posts in the cooking section and restaurant sections that cover overlapping topics as I'm sure you are well aware although this is restaurant oriented not cooking oriented. It doesn't quite work its way into bi-topical treatment. In any case I admire the writers efforts. There was a point in time when I both ate at more delis and only ordered brisket as opposed to pastrami or corned beef, so I appreciated their including it as a sandwich choice. I'm aware of many that have done the same. The 3 sandwich evaluations are valid. There are also interesting backdrops to the effort if one is interested in the deli phenomena. Lastly, as there have been some recent comments that suggest overall bagel quality in the NY area might be worse than it was decades ago, I certainly had significantly more deli in the 1960's and 1970's. A fair amount was in the lower East Side of NYC, not that many blocks from Katz's. My dad's family had a business in that area and I visited or worked there a fair bit. There were so many more deli's in that area at that time. The business was about 6 blocks from Katz's and there were many such places closer, including some of deserved fame. These places are vanishing.
  3. So it seems that "drain the swamp" and "build the wall" aren't Trump's ideas at all. Did Cambridge Analytica find huge support for those ideas before Trump became a candidate and then told Trump to run on those ideas? How do the Russians fit in?
  4. So it seems that "drain the swamp" and "build the wall" aren't Trump's ideas at all. Did Cambridge Analytica find huge support for those ideas before Trump became a candidate and then told Trump to run on those ideas? How do the Russians fit in?
  5. Ack, you done went regional on me! (I'll think about this)
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  7. Dining in Annandale

    Thanks pras -- that's a great guide. I wish we lived a little closer to Annandale, but even Centreville now has a good number of Korean eateries.
  8. The swipe looks better in person, I must say. It is burrata...
  9. I could not decide where this post should sit. Don: Place it elsewhere if you think it should reside in a different section. Honestly though it seems to me to transcend the sections of the blog as presently constituted. These vital andintrepid and souls from the DC area decided to visit and rate Deli's from NY to DC and in between. Four of them visiting multiple deli's in a day at times. The research stretches from 2010 to this year. NYC, Northern Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore and DC. Multiple delis. Multiple sandwiches and side orders. Tight parameters. Repetitive tastings of the same base foods. A noble task. I salute them. Here are their evaluations/ratings/reviews on the entire list of 48 delis There are background details to various trips and tastings by clicking on various links. Spectacular research!!!!! (never in a million years would I attempt such an effort but I salute the sacrifice and magnificent effort of these gentlemen!!!!!!)
  10. Dining in Annandale

    Been to all of them save Jangteo 7080 which isn't really for the lone-eater non-drinker like me. But some not in a while; I suppose I should revisit...
  11. Dining in Annandale

    24 hours of eating Korean Food in Annandale as told by the Washington Post.
  12. The Trite Food List

    Didn't know that. Thanks.
  13. The Trite Food List

    Most commonly a way to prepare mussels, I think.
  14. I've seen that swipe on TV and at many places. I find it unappetizing. Anyhow, is that a poached egg on top of romanesco salad?
  15. The Trite Food List

    Brunch- Still eating and enjoying brunch since the 1970’s though the paper NY Times is rarely there Meattballs as an appetizer: meatball appetizer at Casa Luca was sublime Deviled eggs: helluva food markup item, but you gotta do what you gotta do If someone makes a great tasting hummus like dish out of other items- bravo Had this with other ingredients at Bayou Bakery. Found it tasty and spicy. Thai Curry at a non Thai restaurant—hm yet to try that
  16. I feel like I have seen that plating with the swipe, but I can't remember where.
  17. Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    It was use up things in the fridge night, so I sauteed onion and garlic with the last of the kale in the fridge, added in a zucchini that needed to be used, tossed in some chickpeas with lots of olive oil, salt and pepper and tossed in some veggie penne pasta I boiled and butter. We ate with a chebe bread that I had a mix of in the cabinet for a while and decided it was time for it to leave the cabinet.
  18. Backpacks

    Look at the Swissgear line. I have a Thinkpad that measures 14.8 x 9.8x 1.1 inches. It's a beast of a machine but the way I work requires the biggest screen I can get so I can have multiple documents displaying side by side but still readable. It fits in my Swissgear and I once managed to shove 2 of them in there. In addition, the Swissgear line offers TSA-friendly bags that can be zipped open to go through security without removing the laptop. There are zipped side pouches that can stow an umbrella and water bottle. The downside? A huge number of road warriors have them, so you will almost certainly want to customize the outside of yours with a distinctive tag so you can grab it quickly from the lineup of them at the back of the room when you attend a meeting. Mine sports a Yoda lego mini-fig. Locally, Microcenter has a huge selection of computer bags if you want to inspect them in person.
  19. Backpacks

    The custom bag I have came from Reload. Take a look at their site as they build backpacks as well. These are waterproof, bulletproof and durable. http://www.reloadbags.com/default.asp
  20. The Trite Food List

    More: - Tater Tots fancified. Why? Just why? - Roasted chicken, generally over priced even at casual restaurants (I'm looking at you, Rustico, and others of your ilk) - Turkey burgers. Invariably on menu. Invariable poor quality. Rubbery. Topped with weird things. Why not just top it with same thing as a burger? Turkey eaters like fried eggs and bacon, too. Never trite to me - Pizza. If you have a kitchen, give it a go. I'll probably try it. I'll probably not like it, but I'm going to try it. - Lamb burgers. I don't eat hamburgers, but I, too, want in on the fun.
  21. I picked up carryout the other night before the impeding storm. I noticed that the Filipino spot next door was closed and that there were building permits posted in the windows. I asked the person who helped me at Big Wang what was going in and he said that they were taking over the space and were essentially doubling their size (which is already on the large side). He said they will be open in about 2 months and will have an expanded menu.
  22. A night of leftovers: wheatberry salad sausage lentil soup turkey tenderloin roasted squash and brussels sprouts
  23. It did work. The toasts were small, so the amounts of toppings were relatively small too. It was like salsa on top of guacamole...on toast.
  24. Lunch - The Mid-Day, Polyphonic Food Blog

    Interesting - you lost me at pico de gallo. Did the combination work? I guess avocado is in a lot of Mexican cuisine, but when I think of it on toast, I think of it more with olive oil and sea salt (thanks to Cork Wine Bar).
  25. Nasime is closed on Monday and there is seating for only 26. Make sure you have reservations otherwise you won't be able to get in. I'd suggest you ask for seats at the bar in front of the open kitchen. Make sure you ask for the seats that are the farthest from the door because the first three seats have a blocked view of the chef.
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