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  2. Jeni's Ice Cream

    I lived in Columbus for years, close to the original Jeni's retail location, and I can say, though it is expensive, it is ethereal ice cream. Every flavor I ever tried was delicious.
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  4. Asheville, NC

    The overestimation definitely happened to me last weekend. Got quoted 30 minutes and barely had enough time to order a beer next door before I got a text. As for the food... I'd say it was hit and miss but the highs definitely topped the lows. The whole hog was light on smoke and absent outside brown, hush puppies were undercooked and chewy. For a BBQ restaurant those are high crimes. That being said, the fried chicken sandwich bathed in pimento cheese and white bbq was a damn good time and really benefited from that crisp, thin coating they fry their birds with in this part of the country. Hash and rice is my jam, and this version really popped with a real balance of sauce, smoke and mineral tang from all the nasty bits. I could have eaten a second bowl. Not having it left me more stomach space for a second bourbon and Cheerwine slushie. Those slushies are Carloina in a tall glass and probably the best thing I tasted all weekend. So as long as I keep forgetting Buxton Hall is a pure BBQ restaurant and instead consider it a hash and slushie delivery system, consider me a fan.
  5. Jeni's Ice Cream

    In a country with constantly expanding fancy-person ice cream options, Jeni's remains one of the best in the country. They really shine with their summer flavors, too. The peach jam and buttermilk biscuits flavor is take-down-the-whole pint good, but I fell in love with the buttermilk frozen yogurt options this summer. The blueberry-lemon and (especially) watermelon flavors were bright, fresh, and pleasantly tart. Not a lot of things like this on the market - it has the consistency and sharp flavor like what my brain wants me to think a Flintstone Push-Up used to taste like, but I know never did.
  6. Headed out today with a friend to have lunch at the 14th Street location. We ran into Luis on the street as we were walking up. He's closed this location, leaving only Kennedy Street. Their lease was up, and the rent was going up too much for him to afford. We chatted a while, and he tells me they are planning to update the Kennedy Street location, maybe try to expand the dining room. I'm sorry to lose the place that is walkable from my house. This is happening to too many of my neighborhood places.
  7. In lieu of drinks, my friend asked me if I wanted to join him and his wife for a class at Flywheel followed by dinner nearby. I regretted agreeing to that invite about 20 minutes into the Flywheel class but felt better about it after sitting down at Bantam King. We started with some cold sake, and my friends ordered beer while I had the cold watermelon drink on draft. The watermelon drink was very refreshing and I had to be careful not to drink it too quickly. We also enjoyed the hakushika tanuki sake that we ordered and ended up getting a second one. Feeling very hungry after the spin class, we ordered the chicken gyoza and fried chicken. Both were great. I especially enjoyed the fried chicken. Not too hot, but expertly fried. I ordered the shoyu chintan ramen with a spice bomb. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would, and specially liked the inclusion of corn as part of the toppings. The stock was light, but still very flavorful and the spice bomb added a great kick. My friend ordered and loved his spicy miso ramen and his wife ordered the special chicken chorizo cold ramen. She really liked it as well, but I did not get a taste. I hadn't been to Bantam King since they first opened and had liked it only so so but preferred Daikaya. After last night's visit, I would be more than happy to go to Bantam King over Daikaya depending on my mood.
  8. The Honey Pig location in Germantown is already inferior to Iron Age in Rockville, so I expect that having a HP closer won't adjust my Korean BBQ rotation at all.
  9. Neighborhood Restaurant Group Will Open a Food Hall In Southeast DC, by Jessica Sidman, August 23, 2017, on washingtonian.com.
  10. Honey Pig has announced that it will be opening a branch in Rockville in Spring 2018. It doesn’t disclose the location but Bethesda Magazine reports that it will be at Montrose Crossing (Randolph and the Pike), in the former location of Tony Lin’s.
  11. Weren't there O-rings on the Waterman's Platter? I remember having fried and rings on my platter, and the O-rings were pretty good, reminds me of the rings at the Varsity in Atlanta.
  12. Charleston, SC

    Great article from The Ringer about Rodney Scott and John Lewis, and what they're doing with their respective Charleston restaurants. https://www.theringer.com/2017/8/22/16180430/soul-of-barbecue-charleston-south-carolina
  13. Had dinner at Salt Line recently and unfortunately left underwhelmed. It's an attractive restaurant with friendly staff, but there were flaws with every dish. I started with the rockfish tartare with pickled mustard seed, fried capers and 'crisps'. The potato chips tasted like they came out of a bag. The tartare was good but there wasn't much of it. It was a standard disc of tartare, maybe 4 inches in diameter, but it was only about 1/4 inch deep. The bartender recommended their New England Smash Burger. They're clearly modeling it after Shake Shack which is fine, except it wasn't as good as Shake Shack. If you can't beat the original, it might be better to go in a different direction. My friend let me try the fried fish from their Waterman's Platter. It was well fried, but there wasn't nearly enough salt so it tasted bland. The onion rings we ordered never showed up (though didn't appear on the bill either). The other thing that through me off was watching their shucker shuck oysters throughout the evening then place them in plastic bins, cover the top with plastic wrap and place the bins in a refrigerator below the bar. To be fair, I also watched him shuck some oysters fresh for seafood towers and other orders. I just couldn't help but wonder where those other shucked oysters were intended to go. I'm a fan of Hank's, and there was nothing here that was better other than the view. I don't envision going back.
  14. Five years in, they've followed the industry trend and have abandoned the small plates approach. The menu is now Antipasti, Pastas, Pizzas, and Entrees. Antipasti are a mix of hot and cold, prices ranging from $8-$14, and they are all substantially sized. Pastas and pizzas are all in the $12-$18 range, and are a good size for a main. There were only 4 entrees in the entree section, basically a chicken, a steak, and a couple of seafood, all in the $20s. Last night we ordered 2 apps (risotto fritters and brussels sprouts) and 2 pastas (sausage oricchiette and carbonara) for two of us, and had leftovers. All of it was excellent, and I'd order every one of those things again. Total after a couple of extremely well made cocktails (seriously, one of the better cocktail lists in MoCo), tax and tip was $100. To repeat myself and others above, this place is better than it has any right to be five years in. It's not a destination restaurant, but for a neighborhood joint in central MoCo, it's great.
  15. We wandered by about 6:30, and they were already quoting a 30+ minute wait, so we passed. Will give it a shot once OpenTable is up and running.
  16. I was thrilled to join a friend on opening night of "Addie's 2.0". They plan to start taking reservations in about two weeks and will be on Open Table. Expect lunch to start in a month or so. And brunch will be added at some point. Seating at the new restaurant ins't much more plentiful than the old one. However, there's a nice two-sided bar (one side outdoor, one side indoor). There are several original craft cocktails on the menu. The two we tried were quite nice. But these are a bit complex to put together and I can see the bartenders getting backed up on a busy night. When we arrived at 5, the bar was already hopping. The dining room opens at 5:30 and was full by 6pm. The room is simply but elegantly dressed with very high ceilings. The only issue we had was the heat. There are fans over the bar area, but not over the dining room; given a whole wall of the restaurant was open on one of the hottest days of the summer, we were uncomfortably hot. They did turn up the AC upon our request, but that didn't do much to alter the temperature in the rear area we were seated in. As we left, we could feel the AC in the front part of the dining room, it seemed much more comfortable there. The menu is quite small, with one whole page devoted to the raw bar/seafood tower selections. The seafood tower comes in three sizes (starting at $78 for 7 choices) and can be composed from a lengthy list of selections. The remainder of the menu is split between appetizers and 8-10 entree choices. My companion chose the crab cakes for dinner. While these are only listed on the menu as an appetizer (two 2oz cakes for $22), you can order three for $33 to make it an entree. She said they were excellent. I chose the tuna as it was a favorite of mine from Addie's 1.0. The tuna was extremely fresh and high quality. It was a very large serving as well. My only complaint is that the tuna, the roasted romaine salad and the radishes and avocado that accompanied it were all HEAVILY dusted with chili powder. There was no element on the plate that didn't taste of the chili powder. It was a bit overwhelming. We finished the evening by splitting an order of beignets. 6 piping hot, deep fried dough balls served with a trio of dipping sauces. These were very good and I would definitely order them again. While there were certainly some tell tale opening night issues going on, overall our experience was smooth and free of any significant snafus. For that alone, Addie's gets a gold star.
  17. Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    We had leftovers for dinner tonight: kare-kare (oxtails with eggplant and bok choy in peanut sauce) and bagoong (fried garlic and fermented shrimp paste) adobo (chicken and pork with vinegar, garlic and soy sauce) fagiolini e pomodoro (green beans braised in tomato sauce) creamed corn (corn cooked with butter, salt and cream) Then I prepared the following for a dinner party for three: Beef and pork meatballs (breadcrumbs, milk, Italian parsley, mint, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, nutmeg, egg, beef, pork). The meatballs were baked instead of fried and will be braised in a tomato sauce tomorrow afternoon. I have made these plenty of times before and prefer baking them instead of frying. They're lighter and there's not as much mess; can't beat that. Olive oil cake with almonds, pine nuts and Cara Cara oranges
  18. I'll probably defer my comments on Felix' game since I've never seen him before this, he's coming off an injury, he was playing a fast moving smooth placement (not power) hitter & it was the 1st round, so he may have been just using the opportunity to work on things. It was obvious that he puts pace on the ball & goes for it a lot. Shapovolov is more a known quantity for me, having watched him throughout the Cincy tournament, including against Zverov. Today he faced a hard hitter (for the quals) but someone who he could outhit, outrun & generally outplay as needed. He just stepped up when needed, put it in another gear & moved on. It looked like Shapovalov's past year or so has matured him, while Felix looked like an upcoming Junior. Sort of like when Venus was playing as a real pro & Serena was just starting to compete with adults. There are quite a few players in this age range around these days and it's hard to tell which will grow into stardom, which will plateau & which will fall by the wayside. These 2 certainly look like they can be up there, even though neither is the strongest hitter, the biggest player or a dominant force. I'm always partial to lefties. They were cute, both wearing the exact same outfit on adjacent courts & taking roughly the same amount of time to win. Best I could get: eta: Don - thanks for re-sizing and combining the photos into this post. I'm a complete idiot at attaching photos.
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  20. Leftover wild rice, onions/carrots/celery/tomato, raisins, and shredded white meat chicken.
  21. What do you see as the relative strengths and weaknesses in their games? I've never seen either one play, except for what you see above. [Feel free to answer about D.S. in its own post, as I may create a thread for him; or, if you want to compare the two, I may just change the title of this thread to include both.]
  22. Although neither match was earthshatteringly great, both were fun to watch up close & both Felix A-A & D.S. won relatively easily. Since they're not on the same side of the draw (I don't think...I'll double check), I'll probably be there for their next round against others & will watch again. If either/both make it to the main draw, I'll be there Monday so I might get to see their 1st round matches as well.
  23. dc.eater.com lists Cheers at The Big Chair in its Neighborhood Guide to Dining in Anacostia, by Tim Ebner, Aug 15, 2017, 2:04pm EDT.
  24. I like Annapolis, but I don't think it represents Anne Arundel County overall. I used to live in Crofton, which has no waterfront horizon views and very few restaurants (if any) of note. I'd venture to say most of Anne Arundel County is more like Crofton and less like Annapolis. In my post above I probably should have said my situation is much better than when I lived in Crofton (at least I can Lyft home from restaurants in DC now!), but I always worry that people in the DC area haven't heard of it, so I usually generalize to Anne Arundel County.
  25. Don't knock Anne Arundel. I moved to Annapolis 2 years ago and welcome coming home to a waterfront Horizon view.
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