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    Krauthammer I didn’t Agree with his views, but he was civil and smart and a gentleman.
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    Our own rappahannock, Chef-Owner John Pearson, is battling Stage 4 Colon Cancer, and like so many in the restaurant industry, is under-insured, to the point where he is staring down bankruptcy due to his medical bills. I've been following John's medical odyssey on Facebook, hoping he'd reach out to me, and he finally did. He wrote me, and flat-out asked for help from this community - he is under extreme financial duress due to this illness, and needs help. John's GoFundMe page, "Pull for Pearson," is here. As soon as I type this note, I'm going to give a donation, but the power here is in numbers - mine alone will mean nothing, and we need our members to step up and help. For every 5 GoFundMe requests I receive, I can only afford to reply to 1 of them, and I generally save them for issues of grave importance: medical issues, people whose houses have burned down, etc. "Stage 4 Colon Cancer" is as critical as it gets - once the cancer perforates its way into the abdomen, you're in trouble, and John's in trouble. It took me all of one second to say "Yes, of course I'll help," and I hope that everyone reading this will do the same - I've only met John once in my life, but he has been an active part of our community over the years, and an important member of the DC and VA restaurant community for even longer. Please click here and help him.
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    Honoring John Pearson The best way *you* could honor him is to go get a colonoscopy if you're over age 40. Not 50; 40. Here are the new guidelines from the American Cancer Association.
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    Thanks! I may give that a try. And it was the same NYT recipe that started me on this quest, LOL!
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    Been able to try a couple of the recs on this thread (thanks again gang!): Taqueria 3 Reyes -- I need to revisit to sample more of the menu, but of what I've tried so far the tacos (natch) are far superior to the tortas (which are nonetheless a big part of the menu, seemingly a feature) and the beef (ground, lengua, et al) better than other proteins. Great value; can make a very filling meal (or two) for less than $10. They seem to fire as much as possible to order but one can still get in and out fairy quickly if you don't hit a rush. Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken - The two piece dark plate (thigh/leg + 2 sides; I did baked beans and slaw) is $8.45. It's a fair price for what you get - portions aren't skimpy nor plentiful. Chicken clearly being fried on-the-go. It came out at a perfect temp to eat, and as others have noted incredibly crispy, not an ounce of excess grease, and seemingly light. Excellent southern fried chicken. But....several folks noted it's a spicy chicken, so what did I miss? It wasn't the least bit spicy, and I don't mean in the "you call that HOT? That's not HOT!" one-upping way, I mean in that if someone had handed me the plate blind, I would have never thought to describe any spice. Which is not to say it wasn't flavorful bc it was. They even threw in packets of Crystal Hot Sauce. Am I crazy? Just Jerk is next on the list.
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    That's an ingredient in the NYT's Takeout-Style Sesame Noodle recipe. I've never been able to find it. A commenter in the Times talked about making their own with sesame seeds and posted a recipe: http://www.tastehongkong.com/recipes/homemade-sesame-paste-from-scratch/
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    I wasn't too impressed with Cured though it has been a couple of years. Hot Joy is fun. I've had good meals at Bigga on the Banks, can be pricey. Touristy but fun El Marcado in the Market Square has decent tex mex though Los Barrios remains a favorite-also try Rosarios on South Alamo. Have a drink at Esquire Taven.