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  1. After getting foiled at Mason Dixie Biscuit Company, I had biscuits on the brain and ended up at Bayou Bakery for the first time last Saturday. My husband and I had beignets and biscuit sandwiches (we were hungry). My 3-year-old also destroyed a biscuit (but refused to try a beignet -- her loss!!). I very much enjoyed my beignets, but I was underwhelmed with my biscuit sandwich. I did the create your own biscuit with turkey sausage (which I'm pretty sure the menu said was from Stachowski), egg, and cheddar. I was a bit turned off by the egg, which was square-shaped, but I see now on the menu that they say they scramble and bake to fit. Well, OK, but everything was lukewarm as if not microwaved long enough. I was expecting the eggs to be cooked to order at least. The sausage was delicious (nicely seasoned), and I enjoyed the biscuit itself, although it was a bit crumbly. They were quite busy, as I'm sure they always are on Saturday mornings, plus a lot of people seemed to be fueling up for the March for Science. My husband ordered for us at the counter and wasn't impressed with the service. He asked about juice options (for our toddler), and the counter attendant rattled off a bunch of soda options -- so not really paying attention? He also ordered drip coffee and was annoyed that he had to traverse the whole restaurant for cream and sugar. They gave him a token for a free refill on his $3 coffee, but they wanted a dollar to put the refill in a to go cup, plus he would have had to stand in line again to get the refill, so he passed. Given my love for both beignets and biscuits, this place had been on my mental to do list for awhile, but I don't see myself rushing back, especially since they're no longer open on the Hill. (I rarely find myself in Arlington.)
  2. I tried to go Saturday morning and was foiled. We'd planned to go Friday morning, but that didn't work out. It was certainly busy, but it didn't look insanely crowded. The line was a few people out the door (not like the photo in the City Paper article). Maybe it was moving slowly. It was raining, we had a toddler with us, and we were en route to drop someone off at DCA, so we didn't stick around. We were disappointed that the drive through wasn't open. A side note: We found the restaurant on Google and plugged it into Google Maps to navigate us there. Google Maps took us to Union Market. I knew the address was Bladensburg Road, but I don't know that part of DC that well, so I assumed Google Maps took us to the right place. Then as we sat outside Union Market I had a vague recollection that they'd done a pop-up there, and I figured something about their Google listing must be out of date. Since we were short on time we tried calling the number in their Google listing, which appears to have been Ayeshah Abuelhiga's cell phone number. Not surprisingly, she didn't answer. (I think the phone was turned off.) Then we found another number, which I think was the phone number for the actual restaurant, and no one answered that, either. Eventually we put the Bladensburg Road address into Google Maps and we made it there ... at which point we pretty quickly left when we realized we weren't going to have enough time. I'm looking forward to trying the biscuits some day!!
  3. The Helmand is also not too far away (a 12- minute walk according to Google Maps). It's been many years since I ate there, but it's generally well regarded.
  4. Brewer's Art and Tapas Teatro are both close by. I've never been to Tapas Teatro, but I've heard vaguely good things. They're next to the Charles Theatre, so maybe they're used to people in a rush? Though they apparently don't take reservations, which may not be an issue on a Tuesday. I believe Brewer's Art takes reservations. It's been a few years since I was there, but I remember generally enjoying my last dinner.
  5. It's not great, but they have a Parking Secrets and Suggestions Page on their website: We were lucky enough to get street parking across from the restaurant when we went.
  6. I also saw this when it came out, so I'm not going to be able to back this opinion up with abundant detail because I haven't seen it since, but I remember finding it hokey and very on the nose at least in spots. I often find this with Eastwood-directed films. I don't understand all the accolades for his directing or especially for his acting. I haven't been able to bring myself to watch "Gran Torino" yet ("Get off my lawn.").
  7. I live 5 minutes from there and never knew it existed. Thanks for resurrecting this thread!
  8. I've attended several enjoyable group work lunches at the Chinatown location. They have a party menu where for $28 per person they'll bring you unlimited huge platters of a set list of tapas. The amount of food is ridiculous, and at least when I went (admittedly it's been a couple of years now) they were happy to have us take leftovers home. I ate so much I wasn't hungry for dinner and also took home enough food for my husband to make a meal out of. Admittedly it's no Jaleo or Amada, but for us government schlubs who have limited group work lunch options (no one's treating us to Jaleo for lunch*), La Tasca serves a purpose. And the food is not awful and is maybe even fine. *Granted one could get out of Jaleo at lunch for around $28 with no alcohol (which we're not having at government work lunches anyway), but La Tasca's flat price always seemed much simpler and the amount of food always seemed much more celebratory. But then I'm a glutton.
  9. Same. I haven't seen it in 20+ years, but I DESPISED that movie, which has unfortunately also led me to despise Tom Hanks, who seems to be a lovely person (but who mostly plays the same everyman character over and over except for his character in "Philadelphia"*). 1995 was the year I realized the Oscars are a farce, because "Forrest Gump" won over "Pulp Fiction" (I was in college at the time). It's been a very long time since I've seen "Pulp Fiction," too, so maybe it's not as good as I remember, but at least it's not totally conventional and mainstream like "Forrest Gump." (That being said, @DanielK's comment is making me wonder if I should rewatch it.) *I've seen very few movies in the last 3 years, so if Tom Hanks has taken some edgier roles in that time please forgive me.
  10. Here's an existing thread on Mission BBQ.