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  1. Yes, Rural Society is definitely a good thought. I feel like Ray's the Steaks is similar to The Classics, which we go to frequently since we live nearby, no? @DaveO, I had the mussels at Dino's! Delish!
  2. I forgot about Grapeseed! We've actually been there before for the pork and pinot tasting menu they did last year (or the year before?). I don't think it was really my husband's cup of tea (the format, not the food), but we still had a good time. We could definitely check it out again. We'd probably stick to the regular menu next time. We ended up back at Dino's Grotto, and we had a great time at the bar, including several cocktails (the first two at happy hour prices). We also found very convenient street parking on 10th Street! Thanks again to all for the suggestions -- I have a bunch in my pocket for next time. And I'm glad to know about the faux ribeye at Corduroy!
  3. Thank you all! Good call on The Classics. He loves it. But we were just there for Father's Day. I enjoyed Hazel, but for my husband I feel like it's a little Tail Up Goat-esque (meaning small portions and too out there for him). He also doesn't do very well with scene-y or "hipster" places (which I failed to mention above). I was thinking about the bar at Corduroy. I've never eaten at the bar there, and I've read here about the great value. Convivial is a great idea, too (both steak frites and a burger on the menu!)! I loooooved Kinship, but I fear we won't get bar seats at 7pm on a Saturday. Lots of good suggestions! Thanks again to all for taking the time to help!
  4. Thank you! I actually went to TUG last week and loved it, but I wouldn't take my husband there (small portions, a little too out there for him). Mintwood Place is a good idea, though! We were just actually talking about returning to Dino's Grotto. I'd wanted to go somewhere I haven't been before, but we were at Dino's Grotto like a year and a half ago, so it's been awhile. I've been to Mintwood Place, too, but it's been years. Our babysitter isn't on duty until 6pm.
  5. My husband and I have a babysitter booked for tomorrow night, and we haven't figured out what we're doing yet. I kept hoping I'd have some epiphany about where we should go, but that hasn't happened yet. Of course I love to eat out, so that's always a good fallback, but my husband isn't nearly as into food as I am. He enjoys food but would be happy with a big ol' steak for most meals. I'm hoping someone can help me with a restaurant suggestion in case we can't think of anything else to do! Here are some parameters: Most cuisines should be OK with the exception of Ethiopian. (There may be others I'm forgetting.) We live in Silver Spring, so a reasonable drive from there would be ideal. (I'm thinking no Georgetown, Arlington, Alexandria, etc.) We'd like to spend under $200 with alcohol. We like to eat at the bar, so as long as we can get bar seating somewhere around 6:30 or 7pm, that's fine with us. My husband has recently become interested in cocktails (though he's not super adventurous), so a good cocktail program would be nice (but it doesn't have to super high end or creative). My husband isn't a fan of small plates and wouldn't do well with a tasting menu. Here are some non-steak-focused places we've enjoyed together (or at least my husband didn't hate :-)): Woodberry Kitchen Fork and Wrench Dino's Grotto Red Hen Central Trapezaria I think the reason I'm overthinking this a bit is that we recently had a date lunch at The Partisan, which I thought he'd like because it's so meat-centric, and he was annoyed when he ordered the doner dish and there was by his reckoning way too little meat on his plate. I guess he expected a huge pile of meat for the price. Anyway... If anyone knows of anything non-food-oriented to do tomorrow night that isn't already sold out, I'd be interested in knowing about that, too! Thanks in advance!
  6. I'm so happy to know about the Ukrainian Festival seeing as I live in Silver Spring and I have a 3-year-old and friends from Ukraine! I'm surprised I didn't know about it before now. It's now on the calendar for September.
  7. The book was great, even for someone not inclined toward science-y stuff (i.e., me). It takes place in Baltimore, which is also nice for us locals.
  8. I have not, but I've heard about the Crayola Experience there, and that market does look amazing. I see the makings of a weekend trip at some point!
  9. Hurry over. Apparently the lease is up in less than a year and he's considering closing.
  10. I visited on a beautiful day last Saturday. My three friends and I got in line at about 4:40pm, which we were afraid was too late to get one of the 40 pizzas of the day. There were about 20 people ahead of us, and we didn't know how many would be ordering multiple pizzas. The restaurant officially opens at 5:30pm, but they opened the door at 5:20pm. We placed our order for two pizzas (one with tomato sauce, cheese, sausage, and mushrooms and one arrabbiata) at around 5:40pm and were instructed to return at 8:50pm to pick up the pizzas. There's one guy (Joe Beddia) making the pizzas and a limited number of ovens in which to cook them, so the orders stack up and the pick-up times stretch later and later into the night. We arrived a little before our pick-up time hoping our pizzas might be ready a few minutes early, but they were pretty accurate in terms of the time the pizza would be ready. We ate slices of each pizza in the car, pretty much straight out of the oven. I thought the pizza was above average, but I think most pizza is good (so maybe I'm not the best judge). I'm not interested in Domino's or Papa John's, but I certainly enjoy Ledo's. I'm not sure the Beddia pizza was worth the rigamarole. Straight out of the oven the pizza kind of reminded me of Pete's Apizza with its crisp crust. The toppings were generous, and the crust stood up to them, which I appreciated. I thought the arrabbiata was too spicy, but that's probably just my personal preference. I enjoy spicy foods but maybe not spicy pizza. I don't know. I enjoyed the pizza (again, I enjoy most pizza, maybe 75% of pizza), but I didn't think it was life changing, and I'm not sure it was worth the rigamarole to obtain. But it was good. Joe Beddia and his one staff member who takes the orders and gives pick-up times seemed nice. I'm curious to know if anyone else has visited and what they think.
  11. Perhaps the saddest entry was LongHorn Steakhouse in North Dakota (not that I know anything about the steak scene there).
  12. I had no idea Amada was that close, although I've been before (many years ago). I really don't know my Philly geography. We parked at the Sheraton. They offer discounted valet parking for Zahav patrons.
  13. Darn, I wish I'd known that. It never occurred to me that they might sell out (though in retrospect I can see how they could). We had a late reservation on Saturday.
  14. I had heard about this elsewhere, but I just clicked on the link in the original post, and the original blog post has now been replaced with: Hmm.
  15. Maybe, although the eggplant wasn't mashed. All I can remember at this point was the smoky flavor. And if you do get a reservation, don't count on the lamb (although, to be fair, I don't know if it was a totally freak thing that they ran out or if it happens regularly). ETA: They handed us a menu without the mesibah printed on it, so I'm guessing they run out of the lamb at least semi-regularly.