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  1. We happened to find ourselves in Philadelphia this past weekend and ended up at Nan Zhou Hand Drawn Noodles for lunch. Fantastic. Noodles were perfect and the broth was delicious. The roast duck noodle soup was the best I've ever had. Stir fried noodles with beef also amazing. Our only disappointment was that it's so far from home. This place by itself puts all of DC's Chinatown to shame.
  2. Stopped in here for a quick bowl the other night and really enjoyed it. We're not pho experts by a long shot but the past few times we've been here we've been very satisfied. The minimalism appeals to me. Within 1 minute of sitting down you've ordered and have a piping hot bowl of deliciousness set in front of you. Few things are more satisfying on a drizzly night.
  3. We stopped in for dinner on Sunday. We ordered our usual: two bowls of mussels (Saison and Roasted this time), fries, and a couple of Belgian drafts. Their beer selection is always spot on and I overheard the bartender say they were quite busy during the craft brewers conference last week. The mussels and fries were excellent as always. We haven't tried all the renditions of these in DC, but their's is still our favorite. My lone complaint was the quality of the bread. A delicious bowl of mussels needs a good quality bread for sopping up all that brothy goodness. The bread was a bit stale and didn't seem like it would have been that great even if it had been fresh. This marks 5 years in a row we've gone to Granville Moore's around this time of year. A bit of a tradition for us and few things I enjoy more. Looking back, the quality of the mussels and fries has never wavered. I can't speak to the rest of the menu as we never stray from the basics. The bread used to be much better, definitely a disappointment this year. The prices have gone up a few dollars but still well worth it and well deserved.
  4. We ate at Yona shortly after it opened a while back. We thought the small plates were tasty but that the ramen was not that impressive. The space seemed cramped and the menu very disjointed. At the time it felt they were trying to combine the upstairs and downstairs concepts of Daikaya into one room, and that there was a reason why Daikaya chose to separate them. I know it's gone through some personnel changes since then and I can't speak to how the food is at the moment. Maybe we should go back to see if they've settled into things better. We ate at Gaijin about a year ago and thought it was pretty good. I recall mine being a bit too heavy on the garlic, but that's easy to ask them to leave out and I know some people quite like it that way. Not my favorite, but worth a second try eventually.
  5. I didn't see a thread about this new addition to Clarendon so thought I'd start one (feel free to modify or move if I'm incorrect). My wife and I went a few nights ago with high hopes but were disappointed. We live in the area and love ramen, but I doubt we'll be back to Hanabi. We ordered the tonkatsu and the miso ramen. The tonkatsu broth was just one note, none of the depth of flavor I'm used too. Similarly, the miso tasted like the same broth but with an overwhelming amount of chili oil. Different noodles were served with each bowl, but the flavor and texture were off on both. The tonkatsu noodles especially were too overcooked, and too thin. Fix-ins were fine, but nothing outstanding. Sadly, our bowls hardly compared to the standout places in DC, let alone what we remember from Tokyo. Perhaps we caught them on an off night, but next time we're feeling ramen we'll head into the city.
  6. We went to Federalist Pig this past Saturday. We got there just after they opened and they were already packed. Tons of take out orders as there weren't nearly enough seats for the business they were doing. We managed to squeeze in a couple seats at a shared table and chowed down on their pork ribs, pork shoulder, and brisket. The ribs and shoulder were incredible. The brisket was very good but perhaps just a touch too dry - didn't stop me from finishing our portion with some of their sauces though. Crispy Brussel sprouts and potato salad were great as well. It's small, but has a great feel. Very friendly staff and you could tell everyone working there was having a great time. That attitude definitely showed through in the food. Can't wait to go back.
  7. We had a great dinner here on Saturday night sitting at the bar. Their selection of sour beers on tap is first rate and will always keep us coming back. We had charcuterie (speck, culatello, szechuan peppercorn), braised pork arepas, and the bacon cured spare ribs. All delicious. Considering we ordered all pork anyway we probably should just have gotten the Pig Feast. A good excuse to go back.