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  1. May 9, 2017 - "Los Angeles Restaurant Scene Is on the Move and Mixing It Up" by Adam Nagourney on And they do a good job on the highlights! Here's Looking at You on 6th in Koreatown is fantastic. Hamachi Collar (made with a hot fried chicken-esque rub), Tri-tip Beef Tartare, and cocktails. Kali is also a not boring take on what you'd imagine New California should be as opposed to what it often is!
  2. All of these recommendations are good. I also recommend the Ash (ahhsh) a traditional barley based soup which is really good here too!
  3. Hello! Azad here I live in la now (which has a way different dining scene up and down the market), but read the site often when I lived in dc. I'll see what I have to offer now. Azad