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  1. I will be in New Orleans soon for a conference and staying at the Roosevelt. While my first night includes a business dinner (at Galatoire's), I will have one night to fend for myself. I am looking for recommendations for places within walking distance of the Roosevelt where I can dine solo (preferably bar area). I'm open to all cuisines/price points. Thanks!
  2. This Saturday we will be having a bunch of people hanging out for dinner after my daughter's birthday party. Given time constraints this week, part of my plan is to: -Wash and blanch green beans tonight (Tuesday) -Cook the pulled pork on the smoker tomorrow (Wednesday) Given that the party is on Saturday, are both the green beans and the pulled pork fine to keep in the fridge or should I put them in the freezer and take them out Saturday morning?
  3. Great Country Farms in Bluemont has PYO tart cherries this week. My wife and 5-year old daughter picked a bunch yesterday. Call before heading to the farm on the weekend to confirm that they are still available.
  4. Old Dominion Appliance Repair was recommended to me by a fellow Don Rockwell member. Our Maytag refrigerator stopped working on Sunday night. I spoke with Old Dominion Appliance Repair on Monday at 9:30AM. The owner, Alan Gaitley, was at my house by 12:30PM and had my refrigerator up and running by 1:30PM. Alan is extremely knowledgable, friendly, and passionate about what he does. He quickly diagnosed the problem, and I was fortunate that he had the part I needed on his truck. Alan took extra care to avoid damaging our hardwood floors around the refrigerator and thoroughly cleaned up after he was finished. He even gave me great advice about the other appliances in our house. His rates seemed very reasonable to me. Alan will be the first call in the future for any appliance repair needs. Old Dominion Appliance Repair Alan Gaitley 703-754-8500 Website Peter Sherman
  5. Anybody need a Pizza Oven?
  6. My wife and I are dining in for Valentine's Day. Given our crazy work schedules of late, we are doing a carryout dinner from a local restaurant. One of the courses we are getting is a "Surf and Turf" of Filet Mignon and Jumbo-Lump Crabcake. What wine should I pair with it? Ideally, I would prefer red and am thinking Pinot Noir at the moment (I can't rember what all I have at home) but am open to all suggestions.
  7. The Bing Energy Drink can be found at the Harris Teeter in McLean. I took this picture this morning.
  8. The open house was terrific. I bought a bunch of stuff (you could never buy too much), including a 15-piece box that I brought up to NJ for Thanksgiving as a hostess gift. At our friend's house, the hostess wanted to put out the chocolates. I told her to hide them and keep them for herself. I think I became her favorite Thanksgiving guest, as she e-mailed me the other day and said " You were right to have me hide the chocolates—I WILL NOT share them!!"
  9. Gerry, Thanks for joining us here. There is a lot of great information that you have provided, and I am only about half-way through the current posts. With Thanksgiving 2 days away, what wines would you recommend serving? The Thanksgiving that we are going to is the more traditional kind (basic turkey, usual sides). Cheers!
  10. Bump. What wine is everyone planning to drink this Thanksgiving? I'm tasked with bringing wine and am planning on bringing 2 reds (TBD) and 1 white (probably Horton Viognier).
  11. Waitman, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I met Mrs. B at a few DR events and she was always so warm and friendly.
  12. The CIty Paper got it wrong with Restaurant Eve. The Tasting Room at Resaurant Eve was dropped from this year's list. The Bistro at Restaurant Eve was added this year.
  13. On Saturday the H Mart in Merrifield was carrying pine nuts that said "Product of the USA". I can't remember the name, but I think they were $18 for 14 ounces. They were located near the registers on the right side just before you get to the produce section.
  14. Good piece by Dave McIntyre. Less acidity, more interest in Nortons.
  15. My Weber Performer got a workout over the Labor Day weekend. We had several neighbors over for dinner Sunday night, which included ribs, pulled pork, and a couple of beer can chickens. I grilled the corn for the Corn and Avocado Salad the night before. I thought about doing a brisket as well; however, some of our neighbors are from Austin, Texas and I knew there was no way I could compete with that. I've put this on my holiday wish list until I get a separate smoker.