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  1. Peter Meehan confirmed the shutter via email today. This is a shame - one of the only magazines I truly looked forward to reading. "Behind Magazine's Closing, Colliding Visions" by Tejaj Rao on
  2. Yes, but those are ClubCorp run establishments, and have a fraction of none of the history of the other entities you list. Consequently they will struggle in comparison to the more long-lived and exclusive clubs (like the Metropolitan for example) - many of which are struggling themselves. With respect to how these entities survive (or don't) it seems to be a combination of a few things - offering new amentities aimed at younger professionals (e.g. day spa, improved athletic facilities and events for families), prudent management/ investment of funds and endowments and long-term ownership of their locations. Any slips on either of those three fronts can trigger a death-spiral. As to the Cosmos Club and it's survival (which is not in question, but was mentioned upthread), just look at the club's Real Estate. If the board felt like selling Hillyer House (and removing the connecting bridge) they could fund the club's continued operation for many years.
  3. I believe that Tarver King had some on the Patomack Farm menu last week.
  4. Another option, and I would absolutely go to Le Bernardin btw, is DB Bistro Moderne.
  5. I've used Trevino Trucking ( to deliver vehicles ranging from a Grand Wagoneer to a Volvo P1800 to a 356 cabriolet. They do a great job - something to consider.
  6. Times like these I wish Etrusco was still open with George Vetsch behind the stove. Both i Ricci and La Perla are in decline - the former having had a good run, the latter not so much. More casual than you are thinking, but what about Al Tiramisu? Service is more laid back than "correct", but the food will be better. Assuming you don't need to be around the West End, I'd say Tosca. Still rock solid. I haven't been to Villa Mozart in years, but one perspective - were I to attend a professional group meeting in DC I would be FURIOUS if we had to drive to Fairfax City (or anywhere outside the city for that matter) for dinner.
  7. Great! I am a big fan of the winery, and have been buying since their second vintage. Of the single vineyards I typically buy a case of Farella, as coombsville cabs really seem to suit my palate more than the beckstoffer's. Of those, I prefer Dr. Crane. I typically do a case of farella and a half dozen dr's. No experience with the white wine or Houyi. That said, I do love the blends, and buy the Bard and Tempest in quantity each fall. To my palate they are ripe, but still remain lithe. Jammy and mouth-coating are not words I look for in wine (or anything really), and I think that Realm is a great example of walking the tightrope between correct (to me) and too ripe. The wines are built to age as well. Still drinking 04's and 05's which have a lot of life left. Haven't touched anything newer yet.
  8. Realm. Outpost. Copain. Failla. Harris Estate. ok, so more than one, but all different and worthy of consideration.
  9. Wow - what a shame. Unfortunately, I think we can expect several additional restaurant closures in this neighborhood in the near future. Betony was aces.
  10. Agreed. Right now the *only* things on the menu executed with any degree of consistency are the shepherd's pie, chicken pot pie and superfood salad. Any meat cooked to temperature is a challenge.
  11. Hunter's Head is in serious decline. While I have enjoyed going there for years, we now head to HH due to proximity as opposed to the expectation of a good meal. Consider this past Friday - of our group, two entrees were sent back - a lukewarm pot roast and a severely undercooked Rib Eye (blue as opposed to medium). While I have praised HH previously and repeatedly as a value and as a good dining option I can't do so any longer. Maybe ownership is distracted by Gentle Harvest's opening and eventual expansion, but Hunter's Head will be off our radar for at least a while now. Caveat emptor.