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  1. I had heard rumblings about this - now official: Amazon to Buy Whole Foods for $13.7B
  2. Forget Pok Pok, Rick Bayless should just move to Pluto. We live in interesting times.
  3. Had a fantastic lunch at 2 Amy's on Tuesday. The special pizza (morels, garlic tomato purée, parsley and grams) was incredible. Well worth an order if it's still on the menu.
  4. I ate at Plume consistently back in the olden days, when Michael Scaffidi was the somm and the very underrated David Dunlap was chef. Continued after Chef Dunlap left, but stopped once Michael took his talents to New York. Clearly the list has changed in the intervening years, but I recall average restaurant markups and a varied and interesting list - lots of good entry points sub $100. Glad to hear that interesting options still exist there, if not the same value.
  5. That entire article was absurd.
  6. So did those chairs end up on Rasmus or has someone involved with the place kept them? Great subtle dig in the article as well: "Not a lot of people have seen the location, so we're not planning on a lot of modifications" Zing!
  7. Following on to this, there is an excellent documentary on Jeremiah Tower out now called The Last Magnificent. I believe that it opens in DC soon. Saw it in NY - they do a great job capturing a complex guy, and don't gloss over the fact that Alice Waters plagarized her entire first cookbook from Jeremiah.
  8. I haven't been to Masa in a number of years, but I have to say that a Masa/ Le Bernardin combo for a quick visit to NYC is pretty much my ideal trip, price be damned. Nothing like them in DC.
  9. Wale is a former colleague of mine, and while he primarily shoots weddings he also has come to our office to take headshots.
  10. To Don Rickles. One of the all-time greats.
  11. Peter Meehan confirmed the shutter via email today. This is a shame - one of the only magazines I truly looked forward to reading. "Behind Magazine's Closing, Colliding Visions" by Tejaj Rao on
  12. Yes, but those are ClubCorp run establishments, and have a fraction of none of the history of the other entities you list. Consequently they will struggle in comparison to the more long-lived and exclusive clubs (like the Metropolitan for example) - many of which are struggling themselves. With respect to how these entities survive (or don't) it seems to be a combination of a few things - offering new amentities aimed at younger professionals (e.g. day spa, improved athletic facilities and events for families), prudent management/ investment of funds and endowments and long-term ownership of their locations. Any slips on either of those three fronts can trigger a death-spiral. As to the Cosmos Club and it's survival (which is not in question, but was mentioned upthread), just look at the club's Real Estate. If the board felt like selling Hillyer House (and removing the connecting bridge) they could fund the club's continued operation for many years.
  13. I believe that Tarver King had some on the Patomack Farm menu last week.
  14. Another option, and I would absolutely go to Le Bernardin btw, is DB Bistro Moderne.