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  1. Which is a great rendition.
  2. dslee: The website shows a four-course (not seven-) tasting menu, with options of all or most of these dishes, for $59. What was the cost of the seven-course? And the cost of the wine pairing? thanks
  3. In light of the problems that plagued them early on (see upthread, discussing waits of well over an hour for food), this passage is downright shocking: "Like greyhounds out of the gate, the food at Dolan Uyghur races to the table. Order a few dishes at a time, then, to prevent your entire meal from showing up in minutes." If true, good for them for figuring out how to fix what might have been a fatal failing . . . .
  4. Darn -- now we'll never be able to get in on the day of, after seeing the menu . . . .
  5. Stopped by for carry-out yesterday. All of the food looks delicious, both on the large menu and coming out of the kitchen. Alas, in the 20 minutes or so that I waited for my food, several different seated parties walked out, having been waiting an hour or more for their food. It's a very small kitchen, and they simply haven't yet figured out how to keep up with the demands of a full-service restaurant. And that was with the place only half-full. (Seeing that others were still waiting who had been there far longer than I, I cancelled my order, which they had not yet begun preparing, in order to ease their burden.) This is a shame. They must have paid a fortune for the space; and the (extended) family running the place seems lovely and very hard-working. I hope they do figure out how to operate--which would probably entail consulting with others who have done this sort of thing before. (I don't know if more prepping is what's required, or if there are simply some things on the menu that are unrealistic given the logistics of the kitchen. Or something else.) As I said, if the food is as good as it looks, this could be a wonderful addition. For now, however, you might want to tread gently--go, if at all, at non-peak hours, until they've figured it out.
  6. They still have the Shio Chintan (or did a couple of weeks ago; it's just not on the menu . . .
  7. Hey, knock yourself out, Eric. Most of us don't have that luxury, and thus greatly appreciate when Don, and others, regularly advise us that one dish or restaurant is not worth the cost.
  8. Keith: I'll say it again: It is not my purpose to indict Ziebold or Chang, both of whom I admire. Or to accuse them of price-gauging. For all I know, they're taking losses on their chickens -- perhaps each requires 17 hours of labor or something. I'm just saying to the readers of this blog that I think the dishes are not remotely worth the cost to the consumer--that there are great chickens elsewhere at a fraction of the price, and that one's 56 or 67 dollars can get you much better food at Kinship and Momofuku themselves. Aren't such judgments the whole point of this community--to advise one another on where best to spend our restaurant dollars?
  9. With all respect, Keithstg, of course it's only my opinion--that's the point of this website--and of course no one has to ever patronize any restaurant or order any dish. Duh. The purpose of my post--writing as someone who has great regard for both Eric Ziebold and David Chang, and who has had great meals at both places--is that to say that, IMHO, their chickens might be quite tasty, but that one's scarce food dollars are better spent elsewhere.
  10. I asked her on twitter; her response: "loved the Liang pi (cold Xi'an noodles) and the rou jia mo (Xi'an 'hamburgers')" Those are the two items that appear to be the most consistent. Otherwise, I've found PG to be hit-or-miss (though I haven't been in a while). Lately, I've been frequenting Northwest Chinese Food, which also excels in Shaanxi cooking (or something similar--I'm no expert) and is, I think, more consistent.
  11. And Megan McArdle. Dunlop is really compelling, and tremendously informative -- thanks for the tip.