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  1. I haven't been to RTO since paid parking started. Just ate at Not your Average Joes. Food is average but parking was easy. Cava which is opening in same shopiing center should clean up though I feel they are still average.
  2. My son texted me that he had 2 bottles. Thought it was amazing and that he is saving the second bottle for when we can open together.
  3. Sheet Tray chicken with Roasted Mushrooms, fingerling potatoes and kale. Roasted at 475 after rub of porcini powder, salt and cayenne. Kale added after 30 minutes. Really liked how good this was as the mushrooms absorbed and got happy with chicken juices.
  4. I had Jennair gas in my last house and that was a builder 36 cooktop. make decisions on your use and how long you expect to stay. There are family members who expect our house to be with us forever though I expect I am staying in Naptown 20!years.
  5. Curious if this is a 100 bowel of Foie Gras given the cost of the ham sandwich. They probably force feed the ducks themselves. And the wine pairing for this dish is probably a 50 glass of champagne.
  6. I had the space and we installed a 60" wolf dual fuel range last year with 6 burners And French cook top. I use the oven a lot to cook sheet tray dinners and roast lots of veggies. I have made dueling paellas both in large pans. It does everything I want and more. --- This article has a picture of my range.. It is a beast. "High-Tech Renovation in Annapolis" by Sarah Hagerty on
  7. Some of the boxes from wine shipped to me have heavy cardboard layers which seem more flexible for magnums and 1/2 bottles. I typically recycle those while keeping a few Styrofoam inserts around My suggest is to have a party with the goal of consuming your wine while everyone has to bring an empty shipping box.
  8. Went to Edgewater this past Saturday. What a throwback in time as the place is from the 50s. My Wife and I both had a Jumbo lump Crabcake and they were terrific. Very little filler, if any, formed without braking the lumps and extremely tasty. The Salad Bar and Potatoes were both old and tired. We think the baked potato was made the day before. We live in Annapolis and this is one of the better crabcakes in town. We both agreed we would call ahead and take out from here as opposed to taking a seat back in time.
  9. The Daily Dish in SS should be a consideration. I haven't been since I moved out to Annapolis but it was very good at one time. I tend to avoid Bethesda as over priced, over hyped and over crowded.
  10. Don's comment about 50% increase is so true.
  11. I am running to Preserve based on this review. I've lived in Annapolis for the past two years and keeps finding new places.
  12. A quick rundown of 2 weekends ago. PM me for more details. Coqueta for dinner Thurs night. 2nd year coming here and we will be back next great. Great Tapas, and yes I have been to Logrono. Friday stoped by Kunde in Sonoma where we are members and always get treated well. Dinner Friday night at Carpe Diem in Napa, again a repeat for us. Great tasting and visits at Venge and Cade Saturday. Both are in the hillside and are on top of their game. Saturday Night dinner was at Ad Hoc, was good not great. What they called short ribs wasn't. Sunday tastings at Chappellet, Hietz and Flora Springs. Sunday dinner at Redd was exceptional, service and food were awesome. learned more on the life long wine journey, drank well, ate well and will be back next year.
  13. Since I will never wait more then an hour, hiring someone seems like a great option. Is the meal that good?
  14. In Naptown we have Lima's chicken, a small chain. Good but not El Pollo RICO. We also have several cash only Taquerias as well as several Pupuserias. Very authentic.