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  1. If the Pokémon jumps-and-dodges, does that count as a miss? Because, honestly, I never miss (well, sometimes if I try a crazy curve), but sometimes they do their little flip-thing. If so, then this explains it perfectly. BTW, have you ever *nailed* a Sunkern, only to have it stick out its tongue at you? (On a similar note, I have yet to find a Sunkern above "Decent.") As long as I have you on the line: I left my best Pokémon in a destitute gym over two days ago. Am I only going to get 50 points from this? I've already gotten my 50 points for today, so what if it comes back tonight? Is it possible I won't get anything? If so, then that *sucks*.
  2. There are commenters on The Washington Post grousing about Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump dining at the lavish restaurant, Kinship. All I could think of was, 'Not only could they order anything they wanted off the menu; they could *buy the restaurant* if they really wanted to.'
  3. One thing I'm certain of is that Pinap berries sometimes last longer than one throw, and sometimes they don't - and I'm not sure how to tell in advance. I've seen little Pinap avatars to the right of the Pokémon being fought, but I'm not sure they're always there. Just this minute, I used one on a Bellsprout (I needed 8 candies). It escaped my first throw, but I got it on the second throw, only to find that the Pinap berry was no longer in working order. This article states that you must hit the Pokémon on the first throw when you use a Pinap berry - I can vouch that this is false, because I've made it a point to pay attention, and sometimes they last into the second or even third throw: I haven't figured out a pattern, but you don't always have to capture on the first throw. Maybe that icon stays there for as long as it's actively working, and goes away once it's not. --- I'm almost convinced that I can "sense" when a Pokémon is going to flee, before it does - I'm not sure how or why I have this "sixth sense," but if I think it's going to happen, it nearly always does ... there must be some subtle sign that this is about to take place, and I'm probably noticing it subconsciously. Strangely, I have this ability on the tennis court - for whatever reason, I have an uncanny ability to "know in advance" when the court next to me is going to have one of their tennis balls roll onto my court. This "premonition" happens three or four shots before the ball actually comes over - for awhile, I thought that maybe the players on the next court were encroaching, and I was seeing it out of the corner of my eye, but I ruled that theory out long ago. I have yet to come up with a satisfactory explanation, but it's not coincidence, I'm not imagining it, and it has been going on for decades. There must be some sort of subconscious "signal" that I'm picking up on, and I haven't been able to figure out what it is.
  4. Sorry to change the subject from cuisine to basketball, but the term "superteam" has become annoyingly trite.
  5. Section A is the one that puts you on all fours, right? I think that in the immediate vicinity (if you don't include parts of Rock Creek Park, and maybe even if you do), the Billy Goat Trail is the nicest hilly hike, and Huntley Meadows Park is the nicest flat hike (although the Mount Vernon Trail south of the 14th Street Bridge - the part with the wooden plank bridge - is up there as well. In 18 years of growing up here, and 32 years since moving back here, I've done 'em all (even rapelled once off Carderock - that first time leaning backwards off a cliff takes one hell of a leap of faith).
  6. If you're out on that little patio, it seems like it's very easy to be forgotten down there.
  7. "John McEnroe Refuses To Apologize for Serena Williams Comments" on Nor *should* he apologize, and I'll lay out a very simple reason why he shouldn't: First of all, read the entire interview, in context (it will take you less than 30 seconds) - skip down to the part that says "On calling Serena the best female tennis player in the world" ... "'But Seriously,' Tennis Great John McEnroe Says He's Seeking 'Inner Peace'" by Lulu Garcia-Navarro on It is absurd that the media is trying to make this into another "Bobby Riggs - Billie-Jean King" situation. All McEnroe did was speak the truth *when asked to do so*. Do you think otherwise? Suppose a 17-year-old phenom won every junior event (s)he ever played in. Would it be wrong to say "[So-and-so] is the best junior player in the world, hands down." - or must you remove the adjective "junior" in this politically correct day-and-age? Because if that junior played any of The Big Three, the match would be over in less than an hour. Jiske Griffieon. Know who she is? She's the best tennis player in the world! Is that enough, or not? If not, here's your solution: Put everyone in the same tournaments, and double the prize money. That will settle things once-and-for-all. This entire situation is fabricated by a muckraking journalist and an opportunistic media, looking for controversy to pounce on, even when there is none. Serena Williams, steroids and all, is the best female tennis player to ever live in absolute terms. And if that's not one hell-of-a-compliment, then I'm afraid you'll need to find your compliments elsewhere. One other point: Why aren't these politically correct "journalists" reporting on para-athletes? These people are absolutely amazing - here's a thread from 2015 if you wish to read about them.
  8. [Man, I hate to do this because it's such an utterly different concept, but Same Owners + Same Location = Same Thread. If you think about it, this is nothing more than a reconcepting of Social Restaurant & Oyster Bar; yet, it just doesn't feel right in this instance to merge the threads (this would have been the first time in website history that I didn't (if I hadn't - remember also that I could always carve it back up if I need to)) - I did it for Napoleon in Adams Morgan when it became Lapis, and I just don't see much difference here: Asian owners going from a European concept, back to the roots of their native country - as much as I *loved* the idea of Social Restaurant & Oyster Bar, Thai cuisine is in their blood, and this has more of a chance of success - I haven't been to Esaan yet, but it would be pretty great if this was true, regional Esaan cuisine.] Does anyone know if Gift Thongpukdee and Jeff Barillo are still Chefs here? Remember, these two were at Rogue 24 which is extremely intriguing, and Thongpukdee certainly sounds like its of Thai ethnicity. The full name of the restaurant is apparently Esaan Tumbar (and the website isn't yet operational). I just hope that this isn't named in Spanish! <--- You have to admit that's pretty damned funny.
  9. The above quoted post is from the 1970 Academy Award Winner for Best Picture, "Patton." Who knew that 58 years before this film was made, and 27 years before the outbreak of World War II in Europe, George Patton was in Stockholm, on the same 1912 U.S. Olympic team as Jim Thorpe, and finished 5th in the Modern Pentathlon (the first 4 finishers were all from Sweden). I mean, are you kidding me?! It's not without irony that pistol shooting cost him a gold medal - he might have gotten completely shafted (read the story below). Aug 10, 2012 - "George S. Patton (Yes, That One) Was a Modern Pentathlete" by Jason Turbow on
  10. I'd only been one time in the past twenty years; before that, it was 1994 (believe it or not, I actually remember this for a fact - when I moved to McLean, our loan officer said Kazan was his favorite restaurant, so that was the first year I tried it). Dr. D, I'm not sure about this, but I did hear a server reciting that it was their house specialty. Ferris, how do they get that texture? I can't really even describe it - there's something about it that's molded or pressed, but it's not ground - I'm not sure what it is, or how they do it. Get the garlic yogurt - take home what you don't use (it's thick, and potent).
  11. There's a reason why Magic Johnson is President of the Lakers, and I'm not. "Lakers Happy To Get Hometown Favorite Lonzo Ball" [with the #2 pick in the NBA draft] by Benjamin Hoffman and Marc Tracy on "Magic Johnson Says He 'Expects' Lakers To Retire a Ball Jersey One Day" by Alysha Tsuji on
  12. Maybe when you win a Raid alone, it gives you the option? It's a big button at the bottom of the screen, allowing you to take on the Pokémon in a "regular" battle (I captured the Magikarp easily).