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  1. Couple Visits Every Cracker Barrel in America

    It's not haute cuisine, but sometimes on a road trip, when it's that or some other chain, their perfectly acceptable chicken fried steak does the trick.
  2. I'm far from an expert, and the list is on the website, so you can judge for yourself. I thought it was reasonably priced and had some decent selections, but it was a pretty short list.
  3. Note that the Chef de Cuisine at the Columbia location is currently our very own @Antonio Burrell. The following review should be taken with a grain (or shaker) of salt, because I am friends with Antonio. Short review: GO NOW. Longer review: Immediately vaults into one of the better French bistro meals I have had in the DC area. This is traditional bistro food, tweaked in places with modern presentations and seasonal ingredients. Anything fried was fried *perfectly*. Savory or sweet dishes that involved pastry were impeccably prepared. And classics like pork belly and chicken were spot on. There's a decent though predictable wine list, and a very good coffee and dessert program. Prices are quite reasonable for food of this quality - apps around $10, and most entrees under $20. Note: portions were HUGE, but I didn't look at other tables plates, so it's very possible there could have been "friend of the chef" portions in there. But the prices would still have been excellent if the portions were smaller. There's not as much "Antonio" shining through as you might have seen at some of his previous spots, because this is a Cindy Wolf joint and the palette of French Bistro is the control. But it's clear that he's the driver and mechanic of a car firing on all cylinders, and that's reason enough to visit.
  4. And is already sold out on Saturday night, so go tonight or tomorrow if you need one last meal there.
  5. Amada, Zahav, Dizengoff jump immediately to mind. https://www.findmeglutenfree.com/
  6. Auld Lang Cuisine

    Re-reading the Galileo Grill thread was a pleasure yesterday after a long day at work. Thanks for the memory tickler!
  7. pjnewman and his +1, turbogrrl, and me and my +1 all had a lovely time at the HH. The rest of you missed out. :-(
  8. Kitchen 911

    Looks like if you reboil it, should be safe. http://www.thekitchn.com/soup-left-out-overnight-is-it-still-safe-to-eat-178685
  9. I'll be the short bald guy wearing black jeans and a green polo, and giving the staff a hard time. Will try to be there promptly at 5.
  10. Dining in Long Beach

    Don, you just resurrected a thread with one response, nearly 12 years after. Must be a record for the site, no?
  11. Sudoku: NP-Complete

    Try Kakuro puzzles instead for math-related puzzles.
  12. I'm also going to be there tonight - 4-top with wife and 2 teens. Say hi if you go!
  13. The lobster french toast is probably too rich for a single person to have as an appetizer. I've had it split between 2 or 3, and that worked well.
  14. Congratulations to Edith and Daniel!

    If you search on Instagram for #danielandedith2017 you should see bunches of pictures taken by our guests.