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  1. A lot of great ideas. I've been to Helmand and Brewer's Art but it's been a long long time. Thanks all!
  2. Tangentially related: Ever wonder about that little coffee maker in your room? Do you use it? Does housekeeping clean it or just give it a rinse? Would a housekeeper clean it with the toilet brush?What might a deviant guest put in the reservoir? You're welcome, Al
  3. What's nearby? I'm going to the Steve Winwood show on Tuesday and might not arrive in Baltimore until an hour (maybe less) before the doors open at 8. So it has to be quick and it has to be on the way and/or close by.
  4. The memory that comes to my mind is of my algebra class crush, Sissy. Those soft fuzzy sweaters, too magical to touch... "Centerfold" As I grew older, I realized "Love Stinks", so I just stay home and play with my "Whammer Jammer".
  5. It's funny, I forgot all about this thread, and even my post above, so I thought I had discovered a hidden gem this weekend. Dammit, DR.commers beat me to it. I had the lamb Vindaloo which was as flavorful as it gets. The sauce was rich and velvety with plenty of heat. I was disappointed that some of the lamb pieces were tough, but that sauce was beautiful. I wanted to try the charcoal chicken too, so I grabbed a leg and a thigh for my carry-out order. I've found that Tandoori chicken can often be dried out, but definitely not here. I want more right now. My SO had the Mutter Paneer, the leftovers of which I devoured last night. She also ordered a side of chickpeas that were perfectly cooked-- not mushy, but al dente if you will. And as mentioned above, the naan is first rate. I think I'll run over there for lunch. They're only 2.4 miles from where I live according to Waze and I can get there in 6 minutes. Off I go!
  6. I've seen it crack $30.
  7. The Merchant Association's stats are year over year, not month over month. No shit that there's month to month variability.
  8. Has anyone tried bucatini squash?
  9. Have you tried spaghetti squash? You don't need one of those spiralizer doohickeys, you just scrape the guts out with a fork and separate the strands a bit. I usually split one, and then roast with olive oil. I haven't tried this, but I think I saw a recipe somewhere where you put a small tomato in it and let that roast too.
  10. Today is Friday! I can go home tonight, veg on the couch, and watch the Star Trek marathon on BBC America all night. It's become a bit of a ritual.
  11. Bob's new album "Triplicate" is out. I'm not sure I like these covers of American standards. For example, listen to "Sentimental Journey". His voice drags along through the melody.
  12. I agree. If it weren't for early gospel and blues musicians (i.e. Big Bill Broonzy, Lead Belly, Robert Johnson, Rosetta Tharpe), would we have The Rolling Stones? Some of those folks were born in the freakin' 19th century! That said, here are the Stones covering Mr Berry's "Oh Carol": Guitar lessons for Keith: