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  1. Pre-Kennedy Center on a Thursday - Show is at 7:30 PM

    Belated thanks to all for the input. We showed up at Little Serow just before 5, and got into the first seating with plenty of margin to spare. There were at least two TaskRabbit parties ahead of us in line. It looked like 5:15 would've been fine, and yes, eventually the Sushi Taro happy hour line was even longer. On a related note, when we went to The Red Hen with a Thursday 5:30 reservation, it seemed like showing up anytime before 6:00 still would've been fine for eating at the bar.
  2. Hot Dogs

    Sounds like you're in the upper-left hand corner of the Sandwich Alignment Chart cited in the WP article. I'm more indifferent than neutral, though calling Pop Tarts sandwiches is a bit too extreme for me!
  3. Dining in Germantown

    By suburban MD standards, the sushi at Yuraku is good, as are the cooked Japanese dishes. We just got take out last week and enjoyed it.
  4. Dining in Cleveland Park

    I would like this, except that's it's too true (and sad).
  5. What a funny coincidence. We were planning to go here before the FONZ Member Celebration on Saturday. Our experience ordering on weekends has actually been decent, though we also tend to go right when they open rather than during the mid-morning madness.
  6. Orlando, FL

    We're booked to stay at the Contemporary Resort for two nights before a timeshare week several miles away. The idea of a California Grill dinner around the time of the nightly fireworks seems appealing, but that might be a bit late for our two young kids. Food quality aside, anyone know if the experience of viewing the fireworks from here is really all that? Alternatively, is dinner around sunset time (which unfortunately will be 5:30ish when we go in December) a good option too? P.S. It's been 25 years since I visited WDW and my guess is that we'll return to Disney once or maybe twice when the kids are older.
  7. Jokic was crucial to Serbia winning silver at the Olympics last year. Coincidentally, we were in Vail for a wedding last August and he walked past us on the street between the terminal and parking lot at DEN (ostensibly having just returned from Rio). The problem is his sub-par defense and tendency to miss lots of minutes with early foul trouble. That said, the Nuggets blitzed many top teams in the last few months, including a 22-point win over GS and double-digit wins over Cleveland and Boston. Unfortunately their inconsistency, inexperience, and poor defense don't match up well with playoff basketball so they're at least another couple years away.
  8. Dinner with Former Boss

    Parking as in on the street? If so, I think Rasika West End is doable with some neighborhood options within a several block radius and certainly some metered spots on N between 21st and 24th.
  9. Unfortunately the beef chow fun we ordered the other day lacked wok hei and the portion size seemed slightly meager. That said, all the other dishes were excellent, including the crispy eggplant and the Szechuan steamed pork (good balance of meat and fat IMO). Service was also super-friendly. We're really lucky that there are so many as good or better options in Rockville, but won't hesitate to return here if/when in the area again.
  10. Pre-Kennedy Center on a Thursday - Show is at 7:30 PM

    Thanks to all for the helpful advice and insights! I think Little Serow will be our first option and if it looks like we've arrived too late for the first seating, then walking across the street to Sushi Taro should be easy enough. And as things turned out, I grabbed a reservation at The Red Hen for dinner before a show next month. As Michael Scott would say, that's win-win-win.
  11. I didn't ever expect to say this about a pizza anywhere, but the "plain" Beatrix Kiddo we ordered for our four year-old -- tomato sauce, Pecorino Romano, and mozzarella -- was the better of the two pies we had the other day. Maybe because it allowed us to concentrate on enjoying a crust that balanced crispy and chewy perfectly. Although we love spicy food in general, hot chile oil on pizza came very close to overwhelming all the other flavors. Either way, those ovens are no joke. Too bad Hampden is well over an hour away for us.
  12. Pick-Your-Own Farms

    Not a fan of the day pass admission fee, but we ended up going to Butler's yesterday anyway because Larriland's strawberry picking was merely scattered according to their mailing list. The strawberries at Butler's were better than expected, and our four year-old had a blast on the playground and going down the big slide, so between that, the gas/time saved not making the longer drive to Larriland, and getting to hit up Wegman's on the way out, we decided the $3/person was worthwhile.
  13. Vancouver, BC

    We spent a week over Memorial Day in Vancouver and loved it so much. The two places we enjoyed enough to go twice were Meat & Bread (mostly for the porchetta sandwiches) and Thierry (chocolate marquise cake). They're not the best the city has to offer -- we didn't try any fine dining -- but were both fast with lots of seating, even if no high chairs. Although we stayed in Richmond one night, we ended up having more sushi and ramen throughout the week. Make no mistake though, the Chinese food in Richmond was great. It was like being in a suburban Hong Kong, both visually and by smell. We had planned on walking to Aberdeen Centre from the Westin but saw several families lining up before 9 am for dim sum at Tin Tin Seafood Harbour on No. 3 Road. So we joined the line on a whim and didn't regret it. Huge, fresh portions with innovative preparations. For example, the fried taro dumplings had curry powder in the filling and the radish cake was enclosed in a fried noodles (like a bird's nest) and topped with mayonnaise. Dim sum is 20 percent off at many places in Richmond if you eat before 11 am. We had soup dumplings only twice unfortunately. First was at Shanghai River. Not Din Tai Fung good but with delicate skin and a rich broth. Second was at the R&H kiosk in the Lansdowne Center food court. More broth, thicker skin, still decent overall. Neither ramen place where we ate in Vancouver was memorable but both would be top 5 in DC easily. The Ramenman's version offered a rich chicken broth, and their chicken karaage was perfectly fried. The broth at Kintaro was merely fine but their char siu pork slices were sublime and the noodles had exceptional texture. We went to two neighborhood sushi joints, again neither was memorable but still quite good. Loved the special sashimi platters at both places, especially the sockeye salmon. The sushi rice at Kaide in Yaletown was especially fluffy and well seasoned, and we loved the scallop and broiled black cod at Ajisai in Kerrisdale. Kingyo is a popular izakaya on the West End, with a notable bento box on the lunch menu with a dozen items for only $20 CAD. Their beef tongue appetizer is "cook your own" on a hot stone and superb. We arrived 15 minutes before they opened and there was already a long line. The burrata at Bella Gelateria in Yaletown was ginormous and one of the better versions we've had in recent years. The margherita pizza wasn't bad either. We enjoyed our dinner so much that the gelato was almost an afterthought, though it justified the hype. One of the best dishes we ate all week was the chicken wings at Phnom Penh. Perfectly fried with an addictive dipping sauce. Finally, I gained several pounds just from all the desserts. Most notable were the wide variety of cream puffs at Beta5 mentioned upthread, the soft serve with yuzu marmalade at Soft Peaks, the London Fog cake from Cadeaux, and the matcha cake with yuzu at Thomas Haas. P.S. The currently very favorable USD/CAD exchange rate made everything seem like screaming deals.
  14. Now an option on UberEATS. For those of use who work in CC and don't want to trek across Route 1, this is very exciting!
  15. Living with young kids in the suburbs, we rarely get to eat out in DC. There are four options for dinner before our 7:30 Hedwig show that interest me the most: Red Hen (at the bar), Little Serow, Bad Saint, and Tail Up Goat (5:30 reservation currently available). We're willing to wait in line up to 30 minutes before Little Serow or Bad Saint open, but not much longer. Tail Up Goat would be the easy pick due to proximity and certainty if we hadn't been there already last year. We went to Little Serow once in 2011 when it was still new. Really itching to try RH and BS but the logistics have always been too tough. Factoring in likely lines on a weeknight, ease of parking, and distance from KC, which one makes the most sense?