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  1. Yay! (to both )
  2. I'll second this and add that one year someone brought Ruffles and chip dip, and they were a HUGE hit! Nom nom!
  3. Just thought I'd add that it's likely that we will have "extra" cheese to bring as well...
  4. My parents just returned this week, having had a fabulous time, and said that they enjoyed this restaurant so much they went twice Thanks for the excellent recommendation!
  5. We'll bring plates, cups, and silverware.
  6. We'd love to go but don't have a free day between now and then...:-(
  7. I'm not uncomfortable, and if I felt it germane to my question/post, I would have done so. For what I was asking, naming the restaurant was unnecessary.
  8. DCS, I didn't mention the name of the restaurant -- or even when I'd dined there, other than it was recently -- because it seemed to me that this was a pretty specific set of circumstances, and I was more interested in what other people on the board thought of what happened than in excoriating a business or a management team -- I was surprised by the vehemence of my reaction and wondering whether it was legitimate...
  9. (To give what seem to be some necessary details, my friend I'm sure was prepared for disaster -- but should it really have to get to the point of disaster before we are seated or offered something to eat? And there were three people at the host stand when I arrived. The one to whom I spoke -- and I don't know which one my friend spoke with -- was a 40+ male who clearly had the authority to do whatever he wanted. Also, when I called and spoke with whomever answered and explained the situation to them, at no time was I told that seating my friend early would not be possible or even given a standard spiel about only seating full parties, even during the phone call during which I was informing them that we would be unexpectedly and unavoidably late. On the plus side, they did seat us as soon as all four of us arrived and at no time were rude or unprofessional to us -- just curt and completely 100% inflexible, no matter the issues at hand.)
  10. So I thought I'd solicit the opinions of the other members of this board on an experience that left kind of a sour taste in my mouth. We had reservations recently for us and two of our friends. One of our friends is diabetic and has had severe heart problems and needs to eat on a very regular schedule. I mentioned this when I made the reservation, and the very pleasant reservationist said she had a diabetic relative herself, so she completely understood. On the day of the meal, Tripewriter was stuck in traffic on the way back from work. He called me, and I called the restaurant, saying that we were going to be a little late for the reservation, but that one member of our party had diabetes, so please seat the other two as soon as they arrived, and we'd be there right away. She asked how late we'd be, and I said I wasn't sure, but about 5-10 minutes. When we got to the location, about 8 minutes late, Tripewriter had to find parking, so he dropped me off and I went in, only to find that the restaurant had refused to seat my friends because their policy was to only seat complete parties. I then spoke with the host myself and explained again -- for the third time -- that one of our guests had diabetes and had to eat on a regular schedule. I said that Tripewriter was parking and would be there in just a few minutes. They simply restated their policy -- we don't seat incomplete parties -- and basically sent me away. They were polite throughout, but completely inflexible. Also, at no time did they offer us any food or drink while we were waiting. I was pretty peeved by this -- I mean, on one hand, I can completely understand the complete-party policy, and under normal circumstances I'm happy to abide by it. On the other hand, it seemed pretty unreasonable to me that if three out of four people are present, the missing person is simply trying to find parking, and you've been informed (twice in advance and once on the spot) about a specific medical condition that requires a guest to have food, that it would behoove you to seat the party. I can even understand that if there are only two of four expected guests there you wouldn't want to give them a 4-top on the off chance that the other two never showed up. But three people are going to use a 4-top no matter what, so what would the harm be in seating the three guests and seeing to their needs? I will say that it turned out ok in the end -- we were seated as soon as Tripewriter walked in the door, and they brought us bread almost as soon as we sat down, which enabled our friend to eat only a little bit late -- and we had a great meal, with excellent company. I'm just still a bit steamed about the stiff-arm that we got in the beginning because it seems 100% unnecessary to me. What do you think?
  11. Hi everyone! A great way to dive into this board is to join everyone at the DR.com picnics. The next one is Sunday, June 7 -- see the thread for more details. You're invited to bring something to share, but there is always a ton of food, so it's totally not a requirement!
  12. We are pretty sure we'll be there...probably not early! Have no idea what we'll end up bringing -- we always start with grand plans and then end up desperate...
  13. Any word on what the menu will be?
  14. Why is all this awesome stuff happening the weekend we're in Delaware?!?