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  1. They have them at Wegmans. My real estate agent had me pick them up for her. They were in the case with the hot dogs, not in the deli case or the case with the hot dogs across from the deli case. It was confusing.
  2. Heads up! Etete is featuring a deal of Groupon right now.
  3. Heading to Charleston with a 1 year old and while all of the places recommended here sound great, I am wondering which ones are family friendly. Ninety percent of the time my son is very well behaved and an adventurous eater. However, like most toddlers he doesn't yet know what an inside voice is, so we are not planning to go anywhere too fancy with him. I am told that Husk, The Wreck, and Bowen's Oyster House are good bets (thanks DR friends via Facebook). What else? This is my first real vacation in a long time, and after 10 months on a strict elimination diet I am ready to EAT!
  4. This is what I was thinking. We are fine with whatever the group decides. We are not concerned about the cleanup and such, but thank you Barbara for thinking of that.
  5. Is there any interest in moving the picnic to a private residence? We are willing to host at our house in Falls Church. The yard isn't huge but we've hosted plenty of large (50-100 people) parties. There is plenty of parking.
  6. This. We use both a juicer and a vitamix. (We usually do smoothies for breakfast and juice during the day.) When you juice you get a ton of micronutrients. You couldn't get the same volume if you included all of the fiber.
  7. During my recent hospital stay to deliver my baby, I actually found something delicious to eat. I became addicted to Arrezio Italian Ices, which are a Sysco product. They come in a cardboard push-up cone package. Does anyone know how I can find out if they are sold in a retail market? If not, can someone help me order some? Thanks!
  8. Really? Just four? I'm surprised. I'm signed up (+1). 1000yregg is signed up. Surely we aren't the only ones who are excited about this.
  9. I just posted on the main thread. My favorites were the crispy chicken and the triple seafood delight. I was impressed with how tender the seafood was and I really like the flavor. We will definitely be back. We had such a great time with everyone. Thanks for a nice night!
  10. It says I started this thread but this is the first time I saw this. Oops. I need to confirm with the hubby, but I think we can do this. Please add us to the list. I will let you know ASAP if we aren't going to make it. So glad I had a few minutes to check the board today.
  11. We also have the Omega masticating juicer and love it. My husband makes Junger's "green juice" from his book "Clean" several times a week. It is actually much better than you would expect. Ingredients: - 2 green apples - 3 stalks celery - 1 leaf lacinato kale - 1 leaf Swiss chard - 1/4 cabbage - 1 head broccoli - 1/2 medium cucumber - 1/2 lemon Directions: 1. Run all of the fruits and vegetables through a juicer. (We often strain the juice but it is not necessary) 2. Drink immediately or store it in the refrigerator for up to a day. Recently we tried adding a little parsley and were surprised at the smooth flavor it imparted. Cilantro was not as good for us. As for other ideas, one of my favorite combinations is carrot-apple, sometimes with the addition of spinach. When we first got the juicer, I wanted recipes or exact combinations. But we learned to improvise and utlize what looks good at the store and sounds good at the moment. I'm looking forward to the summer so we can start using good melons and berries again. Yum! My best tip is something we recently started doing, a year and a half after getting the juicer. We will prep the veggies for several days worth of juice and store them in the fridge. That way we prep once and juice a few times.