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  1. I think that's the result of braising. They're normally crunchy, but I'm sure they'll get floppy after braising.
  2. Apparently the co-owners of Bramble & Brine had a falling out, the chef/co-owner left. B&B is now closed.
  3. There are a bunch of restaurants now offering plateau's. Does any one stand out? For example, is Whaley's any good?
  4. I have a $100 bet on Barca to win the Champions League (odds was 11/4)....almost tore it up after the 1st leg against PSG.
  5. I think it's hard to watch a sport unless you have a rooting interest. So you have to start by picking which team(s) to support. There are many soccer leagues, so it is not inconceivable to support more than 1 team (heck, I root for 4 NFL teams). The two best leagues right now are the English Premier League and La Liga. EPL is the most flushed with cash from their tv deal, which gets spread to all 20 teams in the top tier. So even a crappy Premier League team is still loaded, compared to teams in other leagues. While there is no salary cap in EPL (but there is something called financial fair play, but how it works and whether it works is beyond me), because the teams have cash, they all can afford to buy talent from other leagues, thus you have more parity in EPL. Currently, the EPL has a top 5 or 6 - Chelsea, Man United, Man City, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham. If you like to cheer on a winning team, pick from one of those. La Liga is dominated by 2 super teams - Real Madrid and Barcelona. Use to be, Real and Barca has their own tv deal. Now, I think La Liga has a league deal, but Real and Barca gets a much larger piece of the pie. That and their historical success have kept those clubs rich, and the best players in the world want to join them to get the chance to win the Champions League. If you like to cheer on a winning, you'd pick one of them. Each of Bundesliga and Ligue Une is dominated by a single team. Serie A is known as a more defensive league. Frankly, between the EPL, La Liga, and Champions League, that's more soccer than I can watch. The only rule you really need to understand is the offside rule. Commentators often talk about position number - so you might want to know what number represent what position.
  6. You can get pretty much all the sports channels as add on packages. Basically what you're not paying for is the rent on those damn boxes. All the programs should be stored in the cloud, and you access everything via phone/tablet. Sling TV has lots of sports but no cloud based DVR. I'm hoping Google has local TV, sports channels, and cloud DVR.
  7. You still need internet service. There's satellite internet if you hate cable companies (which I do, but Fios internet is reliable).
  8. Had lunch here on Saturday. I really couldn't tell that there's a change in the kitchen based on what I had: moist brisket, pork rib, and collard greens. The moist brisket is still fantastic and I still enjoy their ribs.
  9. In January, we stayed at the Boardwalk resort and hit two parks: Epcot & Hollywood studios (both within walking distance, or you can ride the boats). As I recall, the Italians joints were so so (Trattoria Al Forno and Mama Melrose), the Marrakesh restaurant and La Hacienda San Miguel were slightly above average but has great theme vibe. The only really good restaurant is the Flying Fish (dishes perfectly executed and an interesting menu).
  10. Is she loaded, or at least think she is? I stand in line myself, maybe because I'm cheap.
  11. Because a restaurant owner targeted by his neighbor tries to use a little humor to stand up for himself?
  12. How do you effectively stop an anonymous person from calling the health department when you've complied with all the rules? Short of closing the restaurant, which is what the complainer wants, you can't stop someone who wants you out of that space so he doesn't have a view of the back of a restaurant. I suppose Tom's response may be viewed as unprofessional, Juvenile and petty, but it's also funny.