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  1. I'm sure there are a lot of Washingtonians who are intolerant about waiting in line (some are members of this site). Heck, some pay other people to stand in line for them.
  2. Looks interesting. If anyone gets it, please post regarding your thoughts, especially whether it's useful as a tour guide.
  3. I think the line at Sushi Taro is only for happy hour at the bar.
  4. There may have been a change of ownership. At a minimum, there's a change of menu. Only the first page of the menu has English translation. The other two pages of food only has the categories in English (veggies, fish, etc.). I tried their oxtail pho. It came with a generous helping of fatty oxtail which I enjoyed gnawing on (I think the oxtail could've been trimmed of fat more). The broth was also very good. The solicitous proprietor kept trying to get me to put hot sauce on everything. The spring rolls came with herbs and pickled carrots/daikon. Their version contains yams. If anyone can read Vietnamese, I would love to see a translation of their menu. It probably would help if I took pictures of the menu and posted here, but I wasn't thinking.
  5. Do these festivals have parking?
  6. I did not know there's a sausage party in my backyard, it's called Tysons Biergarten. You have to buy food and drink tokens. Website
  7. Plaka does both. The Chicago gyro is processed meat. The Plaka gyro is layered pork, I believe.
  8. Taking the kids to the Baltimore zoo was my excuse to check out WK for the first time. The brunch menu, which has a wide and fairly interesting selection, was enough for me to make the trek. Let's start with the so-so. The quiche was nothing special. I don't even know why I ordered the quiche. It was a kids stuffer except they didn't like it either. Lamb Chilaquiles - topped with a huge mound of scrambled egg that no one wanted to eat (I tried it, it was good for scrambled egg, but still it's scrambled egg). The lamb was soft and flavorful. Too bad there weren't many chips in this so-called chilaquiles dish. Unfortunately the kids only wanted to eat the chips. Soft shell crab Buffalo style. Luckily, the Buffalo sauce was only on the plate, and not particularly spicy. It was delicious. Baked clams - had to get 2 orders (bacon, bread crumbs, herbs). Doughnut - dense but the kids still loved it. Overall, a super brunch option except it's an hour away.
  9. I took the kids to Dolce Vita a couple of weeks ago. It's a restaurant on Route 50 in Fairfax, with a parking lot except it's valet parking only. When I asked for change for a $20 (when I was paying the bill) and I specifically mentioned I needed change to tip the valet, I got back a $10 and 2 $5 bills. That in of itself pissed me off. I guess I should've demanded some dollar bills.... The clams (vongole della casa) and Tasca (pizza dough stuffed with mozzarella, prosciutto and topped with arugula) were good. The pizza dough were near Neapolitan style. The housemade pastas were too soft and bland (we had linguine vongole and cavatelli sardi). Two orders of pasta mostly uneaten and not asked to be boxed raised no questions from the staff.
  10. Rehoboth 3 promising new restaurants to check out. La Fable (from the Bramble & Brine folks - not sure which), Blue Hen (from the Henlopen Oyster folks), and Chesapeake and Maine (from Dogfish Head folks).
  11. Fried chicken skin paired with vanilla ice cream, inside toasted white bread. I cry fowl!
  12. Triple points only applies to catches. Does not apply to evolves or pokestop spins.
  13. Triple points right now and discount on egg purchases, extra fire and ice types.