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  1. I was in downtown and my only mode of transportation was bike share. HH was the only place I can reach by bike.
  2. I had CFS at Hickory Hollow and didn't think much of it. When I was a kid, McDonald's had chicken fried steak biscuits that were pretty darn good.
  3. That's the recipe for chicken fried steak.
  4. Solid and it was tough, not nearly perforated enough.
  5. chef comes from Brine.
  6. I took my assistant and a paralegal to FF for lunch today. The chicken fried steak was dreadful - flavorless hunk of meat topped with equally bland gravy. The green beans and mac 'n cheese were okay. I also tried some fried green tomatoes - they were $8 for 4 slices (they're pretty good - but what do I know....when I grew up in the south, we didn't eat fried green tomatoes, which became popular only after the movie came out).
  7. Any updates? Does anyone still eat chicken fried steak?
  8. Leo Messi apparently lost a tooth in El Clasico but he scored 2 goals to bring Barca to the top of La Liga for now. It was a crazy game, not including Marcelo elbowing Messi and Ramos trying to take Messi out. Barca's lack of defensive organization was a problem but Messi's inspired play made up for that deficiency.
  9. Stayed at the Beach Club for spring break. It supposedly has the best pool of all the Disney properties - a super long slide, small lazy river and sand in a part of the pool, which the kids love and then they wonder why they have sand in their bums. For a deluxe resort, it is not very soundproof, nor is the hotel particularly themed. It is located within a short walk of Epcot. The seafood buffet on site, Cape May Cafe, is probably no better than the ubiquitous buffets in Outerbanks, and probably more expensive. They had snow crab legs and clams, both likely from frozen. Epcot was wonderful during the international garden and flowers festival. We enjoyed the floral Disney characters. The day flew by even though we rode fewer rides than last time. Our meals at the Biergarten and Chefs de France were unremarkable. We saw La Nouba, the permanent Cirque du Soleil Show in Orlando that is closing later this year. This is one of my favorite cirque shows and I'm glad the kids got to see it. While at Disney Springs, we ate at Raglan Road, with a bar from Ireland, and dancers too. The food is well executed if not creative.
  10. Bayern got hosed by the refs. Dortmund had to play after their team bus got bombed. Barca couldn't find the target. Leicester had no business even being in the quarterfinals.
  11. As far as I can tell, it's flavored differently. Poke is generally marinated in soy sauce. Sashimi is not tossed with soy sauce, and none of the other forms of raw fish ever see soy sauce. When I was in Hawaii, they seem to poke everything....I've tried a few and never really developed any affinity for poke.
  12. Had dinner at the newest Mike Isabella concept on Friday. DC restaurants love to play musical chair with their chefs, so you got to hit them while they still have the opening chef, when they seem most eager to please and impress. I was duly impressed. We ordered 6 dishes, asked them to be coursed because I hate a table full of food getting cold. They arrived 1 by 1, quickly but with enough time for moderately quick eaters to finish up. Some might think it was too quick... 1. Salt Cod Croquettes. The fish was fishy, in a good way. You know you're eating salt cod. I've had way too many bacala or bacalao dishes in DC that tastes more like potato than fish. This beats the versions I've had at Tails Up Goat & Convivial. 2. Spanish Red Prawns. Each order usually has 3 prawns, but our waiter asked if we wanted to even it out. We said yes and it was as good a decision as pulling out at the right time. The fried heads were good but the tender torsos were even better. Prawns can be expensive, at roughly $9 each, these aren't bargains but they're worth the money. 3. Saffron Fideo Noodles. Nicely cooked seafood but they're generally drowned out in the sauce, and the noodles were far from al dente. I'd pass on this dish next time. 4. Hot Smoked Bone Marrow. It's bone marrow... 5. Crispy Sweetbreads. These were slightly too salty but the texture of the sweetbreads were like tofu. I can't remember a more tender sweetbread, which reminds me that my mom use to lie to me and told me the pigs brain is tofu. For sweetbread fans, these are definitely worth trying. 6. Chermoula Lamb Ribs. I've had meatier and more tender lamb elsewhere (e.g., Tails Up Goat). Again, a normal order is 3, and we opted to even it out (but it wasn't necessary).
  13. McDonald's no longer does dollar meals. Now it's called McPick 2 or something like that. I don't personally have an opinion on whether Mirabelle is overpriced since I haven't been.
  14. More facts above David Dao from Daily Mail. This whole thing smelled from the get go.
  15. Wapo article with some facts. Flights gets "overbooked" all the time. Whether they sold more tickets than seats, or maybe they sold as many tickets as seats but the seats became unavailable as in this case. So I believe any passenger bumped should be compensated. However, if no one is willing to accept compensation, then someone has to get off the plane involuntarily. At this point, I feel it is the passenger at fault. If you've been bumped, then you're trespassing by staying on the plane, and your refusal is delaying the flight and all other passengers. The airline can't use force, so it has to call the local authorities. The local authorities have no choice but to remove the passenger physically if the passenger refuses to deplane. How would the 3 passengers who had to deplane involuntarily feel if this dude got to stay? What about the 5th passenger who got booted because the 4th refused to budge?