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  1. Q by Peter Chang sets May opening date (credit--Robert Dyer)
  2. I had the pleasure of taking a trip to Troeg's located in Hershey PA this weekend for a private tour. The trip was arranged by my beer club at Flying Dog. They were very proud of a new offering, which we were given samples of--Freaky Peach. Freaky Peach clocks in at 9.9% ABV. The following description is going to sound very cliche, but I assure you that this beer was really good. Chances are that unless you visit the brewery (which I highly recommend), you will not have the opportunity to try this beer. The brewery describes this as a bourbon barrel aged sour peach beer. This beer has an aroma of bourbon, which you would suspect would come through in the taste, but the mind can certainly play tricks on you. I noticed also zero bourbon in the taste, except maybe a hint at the end (I imagine as it warms the bourbon character comes through more). The flavor is bright and reminiscent of ripe peaches and apricots. The sourness is not overpowering, but actually enhances the fruit flavor. This is a seriously complex beer worth trying. It is also deceptively smooth, with the relatively high ABV well masked.
  3. Pretty good deal, but I can't imagine having a case!
  4. I was once invited to a client's Christmas party here. He was a native of Hong Kong. It was a multi-course meal that was very memorable, both because of good company, and good food.
  5. Got an email from Downtown Crown that they will have it on tap tomorrow at 4:00 pm. Pints and Crowlers.
  6. Costco (at least the on in Gaithersburg) is selling it by the pound.
  7. I doubt you will find any, and the normal retail for a beer is on the pricey side ($7.99/12 oz) bottle. There were 10 bottles on Saturday night at State Line in Beltsville. They had received 5 cases the day before with people lined up for the release at 5 pm. I would be surprised if there is any left today. This beer flies off the shelf.
  8. Founders KBS has hit the market locally and may be difficult to find a bottle. This is probably more popular to beer geeks than Hopslam and produced in smaller quantities. If you see this on the shelf do not hesitate to take it, and if you see someone else eyeing the last bottle while you are standing next to this person, grab it first. Description from Founders website: "What we’ve got here is an imperial stout brewed with a massive amount of coffee and chocolates, then cave-aged in oak bourbon barrels for an entire year to make sure wonderful bourbon undertones come through in the finish. Makes your taste buds squeal with delight." I am not typically a fan of stouts, but this one is a killer.
  9. Robert Dyer is reporting that they have closed because the lease was not renewed. Although it was not my first or second choice, it was solid and will be missed.
  10. I was at the Costco in Gaithersburg two weeks ago, and several pallets worth of romaine were bad. It can happen.
  11. Your post is very interesting. My close friend owns a bar in Adams Morgan, and he participates in a number of these delivery services. He gets complaints frequently from people that the food isn't good. The bottom line is that he cannot control what happens when the food leaves his restaurant. He also said that it often sits for long periods of time before being picked up and in those instances he makes a new order, but still cannot control when and in what condition it gets to the purchaser.
  12. Robert Dyer is reporting that Mia's has changed its name to Alatri Bros., keeping the same menu, but adding a full bar.