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  1. I think this is what Kushi was trying to be, but was poorly executed.
  2. Reopening under same group ownership as generic do everything BBQ place. http://www.bethesdamagazine.com/Bethesda-Beat/2017/Barbecue-Restaurant-To-Take-Over-Former-Home-of-AG-Kitchen-in-Silver-Spring/
  3. Just found this while reading another article on the site: Dec 20, 2016 - "Ray's the Steaks' Affiliate Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection Again" by Rebecca Cooper on bizjournals.com
  4. "Mintwood Place Has a New Chef: Citronelle Alum Jordan Lloyd" by Anna Spiegel on washingtonian.com
  5. I don't think China Chilcano is any more deviant from "pure" sushi than most other sushi places in the US. I had the spicy tuna roll when there for lunch once and I think they have regular nigiri as well. The only places I would say do "pure" sushi in DC are Taro and Ogawa/Sushi Capitol. Haven't been to Makoto in too long to know about them, but they were also very traditional.
  6. Curious if that's for a whole or half chicken. Totally puts in perspective the $56 whole chicken at Kinship if you get half a chicken fried at a place that is not putting in nearly the technique and effort that Kinship is doing and charging roughly the same amount. The smokehouse chicken is listed as a half for $24. I have not yet actually gotten the chicken at Kinship, but commenting based on the raves of everyone who has.
  7. But won ton noodle soup is an actual Chinese soup, just not a true straight up won ton soup as he seems to peddling it. Also common in Japanese ramen as wantan men. I think the problem here is summed up in another article I read online about the outrage over Rob Schneider, yes, the actor, posting a picture of the "paella" he was making for dinner. The article mentions Jamie Oliver posting a recipe for paella which was considered significantly inauthentic, as are many recipes posted in English for paella. Key is the responsibility of chefs, particularly non-ethnic ones representing another ethnicity's food to do it correctly. If they are goingt o change things, don't call it the original, note that it is fusion or altered. What Drewno needs to do is call his soup wonton noodle soup, not straight wonton soup, and it seems it is more a Japanese stlye wantanmen than Chinese wonton soup with noodles. Nothing wrong with that, but needs to be clear, otherwise he is misleading those not as knowledgeable into thinking he is selling what should be thought of as "authentic" won ton soup, which it clearly is not. Now, as for whether I would be willing to pay $16 for a bowl of soup, see my previous discussion about Momofuku ramen.
  8. dcandohio, I'm sure you can appreciate this. Back in college we were in FL for spring break with a friend who lived down there. On our way out, after having made a detour to see his GF one last time, we were driving down a pretty major street, probably 50mph when I spotted a Skyline chili in a strip mall. Went from 50 to a right turn into the mall parking faster than a Subaru station wagon should be able to. Anyway, that was a great chance to have Skyline before going back home in the summer at the end of the school year. Was never happier to have had to make a detour before making a long drive home.
  9. If the Momofuku FC is on the table, how about Kinship's roast chicken, just get two of them? Maybe add a whole roasted foie gras?
  10. I have the Anova, got it about a year and half ago. I find that what I use it most often for is when I decide I want steak for dinner, but haven't defrosted one. I can put it a couple steaks form the freezer in a gallon ziploc with some garlic, olive oil, salt, and pepper and thaw it out straight to medium rare doneness before throwing on the grill or pan fry for nice crust on the outside. Its as simple as you can get with a rotary wheel to set temperature and that's it. I haven't used the app yet. I like the smallness of the Joule, but having to get the phone out to operate it seems unnecessarily complicated for something that shouldn't be.
  11. Actually you were right. As Don notes, Chinese is often unnecessarily complicated. The tea does use the characters that literally mean Big Red Robe, or at least according to Wikipedia, so it does mean big red robe, but also refers to the tea in this context.
  12. I was fortunate that mom was paying for the food so I can't comment on prices, and with dim sum, never even opened a menu. All meanings could be correct depending on tones. Always thought the red envelopes were hong bao with a b, but could be mistaken. My kids Mandarin after 3+ and1+ years at Yu Ying is already better than either my Cantonese or Mandarin ever was from college studies. Anyway, just put the characters in Google translate and assuming I transcribed correctly, it came up as big red robe.
  13. Our son's favorite restaurant now, over Urban Butcher, chose to go here for his birthday dinner last month and again last night to celebrate his first concert performance in the DC youth orchestra. I cannot reiterate enough how great a deal the meat board here is for $16. Ours came with generous servings of fennel salami, andouille sausage, bresaola, pate, and a huge chunk of bleu cheese. They were out of brisket which forced me to venture outside my ordering comfort zone and try the philly cheese steak, which while definitely not going to win as an authentic philly cheese, which I was not expecting, it is definitely a delicious sandwich with good quality beef and a nice blend of onions and peppers and melted cheese to hold it all together on toasted bread.