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  1. I was given two sauces with my dim sum, a hot pepper oil, and a garlic sauce. Sounds like a service issue.
  2. That's actually something I should have mentioned to them when they asked for input...not if a Chinese person would have gotten something else, but that I was a little disappointed that the selection was so mainstream. I was hoping there would be a little more uniqueness/flair. Again, nitpicking here. I enjoyed it.
  3. I probably needed to add something to the pic for purpose of scale, but the buns were pretty small...maybe half the size of a normal pineapple bun, if not a little smaller. It didn't make for a big lunch at all.
  4. That is one sparse looking seafood platter. They really need to serve that on a smaller plate.
  5. I believe it was $16 and the two in the corner are sweet buns, one with chicken and one with custard. I think the chicken bun was my favorite of the nine..a nice sweet/savory combo with a little crunch. The sesame ball was also surprisingly good...I'm not normally a fan. And yes, a little more protein and a little less starch probably would have improved the balance a bit in general.
  6. I stopped by the soft opening at lunch today, and tried the dim sum platter, 9 pieces selected by the kitchen, sort of a dim sum omakase. I know you don't exactly think "dim sum" when you think of Peter Chang, but it made for a enjoyable lunch. As you can see if my picture attached correctly, it was a nice variety...nothing truly transcendent, but very good all around. Could have been a bit more food for the price, but certainly not dramatically undersized. Apparently I was the first person to ever order this...soft openings are fun! They asked for feedback after the meal, and then I was on my way. And yes, Peter is there, wandering the dining room and seemingly inspecting everything. I look forward to going back with family and friends and digging into the spicer side of the menu. Parking isn't intuitive there...that could be an issue...but there is a big garage right around the corner if you know where to look.
  7. That was my first reaction to the menu as well. Maybe $16 per person? On the other hand, I like the sound of the $16 lunch dim sum platter: Peter's Dim Sum Platter Experience lunch curated through Peter’s eyes. This selection includes 9 seasonally rotating Dim Sum & Cold dishes careful chosen by Peter himself.
  8. Generally just a cube steak that's been tenderized to the super soft texture.
  9. But lobster and dover sole are top-shelf products that people have been conditioned to paying top dollar for. $26 for a ham sandwich is simply a different mindset.
  10. Or, maybe, he learned from his experiences and improved? I mean really...if you don't like a place, you don't like a place...fine. But insulting a chef at a restaurant that you've never tried because you didn't like his previous restaurant? That's a bit of a low blow.
  11. Closing.... Sad...started out so good, and tanked so quickly.
  12. Went there with a big group a few days ago, and was actually looking forward to it...I admit, I tend to have a fondness for chains like this. What followed was one of the worst all around meals I've had in a while. The 'famous' Bang Bang Shrimp was utterly gloppy and unappetizing. Was there a decent fried shrimp under all that sauce? Possibly, but I would have needed a whole lot of scraping to figure that out. The crab cakes were so aggressively seasoned that you could have made cakes out of pretty much anything and it would have tasted the same. The fish and chips were crunchy oil sticks. The decent mussels were overwhelmed with a one note sauce...GARLIC!...and I love garlic. I could go on and on, but it's not worth the writing time...just put it right in my "no" list, and move on. The bread was good.