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  1. Generally just a cube steak that's been tenderized to the super soft texture.
  2. But lobster and dover sole are top-shelf products that people have been conditioned to paying top dollar for. $26 for a ham sandwich is simply a different mindset.
  3. Or, maybe, he learned from his experiences and improved? I mean really...if you don't like a place, you don't like a place...fine. But insulting a chef at a restaurant that you've never tried because you didn't like his previous restaurant? That's a bit of a low blow.
  4. Closing.... Sad...started out so good, and tanked so quickly.
  5. Went there with a big group a few days ago, and was actually looking forward to it...I admit, I tend to have a fondness for chains like this. What followed was one of the worst all around meals I've had in a while. The 'famous' Bang Bang Shrimp was utterly gloppy and unappetizing. Was there a decent fried shrimp under all that sauce? Possibly, but I would have needed a whole lot of scraping to figure that out. The crab cakes were so aggressively seasoned that you could have made cakes out of pretty much anything and it would have tasted the same. The fish and chips were crunchy oil sticks. The decent mussels were overwhelmed with a one note sauce...GARLIC!...and I love garlic. I could go on and on, but it's not worth the writing time...just put it right in my "no" list, and move on. The bread was good.
  6. I've been to the Rockville location twice now, and although the place is pleasant, I've found that there isn't a dish there that's as good as Guapo's in Bethesda. Again, if I was near Chuy's, I wouldn't mind going, but if I'm planning ahead, I'd certainly go to Guapo's instead.
  7. When I saw this thread on the top of the list, my first thought was "wow, I can't believe that place is still open". Well then...
  8. I may be getting my wish! "Another New Restaurant Coming to Woodmont Triangle Apartment Building" by Andrew Metcalf on
  9. Didn't want to head down to the Village, so stuck with Da Tommaso. Very happy with it...baked clams, veal parm, linguini with white clam sauce...all exactly what I was looking for. Short walk to the theater, so that worked out well too. I'll have to try Piccolo Angolo when I have a bit more time in the city to compare.
  10. The good news...Vidalia is doing a full lunch again. The bad news...the spectacular three course $20 special is gone, replaced by a two course $20 special. The very bad news...the spectacular bread basket is no longer free. You have to pay $5 for it. No!!! And the food itself, on my one visit at least, is a bit more uneven than I remember. More muted flavors (under seasoned shrimp and grits, I'm looking at you), and combinations that don't really work (a beautiful and tasty she-crab soup overpowered by celery marmalade). Still a nice place for lunch, but nowhere near the amazing deal it was a few years and a few pages (page 17 to be exact) ago. Plus, for a place that really advertises their crab cake, I'm surprised it wasn't part of their two course special...I would have happily paid an up-charge, but was told I could only get it a la carte. Honesty, it might have just been a mistake on the server's part, but I didn't feel like asking up the ladder.
  11. Thanks folks...think I'll try Da Tommaso. I'll let you know how it was... --- Da Tomasso (mtureck)