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  1. FINALLY made it down to Fishnet before Saturday's basketball game (I certainly don't want to talk about that) and had a wonderful grilled mahi mahi sandwich. The aioli that I got added some extra depth to both the fish and fries, but I can't for the life of me remember which one it was. Two thumbs up, will be back.
  2. As a former resident of the neighborhood, it doesn't seem that most of the residents (that I'm exposed to) are happy about this - it seems that the developer is more or less trying to push them out so they can get a liquor license for the entire facility. However, apparently this was hanging up at Nick's today So it could get interesting.... My perspective: Cross Street Market does need a remodeling, but pushing Nick's out like this does not seem to be a good decision
  3. Resurrecting from the depths.....Zingerman's Deli is still delicious (and expensive, but hey) and we also got to Blimpy Burger right before they opened and didn't have to wait a long time - it was pretty delicious after a long weekend.
  4. Looks like Bluegrass has new ownership and will be undergoing a name change somewhat soon. Chef and many trademark items are staying (for now at least) "Bluegrass Tavern Changes Ownership, Plans for New Name and Menu Items" by Kevin Lynch on southbmore.com
  5. I've driven that stretch hundreds of times and never noticed that tennis club. Too distracted by the Arby's across the street, I guess.
  6. Sunset is still open and still does what it does.....might be fun for you to revisit. I grew up in Ellicott City and had never heard of Buell's. Looks like it was sold in 1992 or 1993. I googled the address and have no idea where it was.
  7. Your "best crab cakes" list will usually be some combination of (in no particular order) G&Ms, Timbuktu, Faidley's, Pappa's, Koco's, and going further south Edgewater Restaurant and Jerry's (okay, crab bomb not crab cake). Sleeper - Obrycki's at BWI. If you're in the Annapolis area like you imply, I'd suggest trying Edgewater Restaurant. Old dingy-looking place, but everybody loves the crab cake.
  8. It's a pretty bad area for food. There's probably a decent takeout place for your cheap subs/lake trout but there's no reason anybody would know about it unless you lived in the neighborhood. Google tells me there's an Atwater's location nearby, but no idea if they do takeout. Your best bet is either hopping in the car or walking down (depending on your familiarity/comfortableness with the area) to the Fells Point or Canton area, or maybe further to downtown or Harbor East.
  9. FWIW, probably over 90% of the time when you get crabs from a restaurant or take-out place, they use J.O.'s crab seasoning which has some similarities to Old Bay but is not the same thing
  10. I see the Baltimore suburbs guide now and also went there a few days ago, so I'm guessing it was a glitch?
  11. Made it back about a month ago - and oh my god the smoked fried chicken was heavenly. I was deciding between that and the hot fried chicken, which I'll have to try another time. They have a special on Tuesdays I think with chicken boxes for takeout/at the bar, but I can't seem to find it on the website (and Facebook is blocked at work), but it seems that it would be a great option for $15 (or less?). I love all of their brown cocktails, I've never been steered wrong, and occasionally they'll have a five star rare beer on tap. The other thing I can recommend is the sweet potato cornbread.
  12. One of the owners must loooove whiskey, because they now have 200+ bottles available at any one time. Not much has changed with the food (the pizza is all very delicious, but the sandwiches can be hit or miss), but the whiskey selection might be the best in Baltimore.
  13. The corky is back! They also added a fried chicken sandwich that is delicious, and a few other items that looked very enticing. No more spicy chicken flatbread sandwich though Still one of my favorite spots, and I'm going to miss it when I move out of the neighborhood. Apr 7, 2016 Menu Summer, 2015 Brunch Menu