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  1. I was sort of thinking about Johnny, too, but I must say I simply don't remember if he was actually good at hosting them or if there was so little for comparison that he ended up on top for that sort of thing. Remember, he was in the age of 3 broadcast channels and no cable, with 3 awards shows per year (Oscars, Emmys, Tonys) and the next closest comparable at that time was probably the Miss America pageant. Was he good, or was he just somewhat better than a very small pool of fish? I don't know or can't remember.
  2. David Letterman did it before and he was pretty awful at it. Most hosts are lousy at it with a few notable exceptions (Billy Crystal).
  3. I saw some chatter on comment sites that Crosby was all winks & smiles leaving the arena last night, so a slight sign favoring that he'll return in the series. And it's been pretty ugly so far. At least no one has lost body parts yet.
  4. An unfortunate injury to Crosby from a bad but unplanned collision with Niskanen helped us win last night, together with a missed planned collision when Eller pivoted and took himself out of the way of Hornqvist who ended up annilhilating teammate Sheary. But I'll take it. Bad hits and injuries happen in this game, and we well could have been without Oshie between the hits and accidents he absorbed. Holtby looked stronger last night as well with some beautiful saves, but still weak on the glove side. That last 3 minutes of regulation was sad to see, but would it have worked out in the Pens' favor with Niskanen on the ice? Don't know. It's a win, and at least Shattenkirk redeemed himself from some stupid mistakes earlier in the game.
  5. I tried out Meggrolls last night. It's in the former Five Guys space at 107 N. Fayette Street in Old Town. The space is pleasant -- navy and white, with a touch of dusty orange in the dining area, blond wood tables and chairs, and a bunch of framed '80s album covers in the dining area. Right now, they're open for dinner hours only, at 5:00, so they can get a feel for the flow. The menu is small, about a half dozen Meggrolls offered, plus some cole slaw variations, french fries, and chili, and the chalkboard advertises that pies are coming soon. The chalkboard also says that 1 roll is a good snack and 2 is a meal. Well, 1 roll and a side of slaw would be more than plenty of food for me; I did the 2 rolls (no sides) and it was a stretch -- remember, it's all deep fried. At $6.75+ per roll (sides are a la carte), taking the chalkboard's advice gets pricey pretty fast for what is, at its heart, tasty craft junkfood. The rolls are a cheeseburger, buffalo chicken, gyro, mac-n-cheese, and chicken parm. The rolls are expertly fried, and fried to order. I could see into the frying area and each chamber of the fryer was labeled for each type of roll so none of the flavors mingle. They're using some sort of iPad register system and it looks cute but I wonder how it's going to hold up over the medium term, let alone long term. Because it's done to order, and a small kitchen (one fry cook/roll splitter and one dressing the rolls at the pass, it can get backed up quickly and one even small order gone wrong can throw the whole thing into the weeds. Case in point, I was in a mini-rush of folks getting off work and arriving about 5:45, and was 3rd or 4th to order and 10th or 11th to get my 2 rolls, one of which was done many minutes (and several intervening pick-ups) before the other. The rolls were dark brown, crunchy, not greasy, and held up well to a 30 minute car ride home, but I certainly wouldn't recommend that sort of holding time. I tried the spicy buffalo chicken roll and the gyro roll. The chicken was a mild-to-medium spicy piece of chicken that appeared to have been pre-cooked in the spiced coating, then egg roll wrapped with a little something else inside the roll, deep fried and then split lengthwise and topped with a small celery stick and dressed with bleu or ranch dressing (I had the bleu on the side since it was a to-go order). I would have liked it a bit spicier and with more of a celery kick to it. The gyro was a spiced lamb patty, sort of like kofta, deep fried, split lengthwise and topped with (a very bland) tzatziki, shredded lettuce and halved grape tomatoes. I liked this one a little better than the buffalo chicken, but felt it was a bit out of balance with too much yogurt/not enough herbs compared to the lamb. The flavor of the lamb was good. I scraped off most of the tzatziki and ate it with the tomatoes instead, and a punch of fresh herbs and garlic would have done it good. Overall, it was a fun meal but I'd really put it in the category of a well-made junky treat and not something I'll eat very often.
  6. I know you're trying to look beyond CF, but they really do make some good ones. Junior's in NY does ship, and they seem to be the benchmark for that style cheesecake.
  7. local asparagus and strawberries are coming in now. Ramps are still plentiful. One of the cut flower vendors has returned already, but most of the "summer" stands won't arrive until next weekend. Next weekend should be good for mushrooms.
  8. The Tom and Lorenzo blog is good for getting underneath the meanings of costuming in different series http://tomandlorenzo.com/2017/03/feud-style-pilot-episode-1-tv-review-costumes/
  9. Some beautiful hockey being played last night. There was a time in the second period of probably 5 minutes without a whistle or stoppage of play and everything on both teams was fast, crisp and hard played. Gorgeous to watch a game like that. And even more beautiful was the win with a 5-on-3 penalty kill, a washed out goal due to a rotten call on goalie interference, and Wilson's dive into the net to save another goal.
  10. Interesting stat I read on the nhl.com site, that all of the Leafs goals in Game 2 were scored when one of the Caps players was without a stick. Most of the time, sticks are lost due to slashing by an opponent, so it is highly likely that uncalled penalties factored into our double OT loss.
  11. thanks for correcting my mistake. I was obviously typing faster than I was thinking. Yeah, that was a pretty shot by Wilson, made even prettier by being the game winner.
  12. Penguins beat Columbus 3-1 last night, even with the Pens' starting goalie being a last-minute scratch. I watched part of that game and all I can say is CBJ needs to keep beating up the birds b/c they looked really good in last night's game, and if the Pens win that series, we want them as bruised and bloodied and slow as possible before we meet them. Rangers won, Bruins won, and an OT win for Edmonton over the St. Louis Blues.