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  1. Sushi in Grocery Stores

    I have only gotten the sushi at the Harris Teeter in Old Town at lunchtime, and it was okay. I'll only get it when the sushi chef is on duty and get something that's just been added to the case, and they are always willing to make up a roll if there isn't a fresh one in the case. the big drawback is the amount of farmed seafood that is used, which I try to avoid. There is a pretty good selection of vegetarian sushi if I can't find a wild caught fish sushi in the case.
  2. Falls Church Market

    Toigo Orchards has Mirai corn coming in now
  3. Congratulations to Edith and Daniel!

    Congratulations to the happy couple!
  4. Gypsy Soul Farmstand

    Yes, that's the one! thanks for the name and the rec
  5. Gypsy Soul Farmstand

    There doesn't seem to be a separate topic for the Mosaic District Farmer's Market, so I'll drop this here. I went to the Mosaic market this past Sunday for the first time, as I had stupidly forgotten to buy tomatoes while at the Falls Church market the day before. There are a great many more prepared foods available at Mosaic, and with free yoga on the plaza that ends soon after the market opens, so there is apparently quite a large street food wandering brunch that happens. Only a handful of farm stands, and the produce tends to run .50 to $1 more per pound at Mosaic than FC. There is a cheesemonger there who has several very interesting looking cheeses (I didn't get the name); the Falls Church market does not have its equal. I have too much cheese right now and will have to work down my supply so I can go back and get some of their wares.
  6. Just a note that Sunday in Saigon has opened, in the former Teaism space by Trader Joe's, and operated by the same folks who own Caphe Banh Mi. I haven't been yet, but Yelp reviews seem to suggest a pretty space, sometimes confusing pricing or mysterious upcharges, average to good food, with service glitches
  7. Maybe it needs to be something like The Block in Annandale -- 3-4 smaller restaurant operations under one roof, a self-contained food court.
  8. Is anyone else watching this? They did a season opening double show last night. It's charming, and I love the technical section of it. I can't understand about a third of what's said by the various bakers due to accents, but love it nonetheless. I'm less of a baker than a cook, myself, and enjoy watching the trials and triumphs of the contestants.
  9. Falls Church Market

    blueberries are in, sweet cherries are in, Roma beans, yellow beans, and every lettuce imaginable are in. Squash and squash blossoms are coming on strong. Some real field-grown sun-ripened tomatoes are to be had -- most are still rowhouse tomatoes.
  10. Chopped

    Jordan Lloyd (Bartlett Pear Inn and Mintwood) was on last night's show. He joined a long line of cooked-well-but-came-in-2nd WDC area chefs.
  11. the one time I ate at Palena, I had a lemon thyme posset for dessert. No ice cream. And It's been a couple of years and I still yearn for another bite of it.
  12. I was sort of thinking about Johnny, too, but I must say I simply don't remember if he was actually good at hosting them or if there was so little for comparison that he ended up on top for that sort of thing. Remember, he was in the age of 3 broadcast channels and no cable, with 3 awards shows per year (Oscars, Emmys, Tonys) and the next closest comparable at that time was probably the Miss America pageant. Was he good, or was he just somewhat better than a very small pool of fish? I don't know or can't remember.
  13. David Letterman did it before and he was pretty awful at it. Most hosts are lousy at it with a few notable exceptions (Billy Crystal).