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  1. Tl;dr I thought it unfortunate that, while I only wanted to grab a quick lunch at Potbelly, I had to pay for parking to do so, and also that I had to pay for a full hour ($2) and didn't have the option of a shorter time period.
  2. Santini's is in a former "Chicken Out", fwiw. Also, Dr. Harold "Hal" H. Saunders, 1930-2016 was one of the principal negotiators during the hostage crisis. Given his background, he had several amazing photos on his office wall, including some of him on the tarmac, arm in arm, with the newly freed hostages. He was also portrayed in the movie (Argo), albeit in a blink and you'll miss it scene. I enjoyed talking to Hal about the movie, going over what was dramatized and what was real. SPOILER ALERT. I'm afraid that the tense ending, when they got held up at the gate, and the plane was subsequently chased by the army (or whatever) was a dramatization. Turns out they had no issues boarding the plane and leaving the country.
  3. We had a very good lunch there today, even tho not everything was a hit. Also, fwiw, I hadn't read any previous reviews. The bright spots included: (1) Dancing Yucca, basically bacon and cheese fries, which could be a meal on its own given how heavy and ample the portion is. These were amazing, really; (2) Kam Lu Wantan, deep fried dumplings with a tasty sauce (7 to an order); (3) Aji de Gallina, a chicken dish with cheese, potatoes, olives, rice, in a tasty yellow, curry-like sauce. The sauce wasn't over spiced, and showed some real care. The good: Sanguche de Pescado, which was a catfish taco-style pork bun. Tasty mayo. The Bad: (1) Jook, which has tasty pork belly, but I didn't care for the "congee of rice" which had the consistency of oatmeal, something I don't personally care for, but recognize it may be exactly what it's supposed to be. (2) Tam Tam, a noodle dish, but the noodles were cooked poorly. Many of them stuck together and couldn't be separated; it was like they congealed and were gummy. A better cooked noodle and this would have been a bright spot.
  4. I went to get a salad and they were out of romaine lettuce, due to weather and quality issues. So, they couldn't source lettuce?! We're thru the looking glass, people! Also, there's a Giant right across the street with copious amounts of high quality romaine. You know, if they actually gave a shit. This place sux.
  5. I recently got 3 pastas: [1] gemelli with sausage, broccoli & cream sauce. I thought it was pretty tasty, and would get it again. The deficiencies Eric notes above weren't issues for me. [2] spaghetti with bolognese. A perfectly fine meat sauce, but I'll switch to something else next time. [3] butternut squash ravioli in a sage butter sauce. these were excellent, and adding sage to their brown butter sauce was a good move, and helped the sauce. My overall impression was favorable. This is, after all, a counter service pasta joint. Good takeout service. Portions aren't big, but neither are the prices.
  6. Disney Reviews Kona Cafe (Disney's Polynesian Village Resort): This place serves amazing Parker House Rolls! Along with a special butter (I forget what it was mixed with). I had 4 of them, i believe. We then had Pot Stickers, Steamed Pork Buns, and a Lava Roll to share. All were very good versions. For mains, I had Ahi Tuna, and was served a large piece of fish, "cooked" perfectly to rare, and served over a tasty warm rice noodle. Someone got the pork tenderloin, another got the chicken. Everyone was very happy with their meal. In fact, it was the best meal we had the whole week. Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen (Disney's Magic Kingdom): The name's a mouthful, but the food was very good, at this fairly new restaurant. We split an order of Falafel and Cachapas (House-made Corn Pancakes, Mojo-braised Pork, Black Bean Salad, Avocado Cream), and both were excellent. For mains, I had the Baked Pasta, which was like a lasagne with a bechamel sauce. It was a filling and tasty dish. My wife got the Whole Fried Fish, which was a whole fish that they then fried! It was also quite tasty. I believe they use the fish that they raise in farms on property (which can be seen on Epcot's "living with the land" ride). Mother-in-law got the fried chicken and it was really good. Father-in-law got the noodle bowl and liked it, but not as much as homemade versions he's recently had. Yorkshire County Fish Shop: The fish and chips are quite good, are an ample portion, and priced reasonably. Boma (Disney's Animal Kingdom): We no longer enjoy this place. I think the quality of the food has gone way down, while the price keeps going up. If we remember how we felt when we left, we wont return. Wolfgang Puck Express at Disney Springs Marketplace (Disney Springs): I had a solid Chicken Salad sandwich. The restaurant is perfect for a particular mood: when you want to sit down, but not formal table service, something low key and moderately priced, but still "on disney". Chef Mickeys (Disney's Contemporary Resort): This is a character breakfast spot, which was great, in that it had all the main characters (Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Donald), as well as a huge buffet spread. No, the food wasn't amazing, but that's not necessarily the point, now is it? This, and Tusker House, are the 2 best places for character dining, based entirely on my preference for these classic characters. Teppan Edo (Epcot, Japan): The food was good, not great, but it was a good show, and we're dining with a 5yr old, so that's what counts here. He was highly entertained, and tried new foods. Win, win!
  7. Apparently, wu gok is "the most underrated and under-ordered dim sum dish". I agree! http://www.avclub.com/article/best-thing-youre-not-ordering-dim-sum-restaurant-248183 [ETA: It occurs to me that this may more appropriately belong in the Dim Sum thread, and not this restaurant-specific thread. My bad!]
  8. We went all in on a to go order last night, ordering a Combo 3, which was a ground chicken kabob, ground beef kabob (you may get lamb instead), steak kabob, and chicken kabob. The order comes in a huge foil container, and includes two types of rice (one is regular white with saffron and the other is brown with currant (?)). It also came with two sides and 3 pieces of naan. This was a lot of food, and very generously priced at $33. For sides (of which there were several options) we got a small side salad (no dressing provided, strangely) and an order of hummus. The kabobs were all very tasty and cooked with skill. The rice was excellent, particularly the brown rice. You'd be hard pressed to find better bread. The hummus was also good, and nicely accompanied by some EVOO, which it needed (that's not a criticism). Oh, and we got an order of baklava, 4 square pieces to an order, which may be the best I've ever had...so very fresh, I'd swear it was made only hours earlier. They have two types of tzaziki, white and green, with the green being the spicy version. Both were very heavy on the dill and the only thing I didn't care for, to be honest; it was too sweet. My wife came to enjoy the taste by the end of the meal, fwiw. They also appeared to have specials, like the Bolani mentioned above, but these items aren't listed on the website, so you'd have to call ahead and ask. All in all the food was excellent, and we will be back!
  9. We hadn't been here probably since my last post in 2010, owing much to the fact that we have a disagreeable 5 yr old (when it comes to new foods). Anyway, we stopped by recently for some dim sum and I thought it was pretty good. I'll say up front that when it comes to "Chinese Food", I like it "Americanized", so YMMV. Anyway, the potstickers, pork shumai, fried szechuan noodles, and fried pork bun were all solid. There was some kind of taro dumpling in a birds-nest-style fried enclosure that was excellent. The sticky rice was flat out bad. We were there around 11:30, so the restaurant wasn't crowded, and we got great service, both from the cart drivers but also the water re-fillers. Also we got 6 items (maybe 1 more, I forget), and with tax and tip, got out of there for under $40. Not bad for 2 and a half people, with food left over. Oh, and we got the boy to try some new things, which he liked, so there's that.
  10. Location and Rates - Website This is a 15 story hotel, in an beautiful ornate building right across the street from City Hall. The lobby is small, but well appointed, and there were always many staff available to help. The car valet area is also small, given the corner on which the hotel is situated, and can lead to backups on the street. However, if you pull around the side, street parking has been set aside as a loading area for guests. Also, if you continue straight down Juniper for a block and a half, you can park in the convention center parking garage for over $10 cheaper per 24 hours than at the valet. Of course, you can't enter and leave for that savings, so you'll have to be prepared to leave your car there. This is no problem due to the location of the hotel, which is central to many of the sights. We walked to the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, etc. We walked to the Italian Market. We walked to South St. We walked to Reading Terminal market. I think we could have walked to the Rocky Steps/Art Museum. Anyway, you can't beat the location. There are 3 elevators, and given the size of the hotel and the speed in which they move, the hotel could stand to have 1 or 2 more. Be prepared to wait. Also, for safety reasons, you need your room key to get above the 2nd floor, so make sure you get plenty of keys when you check in. The room was "recently renovated", and included 2 queen beds. Neither large nor small, it adequately accommodated 4 adults and one 5 yr old for a 1-night stay. The room was modern, black and white color scheme, and had comfortable beds and pillows. The shower and toilet were separated from the sink area, making it easier for multiple people to get ready at the same time. Free wifi, with the option to pay for enhanced speed. Working and responsive thermostat. There's also a small, but useful, 7-11 one block away.
  11. Hmmm, I don't believe so. I have an email into the restaurant to see if I can get the name. I'll edit when I hear back.
  12. Best of Philly noted Whetstone Tavern for its kids menu, saying that they're thoughtful about it, and that the kids items are as freshly made as everything else. This is no doubt true, yet this description does this excellent restaurant a disservice. All the food appears to be fresh and house-made, using simple ingredients but with close attention to detail. They have some good happy hour specials, which the wait staff was quick to point out, even tho it ended soon after our arrival. I had a very tasty pilsner draft that the server was nice enough to pronounce three times, yet I still can't remember. Oy! I had an order of pierogies, which were clearly made by hand on the premises, and included beef cheeks, onion, and other stuff. They were delicious and a meal unto themselves. I also got pappardelle, sausage, and kale dinner, and the noodles were also very fresh, solidly al dente , with ample crumbles of sausage and pieces of kale, among other ingredients. Oh, and the prices can't be beat; father in law got the hanger steak and it was $21, most expensive thing on the menu. The food was fantastic and we had excellent service (2 waitstaff taking care of a small, but not cramped, dining room). This is a great neighborhood restaurant.
  13. We almost left because the menu was more traditional than we were expecting, and we weren't sure we could find something that we liked. There are no combination plates or fajitas here, it's all sorts of things that you ain't never heard of. Anyway, I'm glad we stuck it out, because the food was fantastic. Everything was very fresh and appeared to be made in house. They brought over a cup of blue corn tortilla chips and a green and red salsa. It was the best salsa verde I've ever had. Or maybe it was just the first fresh version I've ever had. Either way I could have eaten it with a spoon. I got an order of tamales, which, again, were clearly made by hand on the premises, and filled with crumbled cheese, and different kinds of meats (chicken, maybe chorizo). Very tasty. The mother in law got a Cuban sandwich that was enourmous, and delicious. This had a chicken cutlet, Mexican sausage (their description), ham, various sauces, tomato, and other stuff I couldn't identify. This is the type of place where I would like to go through the entire menu. Note: cash only.
  14. Well, I was hoping to report on 2 cheesesteaks during my 2 day trip, but unfortunately only managed one. Damn relatives. Anyway, we went to Dalessandro's upon our arrival to the area. The place is small, counter on one side and long tables on the other, with an aisle in the middle for people to place and pick up orders. We showed up during the lunch rush, and it was sort of a shit show. By the time I made it to the counter to order, told them it was "for here", the person taking orders yelled down to the waitress at the counter, and had us stand aside waiting for stools to open up. People get their subs, eat, and leave, so it didn't take long for even 5 seats to open up. We were clearly tourists and noobs, but there was none of that bullshit about how you're supposed to properly order a cheesesteak. I had selected this particular place because I read they chopped up their steak quite a bit. I ordered a cheesesteak with onion and mayo. I did not specify cheese, wanting whatever the house usual came with (also, I thought it was cheesesteak 1 of 2, and so thought I had a wiz opportunity ahead of me, alas). I was served a large sub, 12 inches (?), with very finely chopped steak, American cheese mixed in, topped with chopped (tho not finely) grilled onions, on an excellent piece of bread (and mayo). I eagerly took the first bite and... burned the roof of my mouth, hah! I was not to be denied, however, and plowed through that sub like it was my job. It was everything I hoped it would be. The service at the counter was excellent, with multiple soda refills and several inquiries into our well being. There's also a wide variety of condiments and accoutrements on the counter for people to use as needed. Note: cash only.
  15. I went to Chase the Submarine for lunch, and as i was pulling into the parking lot, I saw that The Pure Pasty Co. was right there. So, after an excellent sandwich, I stopped by and picked up 4 items: original, chicken cordon bleu, chicken masala, and sausage roll. After he packed them up, he listed them on the box with a marker, and i jokingly asked if he could label the pasties themselves. Then, he showed me the most remarkable thing: each pastie had a symbol baked in, and the box contained a key for these symbols, as well as easy to follow re-heat instructions. Wow! It's the simple things, folks. Oh yeah, the pasties...they were good! The bleu and masala were the best, mostly because they kept their juice the most after another half hour in the oven. The original had a good taste, but was a little dry. The sausage roll was solid, if plain. That said, I'm just not a pasty guy, so I probably wont go back (if I'm in the area and am hungry, I'm grabbing a sub).