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  1. I'm curious if anyone has compiled a running list of what I am confusingly referring to as "deals and/or opportunities", which would include things like the bar deal at Corduroy. That is, if you go to this area (i.e. bar, lounge, patio) at this restaurant (i.e Corduroy,) for a relatively low price (i.e. $30), you can get a multi-course meal (i.e. 3-, 5-, 7-) from a highly respected chef (i.e Tom Power), etc. Anyway, I realize the parameters are vague, but I would find such a list useful (and, obviously, want someone else to do the work for me).
  2. I was there around Xmas, and posted some good suggestions in the Philly thread, fwiw.
  3. Sorry, I should have been clear. I was at the brick/mortar location near the Mosaic district (If there's a fancy name for the area that's been built up on the other side of Home Depot, then I haven't learned it yet).
  4. I'm not sure I understand the appeal of this place (that is, the long lines I usually see). There were very few choices for toppings (only lettuce and tomato, no onion), and the meat is pre sliced and chopped, so it's all small, over-cooked bits (I like the long pieces, and watching them slice it off). I recognize this is done to ease gyro production. It was a properly stuffed gyro, priced reasonably, and perfectly adequate.
  5. I recently had a very good dining experience at J Alexander's Redlands Grill in Dayton, Ohio. My friend suggested it, saying it's a good regional steak and seafood joint. I ordered the Steak 'N' Fries, which also came with a Caesar salad. The salad was great and one of the best Caesar's I've ever had: large, good-looking lettuce, seemingly housemade croutons, ample dressing that was very tasty and had just enough kick. It's a salad worth adding meat to and eating as a main. The Steak was also excellent, a perfect medium rare, served with a melting pat of butter on top. The fries were the shoe-string variety, crispy, and tasty. This was an excellent meal, at a very reasonable price ($24.95). Service was also great. They use the "team-style" approach where everyone sees every table as their responsibility. Refills were anticipated, sides were remembered, all by multiple staffers. I look forward to working my way through the menu of this place. (My friend says it's the type of place where everything is good, and I think he's right.)
  6. I just had two of the worst chicken enchiladas ever at El Centro. They came out in under 3 minutes, and it showed. Tasteless, soggy, and showing absolutely no care or thought. Avoid! DCA
  7. I went to Lauderdale today and got some very tasty macaroons. The wife quipped: we can get macaroons that taste like they came directly from Paris, but I can't get a decent tasting bagel and we're only 200 miles from NYC?!
  8. FWIW, I did check the website listed in the dining guide (https://www.socialoysterbar.com/) before posting my question. That website is working.
  9. I'm not quite sure how I feel about Pasa Thai, given our takeout meal last night. For apps, we got orders of Crispy Spring Rolls and Pasa Thai Dumplings. The rolls were good, but the amount of "chef special sauce" they give you on a take out order, especially when sharing among 2 (or more) people, wasn't enough. The dumplings were also good, but they are prepared "shumai"-style, which weren't the kind of dumplings I was expecting. So, these were 5 tasty one-bite morsels, and I was anticipating the larger, 2-bite "Chinese-food-style" versions. They also come with a small amount of sauce. The restaurant appears to use the small 1oz containers (see picture below), whereas I feel the 2oz version is standard. Anyway, that's meant more as an informational item, than a criticism, as I'm sure they'd give more sauce if asked. We had soup, Tom Kha Gai, which was a very good version, though not spicy (if that's your preference). For mains, Pad Thai with chicken and shrimp was an ample portion, but was fairly bland and just OK. I would not order this dish again. The Crispy Chicken Basil was also an ample portion, and I liked the breading they used, but there was literally no sauce when we went to eat this dish. I don't know if they forgot to include it on the side, and there isn't any evidence of the sauce having been soaked up by the chicken breading. If they did use sauce as part of the cooking process, they used it so sparingly that it completely disappeared before affecting the dish. This had the potential to be excellent, so this was unfortunate. In sum, with the exception of the Pad Thai, the food was pretty good, or had the potential to be, but weird things happened that prevent me from giving it an outright endorsement. Also, these 5 items cost nearly $60, which felt expensive to me. Or, it could be reasonable, but the general idea of spending $60 on takeout food (of any kind) seems ridiculous to me. Anyway, YMMV!
  10. Does anyone know if this place has closed? I noticed it was closed last night (Thursday) at 7pm, when I went to pick up takeout from Pasa Thai. I'm just curious and don't mean to start any rumors!
  11. We had some perfectly average take out food last night, including vermicelli with pork and lemongrass chicken as mains, and 3 different versions of rolls. Nothing was bad, still nothing is making me lament the lengthy time between this visit and the last. We need an "Auld Lang Cuisine" thread for restaurants that still exists, but are shadows of themselves, and so what one misses is the original Wow factor (as Kibbee noted above).
  12. You know, for take out Indian food, this place is pretty damn good. Not much has changed, in fact, from what I wrote previously. We also got 2 fish dishes: Mumbai Fish Curry and Goan Shrimp Curry, both of which were good, and worth ordering again. Their Palak Paneer, which we've now had several times, is also excellent. It doesn't have the char that Rasika's version does, but it's a large portion with tons of sauce. Menu Hack: Order off the kids menu, and you'll get your choice of additional rice or bread for free. Given the amount of sauce that comes with each dish, and the likelihood you'll be getting rice with your other dishes, getting a bread for free is a good deal. Service is also great: we placed a big order the other night (around 12 items), and they handled it with complete confidence, and didn't miss an item (they appear to check each item off as they place it in the bag). And, even tho I arrived early, they apologized for it not being ready, and offered me a drink while i waited.
  13. After our recent trip, I thought the meal was very good, but never great (like it was 2 years ago), which was slightly disappointing for a $300 meal. We had many of the same things as last time, but they didn't hit with the same intensity, particularly the main dish that has the lobster sauce. In fact, both my wife and i got that seafood sampler in lobster sauce, mostly because it was so great last time, and we both wanted more than just a bite or 2 of the other's portion. Again, it was very good, but it wasn't great. The roquefort salad was a nice mixture of greens, came with ample clumps of cheese, and was very good, which justified the up-charge ($7) imho. I had onion soup, while the wife went for the bacon tart again. The onion soup was a very good version of the dish, but I forgot about the asparagus (iirc) soup amuse bouche, so I went soup-soup, and could have though that out better given the many had many options. Fine, the cottage cheese was great, but I don't think that's enough to skew the narrative. So, a very good meal, from which we left satisfied and stuffed, but which never got us all the way there. worse things have happened. Strangely, the only real negative was our service. Many times we felt rushed: The moment we were done with our apps, they brought over the sorbet palate cleanser, and the moment we were done with that, they delivered our mains. It would have been nice to have been able to take a breath between courses. On the other hand, it took a half hour to get the check. Go figure. Also, the waiter took away the cottage cheese before we were finished with it! By the time I realized what was happening (he began by moving my wine glass, which i thought he was taking since i wasn't having wine), it was too late to stop him. If you've read any of my other posts on this thread, you know how tragic that was for me. Finally, I did make the cottage cheese recipe listed above. Note that the restaurant definitely uses chive and not green onion. I also made garlic bread to go with it (as they do at the restaurant). I made the recipe to the letter, but it came out fairly bland. The garlic bread i made was also so garlicky, that it overwhelmed the cottage cheese mixture anyway. I'd probably add more garlic to the cottage cheese and less to the bread, as a solution (or, at least, next attempt).
  14. I'll be headed back again this weekend to celebrate the wife's birthday. Here's the recipe for the cottage cheese (thanks, mtureck!) which I'll be attempting tonight. (Talk about delayed reactions!) Also, anyone care to weigh in on using green onions vs. chives? L'Auberge Chez Fran├žois Herbed Cottage Cheese Spread Adapted from The Chez Francois Cookbook by Jacques E. Haeringer Servings: 2-2/3 cups Total Time: 15 Minutes Ingredients 1 pound 4% small-curd, cream-style cottage cheese (I use Breakstone's) 2/3 cup sour cream (I use Breakstone's) 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 1 teaspoon finely minced garlic 1 tablespoon finely minced shallots 1 tablespoon finely minced green onions or chives 1 tablespoon finely minced parsley, plus more for garnish Instructions Combine the cottage cheese and sour cream in a medium bowl and blend well. Add the remaining ingredients. Mix thoroughly and adjust seasonings. Cover and chill well before serving. Serve with toasted garlic bread or crackers and garnish with fresh parsley if desired.
  15. The "Libertarian" tip: "The 'Libertarian Tip is Now Something that Diners Are Doing, and Waiters Probably Love It." by Justin Luke on shareably.net