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  1. Hot Dogs

    Falafal in pita is not a sandwich, by the definition. But if you break the hinge and make it two pieces, then is it? Same with the hot dog bun - if you break the hinge, then what? Or does the filling have to be something specific and a tube steak doesn't count? Tacos at taquerias are served open face, and that seems to fit the definition, but if you call a taco a sandwich, I WILL CUT YOU.
  2. Like Wayne says, Tha Block Is HOT! Been here a few times now. It's good, a very happening place for the young kids and specifically the young Asian kids living in that area. It's a food hall, as described above, but not so many options. Currently, Poke, Ice Cream place, Thai street food (Roots), Asian comfort food (Balo), and a bar that has it's own snacks. They have happy hour most days, and it's a fairly good deal - beers, wines, cocktails. Yesterday was Mule Monday, and they had many Mules on offer. Like the first time, we started off with Poke as a shared appetizer. Ahi and Salmon and rice, and then you pick your rice and toppings. Fresh fish, great sauce, I could eat another bowl myself. Then, got a bunch of stuff from the other two places - pork and chickens skewers (very good, but sort of small), braised pork and rice (like pulled pork, little bit of chile sauce, rice), boat noodle soup (with meatballs and ribeye, I only had the broth, but smelled tasty), fried chicken tacos (the belle of the ball, perfectly, great spicy aioli), fish balls in curry sauce (sort of had consistency of fish hot dog, I liked it, table didn't seem too impressed). I've had the chicken nuggets (same as the tacos, but without the tortilla), pork belly and rice (tasty, great texture). Finished with dessert. Lady got red velvet ice cream, and the rest of us got the ice milk/sort of like shaved ice thingie at SnoCream. I got green tea ice cream, lychee, almonds, and topped with condensed milk. Friend got black sesame ice cream, that was interesting but not for me. Other friend got vanilla latte with caramel. This place is so happening... I get it - not much there in that area for younger folks. I've been on a Friday night, and it's a bunch of kids in their upper teens, maybe some 20 somethings. A really nice "third space" for them to hang out in, yet, the food isn't lame, the music is good, and its really high energy inside. Check it out .. it's good to be around the youth, makes you young again. And, yeah, totally an Instagram sort of place.
  3. Baan is so good. So good. Went before the Judd Apatow show on Friday for an early dinner. Got the pork - peanut skewers and golden fried pockets to start. The skewers were very tasty, and the sauce that it comes with wasn't even necessary. The fried pockets are really cute and tasty, comes with a sweetish sauce. Entrees were the stir-fried noodles with shrimp (on the summer menu) and the pork picnic. Both were delicious, great flavor, heat but not overwhelming. Only criticism was that the pork was a bit chewy. With a couple of drinks, barely hit $80, and we were stuffed. Ordered the right amount - we had nothing leftover. And then watched Judd kill it. Perfect!
  4. Hot Dogs

    There is a debate about this on The Sporkful podcast.
  5. Interesting ... I'm more cost conscious when dining, much more than regular posters... but, in my experience, Mirabelle just didn't get that level. You go to normal steak houses that charge this much.. and ...The Fiolas. Metier/Kinship. Convivial. Le Diplomate. Omekase at Sushi Taro. Izakaya Seki. P&P. As mentioned above, Komi. Many more... I'm not even a huge fan of Mirabelle's cuisine, but hammering on them for price seems a little odd. It was expensive. As dining in DC tends to be. Nothing over the top... EDIT: Just read Megan's article. She's right. They do high end, standard food well. Maybe perfectly? Idk... I see enough $2.75 oysters and $45 steaks and $38 fish and $13 Brussel sprouts that aren't amazing that I really don't think price is keeping people away. 1789, Marcels, Fiola/Casa Lucca, and many more are the same price. It's stuffy, that's what keeps me from making it something I want to go to soon. But, wouldn't deny its great, and a reasonable value compared to much of non-Asian DC...
  6. Maybe the sloppy part is the criteria for Bib Gourmand? We are lucky to have this place ... could easily get to $60-70 and will be worth it because of how unique / special it is.
  7. Faroe Islands

    Wow. It sort of does sound like a hell trip. One that I'd like to go on, though. Thanks for that
  8. Washington, DC Hikes

    One of my favorite hike days in the area ... okay, it's 1 hour from DC .. but close enough (Billy Goat takes basically 40 min to get to, anyway)... Start with 1. Hike Sugarloaf Mountain ... has a very mild-moderate hike, with a nice view at the top... if you take it slow, about 2 hours, but probably could finish in a lot less than that... Then, 2. Drive down the road to the Sugarloaf Winery - has pretty good wines for our area, cheese/hummus/cured meats, live music, a nice outdoor area. Then .. 3. Go to your favorite Rockville Chinese restaurant Perfect Saturday in the DMV! Or, I guess just the M -S
  9. Thailand

    Makes sense. Only will be in Bangkok a day or two, I found it to be such a tedious city with traffic/pollution. Rest of the time on beaches and the Mae Hong Son loop. I think one of the repeated major complaints was about the wine list...
  10. Thailand

    Anyone go to Gaggan in Bangkok? On the top restaurants in the world lists. Have a reservation in December, but reviews seem hit or miss.
  11. In the city to see a movie (The Big Sick - go see it!) and in the mood for some Chinese and we were starving, so we went to Sichuan Pavillion instead of going to Falls Church. Pretty empty, as it was not yet 5pm, just us and a Chinese family. Got 1/2 carafe of some terrible red wine for $12. The prices are really high compared to the Sichuan places in the suburbs, $14 for Dan Dan Noodles (WTF) and most entrees were $18-20. We got dumplings in Sichuan sauce, skins were good, filling was boring. Then, for entrees, got the chicken with dry chilis and the cumin lamb. Chicken was pretty good, didn't have the sichuan pepper so not tingly like HKP, and the chilis weren't stuffed. But, not bad. I liked the lamb, it was a saucier version than I've had at Bob's or HKP, but tasty, nevertheless. Decent. I'd rather drive out to the suburbs, though.
  12. Totally agree... overall lousy. But, what you do for your beer snob friends...
  13. Hmm... bummer. I like that place and the people that work there. Well, their Oyster special at happy hour is good! I think it's same sourcing as the Union Market guys.