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  1. I may have the opportunity to write an collection of places not to be missed in Philly. With the wealth of the posters in this forum, I am asking for a little help. Please chime in where I should visit, and places that are not to be missed. The spots can range from where to eat, where to dine, where the best public bathroom is , think unusual, think funky, think like a local. Please and thank you for all your suggestions. Once I am chosen to write this book, I will personally throw a party and invite everyone to celebrate my very first publication. This is our opportunity to go public. It is with the support of everyone that I have met along the way, including a few of you in this forum, that will encourage me to crush this challenge. I plan on KILLIN' It. 1st time, kat
  2. I'm looking for an ice cream parlor, similar to Farrell's (I'm thinking of the one in Wheaton Plaza 30+ years ago), or maybe the old Giffords. The key here would be a selection of ice cream products, including sundaes, with a substantial amount of indoor seating. A Friendly's would be an acceptable distant second - ie a restaurant type establishment that has regular food but also serves a variety of ice creams. IHOP would not make the cut because the quality of the ice cream is too low and it is more of an afterthought to the main menu. I was surprised to find that all the Friendly's around DC are gone, although there are still some up by Baltimore. Friendly's isn't close enough to what I am looking for to make it worth driving to Baltimore. The main issue with most of the ice cream/gelato/whatnot stores in the area is the lack of seating - if they have any seating at all, it is one or two tables in more of a "cafe" setting, and not what I think of as "ice cream parlor". I had hopes for the new Retro Creamery at Tysons, but it sounds like 1) there is no seating and 2) they don't have their act together yet in terms of service/having ingredients on hand/etc.
  3. It has come to my attention that February 3rd happens to be International Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. Frankly I don’t need an excuse to eat ice cream for any meal of the day, but will take this as a cue to plan a DR social. Nothing formal, you don’t have to sign up, just come and have a scoop. Besides Jeni’s is fabulous, and it will be wonderful to see so many familiar faces, and meet new ones. The shop opens at noon I think, so breakfast will be more like noonish. So let’s plan on meeting at 12, when the doors open, and Ill be there til 2ish and maybe this social will roll over into a lunch. I hope this marks one of many events leading into the new year. Hope to see y’all! Ms Congeniality, kat
  4. Jeni’s Ice Cream Coming to 14th Street just south of U Street. --- Jeni's Thread in the Shopping and Cooking Forum [Pool Boy]
  5. Bought an ice cream book by Jeni's (local chain that started in Ohio I believe). Made maybe a dozen different recipes - all great. A year and a half ago, got to try some while in Ohio - still great! I was at the Columbia, MD Wegmans maybe a month or two ago, scanning to see if Haagen Dazs' 'gelato' salty caramel was back in rotation (nope, not sure why but nobody locally stocks it for some dumb reason) - and THEY HAVE JENI's . Bought 4. Have since gotten a few more. More limited selection (we're tried the 5 they have but they are all quite, quite good. Making it at home fresh is better, but not nearly as easy as going to Wegmans and buying some. mmmmmm --- Jeni's Thread in the Washington, DC Restaurants and Dining Forum [dracisk]
  6. Gotta say, I hate the name, but I enjoyed the ice cream here over the weekend after some blueberry picking at Larriland Farm. They're located behind and a couple of doors down from Tersiguel's in Old Town Ellicott City. It's just a walk-up window with a bunch of outdoor seating (bonus for me but maybe not for everyone: lots of dogs!), which was perfect for this beautiful summer day sliding into evening. They share the window with River House Pizza, which is a wood-fired pizza place. (We didn't try the pizza, which was sold out for the day.) I didn't realize when we were there that they don't make their own ice cream. They serve Taharka Brothers ice cream, which I had never heard of but is made in Baltimore and seems to be very well regarded. I certainly enjoyed it. I had a scoop of the black cherry chunk and a scoop of the pistachio in a bowl. The scoops were quite generous, and the flavors were quite bold. The pistachio was a light greenish beige color, not a garish green. My daughter wanted pink ice cream, so we got her watermelon sorbet, which was amazingly refreshing and delicious. I wouldn't usually order sorbet when ice cream is an option, but that watermelon sorbet was something else. My only complaint was that the service was a bit slow. The line to order moved pretty quickly, but it took awhile for our ice cream to come out. Despite that, I'd certainly return!
  7. I was suspicious of Halo Top ice cream, which tastes good, but has a very light mouth presence, so I performed a little home experiment: I bought a pint, let it sit out and melt, and then refroze it again. Here is what the results were when it was placed back in the freezer after melting: The picture speaks for itself: That's right - it's whipped, and loaded with air. You're not buying a pint of ice cream; you're buying about 8-10 ounces of ice cream, and the rest of it air: Not one, single bit of ice cream has been removed from this carton.
  8. I am stunned not to find a thread for my favorite ice cream place in the world. This is --- hands down --- the best ice cream I have ever had. I appreciate that they're willing to go out on a limb with flavors, even if sometimes, they are a huge miss. But, they do reliably good to great work with the berry flavors (strawberry and raspberry, in particular), and the banana flavors are stunningly good when they are on the menu. The liqueur flavors are generally excellent too; a Fernet flavor was noteworthy, despite being runny (they admit it is due to the alcohol content).
  9. Although it's been there for more than two years, I have yet to try the offerings at Nicecream Factory's Clarendon location (former home of Red Mango). They must be doing something right, as they are opening a second location in Old Town, at 726 King Street, right next door to Eammon's: A Dublin Chipper. Yogi Castle closed a year ago, so that section of King Street hasn't had a frozen dessert option for a while. With Five Guys opening across the street in the near future, there should be plenty of casual diners looking for something sweet to follow their burger. They use liquid nitrogen to flash freeze ice cream to order, supposedly making a denser and creamier finished product, with custom, fresh ingredients. Anybody tried it?
  10. Scottish Highland Creamery located in Oxford Maryland (314 Tilghman Street, Oxford, MD 21654) on the Eastern shore has quite possibly the BEST ice cream I have ever had. Run by Husband and Wife, Victor (a legit Scott) and Susan Barlow. It has been several years since I have been back, but from what I hear it has not diminished in quality. They also make really good fudge. If you are ever in St. Michaels, you can take the ferry, which is also fun. If you haven't been to Oxford, it is a charming town, nice for spring or fall day, or a quiet weekend.
  11. What do people think of Talenti gelati and sorbets? The first time I ever tried them, I thought they were about as good as any premium brand of ice-cream product on the market, and I *still* think they are, but has anyone noticed that they've become ubiquitous, and that you can even find them at Rite Aid? I suspect the reason for the massive increase in distribution is that the company (which was founded in 2003) was acquired by Unilever, the world's third-largest consumer goods company, with $60 billion in annual revenue, in Dec, 2014. Although Talenti is a subsidiary, they're still accountable - literally accountable - to Unilever, and I'm wondering if anyone has noticed a change (I'm not convinced I have, except for the increase in distribution; although I did just recently notice that they're going out of their way to explain why they're using dextrose). My guess is that if they're left alone, they can maintain a high level of quality, but if they're micro-managed, the product will go the way of Häagen-Dazs (General Mills) and Ben & Jerry's (also a subsidiary of Unilever, which, to me, foreshadows The End of Talenti in the next 5-10 years). If you haven't noticed a precipitous drop in quality in Ben & Jerry's over the past fifteen years, then you're not my target audience. Cheers, Rocks
  12. It's such a beautiful day, and probably the last one for eating ice cream outside this year, that I decided to use up some of my ice cream allotment on a walk down to Yards Park for an ice cream lunch at Ice Cream Jubilee. I also figured it might make me feel better about my city and neighborhood again. And it did, for a while. I sat outside and ate my banana bourbon caramel scoop in a cup ($3.25...ouch). It had a little granularity/icing, but overall was satisfying ice cream. The spicing was interesting. Maybe cinnamon and nutmeg? The view over the water was beautiful. Then I walked home to the sound of police sirens and a nearby noontime gun robbery. Good mood ruined. Not the ice cream shop's fault. I'll be heading back next summer.
  13. I didn't notice this before, but next to Hot N Juicy Crawfish in Falls Church is an ice cream and coffee shop called Lil City Creamery, and if you look at their webpage, they're almost daring you to try their ice cream. "New Ice Cream Shop, 'Lil City Creamery,' Opens" by Jody Fellows on fcnp.com
  14. I have an affinity for inexpensive rye whiskey. Especially Old Overholt. So when I read that a new bar called The Airedale was going to serve Old Overholt soft serve ice cream I knew I had to try it. Eatruneat and I made our way up there around four in the afternoon on Saturday to find the place almost completely empty. Our friends met us soon after and were terribly disappointed to find that they were not serving food at the moment. Eatruneat and her friend had just run almost twenty miles and were in a 'caloric deficit'. But the kitchen was transitioning from the brunch to regular menu wouldn't be ready until 5. Eatruneat and her friend sucked it up and just ordered beers after our bartender and bar manager promised to take their order as soon as possible. At 4:57 one the cooks popped his head out of the kitchen and gave our bartender the nod. Eatruneat ordered the la mitraillette and her friend got the Royale with cheese sans cheese. Eatruneat's friend said that her burger was cooked to a perfect medium rare and the veggies on top tasted really fresh. As for Eatruneat's dish, I don't know where to begin...and I don't think she did either. Her 'sandwich' was insane. Imagine an open faced baguette with a butterflied half smoke topped with pieces of ground chuck topped with onions topped with french fries with mayo and ketchup topping it all off. It was truly a sight. After they finished their dishes it was time for the reason we went there in the first place, the ice cream. Eatruneat and her friend thought it tasted a lot like Old Overholt where as my friend and I though you could really only taste the whiskey during the finish of the ice cream; however we did find a winning combo. When paired with a 'hard' root beer the ice cream really shines. We will be back for that combo - and maybe that crazy 'sandwich' again - as well as the friendly staff and nice atmosphere. On a side note, Eatruneat's friend noticed that the stairs going to the upstairs, where the bathrooms and outdoor deck are located, are floating and she was pretty sure 'flashed half of the bar' when walking up them in her dress. Be careful, ladies!
  15. I guess I'm the last person on Earth not to know that FDB Eatery is now open under the same ownership as what used to be Frozen Dairy Bar & Boardwalk Pizza, and before that, Frozen Dairy Bar. (The original owner (Ray Fletcher) and the original location of Frozen Dairy Bar are both long gone - Joe H and I may be the only two people left in DC who fondly reminisce over the old building and the three original vintage-1946 Electro-Freeze machines.) Anyway, I walked in, and there was a handwritten sign saying that today, they were featuring "Local Peach Sorbet," so I decided to take the healthy route, and got a Medium Cup ($3.75), even though this was non-dairy and anathema to the original concept of Frozen Dairy Bar. Time marches on ... and the sorbet was wonderful. But man it's weird to see this place succumbing to the three-character, stock market symbol-type nomenclature:
  16. I love this place. They serve some of the best ice cream I have ever had. It's made on the premises using milk from the owner's farm less than 5 miles away. Located at the intersection of 29 and 28, it's about an hour to get there from my farm or from DC proper. They also sell milk from the farm in old fashioned glass bottles as well as a small variety of sandwiches which I have yet to sample. My gf loves the lemon sorbet and my personal fave thus far is the "Moundz" ice cream- coconut with chocolate chips as you would expect. Parking is a bit limited and service does tend to be slow, particularly on weekend evenings when the weather is warm. I get a little chafed over it but the irritation goes away quickly when the ice cream hits the mouth. My family were dairy farmers for years and years so I have extra appreciation for the Moo Thru allowing the Smith family to endure in an increasingly difficult environment for dairy farming.
  17. This small ice cream store is located on the first floor of a residential building just off of Rt. 1 in Mt. Rainier, a few blocks from the border with the District near the silly "traffic circle". Metered street parking is available along 34th. The sign out front indicates that the ice creams are organic; they are also made personally by the owner, who told us that he was in the middle of making a new batch. We arrived about an hour before the official close time on a Friday, but he was in the midst of closing down, possibly because the previous batch of ice cream was almost gone. The regular flavors include a few "standards" such as cookies n cream and mint chocolate, as well as grape nut, coconut, sour sop, mango, stout, and a few more tropical fruit flavors. We were able to each get a cup of ice cream ($3), I had the grape nuts while my companions had mint chocolate chip and cookies n cream. The grape nut had a soft, creamy texture and a definite taste of grape nuts; my companions reported that they enjoyed their selections as well. I think there is a minimum for credit cards, and you might want to call ahead to see what the selection is like if you have a craving for a particular flavor.
  18. Impulsively, I bought ice cream from The Orange Cow ice cream truck today. It was parked by Eastern Market. I've seen it in the same spot before, on NC Ave. just to the east of 7th Street, and today I succumbed. There was a rabid fan of the truck and its products in front of me in line, raving about the peanut butter ice cream sandwiches they'd had at some event. It turns out they only have those for special events. Today's menu had ice cream in cups, floats, and sundaes, as well as frozen bananas, and (I think) smoothies. I went with mint chocolate chip in a cup. It was two medium sized scoops for $4, which seems reasonable. The consistency of the ice cream was good, but it didn't really taste like mint. I don't care whether the ice cream is dyed green or not (this was), but I like my mint chocolate chip to taste like mint. It didn't have a strong chocolate punch either. The chips were mini, so with each bit, I got chocolate. As ice cream it was good, but it didn't really remind me of the mint chocolate chip I loved in childhood. I guess that's my benchmark. While I used to eat a lot of ice cream when I was younger, I very rarely eat it now. Dessert at Christmas dinner was the last ice cream I'd had. Getting ice cream and not having it wow me was a bit of a disappointment. Maybe I would have liked another flavor more. They seem very popular.
  19. I everyone, I was out in LA a few weeks ago and stopped at Saffron and Rose in Westwood. For an ice cream lover, it was life changing. They mentioned they distribute out here- has anyone seen their ice cream in stores?
  20. I'm surprised I couldn't find a forum for this place which I think has been there for years. Today was my first time actually tasting it though and it was great. I tried the cinnamon oatmeal cookie ice cream which tasted just like a cookie but instead opted for a scoop of my other taste cardamom almond. This basement place has a really nice selection of ultra cream ice creams in your usual flavors and some more unusual ones like the ones I tried. It isn't cheap though at $4.90 (with tax included) for one good sized scoop but it wa delish. They also have several types of fancy cupcakes, good looking baklava and a 5 layer coconut, chocolate brownie wedge that looked really good for some serious indulgence.
  21. I searched for a thread for Max's but was unable to find one, so went ahead and created it. Unfortunately, the occasion for the thread is an unhappy one"”Max's, which is a 30-year (I believe) institution of Glover Park, has just learned that its lease will not be renewed. This is incredibly unfortunate because thousands of kids have been weaned on Max's ice cream for years, and it is even Joe Biden-approved. As far as I am concerned, Max's is right up there with Old Europe for staying power, so to lose the shop would be to lose part of the neighborhood's soul itself. More distressing is the speculation by the owner himself that the reason the lease is not being renewed is because Rocklands wishes to expand into his space. To replace Max's with a higher output of woefully bad BBQ (I mean this is one step above slop, again, a far as I am concerned...) is a perplexing thought.
  22. If you find yourself near Prospect Park or in the Prospect Heights neighborhood, make sure to stop in at Ample Hills Creamery. Handcrafted in-house ice cream with 24 rotating seasonal flavors. Make sure you sample the Salted Crack Caramel, the Peanut Butter 4 President for lovers of peanut butter (obviously), and sorbet fans should try the Lemon Sky (lemon-ginger). It's really the kind of ice cream shop we would all love to have in our neighborhoods!
  23. Happy to find a violet gelato with chocolate bits at the Clarendon location. I do like the Choward violet chewing gum (somewhat difficult to find outside of NYC) and this was a cool reminder of that flavor. It was lightly flavored and not cloying. Couldn't help but wonder what a scoop would taste like topped with a bit of limoncello.
  24. Might be your big chance to go lean on a dairy farmer to make exactly what you want. Rocky Point Creamery (4323 Tuscarora Rd, Point of Rocks MD) is about a month away from opening, and owner Chuck Fry means to make pretty much everything ice cream-esque to sell either at the counter or through the drive-through window. A fourth-generation dairy farmer, Fry's milk comes from his herd of Holsteins on the adjacent farm, so freshness won't be an issue. He's got a soft-serve machine in, and also plans to make hard ice cream with up to 14% butterfat. His recipe is Philadelphia-style (aka not custard), and that's about all I had time to ask about today when I stuck my nose in the front door.