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  1. Ōath Pizza, a Nantucket based pizza restaurant opened their first franchise in the metro area at Mosaic. They have seven locations in the Boston area and plan to open a couple more in DC proper over the next year. We stopped by for a quick lunch and had half a simple salad ($4), half a cheese pizza ($6) and a 11 inch pepperoni pizza ($9.5). They hand stretch and grill their pizza in avocado oil. We throughly enjoyed the good amount of char on the thin crust pizza. Additionally, the 11 inch size was perfect for an adult and the half size was good for a kid. Ingredient quality and taste was flavorful and filling. It's a welcome addition to the pizza scene in DC and definitely jumps into the top ten for the area especially considering that it is fast food.
  2. I visited on a beautiful day last Saturday. My three friends and I got in line at about 4:40pm, which we were afraid was too late to get one of the 40 pizzas of the day. There were about 20 people ahead of us, and we didn't know how many would be ordering multiple pizzas. The restaurant officially opens at 5:30pm, but they opened the door at 5:20pm. We placed our order for two pizzas (one with tomato sauce, cheese, sausage, and mushrooms and one arrabbiata) at around 5:40pm and were instructed to return at 8:50pm to pick up the pizzas. There's one guy (Joe Beddia) making the pizzas and a limited number of ovens in which to cook them, so the orders stack up and the pick-up times stretch later and later into the night. We arrived a little before our pick-up time hoping our pizzas might be ready a few minutes early, but they were pretty accurate in terms of the time the pizza would be ready. We ate slices of each pizza in the car, pretty much straight out of the oven. I thought the pizza was above average, but I think most pizza is good (so maybe I'm not the best judge). I'm not interested in Domino's or Papa John's, but I certainly enjoy Ledo's. I'm not sure the Beddia pizza was worth the rigamarole. Straight out of the oven the pizza kind of reminded me of Pete's Apizza with its crisp crust. The toppings were generous, and the crust stood up to them, which I appreciated. I thought the arrabbiata was too spicy, but that's probably just my personal preference. I enjoy spicy foods but maybe not spicy pizza. I don't know. I enjoyed the pizza (again, I enjoy most pizza, maybe 75% of pizza), but I didn't think it was life changing, and I'm not sure it was worth the rigamarole to obtain. But it was good. Joe Beddia and his one staff member who takes the orders and gives pick-up times seemed nice. I'm curious to know if anyone else has visited and what they think.
  3. Neapolitan Pizza in Tysons: Crust Pizza. If I missed this place already covered, my apologies. Recently opened in the Tysons area 1/2 block off Route 123 and Old Courthouse. It is next door to the ABC store. If you want a great pizza and do not want to drive to Falls Church (Orso), or DC (2 Amys) or (Paradiso), give this place a shot. Decent seating and all new space. TVs usually have a soccer match on or NFL on Sunday. You order at the counter and they bring out your food. This is very casual, but also very good. Beer available. If you want a true wood-fired experience it is worth a shot. Reasonable $$ and salads are decent as well. Parking lot is in back of the restaurant.
  4. I can't find a thread for Timber Pizza Co., so I'm starting a thread for the first time! The bf, two friends, and I tried Timber (in Petworth, on Upshur St.) about a month ago, shortly after it opened. For a place that had just made the brick-and-mortar leap from a truck-hauled oven, Timber was impressively strong out of the gate. It was crowded on that Sunday night, and we were wary when we saw that you order at the counter and then hope to find space at the communal picnic tables. (Unless you manage to grab seats at the small bar in the back, where you can apparently order from the bartender.) Luckily, our hovering paid off and we snagged a table before our pizzas arrived. (If we lived in the neighborhood, we'd be doing regular take-out.) Everyone was super friendly, and the woman at the counter was helpful in recommending how much to order. We went with empanadas, three pizzas, a sharing-sized salad, and two large-format cocktails. It turned out to be a pretty ideal amount of food; we ended up with a few leftover slices to take home. (Which definitely didn't make me sad.) I really enjoyed the corn, sweet red peppers, spring onions empanadas, because how can you go wrong with that vegi combination in a crisp pizza dough shell (especially with the spicy pineapple chups, which I used for my pizza crust as well). The friends like the pork ones too. The JMD salad (sugar snap peas, spearmint, salad greens, radishes, lemon-honey vinaigrette) was lovely, a bright, crisp contrast to all the dough we were consuming. With our friends deferring to our pescatarianism, we settled on the Asher (tomato sauce, smoked mozzarella, fresh mozzarella, roasted corn, hot peppers, smoked paprika, micro-cilantro), the Munday (olive oil, provolone, mozzarella, squash blossoms, sugar snap peas, honey ricotta, garlic chips, spicy honey), and the Ty Brady (crab, corn, potatoes, Old Bay). The crust had nice char and chewiness, and I loved the creative topping combinations. All were delicious, and we disagreed on how to rank our favorites, which is always a good sign. (I was particularly pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the spicy honey on the Munday.) We didn't linger so that others could have our seats, but luckily the Twisted Horn is just a few doors down and has excellent cocktails (if too many mosquitos on their outdoor patio that night!). But we'll be back.
  5. Who else is excited for some Jersey-style pizza? Tweet from @AllPurposeDC leading to this article: "Where to Eat in 2016" by Jed Portman on gardenandgun.com (featuring a paragraph about All Purpose).
  6. Dan Marino has increased his equity ownership in Anthony's Coal-Fired Pizza, a Florida chain in numerous Eastern Pennsylvania locations. This is not just lip service - Marino is personal friends with Anthony Bruno, and even invested in the very first Florida location (needless to say, these are also found in Pittsburgh).
  7. Have actually been a few times to Bagby as it was a favorite of my sister-in-law when she lived in the area. They have nice thin crust pizzas and are pretty quick on service. Decent variety of local beers as well. The other night we had the gourmet meat and gourmet vegetarian pizzas plus spinach and caesar salads. Salads are nice shareable portions. While wood fired, it is not neapolitan style, and does not make any pretenses to be. It has a more sturdy crust than what I have experienced with neapolitan, but is still very crispy without getting tough. Toppings are fairly generous, especially noticeable on the vegetarian with lots of artichokes. This would be ideal if you are in the area with kids and need a quick not too expensive bite to eat away form the chain restaurants.
  8. Assistant Pizzaiolo (Pizza Maker) Pizza Brama is a mobile wood-fired pizzeria and kitchen. The assistant pizza maker is an all around positions at Pizza Brama. You will learn the traditional Neapolitan method of making dough, stretching, dressing, and baking pizzas in a 900 degree wood-fired oven. You are the right hand of the pizza maker (pizzaiolo in Italian). You ensure all prep ingredients are correct prepared, stocked, and the preparation area is clean and sanitary. During service you support the act of creating delicious pizzas. This will include stretching and dressing pies, baking pies, or interacting with the customers to deliver they best experience possible. Responsibilities + Prepare service items to specifications set by your supervisor + Maintain a clean and sanitary working environment + Assist with the setup and break-down of the service area during market days + Bake pizzas for customer + Stretch and dress pizza + Prepare other service items for customers at time of service + Perform as a cashier on market days + Wash dishes, sweep, and mop + Strive to delight our customers with warmth, trust, and good food Qualifications + Valid Drivers License + Method or means to arrive at market locations around Montgomery County + Able to lift and carry at least 60 pounds + Able to operate in over 90 heat and high humidity + Able to operate in below 50 degree temperatures + Able to operate in light rain and wind
  9. Washingtonian with the story: "New Details on Tony Conte's Anticipated Restaurant: Inferno Pizzeria Napoletana" by Anna Spiegel on washingtonian.com
  10. Help wanted with stretching, baking and serving wood-fired pizza around Montgomery County. contact me: Michael mike@pizzabrama.com
  11. Pizzeria Paradiso is opening their fast casual spot Veloce at 1828 L St, NW, DC on May 4 (Pizzeria Paradiso's tweet).
  12. I felt like a steak tonight, and was going to go to Ray's: The Steaks, but decided instead to head to District Chophouse at Verizon Center. Long story short, there was a Wizards game, and I think President Obama might have been somewhere down there - once I finally got parking (a plum spot, right across the street from Del Frisco's), I couldn't get into Del Campo (and I mean the police were physically blocking people from even walking down that street). Then, I went to Del Frisco's where I gave up after thirty minutes of being completely ignored, and left, so ... No Steak For Me! I went instead to Black Iron Pizza, where my total bill, including pizza, salad, and tax, was $14.85. *They do not accept tips*, I was literally the only customer in the restaurant, and the people working there were as pleasant as they could be. So, thanks to Del Frisco's addled service, I'm about $100 richer (I was going to order the $59 bone-in rib-eye, a la carte, but they apparently didn't want my money), and probably had food that was every bit as good at Black Iron Pizza. Especially considering this was quick-serve pizza, Black Iron Pizza was surprising. They have a couple of things to work on, but having chatted with the chef (he didn't know it was me), I'm confident this place will do a rocking lunch business if they can really crank out the pizzas in two minutes cooking time. The crust is *nothing* like you normally see in quick-serve pizzerias - it's not this matzah-thin stuff, and the toppings (in my case prosciutto and funghi) were more than generous, and of seemingly very high quality for the price - I even took half the pizza home with me for later or tomorrow. Even the simple, $3 side salad came with a dressing that was much better than the norm for this type of restaurant. Again, they just opened, and have some issues to work on, but overall it seems promising, so I'd give them a week or two before you swarm down on them - weekend nights are the best times to come because this part of town is dead right now. Do not expect luxury here - it is quick-serve, and looks the part.
  13. so, did anyone ever start a thread for Mellow Mushroom? We had a craving for pizza last night, Pete's wasn't picking up their phone, and so we bundled up and sat at the bar at Mellow. And it is, in fact, mellow. Decent beer list, TVs on but quiet, not slammed. Yes, all of the pizza names are hilarious if you're easily amused. I had the Kosmic Karma, which was a red-sauce pizza with pesto, tomato, spinach, mozz and feta-- though I had them hold the feta. The crust is brushed with dried cheese, as well. Nick had a calzone. This is not couture pizza, it's college-town pizza. Really nice bartender, and it hit the spot.
  14. Today, Dec. 12 and tomorrow, Dec 13, PV is open only for dinner. It is closed on Sunday, Dec. 14. Starting Monday, it is open from 11am-past my bed time (I stopped listening). I haven't been yet, but give me a few days. Their claim to fame is 36 wines by the glass for under $10.
  15. Looks like Vetri is looking to open in the DC area. "Vetri Confirms Plans To Bring Pizzeria To DC" by Rina Rapuano on zagat.com
  16. With Chef Nick Anderer at the helm, the newest restaurant from Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group hits the ground running. Nick is also the head chef at Maialino, another favorite of ours; Marta is Nick's and Danny's latest take on Roman cuisine, that of the Roman pizzeria, as a matter of fact. That (a Roman pizzeria) means that in addition to pizza, there's plenty of other good stuff to eat. And eat we did - 4 of us scarfed down a good portion of the menu - there wasn't anything I wouldn't have again (well, maybe the octopus, but that's just 'cause I'm sick of octopus in general). 3 pies, beer brined chicken, a bunch of apps, cocktails, wine - we were happy campers. Here's the Margherita... And a full blog post, with a few more pictures... Marta, My Dear
  17. Anyone else tried this place yet? I've been twice. The food is very good (the pizza is really good). Service needs work.
  18. Website 221 N East ST Frederick, MD 21701 This is a new place from the same group who run Brewer's Alley, Isabellas, and Ayse. It replaces what used to be the Shab Row Bistro and Wine Bar, in a somewhat awkward to reach part of East street adjacent to a tiny park. As you can probably guess, they specialize in Neapolitan pizza and feature beers from Monocacy Brewing (the Brewer's Alley guys). We heard about this place from my dad actually, who heard about it from the FOAM club. We'd been wondering what was going on with this building for a while, since we drive past it fairly often and they had covered all the windows for a time. Turns out this place had opened in early April, and has quickly become a new trendy spot in Frederick. There appears to still be a side of the building dedicated to wine casks, I'm not sure if that's in use, planned to be put to use, or planned to be turned into an expansion for the restaraunt. We got there pretty early on a Tuesday, around 5:30. The place has a decent amount of seating, a number of oversized tables which they may seat multiple parties at, two bars right next to each other (a proper bar and a bar overlooking the pizza oven), and outdoor seating. It was still pretty empty at this point, so we got seated immediately. Down to the important stuff. My wife decided to try the Blu Fico (gorgonzola, yukon gold potatoes, figs, mozzarella, rosemary oil), and I dared try recreate a favorite of mine (panna sauce, mozzarella, ricotta, prosciutto). The pizza here is fantastic, this is easily the best pizza you can get in Frederick. People who have eaten at Pizza CS in Rockville are going to find the style and taste of the pizza very familar. Delicious crust and toppings. We've only been here the once so far so I can't speak for any of the other options, but I'm desperate to go back and try a pesto & chicken pizza next. As far as desserts go, I got the Chocolate Bundino (which is the same one they serve at Ayse), wife ended up getting a Cannoli. These were fine, but next time I'm definitely going to try out some of the cookies instead. Beer selection is mearly okay, they have a few of the Brewer's Alley beers on tap, and a few random bottles and cans from Maui, Monocacy, and Oscar Blues. While I'm a fan of Monocacy's stuff, it's kind of a small and boring list by comparison to many other places in town. I don't know beans about Wine, so someone else will have to chime in on the quality of the wine list. Our food came out pretty darn fast I should mention, only took a few minutes for the pizzas to come out. The service was very good, friendly and fast and answered my many dumb questions. By the time we were leaving at around 6:30 or so, the place was already completely full and people were waiting for tables, and keep in mind this was on a Tuesday and two months after opening. I suspect this place will be quite impossible to get into on a Friday or Saturday, at least for a good while anyway. So there you have it. I'll be back here soon enough to try some other items, but if everything else is as good as what I had on my first visit, I'm pretty sure this will be locked in a tie with Pizza CS for my favorite pizza in Maryland. Give it a shot and see what you think, just make sure you go early.
  19. Somewhat surprised that there wasn't a thread already for Vince and Dominics. Around since 1983 in Bethesda behind Montgomery Mall, and closed on May 30. Here is the message they posted on facebook: "Vince and Dominic's would like to thank our loyal customers for supporting us for 31 years! As of 5:00 today Home Depot would not renew our lease and the doors are closed for good. Until yesterday we were lead to believe that a new lease would go through, so we were surprised and deeply saddened by this turn of events. We love you all." Their departure will surely be missed. Great pizza, great service, great people.
  20. M&N's Pizza is so weird and yet so awesome. It is in a micro turret shaped building. They sell beer, too. They make mostly average pizza. But they make two pizzas of note. One of them for the pure awesome hilarity of it and the other because it actually tastes good! My coworkers discovered this place years ago and it has become the defacto place the company orders pizzas from for office things. Office lunches or meetings. Whatever. Like I said, most of it is just so blerghishly average. But the guy running the place is so friendly and nice that you just want to buy more stuff from him. He's infectious. That being said they make a cheeseburger pizza. I know, I know. What the hell?! Close your eyes, breath in the vapor through opened mouth and nose, as you inhal-o-latch in to the first bite and what do you think? McDonald's Cheeseburger. I kid you not. It's probably been 15 years since I had one of those things. Maybe longer. But it somehow is so universally known that it just is. This is that cheeseburger in pie form. Pure awesome hilarity. The other one, despite having average crust, sauce and cheese, is the Spicy Thai pizza. I am not really a fan of thematic pizzas, but I'm game to try it. It may not be exactly Thai, it is pizza after all, and even though the flavors are not purely authentic Thai, it oddly scratches the bizzaro itch you did not know you had. It's a devious pizza because all you really want is the flavor and not the average crust. Is it a place you want to go to and eat? Maybe not, at least maybe not more than a few times, but I'll bet you'll be back if only for the guy running it and that damn Spicy Thai pizza.
  21. As lunch counter Italian-ish goes, Springfield and surrounding areas deliver. Bozzelli's on Backlick serves up decent subs and mama's Italian dishes, with an ever-improving beer and wine selection. Johnny's over near Kingstowne offers a nice assortment of hearty pizzas and Itlaian fare, with emphasis on hearty. Half a notch below is Uncle Charlie's, a non-chain that caters mostly to the workers at nearby garages and businesses in the Backlick-Alban-Haute-Boudinot corridor. Uncle Charlie's offers a breakfast menu all day long -- and that separates it from some of the competition. You can get an omelet for dinner, for example, or you can get the area's only scrapple sandwich any time of day. The pizzas are OK, not great, and the sandwiches are not up to Bozzelli's standards. They deliver, and my neighborhood is within the delivery envelope. Not a place you would take a detour for, but if you like scrapple or have a hankering for a late evening omelet, or a credible but not great pizza, Uncle Charlie's delivers. Literally.
  22. "Not A Love Letter: Di Fara Is Home To New York City's Junkiest Pizza Slice" by Katie Parla on foodrepublic.com
  23. How can you not like a pizzeria named Nomad Romana? I keep thinking of that "thing" on Star Trek, floating around the ship, and saying, "I am ... Nomad." Nomad Pizza Company is a chain with one outlet near Starr Garden Park, another in Hopewell, NJ, and a 1949 REO Speedwagon Pizza Truck to boot (picture an old codger kicking the tires - that's the "to boot" part I am sorry). Nomad Romana is their first attempt at Roman-style pizza - I'd love to hear from a trained pizzaiolo about how true it is to the genre.