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  1. This is funny - in 1974, I went to Don Budge Tennis Camp, and one evening we went to see the Baltimore Banners play. Who on earth are the Baltmore Banners, you might be asking? This was Baltimore's World Team Tennis (WTT) team which lasted precisely one season. Speaking of banners, I remember seeing one which said, "Our Jimmy's The Champ!" This was right after Jimmy Connors won his first Wimbledon, and he played for the Baltimore Banners, believe it or not: They signed him to a $100,000 contract to play for 22 of the team's 44 matches, so I got to see him in his prime). That summer, my parents got to watch me hit tennis balls with Don Budge - I will never forget how they sent me to this camp when they couldn't afford it.
  2. I've been heavily into podcasts lately. One of my favorites is Radio Lab and this story blew me away. I had never heard of Henrietta (Henrietta Lacks), but evidently, there's a best-selling book about her life and HBO will soon premier a movie based on her life starring Oprah. In a nutshell, it's the story of scientists trying to make human cells live and reproduce outside the body. They failed over and over again until they got a hold of Henrietta's cells from a cervical cancer biopsy. The resulting "HeLa" cells marked the beginning of BioTech by serving as the catalyst for all kinds of major medical advancements including vaccines and chemotherapy. The story goes on to tell us about her family and how this impacted them. To check out the podcast: "Henrietta's Tumor" on radiolab.org Movie Trailer on rollingstone.com
  3. Frank Zappa plays the bicycle on "The Steve Allen Show" on Mar 4, 1963: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MewcnFl_6Y
  4. Website here:http://www.ramsheadonstage.com/ I didn't see a topic for Rams Head. They have multiple locations. The Annapolis location is pretty close to my Mom's house. We always find it to be pretty general purpose. The food isn't bad, although not necessarily remarkable, but it is a good place to go with pickier eaters because everyone can find something they will like, and it is pretty reasonable in terms of price. We went for brunch the other day as we just wanted some eggs and Miss Shirley's is crazy busy and kind of expensive, and Lucky Rooster and Chick and Ruths were a longer walk in the cold. We had a completely clueless server, who was very nice, but nevertheless clueless. I asked if they had any non-dairy creamers and he didn't think so; I had tea. It was brought in a mug that clearly needed descaled of coffee junk build-up, to the point, I was a bit surprised he brought it out like that. He took our order without writing anything down, I think that was a mistake for him. Mom wanted a water that never came (although we saw a water that was full on the empty table behind us, so maybe he sat it there and forgot?). She ordered poached eggs and they brought fried, they took it back, but by the time it came out, her english muffin was cold, although to me it didn't appear toasted in the first place. We had other servers that seemed to fill in and help and then he would come and be surprised someone helped us. It was a little odd, but normally service here is pretty adequate. They also have some good live music acts from time to time. They had jazz playing in the back which was nice, and had I been inclined, the $10 bloody mary bar seemed like quite a good deal. I had eggs benedict with a country style ham that was really good, the eggs were nice and runny and their breakfast potatoes have a nice crisp to them. When Mom's food came out, despite the cold bread, the rest was good.
  5. As a Humanim culinary social enterprise, we’re dedicated to creating good jobs and growing small food businesses. Need a crash course on starting a successful food business? Visit School of Food to learn how to cut the mustard. Want a food service job with perks? Apply within. Want a caterer that sources locally? Get in touch today. Searching for qualified workers to cook for your enterprise? Look no further. City Seeds has something for everyone. We’re secretly hoping to be the best thing to happen to the Baltimore food scene since Old Bay. See attachments for more details Operations Manager City Seeds CPT.docx Job Description - Pastry Chef.doc Job Description - Cook 1.doc Catering Associate.docx Cafe Supervisor - Job .docx
  6. How great of a swimmer is Michael Phelps? So great that it's exceedingly difficult to understand his achievements by reading that Wikipedia article - it's so difficult to encapsulate his awards that reading the article is a chore. When I was 11 years old, there was Mark Spitz - I can still remember the TV screen, saying: "7 Events Entered, 7 Gold Medals, 7 World Records." Surely there would never be a greater swimmer than this; surely we were all wrong. How vast are Michael Phelps' achievements? You can take either his individual gold medals (13), or team gold medals (10), and in either category, he has more than anyone else has *total*. Add to this number 3 silver medals and 2 bronze medals, and his 28 olympic medals is 10 more than anyone else in history (legendary 1956-1964 Soviet gymnast, Larisa Latynina, won 18 olympic medals - and as of this writing, 29 other people have between 10-15 olympic medals). That's just the Olympics; Phelps has a total of 83 medals in international long-course competition (a "long-course" pool is 50 meters as opposed to a "short-course" pool which is 25). I have no idea how many world records Phelps either currently holds or at one time held - he was named "World Swimmer of the Year" 7 times, and "American Swimmer of the Year" 9 times. The awards have not yet been given for 2016, so you can expect these numbers to increase. What else can be said? (Actually, a lot, but I'll stop here.) Phelps must be considered on any intelligent short list of "Greatest Athletes in World History." For him to enter the surreal realms of Jim Thorpe, Babe Ruth, Jessie Owens, Jackie Robinson, and Muhammad Ali, he'll need to do something that transcends athletics, but give him some time - he's only 31 years old. Think about this: 52 years from now, for the 2068 Olympics, it's not inconceivable that he could light the torch! (I'll be long gone, but this thread will still exist in one form or another - make sure to update us about what's going on.)
  7. One player who may not belong on this list, but was an *amazing* finisher given his physical attributes was Muggsy Bogues. I mentioned somewhere that I saw him play for the DC team in the 1983 McDonald's Capital Classic (click on "About," then "Final Scores" for some fun pictures), and he was the MVP in leading the Metro All-Stars to a two-point victory over the US All-Stars. Now, that does not a pro make, and it certainly doesn't put him on any all-time Best Finishers list, but it did give me a fairly intimate view of his incredible driving capabilities - he was like this little black dot, twisting and torsing through the air like a knuckleball, somehow managing to get off a shot under the outstretched arm of some pedigreed future NBA All-Star. My guess is that in a 23'9" race (which is the distance from the 3-point arc to the basket), he's one of the fastest people in NBA history. Anyway, does he belong on the "Best Finishers" list? Probably not, but it's worth at least giving him a nod. After posting this, I went to check if Bogues was by any chance the all-time leader in "Steals per Minute," and although I could only find the "Steals per Game" statistic, he isn't even close: he's number 72 on the list with an average of 1.54 steals per game. One thing I did notice was that in the elite group of 14 players who averaged over 2 steals per game, Allen Iverson is number 10, and that reminded me that Iverson was perhaps just as quick as Bogues (Iverson was certainly faster, but I'm defining "quick" as explosive speed in the first few steps (Russell Westbrook is *quick*)). As an aside, I was shocked to see none other than Michael Jordan at #4 (!), and John Stockton (!) at #9 - astoundingly, George McGinnis averaged more steals per game than Gary Payton. I'll close with a very obscure fact: Every Hall of Famer who has averaged over 2 steals per game was a guard; Rick Barry, a small forward who was the same height as shooting guard Clyde Drexler, came in just under the mark with 1.99 steals per game - apologies to Muggsy (one of the all-time great nicknames) for straying off-topic in this paragraph. Heck, I'll throw this in too: In the 1981-1982 and 1982-1983 seasons, Dunbar High School in Baltimore went 60-0, ending up ranked #1 in the nation by USA Today.
  8. Please feel free to email me with any typos, suggestions, corrections, or comments. And as always, a big thank you to mktye for all her help. Cheers, Rocks. --- Written by JDawgBball9: First of all, much thanks to 1000yregg for having the prior version. Having it to work off made things MUCH easier. Unfortunately, it's three years old and needed some updating. But without it, I would have spent hours longer. Decided to take a stab at this and start fresh. This way I should be able to keep things updated as we go along. Hopefully this will help increase traffic and discussion on this board - I know I'm guilty of slacking off when I have the opportunity to post every so often too. If you see any errors, omissions, anything....please let me know and send me a message and I'll fix it ASAP. I can almost guarantee I screwed up some multiple locations.....city was my first priority, then suburbs and multiple locations. This map was used as a guide with one modification - Harbor East is the portion labeled Inner Harbor directly south of Little Italy. Everything is kind of going out with downtown as the major hub, and then north (with a quick sidebar to the south side) and restaurants are in alphabetical order. Getting things bolded/italicized and maybe broken down to a better classification of locations and such might be a future project, as well as the suburbs and multiple locations. But this was step one.
  9. Went to Akbar late in December with friends. It's not the best of the best Indian place, and it is all the way out in suburbia (Columbia) on a road that is often congested and not terribly close to residential housing, but still. It is pretty good on the actual food front. It's a somewhat tired dining room, and at times the service can be slow, but the food satisfies the craving for pretty good Indian if you happen to be in Columbia. Worth a sample to see what you think. Never tried them for carryout. According to their website, they have a location in Baltimore....who knew?
  10. Similar to this discussion here. I also see El Chucho is ranked highly in the Dining Guide. I hate recommending any food spots to folks from CA, but that's where I find myself now with no other recourse. If you could recommend something in DC, and then a place anywhere between Baltimore and Richmond if you think it's better, I'd think we'd be set. I'm happy to provide closure to this quest by relaying her reaction to the food, but I am pessimistic about this person being thrilled.
  11. This is going to shock people: Our most popular forum, in terms of views, is not Washington, DC Restaurants and Dining; it's the New York City sub-forum in News Feeds. Sound impossible? It's true. In fact, the Baltimore sub-forum in the News Feeds forum gets more views than our Shopping and Cooking forum. As I've said before, I'm gunning for fingertips; not eyeballs, and I will remain forever loyal to our active members - i.e., those who write posts - because they give us the one thing that no other restaurant website has: a community. Cheers, The Lone Ranger.
  12. The Baltimore Food Hub

    Spike Gjerde's recent interview with Eater mentioned this ambitious project, apparently in the works for a couple of years now, but only recently picking up steam. A ten million dollar redevelopment of an East Baltimore pumping station at 1801 E Oliver St, the Baltimore Food Hub aims to create a large (3.5 acre) campus and incubator of local producer and service businesses to develop and promote the region's food, with emphasis on farm-to-table and social enterprise. The project hopes to provide job training, microfinance, production agriculture (through a separate half-acre greenhouse site), distribution, catering, and kitchen services. Project manager and urban planner Greg Heller's resumé includes the somewhat smaller Dorrance H. Hamilton Center for Culinary Enterprises in Philadelphia. Humanim will operate a job skills development component, although it doesn't sound as if they're quite as vertically integrated as DCCK (which, I think, would have been a natural fit for a satellite operation). IMHO, this is a brilliant and synergistic initiative. The region has the variety, the cultural history, and the ability to produce extraordinary foods, but hasn't always done so in a coordinated fashion. Baltimore's long-suffering neighborhoods are ripe for renewal; having a single-stop incubator to develop the necessary neighborhood food businesses would go a long way towards successfully anchoring redevelopment beyond Federal Hill and the areas adjacent to Inner Harbor. This first link contains an overview presentation: http://christopherwink.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Food-Hub-Presentation-Feb-08-2013-No-Budgets.pdf http://www.americancommunitiestrust.org/initiatives/item/89-baltimore-food-collaborative.html http://www.baltimorefoodhub.com/
  13. A friend is going Monday night - does anyone have any ideas?
  14. Hey all, I put this here because I'm not sure how many folks regularly look at the help needed section. I'm sure someone will move the thread if necessary. My husband Neal and I are writing the Food Lover's Guide to Baltimore, to be published by Globe Pequot Press later this year. We're just getting started and have compiled a nice list of restaurants to include, but we need more. I would like you all to please just shout out (err...type) your favorite places in and around Baltimore City and Baltimore County. Fancy or dive, as long as they have good, fresh, chow, they're eligible. We're also doing a section on restaurants that are worth the drive. HowChowBlog has already offered some great suggestions for Howard County, but we're looking for great places in Anne Arundel, Carroll, and Harford as well. Thanks in advance for your help! -theminx
  15. -------------------- Maryland - Baltimore and Annapolis Annapolis Hair Stylists Dawn Cassidy - website Chester Balloon Rides DelMarVa Balloon Rides - website
  16. Note: "HC" means "will make house calls."