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Washington, DC Restaurant Guide - Best Restaurants in Washington, DC


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Posted 22 February 2006 - 07:50 PM

iPhone users, follow these steps to create a quasi-DC Dining Guide app:

1) Bring up this permanent URL: http://www.donrockwe...ndpost&p=199269
2) Tap the plus sign (+) on the bottom of the screen
3) Push "Add Bookmark."

Voila! Your own free quasi-app in less than 30 seconds!


Please feel free to contact me with any typos, suggestions, corrections, or comments.

In order to ensure future access to this dining guide, simply become a participating member of donrockwell.com.

Currently, it takes ten posts to have access to this Dining Guide even though that means limiting readership (which, by definition, makes this website less popular). Our members - the ones who post here - are our life-blood, and they deserve to be rewarded for their efforts. It's very easy to sit back with a cup of coffee and read through all the content here; it takes effort to write and add content, and I want our participating members to know how much I appreciate them - I can't say it enough. Please register, post in the Please Introduce Yourselves thread, and then know that your simple actions have just supported this website which cannot go on without you - it takes less than five minutes, it's absolutely free, and your information is safeguarded and remains private. And if you're already a participating member, allow me to say thank you - the best thing you can do for us is to tell a friend about donrockwell.com (again, another simple action that only takes a few minutes).


BOLD = Superlative (Corduroy, Komi, Marcel's, Rogue 24, Roberto's 8)
ITALIC = Very Good, Excellent, Outstanding, or Noteworthy (less than 20% of all independent (non-chain) restaurants earn this)

I'm well aware of the broad range between "Very Good" and "Outstanding," but essentially, if a restaurant is in ITALIC, then it's DCDining Recommended - at the very least, a cut above the norm. A restaurant of distinction.

This guide deals only within the Washington, DC city limits, and covers about 600 active restaurants as well as historical content for restaurants no longer open. The Virginia and Maryland guides are also available, but need more grooming before I'll "officially" endorse them (unofficially, they're still every bit as useful as this one, and please remember that if a restaurant has more than one location, it's included in the separate Multiple Locations guide (which also needs more grooming, but should be required reference material for everyone - I've thought about taking a select number of restaurants (maybe 10, maybe 20, maybe 50) from there, and also including them here. I've also thought about organizing by category rather than geographical location which will happen when we get funding (maintaining two watches is extremely time-consuming, and both of these features would require maintaining two watches))).

Chefs and restaurateurs: If you think I'm wrong, or am missing something, just write me at donrockwell-at-dcdining-dot-com. I'm always happy to reevaluate (and obviously, just from the sheer numbers involved here, it's a tussle to keep up with everything.)

Diners: Would you rather rely on a dining guide compiled, maintained, and endorsed by one single expert who has spent over 10,000 hours, well over $100,000 of his own money (yeah, it's true), and 30 years of his life dedicating himself to a mastery of the subject; or by a committee of well-meaning 25-year-old interns struggling for day-to-day existence, controlled and influenced by PR reps, who have thrown together a click-through "best of" compilation with BIG, bold headlines, and glitzy photos of Spike Mendelsohn, Mike Isabella, and the Georgetown Cupcake girls?

Because, like it or not, that is the choice you're faced with: it's Eric Ziebold vs. Spike Mendelsohn.

Investors: If the thought of Grouping On donrockwell.com, dcdining.com, and air-dc.com (Association of Independent Restaurants) has your inner billionaire Yelping, you know where to reach me.

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Posted 01 February 2015 - 10:51 PM

Washington, DC

Downtown (Southwest of 16th & K Streets)
The Oval Room - website - Complex, intricate plates with a virtual absence of cream or butter, Tony Conte is no longer running the kitchen day-to-day

Equinox (Review) - website - My most recent meal at Equinox was the best I've had in years, *but* that was two Chefs de Cuisine ago, i.e., about a year

BLT Steak website - Emerging from what might have been a multi-year lull, I had the best meal at BLT Steak recently that I've had in several years
Bombay Club - website - Beautiful, formal Indian dining with impeccable service, a lovely dining room with linens, a special-occasion restaurant that's not priced like one
Kaz Sushi Bistro (Minibite) - website Innovative flavor combinations, quality sushi rice, and saucing (yes, saucing) are strengths here
Kellari Taverna - website
Taberna del Alabardero - website
Prime Rib - website
Primi Piatti - website
Loeb's Perfect New York Deli - Facebook
El Chalan - website
Breadline - website
Cafe Soleil - website
Cities - website

Beefsteak - website
Salt and Pepper Grill (202) 588-0666
Washington Deli - website
The Army and Navy Club - website
BonMi - website
Juan Valdez Cafe - website (if you can read Spanish)
Sichuan Pavillion - website
Tequila Grill - 1990 K St. - Closed
Jimmy's on K Street - 1700 K St. - Closed
Restaurant K - 1700 K St. - Closed
Bombay Palace - 2020 K St. - Closed
Olives - 1600 K St. - Closed
Nirvana - 1810 K St. - Closed

Kinkead's (Review) - 2000 Pennsylvania Ave. - Closed
The Upper Crust Pizzeria - 1747 Pennsylvania Ave. - Closed
Manouch's Hot Dog Cart - 21st & H St. - Closed
Downtown (Northwest of 16th & K Streets)
Vidalia (Review) - website - Under (relatively) new chef Hamilton Johnson, Vidalia is executing its classic dishes just as well as it ever has, great bar program
Plume - website - Quill - website (Jefferson Hotel) Underrated by critics, Plume is beautiful, stunning atmosphere and service, solid food, perhaps the best wine list in the city
Soi 38 - website - Authentic, gutsy, Thai street food emphasizing real flavors instead of sweetness, possibly the best Thai in the city right now
Nagomi Izakaya - website
Bub & Pop's - website - Philly-style hoagies and subs, including a roast pork with broccoli rabe that one chef claims is the best sandwich in DC.
Greek Deli and Catering - website - Open 8AM-4PM weekdays, huge lunch platters, homemade Greek specialties, even gyros are good here
Cafe Promenade (Mayflower Hotel) - website
Cafe Istanbul - website
Smith and Wollensky - website
OKI Bowl and Sake Bar (Review) - website
Sophie’s Cuban Cuisine - website
Science Club - website
Giovanni's Trattu - website
Second State - website
Sauf Haus Bier Hall - website
Rumors (Review) - website
Rice Bar - website
Bourbon Coffee - website - On-site roasting, promoting African coffees (especially Rwandan), African gift shop
Suki Asia - Facebook - @SukiAsia
Tandoori Time - website
Black Rooster Pub - website
Bar Code - website
M Brasserie - website
California Grill (202) 463-4200
Parlay - website
DC Pizza - website
Cozy Cafe (202) 887-4922
Bravo! Bravo! (Review) - website
National Geographic (Employee) Cafeteria - website
L.A. Cafe (202) 296-5767
City Market (202) 822-0009
Look (formerly Teatro Goldoni) website
Camelot - website
Galileo - Laboratorio - The Lunch Grill - 1110 21st. St. - Closed
Blackie's House of Beef - 1217 22nd St. - Closed
Yuca - 1800 M St. - Closed
David Greggory - 2030 M St. - Closed
Asia Nora - 2213 M St. - Closed
Restaurant Kolumbia - 1801 K St. - Closed
Sushi Kappo Kawasaki - 1140 19th. St. - Closed
Teatro Goldoni Chef's Table - 1909 K St. NW - Closed
Spezie - 1736 L St. - Closed
Yee Hwa - 1009 21st St. - Closed
Cafe Chopsticks 1020 19th St. - Closed
Couscous Cafe and Catering - 1195 20th St. - Closed
Town and Country Lounge (Mayflower Hotel) (Review) - 1127 Connecticut Ave. - Closed

Maoz Vegetarian (Review) - 1817 M St. - Closed
Via 19 - 1140 19th St. - Closed
Litestars - 2101 L St. - Closed
Hudson - 2030 M St. - Closed
Java Green Organic Eco Cafe - 1020 19th St. - Closed
Famous Luigi's (Review) - 1132 19th St. - Closed
TakEatEasy - 1990 M St. - Closed
Malaysia Kopitiam - 1827 M St. - Closed
Newton's Noodles - 1129 20th St. - Closed
Downtown (16th Street and East)
Casa Luca (Review) - website - Fabio Trabocchi's more casual osteria, many wines $28, house-made pasta, seasonal vegetables, an important restaurant
Bibiana (Review) - website - A major renovation of Luigino, classic Italian cooking with the perfect infusion of modern, half-orders of the wonderful pastas available, one of our city's greatest restaurants
Tosca (Review) - website - A great power dining room, complex, elegant pastas available by the half-order, notable Italian wine list
Woodward Table (Review) - website - The wonderful chef Joe Harran comes from Bistro Bis, one of downtown's greatest restaurants

Joe's Stone Crab (W Hotel) website - Make no mistake, Joe's is Italicized because it's so outrageously expensive that they can afford to serve quality ingredients, bustling happy hour
Rural Society (formerly Palette) - website (Loews Madison Hotel)
The Occidental Grill & Seafood - website
Pinea (W Hotel) - website
Decanter - website - Chef Sebastien Rondier stays on after Alain Ducasse and St. Regis sever ties, a Mediterranean theme replaces upscale French
Mio (Review) - website - After struggling to find an identity, Mio is now emphasizing its roots, a new chef brings new optimism about native Puerto Rican cuisine
Elizabeth's Gone Raw - website - Driven to a raw diet by cancer, Elizabeth Petty turned something bad into something good, sharing what she learned with the world
Cafe du Parc - website - An ugly bistro, a beautiful patio, good classic fare, the wine list has gone badly downhill
WTF - website - "Woodward Takeout Food," one of downtown's greatest breakfast nooks and sandwich shops, absolutely wonderful
Siroc - website - A good all-around restaurant, decent wine program, caring and attentive service, on a recent visit the food was shockingly bad (even the pastas)
Acadiana (Review) - website - The most soulful of the Jeff Tunks restaurants, with a world-class Bourbon list, still very corporate feeling
DC Coast - website
Noelia - website
Mezzanine Cafe (National Museum of Women in the Arts) - website
Noodles on 11 - website
Astro Doughnuts - website
Sax - website
Lincoln - website
Ceiba (Closing Sep 27, 2014) website
Grist Mill - website
The Federalist (Review
The Roasting House (202) 393-2292
Finemondo - website
Le Bar - website
Zentan (Review) - website
MXDC - 600 14th Street
Sushi Aoi - website
Cure Bar & Bistro - website
Mayur Kabab House (202) 637-9770
Ici Urban Bistro - website
Georgia Brown's - website
POV Lounge - website - An incredible, panoramic view from Hotel W's rooftop lounge, have a drink, then go elsewhere for dinner
Bangkok One - website

Catch 15 - website
Old Ebbitt Grill - (Review) - website
P.J. Clarke's (Review) - website
Casa Blanca (202) 393-4430
Shelly's Back Room - website
Korean Food Cart (White) - NE Corner of Vermont Ave. and K St.
Sunrise Deli (202) 371-9810
Juice Joint - website
14K - website
Bobby Van's Steakhouse - website
Bobby Van's Grill - website
The Park at Fourteenth - website
Cornerstone Cafe (202) 463-3911
Sip of Seattle (202) 393-5058
Haad Thai - website
Round Robin Bar - website - A beautiful, legendary Scotch bar with some of the worst food you will ever find anywhere
Gerard's Place - 915 15th. St. - Closed
Ortanique - 730 11th. St. - Closed
Reeves Bakery - 1306 G St. - Closed
Korean Food Cart (Flames) - SE Corner of Vermont Ave. and L St. - Closed
Gyro Cart - 15th and M St. - Closed
Butterfielld 9 - 600 14th. St. - Closed
Gerard Pangaud Bistro - 915 15th. St. - Closed
The Willard Room - 1401 Pennsylvania Ave. - Closed
Cha - 1155 14th. St. - Closed
Posh Restaurant and Supper Club - 730 11th St. - Closed
Il Mulino - 1110 Vermont Ave. - Closed
Mazu - 1100 New York Ave. - Closed
The Reserve - 1426 L St. - Closed
Galileo III - 600 14th. St. - Closed

Potenza (Review) - 1430 H St. - Closed
Againn - 1099 New York Ave. - Closed
Adour (Review) - 923 16th St. - Closed
Tuscana West - 1350 I St. - Closed
J&G Steakhouse - 515 15th St. - Closed
Fujimar and Lima Lounge - 1401 K St. - Closed
Federal Triangle Area (Near Smithsonian, Archives, Ford's Theater)
Central (Review) - website - This once-good restaurant may be on a downswing, current reports are of pared-down menus, raised prices, and poor execution
Boss Shepherd's - website - American Classics served in a lovely step-down restaurant, large bar area, very good fried chicken, an important new restaurant
Mitsitam Cafe (National Museum of the American Indian) (Review) - website - Native American fare, amazing quality given the volume
Fogo de Chao - website

Black Iron Pizza - website
Garden Cafe (National Gallery of Art) - website
Cascade Cafe (National Gallery of Art) - website
Pavilion Cafe (National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden) - website
Lincoln's Waffle Shop - website
Ollie's Trolley - website
Harry's - website
National Place Food Court (202) 662-1250
Brasserie Les Halles - 1201 Pennsylvania Ave. - Closed
Ten Penh - 1001 Pennsylvania Ave. - Closed

Osteria Elisir - 427 11th St. - Closed
Aria Pizzeria & Bar (formerly Aria Trattoria) - 1300 Pennsylvania Ave. - Closed
Tadich - website - Opening 
Southwest (Waterfront) 
Muze - website 
Empress Lounge - website
Station 4 (Review) - website
Cantina Marina - website
Jenny's Asian Fusion - website
Catwalk Cafe - website
Market Inn - 200 E St. - Closed
Hogate's - 800 Water St. - Not reopening

CityZen (Review) - Lounge (Mandarin Oriental Hotel) - 1330 Maryland Ave. - Closed

Fiola Mare - website - I haven't been yet, and may not get to go for some time, but *everybody* seems to love it. Beware the extreme pricing on the menu.
The Grill Room (Cappella Hotel) website - This is still speculative, but in the best-case scenario, Frank Ruta may have found a luxurious home in which to cook
Bourbon Steak - website - Beautiful atmosphere, service, and lounge, the food itself can be good but some items are shockingly ordinary, incredibly expensive
La Chaumière (Minibite) - website - Uncompromising French classics, often perfectly executed, charming atmosphere
Malmaison - website - If Gerard Pangaud is working in the kitchen, this is one of the great unknown DC restaurants; otherwise, it's most likely a bust
The Rye Bar (Cappella Hotel) website - A wickedly expensive, upscale cocktail lounge in the Capella Hotel, patio opening to C&O Canal
Baked and Wired (Review) - website - Better than Georgetown Cupcake (read that 20 times), good coffee, and a laid-back, honest atmosphere, a gem
Ching Ching Cha - website - The perfect place for a relaxing, tranquil pot of tea
Il Canale (Review) - website - currently a Top 3 pizzeria in DC, decent wine list, on my most recent visit I had a Palena-quality paccheri pasta with meat sauce
J. Chocolatier - website - Fresh, preservative-free chocolates, made in small batches with luxury ingredients
1789 - website - I haven't been to 1789 since the most recent chef change, but people are saying good things about it
Peacock Cafe & Grand Cafe - website
Leopold Kafe & Konditorei - website
Unum - website
Bandolero - website 
The Caucus Room (Westin Hotel) - website
Farmers Fishers Bakers (formerly Agraria) - website
Pie Sisters - website
Puro Cafe - website
Cafe Milano - website
Tackle Box - website (Review
Bistro Francais - website
Filomena - website
Sea Catch - website
Bodega - website
Old Glory - website
Fahrenheit - website
Mr. Smith's (Review) - website
Martin's Tavern - website
Sprinkles Cupcakes - website
J. Paul's - website
Aditi - website
The Tombs (Review) - website

Orange Anchor - website
Macaron Bee - website
Serendipity 3 - website
Thunder Burger and Bar - website
Blues Alley - website - I can't NOT highlight our legendary jazz club, but let's remember this is a dining guide!
Miss Saigon - website
Mama Rouge (formerly Bangkok Joe's, Reopening Autumn 2014) website
Vietnam Georgetown - website
Smith Point - website
Don Lobo's Mexican Grill (202) 333-0137
Tony and Joe's Seafood Place - website
Sequoia - website
Dining in North Georgetown
Au Pied Bistro - 2815 M St. - Closed
Cilantro - 3241 M St. - Closed
Sugar's Campus Store - 3500 O St. - Closed
Red Ginger Bistro - 1564 Wisconsin Ave. - Closed
Seasons Restaurant - 2800 Pennsylvania Ave. - Closed
Fratelli la Bufala - 1063 31st. St. - Closed
Nathan's - 3150 M St. - Closed
Arisu 1734 Wisconsin Ave. - Closed
Mendocino Grille - 2917 M St. - Closed
Morso and Morso Express - 3277 M St. - Closed
Hook (Review) - 3241 M St. - Closed
Furin's of Georgetown - 2805 M St. - Closed
Papa-Razi - 1064-1066 Wisconsin Ave. - Closed
Citronelle - Lounge and Terrace - 3000 M St. - Closed 

Garrett's 3003 M St. - Closed
The Guards - 2915 M St. - Closed 

John and Karen Shields - 1050 Potomac Ave. - Not Opening
Marvelous Market - 3217 P St. - Closed
Shut Your Pie Hole - website - Opening (?)

Yakitori - 1515 Wisconsin Ave. - Opening (?)
West End and Foggy Bottom (GWU, Kennedy Center) - Map
Marcel's - website - Refined classic cooking, superior wine list, beautiful linens, Marcel's has some of the finest service you'll ever experience
Westend Bistro website - It has been too long since I've been to Westend Bistro, but everything I'm hearing is positive
Ris - website - A classic example of a restaurant that needed to "settle in," Ris LaCoste has a very refined palate, and Ris being excellent was just a matter of time
Blue Duck Tavern - website - Recent loss of chef Sebastien Archambault gives Blue Duck Tavern a tentative downgrade
District Commons - website
Bayou (Review) - website - Bread imported from New Orleans every other day, get the catfish po boy, red beans and rice, and collard greens, homemade desserts
Campono Trattoria (formerly Ancora, at the Watergate) - website
Circle Bistro - website
BTS (Burger Tap & Shake) (Minibite) - website
Illy Cafe (202) 775-0800
Roof Terrace (Kennedy Center) - website
Notti Bianche - website
Dish + Drinks - website
Tonic - website 
Trattoria Nicola's - website
KC Cafe (Kennedy Center) - website

One Fish, Two Fish - website
GW Delicatessen (202) 331-9391
Ristorante La Perla - website
Pita Pit - website 
Aquarelle - 2650 Virginia Ave. - Closed
Rivers - 600 New Hampshire Ave. - Closed
McFadden's - 2491 Pennsylvania Ave. - Closed

MacArthur Boulevard / Palisades
Et Voila! (Minibite) - website - A rock-solid, albeit pricey, neighborhood Belgian bistro, good beers, excellent shortribs, superb desserts
BlackSalt - website - Nowhere near what it used to be, my most recent meal here reflects a big downgrade, the house oysters are not exciting, excellent bread
Bistroquet - website - An interesting fusion of French and Thai, often in the same dishes, and it works, gently priced for the neighborhood, pleasant wines by the glass
Makoto (202) 298-6866
Kotobuki (Minibite) - website - A charming pillbox, many sushi items are only $1.50, scallops, flounder and escolar are consistent standouts
Sur La Place - website
Figs Fine Foods - website
Salt and Pepper (Review) - website
Chen's Gourmet (202) 364-8313
Bambu - website
D. C. Boathouse (202) 362-2628
Kemble Park Tavern - 5125 MacArthur Blvd. - Closed
Palisades Pizzeria - 4885 MacArthur Blvd. - Closed

Glover Park (National Cathedral)
2 Amys (ReviewMinibite) - website - Fantastic pizza (yes, still), small plates, and wine, be careful about long waits
Bistrot Lepic - Wine Bar (Review) - website - An old-school french bistro downstairs, the upstairs wine bar is a wonderful place for a first date
Old Europe (Minibite) - website - The best German restaurant in the DC area, with a charming, transporting (thanks, Tom), Bavarian atmosphere and great specials
La Piquette - website - Decent French bistro with many classic dishes, good wine list with several worthwhile bottles under $40

Malgudi (Review) - website 
Surfside (Review) - website - Better when it first opened, a recent visit to this "fast casual" food factory was no better than Guapo's
Dumplings & Beyond 2400 Wisconsin Ave
Shanghai Tea House (202) 338-3816
Arcuri website
Sprig and Sprout - website
Something Sweet - website
Town Hall - website
Sushi Keiko (202) 333-3965
Slate Wine Bar & Bistro - website
Cactus Cantina - website
BreadSoda - website
Mama Maria's and Enzio's - 2313 Wisconsin Ave. - Closed
Alliance Tavern (Formerly Enology Wine Bar) - 3238 Wisconsin Ave. - Closed

Blue Ridge (Review) - 2340 Wisconsin Ave. - Closed
Kitchen 2404 - 2404 Wisconsin Ave. - Closed
Mayfair and Pine - 2218 Wisconsin Ave. - Closed
Bistrot Le Zinc - 3714 Macomb St. - Closed
Kavanagh's Pizza Pub - 2400 Wisconsin Ave. - Closed
Max's Best Ice Cream - 2416 Wisconsin Ave. - Closed

Spring Valley (American University)
Al Dente - Roberto's 8 (formerly Roberto's 4) - website - An incredibly impressive Italian menu, even on Roberto Donna's nights off, the kitchen is deftly run by his sous chef
DeCarlo's - website

Pitmasters Back Alley BBQ - website - @DCbackalleybbq

Wagshal's Deli (Review) - website
Dahlia - 4849 Massachusetts Ave. - Closed

Upper Connecticut Avenue (towards Maryland)
Terasol - website - A charming, quirky little artisan gallery with a French-style cafe inside it, completely under the radar except to local residents
Buck's Fishing and Camping (Review) - website Once, great, Buck's is now barely better than average, more notable for its design than it's sub-par cooking, Buck's' demise came with using Groupons
Macon Bistro & Larder - website - I haven't been here yet, so this ranking and position is just a holding spot, initial reviews are promising
Modern Times Coffee House (Minibite) - website - The coffeehouse attached to Politics and Prose, caring baristas, very good coffee, sandwiches are somewhat expensive, free WiFi, a gem
Blue 44 (Review) - website
Comet Ping-Pong (Review) - website - The pizza here now ranges from mediocre to good (it used to be outstanding), chicken wings, ice cream sundaes, and wines are highlights, succumbed to Groupon mindset
Banana Leaf - website
Little Red Fox - website
Arucola - website
Jake's American Grill (Minibite) - website
American City Diner - website
Dining near the Avalon
Uptown Cathay - 5018 Connecticut Ave. - Closed
Shepherd Park
Teddy's Roti Shop - website

Brightwood Park (Carter Baron)
Culture Coffee website - An independent coffee house
Meridian - 5832 Georgia Ave. - Closed
Colorado Kitchen - 5515 Colorado Ave. - Closed

Brightwood Bistro (Review) - 5832 Georgia Ave. - Closed

Takoma Park
Takoma Station Tavern - website
Soupergirl - website
Red Line Grill - 6912 4th St NW - Closed

Matisse Cafe - website
Cafe Ole - website
Murasaki - website
Le Chat Noir - website
Coffee Nature website - An independently-owned coffee house with good espresso drinks and Korean snacks
Murphy's Law - website
Cafe of India - website
a Caravela - 4615 41st. St. - Closed
Hungry Tiger - 4624 Wisconsin Ave. - Closed
Morty's Deli - 4620 Wisconsin Ave. - Closed
Bambule - 5225 Wisconsin Ave. - Closed

Simply Ayzen - 4237 Wisconsin Ave. - Closed
Firelake Grill - 4200 Wisconsin Ave. - Closed
Friendship Heights
Aggio - website - @VOLT_AGGIO A separate, higher-end restaurant inside of Range, expect this to be a proving ground for further expansion
Range website - @volt_range 9 different kitchen stations, starting to lose important personnel, reins need tightening
Lunchbox - website
Chad's (formerly Chadwick's) - website
Van Ness (UDC)
Bread Furst - website - Our city's finest boulangerie, the great Mark Furstenburg has instantly transformed the dire bread situation in DC
Laliguras Bistro (202) 735-5097
Acacia Bistro - website
Sushi Para - website
Riedel's - 4221 Connecticut Ave. - Closed
Trattoria Liliana 4483 Connecticut Ave. - Closed
Coat of Arms - 4221 Connecticut Ave. - Closed
Sips Cafe - 4418 Connecticut Ave. - Closed
Shanghai Garden - 4469 Connecticut Ave. - Closed

Indian Ocean - 4221 Connecticut Ave. - Closed
876 Cafe - 4221 Connecticut Ave. - Closed

Cleveland Park (North of Zoo)
Ripple (Review) - website - Honoring the farm-to-table movement, Ripple is using superb ingredients and executing them well, a wonderful bar area for dining and imbibing
Indique - website - @Indiquedc - Modern interpretations of Indian classics, the best Chicken Chettinad I've ever eaten, extremely underrated
Ardeo + Bardeo (Review) - website - A new renovation gives these (now-)combined restaurants a completely different look and feel, expanded bar, consolidated menu, good
cooking, merely decent wines
Coppi's Organic - website
Spices - website
Fat Pete's - website 
Siam House - website
Sorriso - website
Paragon Thai - websiteF
Fresh Med (202) 244-3995
Byblos Deli (Review) - website
Dining in Cleveland Park
Bricks Tavern and Park Bench Pub - 3421 and 3433 Connecticut Ave. - Closed
Yanni's Greek Taverna - 3500 and 3502 Connecticut Ave. - Closed
The Cereal Bowl - 3420 Connecticut Ave. - Closed
Sabores and Sabores Lounge - 3435B Connecticut Ave. - Closed

Sugar Magnolia - 3417 Connecticut Ave. - Closed
Lavandou - 3321 Connecticut Ave. - Closed
Pulpo - 3407 Connecticut Ave. - Closed
Hula Girl - 3407 Connecticut Ave. - Closed (Searching For A New Space)
Dino - 3435 Connecticut Ave. - Closed
Palena - Cafe (ReviewCoffee Shop - 3529 Connecticut Ave. - Closed
Uptown Tap House - 3412 Connecticut Ave. - Closed
Woodley Park (South of Zoo)
New Heights - website - Takeshi Nishikawa has replaced Ron Tanaka, and is reportedly doing a wonderful job. New Heights has a history of discovering unknown talents.
District Kitchen (Minibite) - website
Petits Plats - website
Afghan Grill (Review) - website
Pizze (202) 518-1160
Tono Sushi - website
Eddie's Cafe (202) 667-3939
Mr. Chen's Organic Chinese Cuisine - website
House of Philly (202) 265-3500
Fusion's Alley (202) 986-1010
Zoo Bar Cafe - website
Lex Cajun Grill - 2608 Connecticut Ave. - Closed
Cafe de Paris - 2311 Calvert St. - Closed and reopening under new management

West Dupont Circle (P Street)
Obelisk - website - A civilized dining room, good antipasti, bread, wine, and desserts, main courses have disappointed me in recent years
Pesce (ReviewMinibite) - website - Good, reliable seafood prepped in a European aesthetic, my last three visits have been fantastic, disappointing, and very good
Al Tiramisu - website - Deceptively upscale Italian, homemade pastas, my most recent meal here was great, good bread and olive tapenade, specials can be expensive
Urbana - website
Sakana (202) 887-0900

Bagels, Etc. - website
Panas - website
Scion - website
Marrakesh Palace - website (broken as of Jan 26, 2015)
Thomas Foolery - website
Dining in West Dupont Circle
21P - 2100 P St. - Closed
Montsouris - 2002 P St. - Closed
Aioli Meditalian Gourmet - 2153 P St. - Closed
Biryani Corner - 2126 P St. - Closed
Cafe Tropé - 2100 P St. - Closed
Mark and Orlando's - 2020 P St. - Closed
Stars Bistro & Bar - 2120 P St. - Closed

Uni - 2122 P St. - Closed
Zeke's D.C. Donutz - 2029 P St. - Closed
Eola - 2020 P St. - Closed
Japonè and Cafe Japonè - 2032 P St. - Closed
North Dupont Circle
Nora - website
Mourayo - website
Darlington House - website
Cafe Dupont - website
Le Mirch - website
2100 Prime (formerly Jockey Club) - website
Triple-B Fresh - Facebook
Bistrot du Coin - website
Zorba's Cafe - website
La Tomate - website
Larry’s Ice Cream (202) 234-2690
City Lights of China - website
Russia House - website
Mission - website
Banana Leaves - website
Odeon Cafe - website
Saigon Bistro - website
Kramerbooks and Afterwards Cafe - website
Bistro Bistro - website
Du Froyo - website
The Childe Harold - 1610 20th. St. - Closed
Etrusco - 1606 20th. St. - Closed
Timberlake's 1726 Connecticut Ave. - Closed
Dupont Grille - 1500 New Hampshire Ave. - Closed
The Brickskeller - 1523 22nd St. - Closed

Veritas Wine Bar - 2031 Florida Ave. - Closed

Black Fox Lounge - 1723 Connecticut Ave. - Closed
Ogawa - 2100 Connecticut Ave. - Opening


South Dupont Circle (South of the Circle to (and Including) N Street)
DGS Delicatessen - website - An important new restaurant with great drinks, and the only truly great deli the DC area has had since Carnegie Deli first opened in Tysons
Teddy & The Bully Bar - website
C. F. Folks - website - A wonderful, informal lunch spot that brings humanity to South Dupont, a little gem
Firefly - website 
Boqueria - website
Mari Vanna - website
I Ricchi - website

Panache - website
GRK - website
STK - website
GBD Chicken and Doughnuts - website
Hello Cupcake - website
Char Bar and Eli's Market (formerly Eli's Restaurant) website
The Big Hunt - website
Fiesta - website
Dining South of Dupont Circle
Fin - 1200 19th. St. - Closed
Sesto Senso - 1214 18th. St. - Closed
Mar de Plata 1827 Jefferson Pl. - Closed
Go Burger - website - Sheepishly not opening
Porter's - 1207 19th St. - Closed
Penang - 1837 M St. - Closed

Tomatillo Taqueria - 1347 Connecticut Ave. - Closed
Casa Nonna (Review) - 1250 Connecticut Ave. - Closed
Yola (Review) - 1323 Connecticut Ave. - Closed
Oh Fish! - 1103 19th St. - Closed
Kababji Grill (Review) - 1351 Connecticut Ave. - Closed
Current Sushi - 1215 Connecticut Ave. - Closed
New Orleans Po Boy Shop - 1205 19th St. - Closed

Bread and Brew - 1247 20th St. - Closed

East Dupont Circle (From Connecticut Ave to 16th St)
Komi - website - Johnny Monis is a genius belatedly becoming a superstar, Komi is one of the best overall dining experiences in the Washington area
Little Serow (Minibites) - website - After three visits, my advice to DC diners is this: remember these days when the restaurant (which is worth $100) was priced at $45
Sushi Taro - website - A new, upscale version of Sushi Taro is much more expensive, with very good, hard-to-source sushi. A serious candidate for upgrade in rank.
Iron Gate Inn - website - Purchased by Neighborhood Restaurant Group, Chef Tony Chittum comes from Vermilion and makes this a top Dupont Circle restaurant
Tabard Inn (Review) - website
Floriana - website
Duke's Grocery - website
Annie's Paramount Steakhouse - website (not working as of Jan 16, 2015)
Nage - website
Mr. Yogato - website
Agora ​(formerly Jack’s) - website
Dupont Market (202) 797-0222
Level One - website
Dupont Italian Kitchen - website
Trio and Trio's Fox and Hounds - website
Le Pigalle - 1527 17th. St. - Closed
FoodBarDC - 1639 R St. - Closed
Inti - 1825 18th. St. - Closed

Cafe Luna - 1633 P St. - Closed
Dupont Tequila - website - Opening?

This is part 1 of 2 - scroll down for part 2.

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Posted 01 February 2015 - 10:53 PM

This is part 2 of 2 - scroll up for part 1.

Mount Pleasant

Purple Patch - Facebook
Zabver (202) 986-2093
Radius Pizza (Review) - website
Last Exit website - A serious bar emphasizing well-made drinks, good beers, and seminars in mixology
Flying Fish Coffee and Tea - website - An independently owned coffee and tea shop
Marx Cafe (Review) - website
Adam Express (202) 328-0010
The Raven Grill (202) 387-8411
Red Bean - 3155 Mount Pleasant St. - Closed
Heller's Bakery - 3221 Mount Pleasant St. - Closed
Lia Cafe Brazil - 3103 Mount Pleasant St. - Closed 
Goodall's Organic Bistro - 3155 Mount Pleasant St. - Closed

Park View
Rita’s West Indian Carryout (202) 722-1868
Columbia Heights
Thip Khao website - Laotian (and Thai) opened by Bangkok Golden's Seng Luangrath, not for the faint of palate, some items not found anywhere else in the area
El Chucho - Facebook - Perhaps DC's best Mexican food can be found at this tiny cantina, enormous tequila selection, $5 margarita on tap
Maple - website - A small, crowded gastropub with an emphasis on good beverages, and simple, well-prepared, Italian-influenced small plates
Room 11 - website - A delightful corner bar with serious drinks and beers - one of the best drinking holes in the city
Taqueria Habanero (301) 789-7407 - Several knowledgeable people feel this is the best taqueria in the DC area
Pho Viet - website
Acre 121 - website
Meridian Pint - website
Mi Cuba Cafe - website - Authentic Cuban, with Cuban sandwiches that will remind you of Calle Ocho, conscientious owners
Momoyama - Facebook
Kangaroo Boxing Club - website
Mama Chuy - website - @MamaChuyDC
The Coupe - website - @thecoupdc
People's Noodle Bar - website - @PeoplesBao
The Heights (Closing and Reopening for Reconcepting) - website
Dining in Columbia Heights
Tacqueria de Flores - 3427 11th St. - Not Opening
Royal Blue Bistro - 3113 14th. St. - Not Opening
Rumberos - 3345 14th. St. - Closed
Barrio - 3418 11th St. - Not Opening
Commonwealth - 1400 Irving St. - Closed

Acuario - 3410 11th St. - Closed
Mad Momos - 3605 14th St. - Closed
Adams Morgan
Mintwood Place - website - Chef Cedric Maupillier is the backbone of this restaurant, now serving the most exciting food in Adams Morgan
Cashion's Eat Place (Review) - website - Changing more and more with new ownership, Cashion's is still an excellent restaurant with a fine GM and sous chef
Perry's - website
Pop's Seabar - website
Roofer's Union - website
Donburi - Facebook
Jack Rose Dining Saloon - website - Surely one of the greatest Scotch, Bourbon, and Rye selections in the world, come for the drinks and eat elsewhere
Sweet Themez website ​- A mom-n-pop bakery with beautiful, custom-designed cakes, cupcakes, and other baked goods
Savour - website
Little Fountain Cafe - Angles Bar and Billiards - website
Sakuramen - website
The Regent - website
Mezè (Review) - website
Casa Oaxaca (Review) - website
Las Canteras - website
Madam's Organ - website

Bul - website

Pleasant Pops - website - An independent coffee shop serving Ceremony Coffee, sandwiches, and baked goods

Super Tacos & Bakery - website
Bedrock Billiards - website
La Fourchette (202) 332-3077
Black Squirrel - website
Smoke and Barrel (Minibite) - website
Slaviya (Review) - website
Mama Ayesha's - website
Churreria Madrid - website
Evolve - website
Chief Ike's Mambo Room - website
Napoleon - website
Shawarma King - website
Pi - website
So's Your Mom (Review) (202) 462-3666
Shawarma Spot - website
L'Enfant Cafe - website
The Blaguard (202) 232-9005
Plum Blossom Sushi Wine Bar - website
Pasta Mia (202) 328-9114
Lauriol Plaza - website
North Sea - website
Angry Inch Saloon (202) 234-3041
The Jumbo Slice
Dining in Adams Morgan
Baci Vini + Locanda - 2436 18th. St. - Closed
Chef's Kitchen - 2418 18th. St. - Closed
Mantis - 1847 Columbia Rd. - Closed
San Marco - 2305 18th. St. - Closed
M'Dawg Haute Dogs - 2418 18th. St. - Closed
Green Organic Juice Bar - 1724 California St. - Closed
Splash - 2224 18th. St. - Not Opening
YaZuZu - 2120 18th. St. - Closed
LeftBank - 2424 18th St. - Closed

The Reef - 2446 18th St. - Closed
Straits of Malaya - 1836 18th St. - Closed

Locolat Cafe - 1781 Florida Ave. - Closed

Mixtec - 1792 Columbia Rd. - Closed
Taan Noodles - 1817 Columbia Rd. - Closed

Hans Pedr' Kaffe - 1781 Florida Ave. - Closed

Bardia's New Orleans Cafe - 2412 18th St. - Closed
Crane & Turtle - website Chef Makoto Hamamura was sous chef at CityZen for years, if he's cooking regularly this should be very good, owned by Paul Ruppert
Straw, Stick, and Brick (formerly Three Little Pigs) website - Husband and wife-owned butchery, homemade charcuterie and salumi, sandwiches
Andrene's (Minibite) - website - Caribbean soul food, massive, inexpensive portions, carryout only, try the curried chicken, extremely annoying website
W Domku - website - The best place in DC for homemade Aquavit, try a fight and notice the nuances between them, loads of character
Qualia Coffee - website - An independent coffee house
Fish in the Neighborhood - website
The Highlands - website
The Hitching Post (202) 726-1511
Looking Glass Lounge - website
Fusion - website
Sweet Mango - website
The Red Derby - website
Rita's West Indian Carryout and Restaurant (202) 722-1868
Morgan's Seafood (202) 545-1001
Food Chain DC (Rental Kitchen Space) website
Temperance Hall - 3634 Georgia Ave. - Closed
Moroni and Brothers - 4811 Georgia Ave. - Closed
Georgia Avenue Meeting House - 850 Quincy St. - Opening?

U-Street Corridor (Between 10th and 16th Streets)
Izakaya Seki - website - A father-and-daughter-owned Izakaya with some of the area’s best sashimi and a very good selection of sake

Bistro La Bonne - website - This restaurant puts Bistrot du Coin to shame, try a Navarin d'Agneau with a Cotes du Rhone
Eatonville - website - Eatonville accomplishes what it set out to do: appeal to "foodies" at a fair price, great bar area
The Gibson - website Better when it first opened due to consultants, this is still a good cocktail lounge, no standing, no lines outside
Right Proper Brewing Company - website - With Thor Cheston involved in the project, this gets initialized in italic
Marvin - website - Elevated southern cooking, good Belgian beers, nice atmosphere, reportedly slipping in quality but the kitchen staff is the same

The Wydown Coffee Bar - website - @thewydown - An independent coffee house on 14th and U Street
The Coffee Bar website - An independent coffee house on 12th and S Street
Oohhs and Aahhs - website - Good divey soul food, huge portions, try baked or fried chicken with mac 'n cheese, a bit sloppy
DC Noodles - website 
Chix - website Rotisserie chicken presented with an eco-friendly twist, quality ingredients, well-made sides
Fast Gourmet (Review) - website
Chi-Cha Lounge - website
Ulah Bistro (Review) - website
Local 16 - website
Desperado's Burgers and Bar - website
The Codmother - website
Mahogany Restaurant & Lounge - website
Lost Society - website
Hominy - website
Selam (202) 462-4758
Next Door - website
El Sol - website
Vinoteca - website
Tacos El Chilango - website
The Greek Spot - website
The Saloon (202) 462-2640
Jin - website
Axis Bar and Grill - 1340 U St. - Closed
Polly's Cafe - 1342 U St. - Closed
Momo's - 1334 U St. - Closed

Station 9 - 1438 U St. - Closed
Tabaq Bistro - 1336 U St. - Closed
Al Crostino - website - Closed and Relocating in 2014
Creme - website - Closed and Hopefully Relocating
Shaw / Howard University / Little Ethiopia (U Street East of 10th. Street)
FishNook website - A Four-Seat Chef's Table Inside of FishNet's Kitchen, $55 Prix Fixe with $25 Optional Drinks Pairing
Meats and Foods (formerly 13th Street Meats) - website (not working as of Jan 2, 2015) - House-made everything, sausages, chili, frito pies, many meals under $10
Eat The Rich - website - Like at Southern Efficiency, Chef Drew Trautmann has replaced the talented Julien Shapiro, quality should remain high here, especially for a bar
Table - website - A charming, modern American eatery in a Quaker-like setting, seafood-centric, good execution in the kitchen, handwritten wine lists
Southern Efficiency - website - Chef Drew Trautmann has replaced the talented Julien Shapiro, quality should remain high here, especially for a bar
Mockingbird Hill - website - A little bar focusing primarily on Sherry and ham, interesting flights, friendly service, a wonderful concept for DC
Zenebech - website - I've not yet been, but everything I'm hearing points to a little dive with great, authentic, Ethiopian food
​Dino’s Grotto - website - The next wave of Cleveland Park's Dino, if history repeats itself, expect high quality ingredients and simple cooking.
Dickson Wine Bar (Review) - website - Good wines by the bottle, slightly expensive by the glass, food is very solid if not spectacular, fun, modern atmosphere, try a banh mi here
Axum website - Axum has been open since the 1990s, a trusted member - a lover of Ethiopian cuisine - endorses it highly after a recent visit
SUNdeVICH - website - A world tour inside a baguette, excellent sandwiches, ina converted garage, one of our city's best in this genre
Uprising Muffin Company website - Made-from-scratch muffins served alongside Ceremony Coffee, numerous varieties
Compass Coffee - website - An independent coffee house and on-premise roaster, open 7AM-8PM 7 days a week, WiFi available
Etete - website - Strong in both meats and vegetables, service is sometimes spotty, open until 1 AM 7 nights a week, Etete is a reasonable choice for the Ethiopian first-timer
Dukem - website
Mr. P's Ribs and Fish - Recently moved here from Brentwood - I've never been here, but reports are that the ribs are worth detouring for

Chaplin's - website
Shaw's Tavern - website
Bistro Bohem - website
Kafe Bohem - Facebook - An independent coffee house next door to Bistro Bohem, Julius Meinl coffees served
El Rey Taqueria - 919 U Street
Habesha Market & Carry Out - website
A&D Neighborhood Bar - website
American Ice Company - website
1905 - website
Red Toque Cafe - website
Chatman's D'vine Bakery & Cafe - website
Italy Pizza DC - website
The Space - website
Queen Makeda (202) 656-6065
Solly's U Street Tavern - website
Florida Avenue Grill (202) 265-1586
Dining in Shaw
Sodere - 1930 9th. St. - Closed
Brown Sugar - 928 U Street - Closed
A Taste of Carolina - 1930 9th. St. - Closed
Pyramids - 600 Florida Ave. - Closed
Vegetate - 1414 9th St. - Closed 

Little Ethiopia - 1924 9th St. - Closed
James McLaughlin's Food Cart - 6th St. and Howard Pl. - Closed
Cause - The Philanthropub - 1926 9th St. - Closed
Duffy's Irish Pub - 2106 Vermont Ave. - Closed
14UP (14th St between U and P Streets)
Etto - website - Etto reminds me very much of a 2 Amys in miniature, very good pizzas, wonderful antipasto, excellent produce, and most importantly, consistency
Lupo Verde (Review) - website - One meal here blew me away with two of the finest dishes I've ever eaten in 14UP - this rating could move higher.
Posto - website - Chef-owner Massimo Fabbri is in the kitchen at Posto full-time now, instantly transforming it into one of the most important restaurants in 14UP.
Cork Wine Bar - website - Our city's greatest wine bar, great wine list, charismatic owners, static menu, execution not quite what it once was
Doi Moi website - Southeastern Asian by the owners of Proof and Estadio, I haven't yet been here, but the chances are it will be very good
Ghibellina (Review) - website - Ghibellina is underrated, but it's also inconsistent, when it's "on," its pizzas are Top 5 in DC and maybe even higher than that
Estadio (Review) - website - Traditional Spanish tapas, bustling crowds, excellent front of the house, deceptively expensive, cooking has been mostly good with some inconsistencies.
Le Diplomate (Review) - website - 14UP's newest Starr, DC's first real brasserie DC since the early days of Les Halles, classic casual French
Garden District (formerly Standard) website - One of the more underrated restaurantsin the city, nobody talks about Garden District, yet it's very good and worth exploring

2 Birds 1 Stone (Review) - website - A basement lounge with drinks by Adam Bernbach, funding by Mark Kuller - it will be hard to go wrong here
G Sandwich (Review) - Yonawebsite - A sandwich shop from the owners of Kapnos, wood-roasted meats, Asian Pop-Up Wed-Sat Nights
Cafe Saint-Ex - website
Masa 14 (Review) - website
Bar Pilar - website

Tico - website - @Tico_DC

Sotto - website - @sottodc
Pearl Dive Oyster Palace (Minibite) - website
Compass Rose - website
Black Whiskey - website
Black Jack - website - The upstairs bar of Pearl Dive, bocce ball court, separate whimsically written menu, late night, and late-late night menus
BakeHouse - website - @BakeHouseDC - An independent bakery with a good, progressive coffee and tea program
Taqueria Nacional - website
Rice - website
Red Light - website
Policy - website
Den of Thieves (formerly Hanoi House and Blackbyrd) - website
Drafting Table - website - @DraftingTableDC
Dining in 14UP
Tryst/Diner Venture - 1840 14th. St. - Not Opening

Mid City Caffe - 1626 14th. St. - Closed

Pizza Bomb - 1832 14th St. - Not Opening
Diego - 2100 14th St - Closed

Black & Orange (formerly Rogue States) - 1931 14th St. - Closed

Left Door - 1345 S St. - Opening

Mount Vernon Square (Convention Center, City Center, Mt Vernon Sq 7th St - Convention Center Metro (Green, Yellow))
Rogue 24 - website - @Rogue24DC - Rogue 24 has taken the (old) Minibar, and outperformed it by finishing these novel dishes on a range, great service and cocktails
Corduroy (ReviewMinibite) - website - Open in a beautiful new space, Corduroy is back - fantastic, somewhat pricey wine list, refined, superior cooking, excellent service
Seasonal Pantry - website - @SeasonPantry - Chef Dan O'Brien hosts dinners Thu-Sat for only 12 people, book early as reservations are difficult
Baby Wale (Review) - website - @BabyWaleDC ​- I’m not sure how Tom Power did it, but he managed to open a huge, artistic-funky, bar with a kitchen attached to it, putting out good, simple food.
Alba Osteria - website ​- @AlbaOsteriaDC
DBGB Kitchen & Bar - website - @DBGBKitchenBar - A very expensive bistro, but with sound recipes, tight execution, and thoughtful (if expensive) wines and drinks
Carving Room - website @carvingroom - North-African Jewish deli, housemade corned beef and pastrami, cocktails, patio, weekend brunch. one of our top sandwich shops

La Colombe - website - @LaColombeCoffee
The Tavern at the Henley Park (formerly Coeur de Lion) - website
Morrison Clark - website

Mango Tree - website - @mangotreedc
Vigilante Coffee - website - An independent coffee house and roaster, currently inside of Hogo, eventually opening inside Maketto
City Tap House - website
KC Pit BBQ Truck - website
Saints Paradise Cafeteria (202) 789-2289
Old Dominion Brewhouse - website
Bolt Burger - website
AV Ristorante Italiano - 607 New York Ave. - Closed
Little Buddha - 455 Massachusetts Ave. - Not Opening

Buddha Bar - 455 Massachusetts Ave. - Closed
Marrakesh - 617 New York Ave. - Closed
Akosombo - 613 New York Ave. - Closed
New York Avenue Beach Bar - 645 New York - It. - Closed
Ray's City Vista - 475 K St. - Not Opening
Hogo (Review) - 1017 7th St. - Closed
Kushi (Review) - 465 K St. - Closed
The Passenger and The Columbia Room - 1021 7th St. - Closed
Tel'Veh Cafe & Wine Bar - 401 Massachusetts Ave. - Closed
Momofuku Restaurant - Opening 2015

H Street Corridor NE (Atlas District)
Ocopa - website - Finally, the DC area takes its first steps into serious, modern Peruvian cuisine, look for Ocopa to regarded as a pioneer in the future

Toki Underground - website - My favorite ramen in DC proper, charismatic, wonderful service, good drinks program, wonderful atmosphere, long waits
The Atlas Room (Review) - website - Two recent visits show The Atlas Room as the best restaurant in NE or SE Washington, DC

Maketto - website - It's finally here, it's finally open, and I haven't been. Look for this ranking to change one way or the other in the near future.
Liberty Tree - website - I'm overdue in returning to Libery Tree, but Chef Graig Glufling impressed me early on, good beer selection, cramped but attractive interior
Boundary Road - website - A nicely stocked bar with good beers and friendly bartenders, an ambitious menu with cautious execution
Ethiopic - website
Bullfrog Bagels - website
Driftwood Kitchen - website
Po Boy Jim - Facebook
Granville Moore's - website
DC Harvest - website
A. Litteri - website
Impala Cantina Y Taqueria - website
The Big Board - website
Copycat Co. - website
The Queen Vic (Minibite) - website
Smith Commons - website
Shawafel - website
Chupacabra - website
Le Grenier - website
Biergarten Haus - website
Cusbah - website - Facebook - @Cusbah
Argonaut Tavern - website
Vendetta - website
Khan's Bar and Grill - website
H St. Country Club - website
Far East Taco Grille - website - @FarEastTG
Hiraki Sushi & Sake Bar - website
The Star and the Shamrock - website
Sol Mexican Grill - website
Philadelphia Water Ice Factory website
Horace and Dickie's - website
The Pug - website
Dining on H Street
Cafe Roma 411 18th. St. - Closed
Young's Deli 325 Morse St. - Closed
Napa 1015 - 1015 H St. - Closed

Chow - 1110 H St. - Not Opening
Toyland - 421 H St. - Closed
Capital City Diner - 1050 Bladensburg Rd. - Closed
Fruit Bat - 1236 H St. - Closed

Sova Espresso & Wine 1359 H St. - Closed

Souk - 1208 H St. - Closed
TruOrleans - 400 H St. - Closed
Pho Bar & Grill - 1360 H St. - Closed
HR-57 - 1007 H St. - Closed
Pizza Parts & Service (formerly Taylor Charles Steak & Ice) - 1320 H St. - Closed

Sally's Middle Name - 1320 H St.  Opening Apr, 2015
Langdon (Langdon Park)
Panda Gourmet (Days Inn) - website - From those who really know: the best Szechuan-style restaurant in the DC area, originally set up for the Chinese embassy
Deli City (202) 526-1800 - Only the excellent corned beef sandwich is notable

Benning / Kenilworth (Minnesota Ave. Metro)
Miss Charlotte's Crabcakes (202) 397-8517
Ray's the Heat - 3905 Dix St. - Neep
Big Chair Cafe Bar & Grill - 2122 Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave. - Closed
The Red Hen (Review) - website - Regional Italian with talented beverage director Sebastian Zutant, one of the most important openings of 2013, an exceptional restaurant
Boundary Stone (Review) - website - A fantastic neighborhood bar, specializing in beer and whiskey, try their chili cheese half smoke, and a glass of their very own Woodford Bourbon
DCity Smokehouse (202) 667-1212 - @DCitySmokehouse
Big Bear Cafe - website
Rustik Tavern - website
Kochix - website
Aroi Thai and Sushi Bar - Facebook
Baccio Pizza - website
The Public Option - 1601 Rhode Island Ave. NE - Opening
Woodridge (Brookland-CUA Metro)
Zeke's Coffee House - website
Brookland (Catholic University)
Menomalé - website - Count me as a fan of this serious neighborhood pillbox, with fine D.O.C.-based Neapolitan pizzas and an excellent beer program
Steel Plate - Facebook
Brookland's Finest - Facebook
Smith Public Trust - website
Brookland Cafe - website
Dining In Brookland
Colonel Brooks' Tavern - 902 Monroe St. NE - Closed
Little Rickey's - website - Closed and Reopening
Brentwood (Rhode Island Avenue Metro)
MGM Roast Beef - website

Watershed - website
A Deli Italian Cafe - website
Dining in NoMa
Kitchen on K Street - 250 K St. NE - Not opening
Zuppa Fresca - 250 K St. NE - Closed
Union Market
The BBQ Joint - website - Talented chef Andrew Evans barbecues his meats in Easton, and trucks them to Union Market
Singer's Significant Meats - website - Corned beef, pastrami, and nothing else, for delivery or pickup, no restaurant, both meats are world-class
Bidwell - website - Chef John Mooney embraces the farm-to-table movement, and wishes to apply it to Bidwell
The District Fishwife - website - @DCfishwife
Mason Dixie Biscuit Co. - website
Dining at Union Market - website


Capitol Hill North (Union Station)
Bistro Bis - website - Perhaps the best pure French restaurant in the city right now, ask for the small list of daily specials, good cheese cart
Charlie Palmer Steak - website - A beautiful, power dining room with excellent service, but the cuisine here has dropped off a cliff, not recommended
Bistro Cacao (Review) - website - A fine French bistro in a quirky setting, great onglet, some of the best wines by-the-glass in town, a little gem
Toscana Cafe - website - Set up to be primarily catering, the outdoor patio here is a pleasant place to dine, a Galileo-trained chef
Johnny's Half Shell - website
Art and Soul - website
Cafe Berlin (Review) - website
U.S. Senate Dining Room (Invitation Only)
Ebeneezer’s Coffeehouse - website
White Tiger - website
The Monocle - website
East Street Cafe - website
Kyoto Sushi (202) 546-2597
Billy Goat Tavern - website
Dining at Union Station - website
La Colline - 400 N. Capitol St. NW - Closed
The Flying Scotsman - 233 2nd St. NW - Closed
Senator Sports Grill - 415 NJ Ave. NW - Closed
Two Quail - 320 Massachusetts Ave. NE - Closed

America - 50 Massachusetts Ave. NE (Union Station) - Closed
B. Smith’s  - 50 Massachusetts Ave. NE (Union Station) - Closed
Yo! Sushi - 50 Massachusetts Ave. NE (Union Station) Closed

Capitol Hill South (Eastern Market, Barracks Row)
Sushi Capitol - website - One of the two best sushi restaurants in the DC area (and half the price of the other), Sushi Capitol is magnificent, the $50 omakase is a bargain
Rose's Luxury Rooftop - website - Modern American dosed up with wonderful, caring service, excellent cocktails, and complicated, interesting cooking
Beuchert's Saloon (Review) - website - @BeuchertsSaloon - Chef Andrew Markert is making the most out of farm-fresh meats and produce, a fine addition to the neighborhood
Montmartre Restaurant Francais - website - Stephane Lezla has recently replaced Brian Wilson - one capable chef replacing another
Bearnaise (Review) - website - @chefspike - Steak-fritesl, Chef Brad Race is working a tight kitchen, good steak tartare (Montmartre's is better), many wines $40 per bottle
Chesapeake Room (Review) - website - Simple execution, designed to make the seasonal ingredients the star of the show, mercifully, no known sous-vide cooking
Belga Cafe - website - Great Belgian beers, good wine list, complex Belgian recipes, my last visit was quite disappointing, sous-vide has reared its ugly head here
Senart's Oyster & Chop House - website
Ambar - website - Something of a Jeckyll and Hyde restaurant, stick with the most traditional Balkan dishes, try the cheese pie, and any of the veal dishes
Sona Creamery and Wine Bar - website - A fine little wine and cheese shop, emphasis on the cheeses, with table service and wines by the glass
Souk Bakery and Spice Market - @soukdc
La Plaza (202) 546-9512
Sonoma - website
Zest - website
Boxcar Tavern - website
Acqua al 2 - website

Pound - website - An independent coffee house with good coffee and talented baristas.
Harold Black - 212 7th St.
The Sweet Lobby - website - A charming, Francophone bakery featuring cupcakes, macarons, and madeleines
Lavagna - website
Tash - website
Pacifico Cantina - website
Hawk 'n' Dove - Facebook
DC-3 - website
Tunnicliff's Tavern (202) 544-5680
Tortilla Grill and Cafe (202) 547-5700
Molly Malone's - website
Szechuan House (briefly Fusion Grill) - (202) 546-5303
Lola's Barracks Bar and Grill - website
Jimmy T's - website
Old Siam - website
Cafe 8 - website
Samphan (202) 543-7576
Banana Cafe - website
Capitol Lounge - website
Dining near Eastern Market
Ellington's On Eighth - 711 8th. St. - Closed
Tapatinis - 711 8th St. - Closed
Finn MacCool's Public House - 713 8th. St. - Closed
Locanda - 633 Pennsylvania Ave. - Closed
Zack's Taverna - 305 Pennsylvania Ave. - Closed
Jordan's 8 - 523 8th. St. - Closed
Ba Bay (Review) - 633 Pennsylvania Ave. - Closed

Suna - 214 7th St. - Closed
Levi's Port Cafe - 1102 8th St. - Closed

Pound Coffee - 621 Pennsylvania Ave. - Closed

Nationals Park (Navy Yard Metro)
Osteria Morini - website
Agua 301 - website
Blue Jacket Brewery and The Arsenal - website
Kruba - website
Eating at Nationals Park - website
Near Southeast (Potomac Avenue Metro)

Curbside Cupcakes - website - @curbsidecupcake 
Ninnella (202) 543-0184
Lot 38 Espresso Bar - website
Mangialardo & Sons (202) 543-6212
Wisdom - website
Anh-Dao (formerly Vietnamese Corner and Pacific Cafe) (202) 546-4641
Crepes on the Corner - 125 15th St. SE - Closed
Park Cafe - 106 13th St. SE - Closed
Il Capo di Capitol Hill (formerly Mi Vecindad) - 1129 Pennsylvania Ave. SE - Closed 

Mia's Coffeehouse - 101 15th St. NE - Opening May, 2015

Logan Circle
Birch & Barley (Review) - website - The same beer selection as ChurchKey (piped down from above), but with refined, elegant cuisine coming from Kyle Bailey
B Too - website - From the owners of Belga Cafe, a massive beer and wine list (nearly 40 pages), happy hour specials 4-7 weekdays
ChurchKey (Review) - website - The greatest beer hall the Washington, DC area has ever known, decent bar snacks from a limited kitchen
Tortino - website
Slipstream - website - An independent coffee house by day (cocktails by evening)
Tsunami Sushi & Lounge - website - The "Baan Thai" menu is widely considered to be "not dumbed down" for the American palate, no substitutions or changes
The Pig - website
Ghana Cafe - website
15 ria - website
Logan Tavern - website
Veranda - website
Great Wall Szechuan House (202) 797-8888
Commissary - website
Dining in Logan Circle
Viridian - 1515 14th. St. - Closed
Merkado - 1101 P St. - Closed
La Pata Negra - 1612 14th. St. - Not Opening
Elements - Who ever knew? Who ever cared? - Not Opening

Verizon Center West (Northwest of 7th and F Streets)
Proof (Review) - website - A sleek atmosphere, charismatic staff (too many to name), talented chef, and vibrant bar crowd
Oya - website
Del Campo - website
Zaytinya - website - A food factory, but people love it here, good esoteric wines, and an outstanding cocktail program run by Alex Strange (have him make you a Gimlet!)
Zengo - website
Delle and Campbell's Food Cart - 8th. and H St.
Ella's - website
1791 Deli - website
RFD - website
Shimba Hills Coffee - 601 F St. - Closed
Ray - 901 9th. St. - Not Opening
IndeBleu - 707 G St. - Closed

Capital Q - 707 H St. - Closed
PS7's (Review) - 777 H St. - Closed

Chinatown (Northeast of 7th and F Streets)
Daikaya Izakaya (Review) - website - One visit to Daikaya Izakaya impressed me from start to finish, interesting dishes not found anywhere else
Daikaya Ramen - website - A wonderful, hipster ramen house, with giant vats of broth in an open kitchen, try the Mugi-Miso with butter and an egg
Chinatown Coffee Company - website - Independent coffee house
Eat First (202) 289-1703
Full Kee - website
Flight Wine Bar - website
Jackey Cafe - website
New Big Wong - website
Absolute Thai - website
Momiji - website
Lucky Strike - website
Chinatown Express (202) 638-0425
Dining in Chinatown
drinx - 601 F St. - Closed
LeeLoo Lounge - 521 G St. - Closed
Pho Sai Gon & Grill - 736 6th. St. - Closed

Slices On The Walk - Gallery Walk - Closed
Urfa Tomato Kabob - 740 6th St. - Closed
Burma - 740 6th St. - Closed
Kanlaya Thai - 740 6th St. - Closed
Bakeers and Barristas - 675 E St. - Opening

Penn Quarter (Archives, South of F Street)
Fiola (Review) - website - Excellent but heavy cuisine, genuinely caring staff, thoughtful beverage program, fine bar albeit with some key staff turnover, Fiola has become extraordinarily expensive, perhaps too expensive, for its own long-term good
Minibar - website - I haven't been to the new Minibar (at $225$250 prix fixe, I can't afford it!), but based on the old version, this is surely a special experience
The Source (Minibite) - website - A new Izakaya theme will make downstairs the place to be, well-executed Pan-Asian from a talented chef, cordial, attentive service
701 Restaurant - website - A large restaurant with an upscale atmosphere, a great menu, and a good beverage program, recent chef change
The Partisan - website - Yet another opening from NRG featuring talented chefs Nathan Anda and Ed Witt, great beers and the best charcuterie of any restaurant in the area

Bluebird Bakery - Facebook - Talented husband-and-wife pastry chefs Tom Wellings and Camila Arango at the Prequel Pop-Up space, Wellings is fantastic
Barmini - website - A beautiful sea of white, featuring outstanding cocktails and “bar snacks” nearly their equal, very much Minibar “in spirit"
Cedar (Minibite) - website - The "sleeper" restaurant in Penn Quarter, Cedar deserves more recognition than it gets, seasonal cooking that integrates vegetables very nicely
NoPa Kitchen + Bar - website
China Chilcano - website
Oyamel - website
Social Reform - website
Sei - website
Poste - website
Asia Nine - website
Co Co Sala - website
Hill Country - website
District of Pi - website
The Hamilton - website - Owned by the Clyde's Group, one of our city's important venues for live music, better food than you'd expect
District Chophouse - website
Bistro d'Oc - website

Grand Trunk - website
Merzi - website

Carmine's - website
Cuba Libre - website
Andale - 401 7th. St. - Closed
Signatures - 801 Pennsylvania Ave. - Closed
Le Paradou - 601 Pennsylvania Ave. - Closed
D'Acqua - 801 Pennsylvania Ave. - Closed
Wagamama - 418 7th. St. - Not Opening
Manhattan Deli - 801 Pennsylvania Ave. - Closed
Hot Potato Cafe - 614 E St. - Closed

Meatballs - 624 E St. - Closed
Cafe Atlantico - 405 8th St. - Closed 
Zola - 800 F St. - Closed
Menu / MBK (formerly Azur) - 405 8th St. - Closed
Kinship - 1015 7th St.- Opening September, 2015

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