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  2. Mario Batali - Sexual Misconduct

    April Bloomfield's response. It shouldn't be so hard to do something about this kind of stuff, but I guess it is. When your business is succeeding, you don't want to rock the boat, I can see an owner/manager saying "If you don't like it, go work somewhere else." It's also hard being in that part of victimized group - i.e. - if in the past a black college kid was treated poorly by a white professor, are the other black kids going to speak out and perhaps put themselves in jeopardy? I guess April Bloomfield didn't do her part, but the MEN who saw what was happening should have spoken out.
  3. Hummus

    I'm not sure why but I'm intensely skeptical of a squeeze top bottle. Does this make me a luddite?
  4. Today
  5. In the "I should have known better" category; I went to a group dinner at I ricci and regret going. I have a dairy allergy, told the server who was pushing a group meal. he told me it's be okay. Much to my surprise, everything had cheese all over it. I "ate around" the cheese but by the time the meal wrapped up, I could not swallow since I was having an allergic reaction to the meal. SO not only did I pay about $100 for food that wasn't very good, but I ended up having to leave early b/c I could not swallow. I realize that many, many people fake food allergies and that's a disservice to me but so is a server who pushes cheese on someone with a dairy allergy!
  6. "What Are LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball Getting Themselves into in Lithuania?" by David Pick on si.com
  7. I read it as a “bash” but more importantly I interpreted it as a bad experience. I took my experiences over the last few years, I read recent reviews from other sources, I read @hopsing‘s comments with the identifying comment “regular” and I noted @Ericandblueboy‘s comment about lunches in the past. I’ll return. I still enjoy it. Who knows what occurred. I’ll venture a guess that they might not staff up well for lunches. Just a semi educated guess, but I don’t see it as being busy or profitable at that time period. It’s also possible the lease requires them to be open those hours. (The landlord is also the tenant) All guesses. Emphasis is that I’ll continue to go there with the belief that you had a one time bad experience
  8. National Chains

    Hey! That's milk gravy! I've had chicken-fried steak that is awesome - once in particular, it was something you'd travel for, but I just can't remember where.
  9. National Chains

    LOL your post reminds me of a long-gone chain (there are still a few left out west) called Black Eyed Pea, where my go-to meal was, yep, fried okra and chicken-fried steak (AKA slab o'meat covered in white goo). CB does have pretty good food.
  10. National Chains

    Just read the WaPo article. I am a little embarrassed to agree that since the chain stoped its discriminatory practices, Cracker Barrel is my go-to road-trippin' spot. Here's what it's got going for it: clean bathrooms, veggies, kids menu, FRIED OCRA. Here's what I hate about it: Mom, can I have this, can I have this, can I have this. and that slab 'o' meat that my husband orders...covered in white goo.
  11. Aslin Beer Company

    When did this happen (posted to their site when I went to check on hours since we may be in the area next week)?: Sounds like you can still get cans and growlers to go Friday-Sunday. And: Hard to expand and build a following if you can't get more tap handles out there. I've really liked the limited number of beers I've tasted from them. The double dry-hopped Starfish was tapped out very quickly at Snallygaster, but I recall liking the Berliner Weisse.
  12. Aslin Beer Company

    They certainly do the "hazy" new england style IPA well. Their double orange starfish holds its own nicely against some of the best in the style from Tree House, Trillium and other well known NE breweries. Additionally - while they're not as available due to their diminished quantities, they make some great stouts.
  13. Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Last night I entertained my cousin and his girlfriend, and she is Chinese. I know she likes shrimp and I assumed she likes rice, so I made shrimp étouffée. I think she liked it more than my Texas-raised American cousin! It was spicy, but not hot. Reminded me why I don't cook like this more often, because making a good roux is truly a labor of love!!!! Gives me even more respect for my mother who cooked like that all the time.
  14. Seven of us had an office dinner here tonight. While four of the seven had the fried chicken, I turned elsewhere....the pork cheeks were outstanding. Three crispy chunks, adorned with seared turnips, a wedge of bok choy, on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes. Downright delicious. On the down side, our waitress was a young lady who must have been trained to speak at 65 decibels when the ambient noise level is 75-80 decibels. As if that weren't enough of an annoyance, I caught her out of the corner of my eye returning to the bar area with a mostly spent bottle of white wine, and then carefully pouring what was left in the bottle into another bottle at the corner of the bar. But the pork cheeks were outstanding.
  15. I had not previously been to The Hamilton for lunch, but I was invited there today....I have been on a search for the best octopus in town, and the lunch appetizer was surprisingly good. I accompanied it with a wedge salad, also good, and I can safely assert that I will enjoy both again. Hopefully soon. The octopus did not appear to be the scant tentacle that most places offer as the appetizer. There were several meaty char-grilled chunks, assembled with fingerling potatoes and a tangy tomato sauce. The wedge had nice chunks of bacon and a very rich blue cheese dressing. The lunch crowd was on the massive side, and service was sharp. This lunch was a solid B+ on a scale of 10.
  16. That's good to know. Mrs H and I had given up on The Wharf pre-Anthem (at least until it fills in more) and got dinner/drinks uptown the last couple times we went to shows.
  17. Prices seem to be dropping at the Foggy Bottom store. The fresh chicken was reduced to $5.99 a pound from $7.99 for cutlets and stuffed breasts. The seafood department was selling lobster tails at 2 for $9.99. These were healthy looking tails 4-6 ounces.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    I have been a stranger of late- between work just being crazy, crazy busy, all the non-profit volunteer work I do on the side coming to it's yearly peak (if any of you were a part of the Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend in Alexandria- thank you for supporting the Campagna Center!) and then trying to see family and friends for the holiday, while also putting in an appearance at the gym sparingly, oh and my Spanish classes, my cooking really took a hit, and I owe some posts on lots of take out. But I got back into cooking a bit this week. I made thin crust pizza (store bought crust at HT, will look up the brand it was good) with turkey meatballs, marinara, broccoli, kale and red peppers last night, Monday night I made baked chicken thighs with leftover cheese grits, wild and brown rice with leeks and butternut squash from a prior meal, and spinach sauteed with butter. This past weekend I made the aforementioned rice and squash with NY Strip steaks. I also baked a delicious rosemary, goat cheese cheesecake with lavender honey in record time for a family meal Sunday night from a Bon Appetit recipe.
  20. National Chains

    Johnny Rockets in Brambleton closed 2 weeks ago...apparently it was pretty bad.
  21. National Chains

    I haven't been to a Johnny Rockets in ages. Why? Dan Snyderskin owned them. Ultimately I stopped going to Skns game. In the earlier 2000's it felt that as you approached the football stadium Snyder was already reaching into your pockets and sucking out your cash for an ever worsening experience. Back to Johnny Rockets. Didn't realize it till just now. Snyderskin sold Johnny Rockets--in 2013. How do ya like that? On the one hand I feel like its okay to eat there again. OTOH the patty melts suck. Guess that means status quo going forward. Thanks for the tip.
  22. Calamari

    Zaytinya has excellent calamari.
  23. National Chains

    One thought -- back in the day, families would stop at a national chain vs some local place because you knew what you'd be getting (see, e.g., Mad magazine's "Johnson Howard's" feature from 1966. Now, because you know what you'd be getting at a national chain, you can feel safe bypassing it in favor of the local places, which are now easy to find and take a chance on.
  24. National Chains

    I got a patty melt at the Johnny Rockets in Brambleton a while back. It really sucked. In fact, the whole meal sucked. That is a bad Johnny Rockets. The patty melt I got at the Freddy's in Fairfax more recently was much better.
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