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  2. Personally I do the skin-on, butterflied breast a bit towards the well done side, medium spicy. Keeping the skin on keeps the meat from drying out too much. This was seems to be the most bang for the money and it's not overly filling. That comes with the frozen yogurt afterwards.
  3. I don't know. I have liked it the whole time and don't think it's different now. I hadn't read upthread when I originally responded to you.
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  5. Gumbo Z'Herbes, Shrimp Jambalaya, Smothered Okra, and a King Cake. Plus Sazeracs.
  6. That little plaza on Alban Rd has three really good eating options -- Jacalito, Bozzelli's flagship, and Afghan Bistro. My solution is to grab takeout from Jacalito, order delivery from Bozzelli's, and dine in at Afghan Bistro. So far, this system is working just fine for me....
  7. They might want to rename the exhibition Yayoi Kusama: Infinite Lines. When we left the Hirshhorn there were lines to get into the museum, lines to enter the exhibit, and lines to enter the mirrored rooms. Lines that snaked from gallery to gallery, at times we weren't even sure what line we were standing in. My advice, go on a week day morning and go early. We went opening Saturday and the Hirshhorn was packed. I don't think the staff was prepared and apparently they are going to make adjustments on ticket allotments. It is a wonderful exhibit, not only for the rooms, but also Kusama's other body of work.
  8. Yeah, I was only kidding - it looks like it could have been really good. Modern American with an Italian bent.
  9. If you decide to go to Ray's the Steaks they are installing all new carpeting today. Refreshed, it will look nicer, and still dramatically less expensive than the any other comparable steakhouse.
  10. It was a super delicious kinda brunchy dish. Pork belly was involved.
  11. Last night's dinner featured Asian-Spiced short ribs from a Jean-Georges recipe in Food and Wine. The "Asian-spice" part of the recipe consisted of ketchup, red wine, red wine vinegar, unsulfured molasses, dried onion flakes, dried garlic powder, fish sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, and chipotle chile. Served with polenta and roasted brussels sprouts.
  12. I'll have to check this out! Found their website:
  13. "Of some sort," I'll give you that.
  14. Dinner last night featured more of the chopped salad (I made a lot), baked chicken drumsticks, and leftover asparagus with bacon and egg. There was also a pasta course of sorts: shells stuffed with a seasoned ricotta-yogurt-mozzarella-parsley mixture, baked in marinara sauce topped with more mozzarella and Parmesan in two Le Creuset gratin dishes. All that was left at the end of the meal was half of one dish of shells (about 3 shells) and some salad. (I made a lot of salad!)
  15. Looks pretty terrible. Steak Frite of some sort?
  16. Thanks everyone for all of this great advice. I looked into several options and most were incredibly expensive. In the end, we decided that it made the most sense for MrB to fly back to DC and drive the car to Raleigh himself -- it's only a 4-hour drive.
  17. Nando's bake their chicken and finish it on the grill. If you ask, they will grill it skin on or off, give it extra time on the grill (or probably turn it into a hockey puck if you wish). I go to the original DC Nando's in Chinatown about one time a week (well, it's close to work and 99% of the time very good) and learned that they will cook it the way you want.
  18. Dinner for seven: BBQ ribs, St. Louis-style German potato salad with pancetta, bacon and crispy shallots Green salad with cherry tomatoes, radishes and homemade ranch dressing (1 cup buttermilk, 1/2 cup mayonnaise, 1 tbsp. each chopped parsley, dill and chives, a pinch of ground mustard, a pinch of paprika, salt and black pepper) Cheesecake Fruit salad
  19. Interesting, plates are pretty, but scuffed up?, knives are laguiole. Table and floor look kind of like Mintwood Place, but I thought their plates weren't fancy. I feel like I would remember these plates and cutlery if I had eaten on them.
  20. So Hubby ordered the Caesar salad at Nando's once and it was terribly boring. So I was really debating between the chicken pita sandwich and kale salad this weekend, and it took till the last second to decide. I got the kale salad and a side of garlic bread. This salad is really good. It has kale, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, chicken and was a very fun salad. I think Hubby was a little jealous. The garlic bread are just grilled Portuguese roll halves on the grill with garlic butter, but it's really good, and perfect with the salad. The salad was a pretty big portion too, which is nice. Anyway, really liked it.
  21. So back with the same friend for RW dinner. And the menu hadn't changed much from before, looking back at what we had, but I learned! Two out of three of the main courses used cream, and I wasn't getting the risotto again, so I went for the salmon with white beans and chorizo. I was worried this would be a heavy dish, but it really wasn't and the salmon itself was very well cooked, I liked the broth, honestly it could have lost the chorizo and had a little more broth and some greens and it would be lovely. For a starter I had a salad, which was very normal. I wanted to get the mussels, but curry mussels and then chorizo salmon didn't sound great together. I will say I thought overall the menu felt disjointed, I didn't feel like the dishes really connected with one another, which fine it's RW, but still. For the end I broke out the dairy pill and had custard banana key lime, which sounds terrible, but I ended up liking it. I thought it had some creativity to it. Overall the meal was good, and the company was excellent. I just think they could have thought about the progression a bit more, or had a few more options.
  22. My Mom wanted to take her gentleman friend out to birthday dinner, so we had a really fun meal at Honey Pig. We were going to go to Kogiya, but they had a big tour bus pull in and were packed. Mom's friend had never had Korean BBQ before, but has been trying a lot of new asian foods lately because he does security systems, atm and fire alarm systems and got hired by a company that has a bunch of different asian restaurants. Very proud of him, and of my Mother, for being cool adventurous eaters. He loved the K-pop videos and the corrugated metal. We got shrimp, bulgogi, beef rib and spicy pork belly. The shrimp was much better than I expected, they were big juicy shrimp. I thought they would get too overcooked, but we pulled them off the grill at just the right time. They really enjoyed the bulgogi (who doesn't) and the rib was a good safe option for them. My Mom doesn't like spicy, so she was less inclined to the pork belly, but ate some. We also got a seafood pancake. I think the banchan other than the kimchi is a bit strange here, for instance the raisin, apple, pasta salad? But I like the bean sprouts and kimchi on the grill. The shrimp came with onions and peppers, and man those peppers tasted good once they had gotten all charred and sweet. Everything was good and we all had a really nice time. It was also nice because we had a political discussion and we are all normally of very different political views, but were all very much on the same page. It was kind of nice to be united as a family about something in a positive way, although the reasons it's coming about are not great. It makes me think the future will be more positive, hopefully.
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