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  2. Wet City has nice beers. Never had the food but it looks ok. A Dukem is right by there....and they actually serve pretty rapidly.
  3. My son is in middle school. He recently discovered that the most effective way to avoid being bullied is for him to punch the bully in the face. This lead to his desire to learn boxing. I found a gym in Derwood, Donte’s Boxing Gym. Donte is a terrific young man with a real gift for teaching kids proper technique and self-control as well as for motivating them to work hard. Happily, just a few minutes north of the gym is Big Wang’s. My son and I have gone there twice so far, me to get the pig’s feet with hot peppers and Szechuan peppercorns. I really love that dish. It’s remarkably conceived- the very crispy skin is followed by a collagen-sticky, fatty layer, then fairly juicy meat. Sometimes I eat all three layers together; other times, I eat them separately. The peppers don’t stick to the pig’s feet so I dig around the bottom of the bowl to retrieve a few peppers to eat along with them. The rice that accompanies the dish adds a useful contrast to the tastes and textures of the dish.
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  5. I love Rocky Hudson! He was a player on my local team growing up, the Ft. Lauderdale Strikers. And of course he coached DC United for a couple of seasons.
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  7. I'm reheating an individual serving casserole I made of orecchiette and shredded short rib in tomato sauce with a ricotta/parm/egg layer and havarti and parm on top. The pasta was well past it's best by date and everything else had been in the fridge quite a while.
  8. I honestly don't remember ever saying that--I've never been for the Tuesday special, though I always intend to go--but Yay, me! It's got to be one of the best burgers on the Hill.
  9. Tonight maybe one of the last meals in my kitchen here in Columbus. Taking advantage of the beautiful warm weather, I am going to grill chicken tenders that have been marinating in yogurt and Tandori spices. I am also making a vegetable curry with the addition of kidney beans, because that's what I have!
  10. After getting foiled at Mason Dixie Biscuit Company, I had biscuits on the brain and ended up at Bayou Bakery for the first time last Saturday. My husband and I had beignets and biscuit sandwiches (we were hungry). My 3-year-old also destroyed a biscuit (but refused to try a beignet -- her loss!!). I very much enjoyed my beignets, but I was underwhelmed with my biscuit sandwich. I did the create your own biscuit with turkey sausage (which I'm pretty sure the menu said was from Stachowski), egg, and cheddar. I was a bit turned off by the egg, which was square-shaped, but I see now on the menu that they say they scramble and bake to fit. Well, OK, but everything was lukewarm as if not microwaved long enough. I was expecting the eggs to be cooked to order at least. The sausage was delicious (nicely seasoned), and I enjoyed the biscuit itself, although it was a bit crumbly. They were quite busy, as I'm sure they always are on Saturday mornings, plus a lot of people seemed to be fueling up for the March for Science. My husband ordered for us at the counter and wasn't impressed with the service. He asked about juice options (for our toddler), and the counter attendant rattled off a bunch of soda options -- so not really paying attention? He also ordered drip coffee and was annoyed that he had to traverse the whole restaurant for cream and sugar. They gave him a token for a free refill on his $3 coffee, but they wanted a dollar to put the refill in a to go cup, plus he would have had to stand in line again to get the refill, so he passed. Given my love for both beignets and biscuits, this place had been on my mental to do list for awhile, but I don't see myself rushing back, especially since they're no longer open on the Hill. (I rarely find myself in Arlington.)
  11. ...but wait there's more. Boston Properties CEO: We Want to ‘Ensure That Reston Remains a Preeminent Location’ by Dave Emke — April 26, 2017 at 12:30 pm10 Comments In response to a question during the company’s quarterly earnings conference call Wednesday, Boston Properties CEO Owen Thomas said the paid-parking situation at Reston Town Center will continue to be evaluated. Thomas was asked about “an interesting article” about the situation and tenants’ concerns about business being down. In response, the CEO said: “We did implement paid parking at Reston Town Center at the beginning of the year. As you know, Reston is an urban location, it has structure parking primarily, and there is going to be the arrival of mass transit to the region. It’s certainly not uncommon for areas with this kind of density to have paid parking. We are utilizing a state-of-the-art parking systemthat is being used in cities all over the U.S., and actually the use of these systems is growing around the U.S. In Reston specifically, the system has been adopted by 140,000 users so far. Now that being said, as you suggest, certainly not all of our customers — some, but certainly not all of our customers — have expressed some concerns about the system or simply having to pay for parking, and we are continuing to evaluate our execution and make adjustments to ensure that Reston remains a preeminent location for business and residents in Northern Virginia.” Merchants in the Town Center have reported business to be down as much as 40 percent since paid parking went into effect Jan. 3, and an organized protest of the system in March drew hundreds of participants. Jackson’s restaurant has filed a lawsuit over the implementation, and other businesses have threatened the same; however, Boston Properties says it is confident it will prevail in any legal battles.
  12. But they will be re-opening (soon) as "The Good Silver." No more BBQ, but I like what I have heard of the plans. I miss KBC though.
  13. I had the pleasure of taking a trip to Troeg's located in Hershey PA this weekend for a private tour. The trip was arranged by my beer club at Flying Dog. They were very proud of a new offering, which we were given samples of--Freaky Peach. Freaky Peach clocks in at 9.9% ABV. The following description is going to sound very cliche, but I assure you that this beer was really good. Chances are that unless you visit the brewery (which I highly recommend), you will not have the opportunity to try this beer. The brewery describes this as a bourbon barrel aged sour peach beer. This beer has an aroma of bourbon, which you would suspect would come through in the taste, but the mind can certainly play tricks on you. I noticed also zero bourbon in the taste, except maybe a hint at the end (I imagine as it warms the bourbon character comes through more). The flavor is bright and reminiscent of ripe peaches and apricots. The sourness is not overpowering, but actually enhances the fruit flavor. This is a seriously complex beer worth trying. It is also deceptively smooth, with the relatively high ABV well masked.
  14. Pretty good deal, but I can't imagine having a case!
  15. I think they've begun serving some snackier things earlier, but they don't start dinner service until 5:30. That's probably fine for an 8 PM show but something earlier might conflict.
  16. Speaking of which, Kangaroo Boxing Club was slated to close on Dec 31, 2016, and indeed it is closed. Which is really a shame, because this thread contains one of our all-time greatest quotes:
  17. Closing. The food is terrible. The barstaff is great. My competitive karaoke team has been competing there for years, and it was much loved in that karaoke league. It was a great place to see local bands. But, no loss on the food...
  18. I've somehow missed this place and not noticed this thread before - will have to try it next time I go to the Folger, since pre-Folger dinner is often tricky to find something good (I've eaten at La Lomita Dos for hole-in-the-wall Mexican and Sonoma for fancier, and both were fine).
  19. I remember the CFS on the Gypsy Soul brunch menu at one point, and it was pretty much as described above. Delicious. My son and I each had it, and it came up in conversation at dinner at Founding Farmers a couple of weeks ago, when I was grumbling about how bad their rendition is. Ted's Bulletin also has a pretty mediocre version. Possibly the best traditional one I ever had was indeed in Houston--some 35 years ago at the company cafeteria at Fluor Corporation!
  20. Belated thanks to Tujague for mentioning elsewhere on the boards that Beuchert's has half-price burgers on Tuesdays. I've availed myself of this special a couple times now, including last night, and it's a great deal. Not that the regular $12 burger is overpriced--it's a good value for an excellent quality product and comes with a bit of salad on the plate. Add-ons (bacon, cheese, fried egg) can take it from $12 up to $17, but I rarely want more than cheese. On Tuesdays, though, I can get a $6 burger (+$1 for cheese) and also order fries for $8 and have a food total of $15. Hard to beat that for the quality of the food. The first time I went, they had a sign outside advertising the special, but this last time they didn't. Maybe because it was rainy? I have wondered but neglected to ask if this is dinner only or if it applies at lunch too. Does anyone know? I have also finally learned to ask for the fries here without added salt. They're delicious, but the salted ones are way too intensely salty for me. This way I can order and enjoy them.
  21. Following on to this, there is an excellent documentary on Jeremiah Tower out now called The Last Magnificent. I believe that it opens in DC soon. Saw it in NY - they do a great job capturing a complex guy, and don't gloss over the fact that Alice Waters plagarized her entire first cookbook from Jeremiah.
  22. I was in downtown and my only mode of transportation was bike share. HH was the only place I can reach by bike.
  23. Man, this reminds me that I still miss the Black-Eyed Pea. CFS and CFC too.
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