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  2. [I'll delete this post, but I just want to chime in and say that our members are wonderful. Just their willingness to help anyone who needs an answer to something - that, alone, is enough for me to keep this community alive and well. In my eyes, "kindness" is perhaps the greatest of all human virtues, and our members display it in abundance. Grateful for you all ... Rocks.]
  3. Going to Ace ASAP. Thanks for this - very useful.
  4. This is all correct. Global Entry is absolutely worth it if you travel internationally pretty much at all. Ten minutes customs hall to curb if you carry on. Do NOT, however, do what I did and sign up for NEXUS because why not? (I'm originally from Detroit and do pop over to Canada sometimes.) NEXUS interviews can't be done here; they have to be done at a limited number of border stations so that both the Canadians and Americans can interview you. It was a huge pain that set me back until my next trip to one of the border cities. Don't know about SENTRI but suspect there may be similar issues. Also, remember to keep your personal data on their online system up to date. They're not great about contacting you when they need something.
  5. I was around during his hits, and remember "Hold What You Got" and several other records from when they were getting play on top-40 radio, but I didn't really start paying close attention to soul music until about 1970, when Memphis soul lay dying. Always late to the party, the story of my life. It's funny, and probably true, what you say about the R-rated, adult-party-record compartmentalizing of the material he was given to record, especially in light of the fact that he was among the most thoroughly church-gospel inflected of all the Memphis soul singers of his era. But I really haven't studied Joe Tex's career in sufficient depth to answer your question. Here's a very churchy hit from 1965, "The Love You Save (May Be Your Own): On the other hand, and more in line with what you suggest, his last single to chart in the U.S. was the 1977 release "Ain't Gonna Bump No More (with No Big Fat Woman)", but I certainly wasn't following his career at that point
  6. Fried sesame-crusted tofu (half black sesame, half white sesame; silken tofu) served with a dashi/shoyu/mirin/ginger dipping sauce Watercress and fig salad with a sesame, shoyu, and vinegar dressing Somen (thin wheat noodles) served chilled with tsuyu (dashi, mirin, and shoyu) and green onions for dipping
  7. yes, basically, if you've enrolled in any of the CBP trusted traveler programs, you will get TSA PreCheck. if i recall correctly, Global Entry expedites arriving in the U.S. via airplane. SENTRI expedites land crossings on the southern border, and NEXUS expedites land crossings on the northern border. One of the main things to remember is that PreCheck only applies to U.S. airports (i.e. those whose security are managed by TSA). It generally won't help you with international airport security.
  8. Looks like Bluegrass has new ownership and will be undergoing a name change somewhat soon. Chef and many trademark items are staying (for now at least)
  9. Don, this is a pretty cynical view of the industry. In my experience craft brewers get into the business because they love beer and are actually passionate about the product they create. Most if not all of them were home brewers who caught the bug. This isn't Silicon Valley where everybody's raison d'ĂȘtre is to develop some niche market app for the sole purpose of selling to the highest bidder once they've gained enough market share. Are there brewers that have "sold out"? Sure, just like in every industry. There are three choices: 1) Work to expand production while maintaining independence, keep innovation going in a small scale while letting your flagship beers bring in the necessary capital and market like hell to differentiate (call this the Dogfish Model) 2) Find yourself in a situation where you have a product whose demand outstrips your ability to keep up or expand, or you just don't want to invest the capital for whatever reason. Risk stagnation and brand dilution, or outsource your best sellers to free up in-house production for smaller volume beers you want to continue growing (the Flying Dog/FX Matt Model, or on a larger scale Goose Island) 3) Say "Fuck it, I'm out!" and cash the biggest paycheck you can negotiate, or hand over the brand to a conglomerate in return for creative control. This seems to be the model under the most scrutiny in this thread, but I actually think it's the least common of the three in the U.S, and much more common maybe back in the 90s/early 00s when selling out was the only proven option for nationwide distribution. Now you have Dogfish/Lagunitas/Green Flash/Flying Dog/Deschutes/et al. They have shown that the tide has turned on the Big 3 (well, Big International Two at this point) and they can't use sheer force of distribution rights to bully smaller brewers. Interestingly, I find the beers that this accusation is lobbed at were originally the least notable. You had to come up with something really special to draw the attention of InBev, and that something really special is usually a relatively bland beer with enough "craft"-y mass appeal that moved a ton of product and had a marketable story behind it. I think the space has grown beyond that market pressure, though. There is just SO much out there to choose from. This thread has reminded me that I've become way to insular in my beer purchases recently (hell, I'm in a rut). Off to go research some beers I remember from 20+ years ago and see what is still operating as an independent concern!
  10. I think this is the thread you're looking for. Bart has a great post on December 17th (top of page 2 in the version I'm looking at) about TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry. --- [Yes, indeed it is. Many thanks! Rocks]
  11. If you're not in DC near Union Station, the bus can be faster, depending on time of day. I took the 8 pm bus every Sunday night from Bethesda for two years and arrived in NY between 11:30 and midnight. The regional takes either 3:25 or 3:45 and you have to get downtown so add whatever that is. Acela is 2:49, so no real time save after getting to Union Station, but runs $130-$200 versus $30 for the bus. I did take Acela occasionally as an alternative, but usually preferred the bus.
  12. If you plan to travel internationally in the next 5 years, I'd recommend Global Entry. The nominal cost difference between GE and TSA precheck should make the decision easy.
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  14. That is correct as I understand it.
  15. I think Global Entry is TSA Pre-Check *plus* immigration/customs. It's all in that other thread.
  16. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought TSA Pre-Check was for getting through security before getting on a plane (you don't have to take off your shoes, take out your laptop, etc.) and Global Entry was for getting through immigration upon arrival after an international flight (kiosks rather than waiting in line to see a CBP officer). I think I know where that other thread is -- I'll try to find it.
  17. TSA Pre-Check doesn't let you skip immigration and customs?
  18. Do global entry. It is marginally more expensive but it includes precheck for free and let's you basically skip immigration and customs. If you have status with an airline or credit card they may reimburse you the fee.
  19. I'm pretty sure there's a thread on here about this - does anyone remember where it is? I just pre-applied for TSA Pre-Check, and my appointment is on September 12th (that was the first available). There are centers you can go to outside of airports, which sounds a whole lot better to me. It's $85 for five years (but with this card, you get a $100 reimbursement). There are other programs too, such as "Global Entry," and I think we had this discussion before. Can anyone remember where it is? Is TSA Pre-Check good enough? Or is there something better?
  20. Some quick thoughts from the last month up here in Maine... Northeast Harbor: The Docksider has been totally redone, and now features a bar, whitewashed interior and new entry. Food is pretty much the same. Solid lobster stew and simply prepared seafood. Same prickly servers. Saw a woman complain that she had been waiting to order for 10 minutes. Promptly set my watch and watched her wait for another 12 minutes! The Asticou restaurant has been taken over by Acadia Corp, as they lost the concession for the Jordan Pond house. Lunch here was fair, with popovers coming out lukewarm, although balanced out by a very solid lobster stew and perfectly fried fish sandwich. Very nice selection of local brews on tap and you can't beat the view. The Tan Turtle is back in a new location in the Kimball Terrace Inn, and is just as bad as it was when it was at 151 main street. Unmitigated disaster. The Colonel's continues to have the best donuts and is solid if unspectacular. Islesford: The Islesford Dock Restaurant is closing after 24 years and Cynthia and Dan are going out in style. Best meal I have ever had there, even back when I worked there (my first job was 24 summers ago in their snack bar), so if you are in the area get there before labor day. Highlights included paccheri pasta with a spicy lobster sauce (had to be 3/4 lb of lobster in there) and a great chicken dish with creamed corn and a pesto sauce that would not have been out of place at the Ashby Inn. I will miss this place like the dickens. Southwest Harbor: Red Sky continues to be the best restaurant in SW Harbor. Just a great spot. Claremont continues to coast, although a nice setting for dressier dinner - great arctic char and grilled halibut. Less interesting appetizers though. Bar Harbor: Went to sweet peas only to find that they are no longer open for lunch. Total bummer, although my parents could have done me a solid and pointed that out or I could have checked online so no big deal and totally my fault, although would have been great to get there as I have heard great things from this season...
  21. that hotel does look cool - and the location is fantastic. looking at the map on the hotel's website, i was reminded of another restaurant that we liked... Mother's - it's a coal or wood fired pizza/italian bistro. The place is pretty big with lots of outdoor picnic tables to eat at when the weather is nice and the pizzas are good. and fwiw.. there's a grocery store pretty much next door in case you want your own food/supplemental snacks - or get tired of the atrocious service we found to be pervasive throughout all dining establishments in Copenhagen. (beyond taking your order and getting your food, and sometimes not even that - good luck getting anyone's attention... especially to get the bill.) we thought maybe it was just us, but then we found many posts about the very bad service in restaurants in Copenhagen. I wish I had more advice to give on this topic, but we never managed to solve the problem ourselves.
  22. I can't imagine taking the bus to NY in any situation, even nicer options like the Sprinter Bus (, although one of our board members took the sprinter from Tysons after the last Amtrak derailment and enjoyed the trip. I can't imagine that the bus (any bus) is faster than the train, even the regional. And, with heavy discounts available on the regional trains (AAA, AARP, student, etc) and 14 day advance purchases, probably not much cheaper.
  23. The Cape May-Lewes ferry is definitely worth trying out once, as the scenery is gorgeous. We avoided some traffic taking this longer route (the ride is 85mins long) and had fun stretching our sea legs on shore at Hopkins Dairy Farm for ice cream afterwards.
  24. Hey...matter of opinion... I happen to have one cool jadeite cabbage copy magnet on my fridge! (They didn't sell a good-looking dongpou pork version. ) It's not very big, but very artistically done. I think both pieces are about the size of an adult's palm.... Little man and I waited about 20-30mins in line at the National Palace Museum, with a lot of pushing from unruly tourists. So if you can see it without a long queue, I think it's cool and worth it...
  25. Nope. Not at all. +1 for missing Mockingbird Hill....
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