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  2. Made these for lunch: Thai Green Curry Samosa Wraps. I chose to leave the wraps uncut and wrapped in foil, they are perfect for tossing in your lunch bag to take to work. For a vegan meal, they are very filling and delicious.
  3. Sometimes the circle simply goes away and the ball bounces off, other times they jump and dodge....all those are misses. It's a catch if they go into the ball.
  4. Understood, however it was not busy when we arrived in the main restaurant nor in the Brasserie. Two other parties arrived about 15 minutes after we got seated (2-top and 3-top), and their food came out before our's despite the orders being placed after ours. It was unfortunate, but I will give them another shot - we have been there before, but it was average at best and figured after a year perhaps things had improved.
  5. I've been making this the past couple of nights after cooking up some grilled chicken thighs this weekend: Grilled Pesto Chicken Flatbreads Super tasty and so easy for a weeknight meal.
  6. If the Pokémon jumps-and-dodges, does that count as a miss? Because, honestly, I never miss (well, sometimes if I try a crazy curve), but sometimes they do their little flip-thing. If so, then this explains it perfectly. BTW, have you ever *nailed* a Sunkern, only to have it stick out its tongue at you? (On a similar note, I have yet to find a Sunkern above "Decent.") As long as I have you on the line: I left my best Pokémon in a destitute gym over two days ago. Am I only going to get 50 points from this? I've already gotten my 50 points for today, so what if it comes back tonight? Is it possible I won't get anything? If so, then that *sucks*.
  7. Each berry is good for one catch. If the Pokemon escapes, then you have to use another berry. If you simply missed the Pokemon, then the berry is still good.
  8. There are commenters on The Washington Post grousing about Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump dining at the lavish restaurant, Kinship. All I could think of was, 'Not only could they order anything they wanted off the menu; they could *buy the restaurant* if they really wanted to.'
  9. I believe you are missing a preposition. "Buying FROM Amazon" vs. "Buying Amazon." (All I can think is, "AHA! Pronoun trouble!" Yes, I know, pronouns are not the same thing as prepositions.)
  10. One thing I'm certain of is that Pinap berries sometimes last longer than one throw, and sometimes they don't - and I'm not sure how to tell in advance. I've seen little Pinap avatars to the right of the Pokémon being fought, but I'm not sure they're always there. Just this minute, I used one on a Bellsprout (I needed 8 candies). It escaped my first throw, but I got it on the second throw, only to find that the Pinap berry was no longer in working order. This article states that you must hit the Pokémon on the first throw when you use a Pinap berry - I can vouch that this is false, because I've made it a point to pay attention, and sometimes they last into the second or even third throw: I haven't figured out a pattern, but you don't always have to capture on the first throw. Maybe that icon stays there for as long as it's actively working, and goes away once it's not. --- I'm almost convinced that I can "sense" when a Pokémon is going to flee, before it does - I'm not sure how or why I have this "sixth sense," but if I think it's going to happen, it nearly always does ... there must be some subtle sign that this is about to take place, and I'm probably noticing it subconsciously. Strangely, I have this ability on the tennis court - for whatever reason, I have an uncanny ability to "know in advance" when the court next to me is going to have one of their tennis balls roll onto my court. This "premonition" happens three or four shots before the ball actually comes over - for awhile, I thought that maybe the players on the next court were encroaching, and I was seeing it out of the corner of my eye, but I ruled that theory out long ago. I have yet to come up with a satisfactory explanation, but it's not coincidence, I'm not imagining it, and it has been going on for decades. There must be some sort of subconscious "signal" that I'm picking up on, and I haven't been able to figure out what it is.
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  12. Sorry to change the subject from cuisine to basketball, but the term "superteam" has become annoyingly trite.
  13. Section A is the one that puts you on all fours, right? I think that in the immediate vicinity (if you don't include parts of Rock Creek Park, and maybe even if you do), the Billy Goat Trail is the nicest hilly hike, and Huntley Meadows Park is the nicest flat hike (although the Mount Vernon Trail south of the 14th Street Bridge - the part with the wooden plank bridge - is up there as well. In 18 years of growing up here, and 32 years since moving back here, I've done 'em all (even rapelled once off Carderock - that first time leaning backwards off a cliff takes one hell of a leap of faith).
  14. Yeah, but we only did B and C, so we weren't that disgusting. With that said, we were in hiking shorts and t-shirts, and if they had refused service, I wouldn't have held it against them. It was pretty empty though.
  15. If you're out on that little patio, it seems like it's very easy to be forgotten down there.
  16. I should have read this prior to, I would have dressed like I had been hiking and then sat on the patio to see if the service were quicker....
  17. That's funny...I had lunch in the main dining room a few weeks ago, and I felt that we were being rushed through. Maybe because we came from hiking in Great Falls, and were looking a little ratty.
  18. Having dined there in their Brasserie last week, it was very nice as far as atmosphere. The outdoor patio overlooks their garden areas and is somewhat shaded so that is nice. Service....after being greeted promptly and being seated slightly before our reservation, we got water and drinks quickly. Bread and butter = fine. Food....we ordered within the first 10 minutes of being seated, but waited for almost an hour for our appetizers, which were not overly complicated - braised Wagyu beef cheeks and a salad. We ate efficiently as we had allocated about 2 hours for a lunch and planned to have dessert. Our main courses came about 30 minutes after our apps (my wife actually asked if they would check on them since we were a little surprised the main course did not come out quicker after the delayed apps) which left us a little rushed to make an appt at 2 PM. We ate, requested the bill and skipped dessert due to the extended prep times, which left us short on time. Maybe an off day, not sure as we don't go there enough to know - however with such a nice atmosphere and talented kitchen, the service needs to step up a little. Funny thing was we picked the Brasserie since we figured the service would be faster in a smaller venue. The restaurant was empty when we arrived and when we left, but do not know if it was because they had better service and turned the tables quicker or it was not busy for lunch.
  19. I think it's a simple solution to an annoying, but not earth-shattering, issue. In an age where you sometimes have to look up corporate flings to determine if a "craft brewery" is just a offshoot of a conglomerate designed from the ground up to look like an independent brewery I don't think it's that bad. The "Sam Adams Problem" is a real issue, though. Luckily, everybody knows who those players are. I see this as easily solving the "Plank Road Problem". Wonder how they will handle it when the next micro inevitably gets snapped up by a macro?
  20. New venues debuted today at the Silver Spring store, including ramen from Erik Bruner-Yang's Paper Horse: "Whole Foods Market Debuts New Venues in First Phase of Renovations" by Mike Diegel on
  21. Which does save money, but.... I care when my food comes from. I care that any animal I eat was humanely raised. I care that my vegetables and fruit don't destroy the world. It does mean paying more for food, but I think Farmer John is right - location and what the market will bear increase the costs a lot more than food sourcing does.
  22. This place looks good - Capo Deli Pictures on Yelp look great, especially the bread, and prices are not obscene. $9 a lb for eggplant parm. $9 for smaller sandwich, and $11 for sandwiches that appear to feed two hungry people. Open til 3AM - 4AM on weekends. 2007 me would be so happy right now.
  23. As mentioned above Jason Kidd was one of those players I most enjoyed watching. After seeing the original post, writing about him I went back and looked at videos and some of his career achievements and statistics. On the video front there are a number of video's equating Lonzo Ball and Jason Kidd. Didn't realize that. I'd suggest that is a compliment to Ball to be compared to Jason Kidd. Haven't watched those videos yet. His offensive and passing talents might be similar but I'm curious if Ball will provide the same level of defensive strength that Kidd provided over his career. If so, that would be a feather in his cap. The highlight video's of Kidd's career feature many aspects of his game, chief among them his passing wizardry along with tremendous drives, primarily from his earlier career. Kidd played over 19 years. He is 9th in career games in NBA history but 4th in minutes played. Coaches kept him in the games. From '99-2004 he was first or second team all NBA and from '99-2007 he was first or second team all defense. At age 37, playing for the Dallas Mavs he partook in his first and only NBA championship in 2011. Past his prime. He played the second most minutes on the team both regular season and in the playoffs. At age 37. In the playoffs he covered among others, young electric Russell Westbrook, incredibly tall, athletic, and talented Kevin Durant and later Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade...all players significantly younger than Kidd and the epitome of the most talented players within the NBA. He slowed all of them down enough to help the Mavs win their only championship. Before that he played for mostly winning teams, including very good Phoenix teams and the NJ Nets who he turned into NBA finalists and a strong team. The Dallas teams he played for were very good, and in his final season, at age 39 he still played major minutes, this time for a very strong Knicks team. Since he retired the Knicks have been consistently pathetic. Kidd was a career winner. If Ball even approaches Kidd's all around excellence and leadership the Laker's drafted a winner.
  24. Now confirmed, from the Mt Vernon Triangle CID Facebook Page: Restaurateur Hakan Ilhan (seen here with MVT CID President & CEO Kenyattah Robinson at this year's Annual Meeting) has announced plans to launch a new restaurant and a gelateria shop in the current L’Hommage Bistro Francais and bakery spaces at 5th and K Streets, NW. L’Hommage and the bakery space will close their doors on Monday, July 3, after operating through the July 1 and 2 weekend.After undergoing a complete redesign and renovation, the L’Hommage space will become a yet-to-be-named Latin American restaurant with a menu offering approachable, moderately-priced foods from Mexico, Spain and other Latin American countries. In the current bakery space adjacent to L’Hommage, Ilhan will open a separate gelateria — already named “Gelateria Dolce Vita” — with delicious #gelato made in-house with the best possible ingredients. This will be the second location for Gelateria Dolce Vita, with the other currently operating on the Georgetown waterfront. Ilhan noted, “We are very excited to bring our new Latin American concept to the Mount Vernon Triangle neighborhood. The restaurant menu will provide diners with an array of fresh, house-made options, from small plates to all-you-can-eat offerings, along with an exciting beverage list. Our large restaurant space lends itself well to this new concept. Our gelateria will be the first of its kind in the community and we think it will be a perfect fit for residents, office workers and visitors from around the city.” Both concepts will open in early 2018, joining two other Hakan Ilhan restaurants, Ottoman Taverna and Alba Osteria, as destination restaurants in the MVT CID.
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