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  2. I had a couple good things when it first opened. I went back for a burger and it wasn't as good, so I just haven't had the momentum to go back. Hubby won't go there, so I have to go when he isn't home and I don't cook, which just doesn't happen as often. BTW there were about 15 (I think) food trucks in Wellburn Square area- there was no lack of options. I wish I was in Ballston for lunch more often!
  3. I have made it well known above how much I dislike this place. Maybe it's reign of terror is coming to an end in Bethesda--credit Robert Dyer. It may also mean the end of Houston's as well.
  4. True that for most a trip to Costco isn't an every week experience. I make a trip weakly (about 10 minutes from my house) and I can walk to Whole Foods in less than 10 minutes. I am not afraid to try something and return it if it sucks!
  5. Thomas, am I correct in extrapolating that you're talking about personal preference, rather than judgment? (Either is fine, btw, but I sort-of know your palate, and I think you're expressing a preference rather than making a negative statement.)
  6. Puputella is a 12 minute walk, but yes I do have a car but am slightly loathe to bother with that for lunch. Any word on SER at all? I walked by Grand Cru today and made a mental note to look it up. Thanks mucho for your list o' stuff to consider regardless!!
  7. I'd rather spend my time upstairs at Kinship personally. Nothing bad at all to say about Metier, though. I loved my one meal there.
  8. My only comment is that no comments are needed. This headline, followed by this photo, says everything people need to know. I don't care who this person is - unless it's Charles Manson, they deserve better than this - this isn't "news"; it's propaganda.
  9. Just a reminder to check your credit-card statements if you frequented Caffe Aficionado. Nov 1, 2016 - "More Victims Possible in Arlington Coffee Shop Credit Card Scam" by Cheryl Conner on
  10. Agreed - there's no sense in being caffeine-miserable for three months: The money isn't even the primary issue here. The problem is, sometimes going to Costco is an "event" for people, depending on where they live, because they stock up on things and drive a bit further than normal - that's why I post about my sometimes-awful Whole Foods experiences here, but almost never return things. Nov 13, 2010 - "The Caffeine Addict: Costco Coffee Fail" by Proximal.Kitchen on Feb 11, 2013 - "Review: Kirkland House Blend 'Roasted by Starbucks' Coffee" on Oct 23, 2013 - "Kirkland Coffee - Any Good?" on Jun 22, 2015 - "Is Costco Coffee Any Good? We Bravely Discover" by Mrs. Frugalwoods on Dec 8, 2015 - "Reader Tip: Costco Brand Roasted by Starbucks - BIG Savings" on Jul 6, 2016 - "Kirkland Coffee: Seven of Costco's Best Coffee Beans for Your Cup" by Kenneth on Interestingly, I had the *worst* cup of coffee yesterday morning that I've probably had in a couple of years - I got it at Pan American Bakery on Columbia Pike, and it tasted like someone had put out their cigarette in my cup, and then left it sitting out overnight. I found the cup this morning, and despite the desperation caffeine-run, there was about 1/3-cup left: It was literally undrinkable. They use Mayorga beans, to the best of my knowledge, so it shouldn't have been *this* bad. I'd say this was vending-machine level, but honestly, vending-machine coffee is a small step above what this was.
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  12. If you don't like it, return it. They will take it back no questions asked. You don't even need a receipt.
  13. Nothing wrong as far as I am concerned, but Sietsema found it unnecessary. I guess I'll never know what the dish tastes like as originally conceived. The chicken does have a very thick, super crunchy batter.
  14. I'm sure this will be a smashing success just like Eataly was back in 2010, when Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich opened their first store in New York, but a small voice inside me keeps asking "which part of Chinese cuisine has omakase sushi?"
  15. Anyone know if Ristorante Piccolo still has a violinist? I've seen them host professional group dinners in their back room and they have a few private rooms.
  16. No one is ever there. Awful location. But now a regular lunch spot for my crew. I hope they do furious takeout at dinner or something. Had the chicken taco for the first time today and it was really good, I think thigh meat and a nice marinade. And they get the outside of the pupusa extra crispy which gets bonus points.
  17. When in elementary school we had a family trip to the MidWest, Ontario, back East to Niagra Falls, Cooperstown, etc. To this day I recall the time at Taffy Abel's SteakHouse somewhere in Ottawa as the best meal, roast beef and most melt in your mouth meal of my life. My still younger sister ordered shrimp scampi in the tiny voice of a newly born bird. She'll tell you today it was good. Who can say what kids might remember. (I also recall the thrill of getting firecrackers outside of Montreal. That was beyond cool)
  18. So probably by age 8, I start remembering the food itself that we had and how good it was. Before 8, it was all about the experience. I remember getting my bananas foster lit on fire at Commander's Palace, all the powdered sugar getting all over us eating beignets. I remember the mariachi bands in Mexico while we were eating. I remember taking the funicular up to eat in Pittsburgh at a restaurant with a great view (they brought one of the same restaurant to Tysons). I remember going to fancy places all dressed up and getting bites of my dad's food because he normally ordered more adventurous things than me. I distinctly remember eating at Old Ebbitt's Grill with my Aunt in DC. I don't remember all the food per se, but I do remember some of it. The bigger thing I remember is just that I got to go out a lot, to nice places and eat a lot of different things, and it was always fun for me to get to be fancy because none of the restaurants in my small town were fancy. I always liked places with views, or piano music or something like that, it just added an extra element of fun.
  19. As soon as I read this, I realized the child won't have any recollection, ten years from now, if he went to Ruth's Chris, Prime Rib, or Peter Luger - anyplace with fancy steaks and *good service* (and in this case, "good service" means places that are used to serving kids) will do equally.
  20. I go here often and love it. The chickpea and cauliflower pitas are my current go-tos, each served in delicious soft, flavorful wheat pitas. The beet salad is phenomenal also, with a great mix of flavorful and filling ingredients (arugula, beets, cashews, etc.). I often ask them to go light on the dressing though to let the flavors of the veggies shine.
  21. Well, looking at that picture, I can see why they might be closing. Although the network is almost guaranteed to prop it up for at least awhile, whether the teaser is true or not.
  22. I don't watch the show and never heard of the restaurant, but this Post article from 2015 gives context. Oz co-owner Ashley Darby is a cast member on the RHOP. Reality shows create drama to get people to watch. This restaurant is being used for that purpose on the show. According to the Post article, restaurants seem to be preferred vehicles for drama on this series.
  23. I don't follow reality shows, but I do read Arl Now. Here's a summary from an earlier story about Oz that should answer your questions. This was in an ArlNow story June 22, 2016: The restaurant, at 2950 Clarendon Blvd, is co-owned by Ashley Darby, a cast member on the Bravo TV show Real Housewives of Potomac. The show began filming its second season in April — a process that was expected to take 3-4 months. From an earlier story: The restaurant serves authentic Australian cuisine, Darby said, adding that the food is new to many of the restaurant staff, including herself. “We’re all learning as we go,” said Darby, who was crowned Miss D.C. in 2011. Darby co-owns the restaurant with her husband, Michael, who is an Australian native and the co-founder of local real estate development firm Monument Realty. Also, to make things interesting, I think this is a May - December relationship.
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