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  2. India

    Most hotel restaurants on the upper end will run at last $100 US for dinner. Avoid wines as they are usually overpriced and the quality is lower and mixed drinks are perfectly fine. Certain kind of cuisines like Japanese for existence I would not bother but something like Thai would definitely seek out. There are plenty of American chain fast food places within walking distance of the Imperial if you don't want to risk getting sick such as Pizza Hut, KFC, and McDonalds which I would definitely try out just for the experience of eating a chicken Maharaja Mac. There are plenty of hotels nearby which may be slightly cheaper in terms of the meal but Connaught Place is a major tourist area so a lot of places should be ok, a bigger issue will be traffic. Most likely you won't want to go to far as traveling will be a hassle. I've heard good things about Indian Accent but again keep in mind even a 5km trip and take a lot of time especially during rush hour. Have not flown Air India in over two decades! Of course the direct flight from IAD to DEL is the shortest trip around 14-15 hours, however the service has been lacking. A lot of Indians I know like Emirates for the layover in Dubai and the service. Personally, I haven't tried them out yet and have liked KLM or ANA. United is always a mixed bag, better than domestic travel but less amenities than other foreign airlines. Let us know where you go and how the trip goes! (*Tweaked's recent review is pretty good. Didn't read it again before writing this one.*)
  3. Washingtonian "Best Restaurants" Issue

    True or false: Eric's flavors are more integrated; Frank's flavors are more delineated.
  4. I was here this past summer to meet former office pals, and, while still tasty, it was an annoying experience. Basically, the place is overrun with people because 'hey it's Indian buffet!' that they cannot get enough of. It is mobbed by workers and nearby rich soccer-moms alike. It's so annoying I'd likely not return, at least not during the workweek lunch time slot.
  5. Today
  6. We went again recently and it was wonderful. GReat service and delicious food. Discovered they have some quite, quite good cocktails ad then indulged in a nice lineup of food (no dessert - too stuffed)... Trevigiana salad was wonderful Brodetto was quite good, but much of the proteins were overcooked, sadly. Flavors were solid. The cod ravioli was tasty, but the Ravioli del Plin outshone it. The Polpo main was quite good, but the Costoletta di Vitello was superb and paired best with the Amarone we were drinking. I'd go back, even at the high prices. FWIW - I am sure it is not jsut me, but dining out continues to get more and more and more expensive. True, I do not have to order as much as I sdo and I can go to more casual places, but when I want to dine out and do so with gusto, it is....expensive.
  7. Washingtonian "Best Restaurants" Issue

    Whatever - we all have our favorites and any new list will not make me change my mind - I like what I like. That being said, I am sensitive to the restaurants that make it on this list and how close to the top, probably get some real traffic by making the list (or to a certain level on this list (just as much as it probably hurts if they DON'T make it on the list or as high as some might hope for. Some random comments - I'd put Kinship above Metier, personally. I'd love to get to Tail Up Goat, but my wife has no desire to get there. Himitsu would be at the top of my list to try, but I'll pull a Rose's Luxury on this one (I want a reservation and I am unwilling to wait in line.) Masseria was.......fine. Not high on my return to list. Hazel, Tiger Fork and Convivial should have ranked higher, same for Bresca. Glad Clarity made the list - really good. Mirabelle...hey, not the critic's favorite but it is my personal favorite. What can you say?
  8. Hey so are their cocktails good or are they focusing on highlighting just the whiskies? Just want to know how to focus that order when my wife and I get up there. How big is it (I assume not the cavernous spectacle that is the Oyster Bar in Gran Central Station in NYC)?
  9. Dover Sole

    Are they serving this at Mirabelle? If so, what are people complaining about?! This calls for some investigative journalism. (Until I looked, I thought that thing on the top-left was honeycomb (!) - didn't make sense to me, but apparently it isn't. Frank lists it as: "Dover sole, potato, salmon terrine. Potato coulis, Ossetra.")
  10. Dover Sole

    Saw this posted by my favorite chef, it involves dover sole. I can only imagine how delicious it must be.
  11. New Orleans, LA

    My pleasure. How about lunch or brunch here: http://www.galatoires.com/ Sunday brunch is a family affair. Bar opens one hour before kitchen and it is a scene. Historic tasting = http://www.antoines.com/ and https://www.arnaudsrestaurant.com/. DO a drink and app at each. (pronounced ARE-Nos) IMO best mufalatta is Napoleon House but that can also cause massive fights http://www.napoleonhouse.com/ Herbsaint has a great rep but I haven't been because I just go back to the old places I used to frequent. However, Now that I am boycotting August, I;ll try to make it there next (as yet unplanned) trip. Have fun! As a bachelorette, everybody is going to hit on you, possibly even gay men and straight women.
  12. Dover Sole

    And proper Dover Sole is a beautiful thing, if prohibitively expensive.
  13. India

    I’m off to Delhi Sunday for work, and it will be my first trip to India. Not sure how much free time, if any, I will have , and while I usually loathe hotel food, I’ve heard plenty of first hand reports about food safety, so it’s likely I’ll have to break my own rule and eat in the hotel. I’ll be staying at the Imperial, which is supposed to be a wonderful “Heritage” (colonial style) hotel, and I’ve read the restaurant prices border on the obscene. Would be happy for any advice. I am also rolling the dice and flying Air India direct from Dulles, since that route will save several hours. Air India’s reputation is not the greatest, and even though I’ll be flying business class, my expectations are low after reading many trip reports. Has anyone flown AI recently?
  14. I honestly think the #metoo movement has juiced this - mothers are *pissed* to the point where they've had enough, and you haven't heard much from Wayne LaPierre lately - not like he did in the past. Jane Black - who really shouldn't be mentioned in the same post as these other names - has started something on Facebook, and I don't recall her ever having spoken out about this. In a twisted way, Harvey Weinstein might end up being partly responsible for stricter gun laws (he doesn't get any more credit than Ernesto Miranda does, but using slightly warped logic, it's not entirely false). "Suspect Was a 'Good Shot' on NRA-Backed School Rifle Team" by Michael Biesecker and Collin Binkley on abcnews.go.com When you push a book across a table, at a constant rate of 1 mm / hr, eventually, that book is going to fall onto the floor.
  15. New Orleans, LA

    Thanks for this. Going to New Orleans at the end of March for my bachelorette weekend. Have dinner plans at Coquette and Peche. Will probably wing the day time meals. Any other suggestions on where to eat and drink and what to do do during the day other than eat and drink would be much appreciated.
  16. Houston got a lot of love and attention for sure this year. Good to see, with national awards being so Austin-biased in years past. Dallas was almost completely shut out, by comparison.
  17. Anecdotally, it was dead as a doornail when I visited last August. Typically slow month for restaurants and I was there on a weekday, but I saw one two-top in the entire restaurant from 5:30-6:30 pm (I was at the bar). One Fifth Steakhouse seemed to be super successful the year it was open, so I guess Shepherd is keeping that as his moneymaker with Underbelly 2.0 as the smaller footprint.
  18. A Few Headlines (and links) from today's WaPo, all worthy of the 10 minutes it may take to read. The Florida school shooting has America’s attention. But for how long? Divided Congress unable to act on guns, immigration despite public pressure. Outside NRA headquarters, hundreds gather in vigil and protest.
  19. Washingtonian "Best Restaurants" Issue

    Very odd. Fiola Mare was #1 a few years ago.
  20. I'm going to throw down the gauntlet and say that the unassuming storefront Shish Kabob Cafe in Katy puts out the absolute best kabobs in the Houston area (yes, even better than Bijan, though their rice is better). I've been a handful of times, tried lamb, beef, chicken in whole and ground forms, and not once have I had anything less than perfectly cooked meat. Served with buttery rice, grilled tomatoes, and plastic cutlery. This isn't fine dining, but it's really damn good. Start with a small serving of shirazi, and ask for a bit of the crispy tadigh.
  21. Houston chefs seem to have this thing where they get very successful and then try to blow it all up and start over...keeps things fresh I suppose. (See also: Justin Yu closing Oxheart in its prime and reopening as Theodore Rex.) Chris Shepherd is closing Underbelly, and reopening as a steakhouse named Georgia James. Underbelly will kind of reopen in a much smaller space, and be renamed "UB Preserv." Bold move, for sure. I happen to agree with the idea that Underbelly would work better as a smaller, more casual-feeling place. We shall see!
  22. I generally agree with Will's take here. We really enjoyed the food on our visit, with the atmosphere being the one downside. Ortega's cooking is top-notch, but at the end of the day, Xochi is a hotel restaurant, and that kind of kills the vibe for me. It's a very nicely designed room, but the giant TVs behind the long bar were an instant turn-off. The elegance of the food deserves something more. You really can't go wrong with any of the mole dishes. We had 3 different ones and each was rich and spicy in its own way. You might expect some palate fatigue, but each sauce is distinctive enough that you won't get bored.
  23. Last night we had some of the leftover spinach in puff pastry, with more of the tzatziki on the side. In addition, I made a cheese "soufflan" recipe from Jacques Pepin that I saw on the Post website. It's a mixture of eggs, cottage cheese, whipped cream cheese, salt, pepper, and chives. It goes in the oven in a greased cast iron skillet for about 40 minutes until it's puffed and brown on top. Really good, easy recipe.
  24. Barcelona

    New Michelin Three Rosette Restaurants in Spain: ABaC Barcelona & Chef Jordi Cruz and Chef Angel León A Poniente in El Puerto de Santa María With an exclusive video with Jordi Cruz.
  25. Saturday Lunch

    Nothing like last-minute planning... I'm attending a meeting in the Keswick neighborhood today. Mr. P is going to drop me off, then go hang out somewhere, then we'll meet for lunch. Question is, where? We go to Artifact and Woodberry Kitchen every few months, so something other than these would be good. Open to any price/cuisine. Also, where can he go to spend an hour while I'm in the meeting? He might go to the Walters, but would be happy someplace where he can get on the internet for awhile. Would Belvedere Square work? Many thanks,
  26. I kind of hate you for my having seen that picture at 3:15 AM on an empty stomach, and nary a crumb of food in the house.
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