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  2. Thanksgiving

    I'm hoping there's enough brisket. Some of our guests have prodigious appetites.
  3. The mighty have fallen. Per local news broadcasts upper level tickets to the Thursday Thanksgiving Day game are available in the $7 range. I have relatives with pretty good seats in the $130/game range. I looked at that row for the Thanksgiving Day game and saw resell tickets in the $20-$30 range. Mediocre team/ terrible opponent but frankly people hate Snyder and have for years. None of which has anything to do with protesting players btw. But those resale prices—ugh.
  4. Thank you! That'll be the plan, unless the celebrant chooses somewhere else.
  5. That sounds great. My experience is not current but I had a similar concern years ago. Typical corporate expense account restaurants (steakhouses) are (were) fine on Mondays. I would assume that hasn’t changed.
  6. Auld Lang Cuisine

    I saw the Cambodian restaurant in the same Washingtonian interactive map that dcs posted. Saw it earlier this year, forgot about it until someone just asked about Cambodian restaurants. I grew up here, so my memory goes back a ways (though it's quite fallible). Hsian Foong was my favorite place for Chinese food in middle/high school. I miss Queen Bee, but I miss Cafe Dalat more, since that's where my husband and I went regularly for years, pre- and post-kid.
  7. Auld Lang Cuisine

    What a wonderful stroll down memory lane (even though I have no memory of this restaurant) - thank you for posting this. How do you find such things? Remember Queen Bee? It wasn't all that long ago, but it seems like an entire generation. Whoops! I guess it *is* an entire generation!
  8. Yes. My friend (Jon) just went to Metier for his anniversary, and he said it was magnificent. I recently sent another friend to Kinship, and Eric Ziebold wasn't in, but he said he detected no difference. Go with confidence.
  9. To Whom Are You Drinking Right Now?

    Robert Power I am *so glad* that you'll be reunited with your wife - it may be largely symbolic, but so what. The U.S. Army Air Corps - the same service as Louis Zamperini.
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  11. Paid Parking Slowly Killing Reston Town Center?

    Yea - just a bizarre thing to do - you would think they would make it free from now until year's end and try to help the retailers with the Holiday Shopping season. They delayed the implementation last year most likely for that reason.
  12. He's a devout Mormon - did missionary work (he doesn't drink, or at least he didn't). Think about this: He's only three-inches taller than Porzingis - my, how times have changed. Bradley did well to shoot a turnaround five-footer; Porzingis is bringing the ball up the court, and nailing threes. Incidentally, speaking of the Capital Classic, I saw Muggsy Bogues play in it one year. The DC team *beat* the US team, and Bogues (who was one of two people from Baltimore allowed to play for DC) was named MVP of the game - it was incredible watching him hawking the ball, twisting and turning, dishing off pass-after-pass while flying through the lane. I don't think I would want to race that guy in a suicide run.
  13. Edit: one of our options is Kinship (we loved our meal there this summer, probably the best we had all year), and my spouse says he wouldn't worry about the B-team there, given the high quality. Do you think that's safe?
  14. Cambodian Cuisine

    I had my first taste of Cambodian food in a nice little Arlington restaurant around 30 years ago, but that place has sadly closed. Apr 28, 1988 - "Review: The Cambodian Restaurant" by Joan Horwitt on washingtonpost.com
  15. That guy...that tall. I was stunned. Its not like seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time, but my goodness...what a giant. Unforgettable. He was so much taller than a group of extremely tall people. I still recall the sight. Bradley: Underage, probably a Mormon, plus my drinking habits, plus the stunning impact and a reaction that led to upping my drinks for the 2nd half, I would agree...he drank less than me. BTW: With that year, Bernard King was playing for the Bullets at the time. The Bullets generally sucked. Wes Unseld was coach. The team was miserable. B King, though, was still an effective scorer. Whereas before his injury he was essentially a jump shooter, when he played for the Bullets he had changed his game; he was a driver. He was still uniquely effective. HIs offensive moves were very quick and decisive. He had a great instinct for scoring. His injury was a curse on the Knicks. If he and Ewing had played together they would have had two stars. What a pity.
  16. I'm starting to wonder if I'm *so* sensitive to hops that they are, to me, what cilantro is, for some. To me, if you take away the blood orange flavor, I think it would come across as a straight-up IPA. I wasn't quite certain how to classify this, but if you click on this link, Beer Advocate classifies it as an "American IPA" - I figured that was good enough for my purposes, but truthfully, I have no idea what this beer is. If I was at that Rite-Aid, in the same situation, I would buy another six-pack of this - I think it's pretty good. Speaking of flavored beers, has anyone seen DC Brau's "Thyme after Thyme?" I had it several years ago and *loved* the flavors; I haven't seen it since.
  17. Paid Parking Slowly Killing Reston Town Center?

    It is free to park all day all week this week in Reston garages probably because this week is the week that has Thanksgiving Day.
  18. Colorado - Small Cities, Ski Areas

    Glenwood Springs Glenwood Springs is a small mountain town about 3 hours from Denver, at the intersection of I-70 and Route 82. Glenwood is known for its hot springs and is a quaint little place for a weekend trip. Brava Modern Trattoria: A small family run Italian trattoria, vibe was very much your neighborhood fall-back place when you can't decide where else to go. Good thin crust pizza, decent bowls of pasta. The arancini and matchstick french fries were fine. Beer and wine list were nothing special. They have only been open for a couple of weeks and still finding their groove. Sacred Grounds Coffee House: The local coffee shop and cafe, nice space and they did enough to fulfill my morning coffee fix. Grind: Gourmet burgers and local beer in a mountain town seems like the perfect match right? Not at Grind. Maybe we hit them on a bad day, but I definitely would not recommend. Dry and bland burgers. Fries and onion rings were solid. Good list of local and west coast beers on tap. Tequila's Mexican: Has the hallmarks of a tourist trap, but really good, freshly made Mexican. Good fresh salsa and a cabbage type slaw, kind of a like a cousin of curtido, comes with the tortilla chips. Food portions are huge. I enjoyed my huevos rancheros with a pork and green chili sauce. Definitely a local vibe with several large families eating lunch. The restaurant has several other locations around Colorado. Glenwood has two large hot springs resorts, Glenwood Hot Springs Resort has been around since 1888 and claims to have the world's largest hot springs pool. Iron Mountain Hot Springs is a more modern take with 16 mineral hot tube style pools set at different temperatures and a larger family-oriented fresh water heated pool and hot tube, all overlooking the Colorado River. Iron Mountain was really busy around 5pm, and the hot tubes had a sceney vibe, although everyone was really friendly. By the time we left around 7pm, things were clearing out. Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park is a kid friendly, western themed amusement park sitting on the mountain-top overlooking Glenwood. The entrance fee is $16, take the gondola to the top. I would say it was worth it for the gondola ride and amazing views of the valley, but the rest was on the tourist-trap side of things. Hanging Lake Park: About a 5 mile drive east from Glenwood is the Hanging Lake trail head. The hike is about 3.2 miles round trip with a 1,000 foot elevation gain. You're basically going straight up the side of a canyon! Amazing views during the hike and the lake is wonderful. Allow about 3 hours for the up-and-back hike, including rests and photo ops. The trail is well marked and easy to follow. This is a popular hike and the parking lot is small, so go early in the morning.
  19. Paid Parking Slowly Killing Reston Town Center?

    Paid Parking is here to Stay at RTC Reston Town Center is Booming
  20. Although I switched allegiances to the Bullets I still liked and followed the Knicks and recall Bernard King in those early 80’s. One of the greatest scorers ever. My recollection is similar to that of @Steve R.. Lousy Knick teams that fed B King all the time and he could deliver. He was incredibly efficient. Damn injury hurt a remarkable career. The Guy was very determined. When he played for the Bullets after that injury he went from rapid movement jump shots to rapidly developed drives and could still score. Great talent. Big tragedy for the Knicks. Ewing never played with a real star. Bernard King was that level of star before being injured and he was in his prime. Could have been a great combo
  21. I went to Midwood HS in Brooklyn & Bernard King was only 3 years younger than me, playing at Ft. Hamilton HS the year I left to go away to college. Even though Brooklyn had quite a number of incredibly good HS players back then (including Steve Bracie, who played at Midwood during my years and took us to a title & eventually made it to the NBA), I remember the buzz about Bernard whenever I was back home. I paid attention & loved his years with the Knicks. He carried a poor team on his back & they fed him the ball almost every play for a couple of those years. Considering that he was an under the boards type of player, that kind of wear and tear cut short a career that I think could've been one of the best in the game & injuries took their toll. He's one of my favorite memories of the Knicks during the lean years before Ewing et al -- sort've like Don Mattingly is for the Yankees.
  22. Don: You have referenced the Capital Classic several times. I never attended one of those games. I have a Reference to those players, though. (Had to research this to get the year). In 1990 I was at a Bullets game that must have been played the day before or after The Capital Classic. At halftime I was on the concourse level when approaching me was a “gaggle” of incredibly tall, remarkably skinny young men. They were the players from the Capital Classic that year. As tall as they were there was one guy who was an astonishing head and shoulders taller than the next tallest players. A “freaky” tall giant among giants. It was Shawn Bradley, at 7’6”, one of the tallest people in the world and one of the 5 or 6 tallest players in NBA history. Freaky tall; stunning. I’ve spent a fair amount of time with a family friend who is 6’7” or 6-8. He is my brother’s life long friend and someone I’ve known since I was about 7 or 8. Shawn Bradley simply dwarfed the players who were 6-7, 6-8, 6-10 or so. Freaky giant in scope. Probably ordered twice the number of beers I’d normally purchase at the concession stand. 😏 Closest I ever got to the Capital Classic
  23. Not sure why you compare it to IPAs, as it's really not. Not even a pale ale. Maybe more hop-forward than your standard ale, but I wouldn't really call this a hoppy beer. How do I know? My wife loves it and she hates anything hoppy.
  24. 28 Pie Charts That Show Female Representation in Food - How far have we come since “The Gods of Food”?, by Amanda Kludt Nov 20, 2017, 3:31pm EST, on eater.com.
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