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  1. 🚨NOW SERVING TROMPO🚨 (I haven't tried it yet, but I saw the sign as I drove past this week.)
  2. I guess it depends on how "well-regarded" the restaurant is. If it's a casual place, I would probably roll with it, but voice my irritation that they came out too early. In a fine dining situation, I would send back and ask for a manager to explain why we were sending them back. In my experience, in a fine dining restaurant, this would (should) never happen.
  3. I wholeheartedly agree with your conclusion here. We liked it, but weren't blown away as one might expect from the longstanding and loud fanfare. The iconic Korean braised goat (essentially ddukbokki with goat) was quite delicious (and liberal with the heat, as you noted). Great wine list and knowledgeable bartenders. We paired the spicy goat with a Peter Lauer Riesling that complimented it perfectly.
  4. @Mark Dedrick & I were lamenting the loss last night, and like @DaRiv18, we will miss he tremendous range BR had. So many family meals with my kids there. So many out of town guests. And yes, so many late nights at the bar. My oldest would often ask to go see "Chef Brad," and we were always happy to oblige. If you look at one of my early posts in the Houston forum, you'll see me describing my search for a BR replacement. Everyone should be so lucky to have a place like Boundary Road.
  5. I hear from my H St. NE friends that Boundary Road has closed. Sad news. BR really was our go to spot when we lived in the neighborhood.
  6. Administrative Announcement

  7. Absolutely. I do think, though, that it's harder to hide variations in quality in Central Texas-style barbecue than other types of cuisine.
  8. I haven't eaten at Franklin's (and probably won't anytime soon due to the ever-present line), but the calling card of a "great" barbecue joint is consistency. That ability to pump out excellent stuff day in and day out (without the use of a "gas assist") is what sets apart the best Texas places from their peers. DC places have always suffered from inconsistency, not helped by the frequent chef/pitmaster shuffles. We'll see if these joints can stand the test of time.
  9. That Central TX tour map misses a biggie: Louis Mueller in Taylor, TX. Steeped in smoke and history. King of the beef rib, and delicious homemade sausages in the regular and spicy jalapeño varieties.
  10. I can't believe I haven't started a thread for Pinkerton's yet. We've eaten here a half-dozen times by now, and find new things to love with each visit. Up until now, we haven't hit a major line situation, though with them making the latest Texas Monthly Top 50, that may change. Unlike most Central Texas BBQ places Pinkerton's not only serves beer (with $1 beer Thursdays), but has a full bar which stays open late even if they've sold out of meat. The brisket here is a solid rendition, and an order I never go without when we're here. I've never had a dry piece, though there was one time it was tender to the point of mushiness. Haven't had anything similar before or since, so it must have been an aberration. The pork ribs here are certainly tender, though they are a bit too sweet for my tastes. Others (in my own family) disagree. The beef rib I had on our last visit was massive and excellent. No reason it wouldn't hold its own with the big boys in Taylor, TX. Sides are standard, elevated by an extra mustardy potato salad and the ultra-rich duck and sausage jambalaya. The vibe here is friendly and low-key, with communal tables inside, and corn hole boards and picnic tables outside.
  11. We continue to frequent Nobie's, both for dinner and brunch, and they continue to kill it. The menu changes with such frequency, it's tough to recommend any single item, but you'll be pleased with whatever they happen to be serving. We went for Father's Day brunch the other day, and had the chance to meet the whole extended Nobie's family. My special hash with pork belly and smashed & crispy potatoes was excellent. Nicely salted, great textural contrasts with the crispy exterior of both the potatoes and pork giving way to a softer inside. Might throw a little hot sauce on it next time. The Back to Life Cocktail is actually a glass of bright and tangy seafood cocktail served with saltine crackers. Nice contrast with the hash.
  12. I have been remiss in not hitting Corkscrew and Tejas Chocolate. Hope to remedy that soon. The pork rib at Killen's may be the best I've had. The Pit Room is certainly worth a visit. They do some fun stuff with homemade flour tortillas made with rendered brisket fat. Pinkerton's up in the Heights (where I live) puts out some fantastic brisket and Grant's beef rib was firing on all cylinders last time I was there. Shoot me a message if you want a dining or drinking partner when you're in town.
  13. I've had lunch twice now at the original outpost here in Houston, and am a believer. The menu is inventive, but authentic. Does that make sense? The chili shrimp dosa is the perfect hot Houston Spring lunch...especially if you start with the (actually very) spicy goat samosa. Parents take note: they also have a kids platter (the "Tuk Tuk Thali) with grilled chicken, fries, braised greens, and naan for $12. It's a ton of food, and was plenty split between our 2 boys (age 2 and 4).
  14. I am in love with the pork ribs at Killens. The only others that come close for me are from City Market in Luling. We'll see how the brisket changes now that Ronnie is changing the sourcing for his beef to Snake River Farms in Idaho (in hopes of getting a more consistent product than he was). June 19, 2017 - "Killens Barbecue Elevates Their Brisket Game" by Scott Sandlin at houstonfoodfinder.com
  15. Great night at Riel a few days ago. I went in with very few expectations, other than remembering that I read somewhere that the chef was Canadian, and at some point served borscht. We didn't opt for the borscht on our first visit, though we will certainly get into it (and the plate of Montreal smoked meat) next time. Cocktails are interesting, well-crafted, and well-priced at $10. I started with "Oslo in the Summertime," a nice riff on a Negroni, with Aquavit subbed in for the gin. Cristina is a sucker for gose, and started with a refreshing beer cocktail (Ready Set Gose) of Real Ale Gose (which has dominant lime notes), Cocchi Americano, and cucumber. It was feeling like that kind of night, so we opted to roll hard and start with the caviar service. Beautifully presented on a cut log platter, were were served 3 varieties - American, Russian, and Iranian along with house made butter (fantastic), freshly made rye blinis, and traditional accompaniments. Just as I was about order a couple glasses of champagne, the manager came over with an ice cold bottle of house infused vodka. All the better. (Click the arrows on the photos to see the crab and hangar steak.) Tempura cauliflower was served with a slightly too-salty kimchi sauce. The cauliflower were nicely breaded and fried, drizzled with the smoothly pureed sauce. There was some spice, but I would have liked a little more kimchi funk. Seemed like a popular dish, as we saw several plates heading out from the open kitchen. Having spent the last few years in DC, it's almost impossible for me to pass up a seasonal soft-shell crab special. Riel's comes lightly breaded and fried, served with greens and a tamarind sauce. Great dish that balances the salty fried crab with the sour tamarind. Bright and aggressively spiced. We wrapped it up with the 44 Farms hangar steak, cooked to a perfect medium rare, served over a horseradish cream sauce alongside pan-crisped potato-cheddar pierogi. Another winner of a dish. Simple, unfussy, but cleanly presented. Riel generated a lot of early press, but still somehow feels a little under the radar. Such is life in a sprawling city with so many choices. That said, I'm confident we'll be back, and would be happy to recommend a meal there to anyone visiting.