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  1. Guidry played American Legion ball for a Lafayette, LA team that my brother-in-law competed against, and they were on the then-named USL college team together. I saw him often. The thing I remember most was his curve ball. Far better than anyone he was competing against. Way too much for players at that level. He stayed in the minors for such a long while we thought he might never make it to the bigs. But he kept at it. It was Sparky Lyle who taught him how to throw a slider, which became his greatest pitch along with his fastball. He was a different pitcher by then, stronger and faster. You better believe he made Yankee fans out of a lot of Cajuns! Still to this day. Now that I am up here though I have the Nationals to root for! ETA He was also quite a good fielder, quick and athletic. Doesn't surprise me that he won 5 consecutive Gold Glove awards, 82-86.
  2. https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/food/how-a-50-year-old-community-cookbook-became-a-mainstay-in-almost-every-cajun-kitchen/2017/08/11/68fec85c-7e0c-11e7-83c7-5bd5460f0d7e_story.html?hpid=hp_regional-hp-cards_rhp-card-food%3Ahomepage%2Fcard&utm_term=.2f27dd32b360 There are 2 volumes. Volume 2 features the art of George Rodrigue, whose paintings of a mysterious blue dog were admired by a group of politicos who named their Blue Dog Coalition in reference to them.
  3. His heartfelt song Galveston was all the more moving because he stayed away from politics. Didn't come out against the war. But who's not afraid of dying?
  4. The more light shone on Miller and Bannon the better. So far they've been mysterious, out of sight.
  5. I don't know if that article was meant to scare me but it sure did! He has a real holier than thou attitude about him. Political meddling by legislators? It's their JOB! This guy sounds like he'd be fine with a dictator.
  6. That was exciting! And the Miami crowd really responded well to Gio. I was in the crowd at Nationals Park when Randy Johnson got his 300th win, and the reaction from the crowd was similar to what we saw last night.
  7. Another expression of thanks to Jeff and his gang for all the good food and hospitality over the years! Legend!
  8. All-Time NBA Starting Five - Who Would You Choose?

    I can't see leaving any of these players off the All-Time team: Jordan Magic Johnson Bill Russell Wilt Chamberlain Jabbar Bird Oscar Robertson Lebron James And there are probably others I never knew because I fell out of basketball following for a while. I think I go with this: Jordan, Russell, Magic, Wilt, Kareem Too many centers, I know. And the thing is, you could make a good case for this team: Jordan, LeBron, Bird, Magic, Oscar Robertson (no centers)
  9. Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    "You don't understand. Maybe I didn't make the best sauce piquante in the world, but I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am, ..." Chicken and Tasso sauce piquante. Garden Tabasco peppers from the freezer heating it up. This year's celery. Tasso from Balducci's and Ukranian "bacon" from last year's Ukranian Festival at the church on New Hampshire Avenue. Not too shabby!
  10. Orthodox Church Festivals :-)

    We love the Ukranian festival on New Hampshire Ave. every year in mid-September! We have pictures of the very dancers featured in the YouTube video you posted! Near the church end of the grounds they set up a little grocery store and we always get kielbasa etc. Parking on NH Ave. and at the mosque next door. Home made sweets (and Ukranian beer). We always get the church ladies' cabbage rolls and pierogis under the big tent, but I think I used to enjoy them more in past years than lately. The priest is cool. Last year there were some long bearded bishops or something like that from the old country visiting. People were getting their pictures taken with them. Petting zoo for the kids. One reason why New Hampshire Avenue is known as the Highway to Heaven! Count the churches as you go by. If you see a lot for sale you almost hope it's going to go to a church, else it'll fall in Devil's Land!
  11. Goat

    I saw goat today at Harvey's in Union Market. Haven't seen it there before. Looked like shank meat.
  12. Another great article on the recording of Blonde on Blonde. It's the music as much as the lyrics that make this album, to me!
  13. I'm guessing they were elected to the All Star team even though they were injured and had hardly played at the time of the voting.
  14. I would gladly support naming it the Brooks Robinson award! That's far more appropriate than the Cy Young award! In general one's skill at fielding will be rather consistent from year to year, but it can also improve over time or get worse due to injury or inattention for whatever reason. There's also the fact that competitors at your position retire while great new players come into the picture, so you wouldn't think the same player would win the gold glove so many years in a row. BTW, I'd include Maravich in the list of great passers! He could pull off some crazy stuff like unbelievable fakes. If you were on his team you had to pay close attention!