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  1. Three of us enjoyed Chloe for an early dinner a couple of weeks ago. Two of us had been before, shortly after the restaurant opened in January, and we'd been waiting for the opportunity for a return visit. If you read no further, I'll simply say the restaurant has only gotten better. The food and service were simply outstanding. This must be one of DC's best spots. The menu still consists primarily of small plates, in addition to three entree-sized dishes, as well as a handful of dessert options. We began with a couple of cocktails, one of which I had to order as soon as I saw its name--"Kabbadi Highball". I learned about Kabbadi after a recent trip to India, when one of my colleagues told me he had become a fan of the sport after watching too much of it during sleepless nights. The cocktail, consisting of Scotch, Garam Masala, Star Anise, Orange, Angostura, was delicious, and it certainly evoked memories of some of the flavors of India. Our server was excellent, and even though I was pleased to hear her recommendation of ordering all of our dishes and letting them course them, I was a bit skeptical. Of course, I shouldn't have been, since the pacing of the dishes was just about perfect. (They arrived a bit quickly, and I suspect I could have slowed the pace a bit, but I opted not to.) Between the three of us, I was the only omnivore. (One pescatarian and one less adventurous eater who doesn't eat fish). As a result, we ordered snacks and small plates only, most of which were vegetarian. Without exception, each dish was delicious. Roasted Marcona Almonds -- Espelette chile Plate of Pickles -- Piparra peppers, garlic, olives, cornichons, fennel pollen Cobia Crudo -- Avocado, Thai chilies, lime, fish sauce, crispy shallots, puffed black rice Sheep's Milk Ricotta -- Grilled house made bread, really raw honey, rosemary, olive oil Roasted Asparagus & Hen of the Woods Mushrooms -- Bernaise Grilled Ramps -- Romesco sauce, aged manchego, marcona almonds Housemade Spicy Garlic Sausage -- Eye of the tiger beans, crushed cornbread, pickled kale Russet Potato Gnocchi -- ramps, asparagus, wild mushrooms, snow peas, parmesan The flavors, textures, and aromas of each dish were wonderful in their own right. For my tastes, I appreciate how the menu offers a diverse choice of options, which certainly seem to be globally influenced. I can't think of many restaurants similar to Chloe. I would feel comfortable putting a blindfold on and making selections, knowing that I would get a fantastic meal. Grilled Ramps with romesco was a unanimous favorite. I think it's the first time I've tasted ramps, and they lived up to the hype. The other favorite was the incredible roasted asparagus dish. The asparagus was bright green, but impossibly tender, and the roasted mushrooms were a treat. The surprise was the incredibly light (whipped?) bernaise, which made for a delicious combination. The Chai panna cotta and the Chocolate Sundae provided a perfect finish to a wonderful dinner. Looking forward to a return visit!
  2. reedm

    Chicago, IL

    If you need to decompress a bit, check out Pequod's for deep dish. You'll need an uber/taxi. We loved it.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions—I’ve managed a solution. More to follow.
  4. Mods, feel free to move this to the “help needed” thread if you like.
  5. Spurred by my failure to obtain reservations for a birthday dinner for 4 during "prime time" in DC (despite starting my search two weeks out), as well as a desire to stay closer to the homestead and avoid a 45 minute drive, I've decided to narrow my search to the Leesburg/Ashburn area. I've been to AhSho and Aggio several times, so I'm looking for a new spot. Does anyone have recent experience with Casa Nostra, Lightfoot, or possibly French Hound Brasserie? I'm looking forward to sage advice from a group I trust. Thanks!
  6. Thank goodness for DR.com. This place is an oasis in a vast sea of PR hype. I certainly don't begrudge a business for their marketing efforts, but as Don frequently points out, why do we stop hearing about restaurants that continue to produce great food? (Little Serow, Komi, etc.) We have a great new restaurant in Ashburn. AhSo certainly advertises, but I'd put their food and drink up against just about anything DC has to offer. Heading there shortly a second trip to their Ramen, Whisky, and Kung Fu pop-up. And yes, the ramen is amazing.
  7. I enjoyed an absolutely incredible meal at Restaurant Eve last year when they still offered the Filipino-Asian tasting menu. I can't wait to see what Kaliwa has to offer. Accusing an Irish man who is married to a Filipino woman of racism seems like a bit of a lost cause.
  8. I played the clarinet years ago in a number of organized school bands, beginning in junior high, then high school, and finishing at The University of Texas. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I recall thinking that it was a great way to meet girls. At any rate, it was never the sexiest instrument in the band, marching band, orchestra, etc., and while it's not easy to play, it's extremely difficult to play extremely well. Your son did an amazing job!
  9. Used to really enjoy the place when I lived in Fairfax, and Chef Jen was still at the helm. I had the feeling they were doomed when she left, since she had the business sense to make changes to fit the area's customer base. Put the right business there, and it will do very well.
  10. I was able to pick up lobster rolls and chowder without ordering in advance, but that was a couple of years ago. I recommend you give them call or send them a message.
  11. Ive ordered pizza from here a number of times. Don’t expect Chicago style and you will be fine. Try the Indian options as well as the desi sauce. I prefer the thin or regular crust options. From my yelp comments: So glad to see a creative pizza restaurant in the area! The deep dish butter chicken pizza was excellent. The crust was closer to a cracker crust than a true Chicago deep dish crust, but the overall taste was delicious. The hot-n-spicy wings were nice-sized, perfectly cooked, and tasty. The employees were incredibly friendly and helpful as well. Looking forward to making this our go-to pizza place!
  12. I think a place to rant would be fine, and particularly so if it's a place where you can help others from having a bad experience.
  13. reedm

    Charleston, SC

    My mom and her sister, both 70+ years old, are heading to Charleston next month for a sisters trip. I credit my mom for my appreciation of good food of all varieties. That said, they'd probably enjoy a couple of quieter spots, and my aunt is not adventurous as my mom. They are staying in the French Quarter, so recommendations in that area would be best. Has anyone been to Fulton Five? That place is steps away from their hotel. Thanks!
  14. I don't want to be known as a thread killer, so I'll provide the answer. It's AhSo, located in Brambleton (Ashburn, really). Would love to get the opinions of others, so check out AhSo's outstanding food and drink. They're creative, and venture beyond their typical menu boundaries. We are looking forward to trying their Wednesday Ramen and Japanese Whiskey pop-up, as well as their upcoming Paso Robles wine dinner in May. I'm very pleased to have them close by!
  15. The swipe looks better in person, I must say. It is burrata...