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  1. Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    I had asked B to make some chili this past weekend -- which was a success -- and I found out later that he had used a Cook's Illustrated recipe. I suppose I'll have to revisit my dislike of that magazine now. Oh, this was tonight's dessert: a fig galette that had a bit of frangipane spread beneath the fruit.
  2. Le Marais has a few branches in San Francisco. We had brunch at the Castro location today given that we live in the neighborhood. Croissant. On par with the ones at Tartine. A bonus is that the staff at Le Marais has ZERO attitude which practically ensures that we'll be back. Butter and jam. The jam was nothing to write home about however. Their hot chocolate was basically a cup of steamed cream with a shot of cocoa. Oh well, can't get everything right all the time I suppose. Croque monsieur with ham and gruyère, small salad. Unlike at other places we've been to so far, Le Marais uses brioche instead of croissants for their croques. Vinaigrette had a touch too much mustard and acid. Duck confit with roasted potatoes, mushrooms and small salad. Same issue with the vinaigrette here as above. Plate was otherwise perfect. Le Marais 498 Sanchez (18th Street) The Castro
  3. Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Thanks! This was last night's: Shrimp scampi Potatoes, green beans and wax beans with pesto Genovese Cantaloupe melon and leftover peach galette for dessert
  4. Breakfast

    For brunch today: summer squash and onion sautéed in olive oil, then combined with leftover slow-roasted cherry tomatoes and basil pesto. Served as a filling inside a pair of three-egg omelettes, and by itself.
  5. From last night's dinner: House made tofu with scallion, bonito and daikon radish Creamy and silken; excellent as always Salmon sashimi Chicken thigh and king trumpet mushroom yakitori with lemon and togarashi pepper Berkshire pork and scallop dumplings coated in mochi rice, with hot mustard, baby bok choy and soy sauce It was awesome; a Japanese take on lion's head meatballs Fried anchovies with carrots and spicy vinegar Someone in the kitchen knows how to fry, and this was no exception Chilled udon with poached farm egg, nori, heirloom cherry tomatoes and Japanese cucumber
  6. Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    We had leftover cioppino and later, a peach galette for dessert.
  7. Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Lots of cooking today. Slow-roasted cherry tomatoes. Some will be for tomorrow's breakfast, folded into scrambled eggs with crème fraîche; the rest will be for either crostini or with pasta. Stufato di verdure, served with pesto. Roasted figs. These will be part of tomorrow's breakfast, served over Greek yogurt. Split 1 lb. figs in half, then top with a mixture of: red wine vinegar, pinot noir, extra-virgin olive oil, wildflower honey, sea salt and black pepper. Roast for 20 minutes in a pre-heated 375 F oven.
  8. Spiced roasted chickpeas Tamarind margarita Gul mina cocktail - feni, gin, kokum, lemon, basil Naan. I think this was the sourdough naan Bengali roasted carrot salad, with pine nuts and lime juice Crispy soft-shell crab, green mango salad Goan grilled calamari, with lime, pickled onion and cilantro Mexican Coke really works well with this kind of food. Milk braised baby lamb, spring pea salad Asparagus with coconut. Braised gingered greens Pilaf with morel mushrooms Masala chai Goan bibinca, apple-rhubarb compote. Vanilla bean kulfi, edible gold leaf, strawberries, rosewater syrup. Grilled pineapple, vanilla, black pepper syrup. Would definitely return. My only regret is that this restaurant is 3,000 miles away from me and I can't just fly to NYC whenever I feel like it. Paowalla 195 Spring Street (Sullivan Street) SoHo
  9. Foreground - ginger swizzle (ginger beer, mint, lime); Background - cosmo-not (pinot noir juice, grenadine, citrus) Bread with whipped goat cheese and sumac. Radish, romesco sauce. Strawberry-rhubarb gazpacho, vanilla sorbet, pistachio. Fluke crudo, with sugar snap peas and kombu Steak tartare, shaved radishes, new potatoes, pastrami spice. Lobster, barley, carrot coulis. Shrimp, broccoli rabe, fregola. Hake, bacon, asparagus Arctic char with olive and heirloom lettuces. Nettle tortellini with shiitake mushrooms. Pasta with maitake mushrooms and spinach. Pork two ways -- sous vide loin and seared pork belly with French lentils, beets and caramelized shallots. Wagyu steak, cipollini onion, ??? Cucumber gelee, cucumber broth. Citrus parfait, blueberries, crumble Berries, violet flowers, sorrel ice. We felt this was "cute" for its own sake and not particularly worthy. Coconut meringue cake. Mignardises. Hazelnut-sesame-chocolate truffles; yuzu gelee
  10. Some more pix from a visit a couple of months ago: Porcini with blueberries and pecorino Grilled artichokes with lemon aioli Octopus with pesto Grilled asparagus, caprino cheese, pickled shallots Meatballs Green beans with pesto and pine nuts Chicken liver crostini Rather disappointing. Was dry and needed a bit more "oomph". Charred pork belly, served with sweet-and-sour onions Awesomesauce on a plate Raspberry crostata -- dry and crumbly. Not too bad though -- with two glasses of white wine, coffee and herb tea, came out to $120 pp (incl. tax and 20% tip).
  11. I prefer to let the pictures speak for themselves. It's one of my favorite places to eat at in NYC although sometimes I do wish the aura of preciousness could be dispensed with. Buvette 42 Grove Street (Bleecker Street) Greenwich Village
  12. Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Dinner menu for August 3, 2017: Spaghetti with white clam sauce Broccoli with olive oil, salt and pepper Italian fruit salad
  13. Lunch

    Haven't been here in a while because being hospitalized after a seizure and multiple pulmonary emboli means you nearly died. But I'm still around as you can see... Oh, and this was today's lunch: Fig and sweet pepper salad with mint and creme fraiche, adapted from "A Recipe For Cooking" by Cal Peternell, page 90 Spaghetti with clams, caramelized onion and mullet bottarga
  14. 2017 James Beard Awards

    My partner and I like to play a game whenever we watch TV. We live in one of the least diverse cities in the country -- San Francisco, where the percentage of African-Americans is actually decreasing (I can't remember official statistics but it's something like 8% in 2015, now 6% in 2017) -- and the commercials reflect that demographic. We say a commercial is diverse if at least 50% of the people in the commercial are women and people of color. Double points if it's a woman who's also a person of color. As you can imagine, most of what gets shown fails this test.