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  1. Chef Austin Fausett is departing for Chicago and George Rodrigues from Schlow Restaurant Group where he was the executive chef at Tico, The Riggsby, Conosci, and Calle Cinco is taking over as Executive Chef. Apparently, Proof also plans a "significant refresh" and recently renewed its lease for another five years. All via Laura Hayes in the City Paper. I believe Fausett's wife has also been serving as GM and somm at Proof for the past year or two, but the article does not mention her or any other staff changes.
  2. Miami, FL

    Where did you end up? We're headed back later this fall and likely to try Alter for the first time.
  3. Lots of change here in recent years, but what a great run Boundary Road has had over it's first handful of years. I so wish we could bring @chefgunshow back!
  4. Yes. We tried to do my birthday there a few Saturdays back and were unable to get a table and ended up with the last two seats at the bar at little before 7:00. Note that they told us that we could not order food (just drinks) if we wanted to sit at the otherwise available table near the entrance, which seemed odd. That said, we had eventually had a lovely meal at the bar itself.
  5. Softshell Crabs

    DC Fishwife had big ones on Saturday at Union Market available to buy live and take home took or to eat in fried on a brioche bun. The latter was excellent.
  6. We've been twice and enjoyed it both times. We just made plans to go back again soon. The folks at the Washingtonian are big fans.
  7. Well, that sucks. Joe was on the opening staff at Proof 9 years ago. He is a terrific guy and a big reason we remained regulars there all these years.
  8. Perhaps, but they certainly weren't the only ones doing half priced wine on Sundays --- DC Harvest & PassionFish have done the same. I'd love to hear it's been rescheduled. Does anyone know if the half priced wine nights at Estadio, Doi Moi, and Two Birds One Stone are impacted?
  9. Half-Priced Wine Nights

    Same. Still had a good time last night, but would have been nice to know it had been discontinued before advertising it to our guests who joined us to partake in it.
  10. Half-Priced Wine Nights

    Alas, I seem to have jinxed this -- Proof stopped doing half priced bottles last Sunday.
  11. Half-Priced Wine Nights

    Proof does half priced bottles on Sundays. It's not the entire wine directory, but they come up with a pretty sizeable list each week and we're big fans.
  12. Mythology is now (soft) open at 816 H Street NE. The concept has been in the works for years and comes from former Atlas Room GM (and Mark & Orlando's owner) Mark Medley with his business partner Todd Luongo. Mythology opened quietly last night. With little fanfare, Mythology lined up the talented Chef Joseph Harran (formerly of Woodward Table, Bistro Bis and Vidalia) to operate the kitchen. If you don't know Chef Harran (and I did not), note that our fearless leader DonRocks has described him here as "exceptionally talented" and a "Top 20 Chef in the city." Our preview meal confirmed Don's informed opinion and was quite delicious and well-executed. We particularly enjoyed the blue crab toast appetizer, the scallops and steak (w/bone marrow) entrées, and the playful "coffee and tea" dessert. The second floor lounge area and roof decks of the building and concept remain under construction, but Mythology is open for dinner now and likely to add brunch and the upstairs bar/lounge space in the coming months. Some aspects of the Mythology theme were not to our taste, but we will be back again for another very good meal soon. Mythology is an instant contender on H Street, IMHO -- Chef Harran in back and Mark in front is a very strong combination and elevates the competition for quality dining here in NE DC.
  13. I absolutely agree. We eat here multiple times a month and love it. IMHO, one of the most underrated spots around. I love the baked claims, the crab cake, the smoked salmon, and just about every other seafood preparation here.
  14. Charlottesville, VA

    I can -- it does!