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  1. Silver Spring's Velatis Caramels, one of the area's oldest businesses, recently turned 150: https://www.sourceofthespring.com/silver-spring-home-one-areas-oldest-businesses/
  2. Jeni's Ice Cream

    Love me some Jeni's! My friend's restaurant (The Greenhouse Tavern) in Cleveland was one of the first restaurants to serve her product. We've been a fan for years.
  3. There is some sort of construction going on at the former Bombay Gaylord. Work is underway at Quarry House for a soonish reopening.
  4. I'm officially excited for this to open: http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/food/article/20867679/chef-ryan-ratino-readies-to-open-bresca-his-first-solo-restaurant
  5. Chef Ryan Ratino (Ripple, Masa 14, L'Auberge Provencale) has announced Bresca, opening Fall 2017 in the former first floor of Policy: http://www.popville.com/2017/07/chef-from-recently-closed-ripple-to-open-bresca/
  6. Ryan is opening Bresca in the first floor of Policy this September: http://www.popville.com/2017/07/chef-from-recently-closed-ripple-to-open-bresca/
  7. After a delay in opening due to permitting hiccups, Bonjour Waffles opened at 7am this morning. https://www.sourceofthespring.com/bonjour-waffles-opens-in-downtown-silver-spring/
  8. New venues debuted today at the Silver Spring store, including ramen from Erik Bruner-Yang's Paper Horse: "Whole Foods Market Debuts New Venues in First Phase of Renovations" by Mike Diegel on sourceofthespring.com
  9. This is definitely worth checking out. "NOAA's Science on a Sphere Upgrades to 4K" by David Lay on sourceofthespring.com
  10. The new Pollo Campero location in Downtown Silver Spring is getting close to a mid-July opening.
  11. Bonjour Waffles, a new food truck featuring Belgian waffles, crêpes and Liège waffles, is opening in Downtown Silver Spring this weekend: https://www.sourceofthespring.com/waffles-food-truck-coming-silver-spring/
  12. The Silver Spring store is unveiling their renovations next week, including ramen from Erik Bruner-Yang's Paper Horse.
  13. Lina's Diner & Bar officially opens Tuesday in the former Piratz Tavern in Downtown Silver Spring: "The inspiration for Lina’s comes from his childhood experience going to a diner in New York City in the Meatpacking District that he said, “just blew my mind, it was such a cool place. You were seated next to transvestites, prostitutes, business people. It was open 24 hours a day. It was really kind of what I guess New York was in the 80s and 90s.” https://www.sourceofthespring.com/silver-springs-newest-restaurant-officially-opens-next-week/