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  1. I fell for this stuff initially, but it's starting to lose its luster for me now. At first my Costco only sold the vanilla flavor, and I didn't bother, but then they started selling the birthday cake flavor (whatever that is), so I gave it a shot. I thought it was pretty good at first, and I COULD EAT THE WHOLE PINT. I have to admit that that was a huge part of the allure, like the article posits. I've now come to the conclusion that it's pretty meh. I think the icy texture is what turns me off the most. I've only tried the birthday cake flavor and might be up for trying another flavor out of curiosity, but I'm not as excited about it as I once was. Unfortunately I'm not that person who can buy a pint of high quality (and extremely fattening) ice cream, eat a reasonable amount, and put it back in the freezer, which will probably mean that I'll just go back to not buying ice cream for the house. I'll have to get my ice cream fixes/treats when I'm out and about. Thankfully (or maybe not) we live near some good ice cream shops (Moorenko's, Tropical Ice Cream, Yummy in My Tummy), so that'll be pretty easy to do.
  2. I'm very interested in those Parmesan whisps, but I'm pretty sure I can't be trusted to have them in the house. I like the Salem Baking Meyer lemon cookies, which I think they always have. They were on sale in the last couple of months. They sometimes also have Biscoff cookies, which I love even though they remind me of flying on Delta. I haven't noticed Golden Island jerky, but I expect to be in the DC Costco tomorrow and will keep an eye out.
  3. Balagger, the Ethiopian place that went into the Jackie's space, appears to be open. They also have an outpost in Skyline. The owners of Balagger also opened a coffee shop called Ground where Sidebar used to be.
  4. I thought his reference to "political meddling" there had to do with the bloviating that some members of Congress do without ever accomplishing or even attempting any change. Right before that paragraph he said, "If lawmakers do not like the laws they’ve passed and we are charged to enforce—then they should have the courage and skill to change the laws." Can't really argue with that. Regardless, I doubt I agree with General Kelly on many policy issues -- especially immigration-related ones -- but he seemed competent and sane, and I felt like DHS made out pretty well in the initial round of cabinet appointees. (Yes, the bar is that low.) As a DHS employee I'm terrified to see who comes next!
  5. I would love to take that challenge. There was already a Raaga thread. I was pretty sure I'd posted there before (and I had).
  6. Gotta say, I hate the name, but I enjoyed the ice cream here over the weekend after some blueberry picking at Larriland Farm. They're located behind and a couple of doors down from Tersiguel's in Old Town Ellicott City. It's just a walk-up window with a bunch of outdoor seating (bonus for me but maybe not for everyone: lots of dogs!), which was perfect for this beautiful summer day sliding into evening. They share the window with River House Pizza, which is a wood-fired pizza place. (We didn't try the pizza, which was sold out for the day.) I didn't realize when we were there that they don't make their own ice cream. They serve Taharka Brothers ice cream, which I had never heard of but is made in Baltimore and seems to be very well regarded. I certainly enjoyed it. I had a scoop of the black cherry chunk and a scoop of the pistachio in a bowl. The scoops were quite generous, and the flavors were quite bold. The pistachio was a light greenish beige color, not a garish green. My daughter wanted pink ice cream, so we got her watermelon sorbet, which was amazingly refreshing and delicious. I wouldn't usually order sorbet when ice cream is an option, but that watermelon sorbet was something else. My only complaint was that the service was a bit slow. The line to order moved pretty quickly, but it took awhile for our ice cream to come out. Despite that, I'd certainly return!
  7. He's from Miami (Hialeah), so it makes sense that the crowd would be particularly interested in his success!
  8. Gio Gonzales with a no hitter in the bottom of the 8th against Miami. Bryce Harper just made a great catch battling the lights to keep it going.
  9. I feel the same way. I also haven't watched local news in ages, but I still watched it when I first moved to the area in 1998, and I always liked Jim Vance. Total DC institution. I totally agree with this.
  10. Cairo Liquors is right down the street at 17th and Corcoran. Not sure about singles, but you could call them.