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  1. German Restaurants

    That's the one! Enjoy your trip!
  2. I have to check the spelling of so many words before I post! I used to know how to spell all (or almost all) commonly used words.
  3. I think many of us will be joining you as bad spellers. I used to be an excellent speller, but I blame spellcheck for my gradual decline in spelling ability.
  4. I appreciate that. I should print out these instructions, swallow my pride, and practice. I have poor depth perception, so that doesn't help my cause. I also get freaked when people are waiting for me or zooming by me as I'm trying to back in.
  5. When I was getting my license in Rhode Island a million years ago they didn't require it. I'm therefore a terrible parallel parker. I lived in Dupont Circle with a car for 13 years but always had a parking space so never got any good at it. That being said, even I could have parked in the space in Al Dente's video.
  6. My parents were recently in town for a college basketball tournament. My father especially isn't an adventurous eater. At all. They were staying by the convention center, and they were all over Cap City for dinner. They said it was mobbed on a Thursday night. Funny enough we'd eaten at the location near Union Station when I was in town looking at law schools 20 years ago.
  7. Wow. I never heard of this place. As I started reading the thread I thought admission must be $20-30, but it's free. Wow. I'll check it out one of these days.
  8. Cheese Zombies

    I never heard of those but I must try one. My mouth is watering looking at that photo. Omg.
  9. Leaving Montgomery County

    Ren's Ramen, Nava and/or Ruan Thai, Samantha's, Pizza CS and/or Pizza CSNY
  10. The Ambar Capitol Hill website references an unlimited dinner offer for $35 per person and also the Balkan Experience for $49. I assume the $35 offer doesn't include drinks. When I did the Balkan Experience our table had countless refills of a Bulgarian (I think) red wine. Maybe it would have repulsed those with a more sophisticated wine palate, but I enjoyed it!
  11. Good Burger In or Near Columbia?

    Clyde's and other not groundbreaking just decent places are often good options for when I'm with my mostly unadventurous husband, my eccentric father-in-law, and my 4-year-old. :-) In fact, I'd classify the place we ended up, River Hill Grill, as not groundbreaking just decent.
  12. Good Burger In or Near Columbia?

    Yes, we've been to that Clyde's a few times. That was our fallback in case we couldn't find something else to try.
  13. They're really pushing their original programming now. Ninety percent of what's on my home page is Netflix original programming (or content they're slapping the "original" label on, like Babylon Berlin).