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  1. I just booked awards travel with them to the Bahamas (with a connection in Miami) and found their website extremely annoying to use.
  2. dracisk

    The Bahamas

    Has anyone been to Sapodilla in Nassau? It's between the airport and Sandyport. Friends just ate there in April and they raved about it, but I don't trust their raves. :-) I'm wondering if it's worth the expense.
  3. I would've "liked" this, but apparently I've reached my limit for the day!
  4. I'm sure I'll check it out, too! Good point about the other nearby dining options. Nava Thai is just down the street!
  5. Meh. Doesn't sound interesting, but I suppose one never knows. I'm pretty sure I saw that guy at the Chophouse the one time I ate there. Was he maybe a bartender there?
  6. They're open in Takoma Park. I received the following information on a Silver Spring listserv: Seoul Food D.C. Has Opened New Korean Fusion Restaurant in Takoma Park Seoul Food D.C. restaurant has opened at 7302 Carroll Ave, Takoma Park. The new, light-filled space includes a big open kitchen and customers are welcomed through a memorable pink front door - Seoul Food's nod to their early days in a bright pink food truck. Owners Anna and Jon Goree continue to offer the same fresh made Korean specialties prepared with Anna's special twist, including plenty of unique vegan and vegetarian options. Former customers of their previous location in a Wheaton gas station, will be happy to learn that Seoul Food now offers beer and wine options too. Menu: https://www.seoulfooddc.com/menu Seoul Food D.C. 7302 Carroll Ave, Takoma Parkhttps://www.seoulfooddc.com/Contacts: Anna and J.P. Goreeseoulfooddc@gmail.com571-236-4750 or 571-505-3892
  7. dracisk


    I often Uber or Lyft home to Silver Spring from restaurants in DC. I usually try to schedule my DC restaurant meals for days I’m already in DC for work, so I metro, bus, or walk to the restaurant after work, usually to meet friends. If I go to a restaurant in DC on a weekend it’s usually with my husband and he’ll drive since I’m terrible at parallel parking.
  8. dracisk

    Brad Stevens, Coach of the Boston Celtics

    The end of that game Saturday night (regulation and OT) was insane! I was just reading Stevens' Wikipedia page earlier today. He sounds like quite a guy (in addition to being quite a coach):
  9. dracisk

    The Bahamas

    We're not going until January, but since I'm thinking about it now I figured I'd ask if anyone has any updated tips on food or anything else. Or, if anyone could report back on a trip between now and then that would be great as well. I'll be traveling with my (non-foodie) husband and 4-year-old (who will be almost 5 by the time this trip rolls around!). We're staying in Sandyport, which is about 15 minutes from downtown Nassau. Basically we chose the Bahamas and Nassau because it's not too far from home and we could use all of my husband's expiring airline miles (and only have to buy minimal additional miles). I have very little Caribbean experience, having only been to Puerto Rico a couple of years ago. I don't have high hopes for food but figured I may as well ask if anyone knows of anything good, specifically anything it would be worth going to downtown Nassau for. I saw the recommendations above for Cafe Matisse. I wouldn't be too interested in Italian food unless we get sick of the local cuisine, which I suspect is a distinct possibility. (We'll be there for 4 full days.) I also figure if we get sick of the beach and check out Ardastra Gardens we could check out Twin Brothers at the Fish Fry/Arawak Cay. I'm intrigued by Athena Cafe and Bar if anyone knows anything about it (although I just looked at their website and see that they're only open for breakfast and lunch). I see there's a location of the Poop Deck, which @Ericandblueboymentioned above, near our hotel (along with a few other restaurants, which I suspect we'll mostly stick to out of convenience, but in case we get motivated to venture away from our hotel I figured I'd ask for advice!). I'm pretty happy to be staying away from downtown Nassau and the whole Paradise Island scene. Should we expect that the staff at our hotel will generally know the cruise ship schedule so we can plan any trips we take downtown accordingly (i.e., when there aren't any cruise ships in port, if there's ever a such a time)? Thanks in advance for any information!!
  10. dracisk

    Lump Crab Meat

    The cascading effects of immigration policy.
  11. dracisk

    Building a Wall between the USA and Mexico

    Border Patrol arrests people for giving food, water, and medical care to migrants trying to cross the desert. What a country. "ASU teacher arrested, charged with harboring undocumented immigrants", The State Press, January 24, 2018.