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  1. I am going to be all over this. The single greatest meal I ever had was prepared for me by Masaya at the Sushi Taro Omakase counter. Five years later, I can recite the entire progression of that meal. Cara and I will be there in Tuesday, and I'll be sure to tell her that Don says "Hi" since he neglected to do it in person several years ago at Toki Underground!
  2. The Grist Mill Restaurant in the Hilton Garden Inn Washington DC is seeking an experienced line cook to join our PM culinary team. The perfect candidate will have several years of cooking experience in either independent restaurants or hotels. Are you tired of working long hours, in difficult conditions, for little pay? Do you want to practice your craft in a positive and team oriented environment? Are you creative and passionate about cooking? Do you want to work in a stable and respectful environment? If so, this may be ideal for you. Executive Chef Will Artley is looking to bolster his staff with the addition of a serious culinary professional. Competitive pay, Healthcare, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, 401k, paid holidays, Vacations, and Personal Time off are just a start! The shift is usually 2:30 until 11pm during the week, and 3 until 11:30pm on weekends. Please email your resume if you are interested in joining our team to brian.reymann@hilton.com
  3. The Foxes winning the EPL last year was truly astounding, and the story of their 3 year run would be unbelievable if pitched for a movie. Many have compared RB Leipzig's rise to the top of the Bundesliga this year to be similar. It's not. You are correct, there is no salary cap in soccer, and the richest teams are almost always the best. No one had heard of Leipzig four years ago, when they were a middling club in the fourth division of German soccer. Then they were purchased, built a new training facility, spent a lot of money on organizational structure and on the pitch talent. They marched right through every division and now find themselves at the top of the Bundesliga table. The RB now attached to the Leipzig club stands for Red Bull. LCFC had no such infusion of cash, and what happened last year may never be replicated again in any major soccer division
  4. Reddit and Forum Moderators

    Is there a timeframe for this?
  5. DC Dinner for a Group of Premier Radiologists

    Just try them all and let us know which was the best option. Radiologists can scale up better than most doctors and can afford it!
  6. I haven't been to Comet Ping-Pong in maybe 8 years. Will make a point of going in the next two weeks.
  7. I think about Restaurant Eve quite a bit. Still a fantastic dining destination that has been slightly overlooked with all of the new restaurants and happenings over the last few years. Still outstanding.
  8. I have been to the original Chuy's and their first satellite restaurant in Austin on numerous occasions, albeit 20 years ago. Loved it. I really enjoy Mexican food and Tex-Mex iterations. The singular meal I had at Chuy's Fairfax last year was the worst meal I have ever eaten in a restaurant. Absolutely crap, with every dish oversalted to the point of being inedible.
  9. Thanks Don. This is a work in progress, as any leadership transition is. First, Chris was a wonderful asset in the six years that he lead our kitchen. I can speak for the management and ownership of the hotel that we are beyond happy for him that he was able to move on to a job that affords him more time with his family and his side business. We wish him nothing but the best and he will always be part of our family, and a friend. We are truly delighted to have a Chef of Will's caliber overseeing the next evolution of our restaurant. It is a learning curve moving into a hotel setting, and we have a small and dedicated team here that will need to be retrained and mentored in the next several months as new menus and programs are put into place. This will not be luxury, fine dining, but merely recognizable food cooked with passion and care We were trying to keep the change under wraps until menus were swapped out and staff was settled.....but you kind of forced the issue when you texted me last night (which was fine) I'll keep updates posted here as warranted.
  10. Duckhorn used to be very good and Dan Duckhorn is (was?) a really good guy. Don't begrudge them in the slightest for cashing in, but haven't had a decent Duckhorn wine in 15 years
  11. Read through this article this weekend, and found it odd and fascinating. http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/08/29/damon-baehrel-the-most-exclusive-restaurant-in-america Don't have much more to add other than it is a good read, and has anyone on this board ever eaten there?
  12. Almost all the beers available were "local": Starr Hill, SmartMouth, O'Conner, Pale Fire, Devils Backbone, DuClaw, Brother's, Hardywood, River Company, etc.
  13. I was in Lexington, VA last weekend and the 7-11 on the outskirts of town had a growler filling station. About 10 craft beers on tap and three sizes of growlers to purchase and fill. Obviously, the greatest 7-11 in the world.
  14. Ive eaten at the Mosaic location perhaps a half-dozen times. Always had a good meal (and drinks)