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  1. I was there Thursday and ordered almost the exact same dishes and thought similarly highly of them. My only complaint was that the backroom was a bit cold and REALLY loud, even though it wasn't full and no individual table was particularly rowdy.
  2. We walked in at 630 yesterday and were told (politely) that we could eat at the bar now or at a table at 10 pm. We chose the bar and we waited attentively on by the knowledgeable bartender, who said he moved from Philly where he had worked at Vedge. First, I personally was impressed by the cocktails, which were well contemplated and balanced, with a lean toward the bitter side. As for the food, I was really not blown away. Nothing really even impressed me, though none of it was bad. With the exception of the dandan noodles and maybe the stuffed avocado, everything seemed to lack an extra punch of flavor, especially the mushrooms. I note the dessert pudding we had was tasty and the coffee was some of the best restaurant coffee I've had in a while. Still not likely to head back soon.. And btw, I'm hardly someone who poopoos plant based food. I'm a massive Shouk fan, for instance.
  3. I go there about once a week, for a few reasons. First, full disclosure, I've become friendly with the owner and staff there. But the staff is incredibly knowledgeable and accommodating; they can make you any cocktail for $12. The space is usually busy but you can almost always get a table, and the music is not too loud to preclude conversation. The menu changes every month too, so it's fun to see what they come up with each month. Finally, their patio is shaded and dog friendly, which I love. They don't do anything experimental or groundbreaking ala Columbia Room, but you're also paying much less than you do for a drink at Columbia Room, and there's none of the pretense. I'd highly recommend going and let me know what you think.
  4. This place is what Zaytinya and Kapnos wishes they were. Had a great meal there ordering the majority of the large menu with friends. They originally put us at a very small and uncomfortable table in the corner downstairs, but happily accommodated our request to move tables. All the dips, spreads and "condiments" were great; the only thing that disappointed was the whole chicken and the breads, neither of which were bad, but neither of which lived up to standards set at other places. I particularly liked the tangy eggplant. Apparently their $100 lamb shoulder is outstanding, but they had sold out of it by the time we requested it. Next time...
  5. Perhaps because much of these allegations seem to be that Isabella ran an organization that had a culture of sexual harrassment. If Isabella wasn't a partner/owner at Zaytinya, it's a bit less relevant.
  6. I went about a month ago. I brought my dog and sat on the patio. The staff was EXCEPTIONALLY friendly to my pup, bringing him water and treats and pets, and the food was good. The drinks menu leaned more toward beer and mixed drinks than cocktails. My only gripe is that there really isn't a single even half-healthy item on the menu; it's almost entirely fried chicken and burgers. Makes it difficult to come by often.
  7. They've eliminated the free bread unfortunately
  8. Brought some out of towners here last night. My brother with a broken leg also joined us, and they were very accommodating by giving us a table big enough so he could prop his leg up (I had told him in advance). I did find it odd that they called us at 7:32 to ask if we still intended on using our 7:30 reservation. The restaurant itself looks like a Cheesecake Factory, I hate to say. Very, very bright and chainy, with loud dated pop music playing (think Train and Justin Timberlake) quite loudly. The environment seemed a bit incongruous with high end Asian food to be honest. Upon asking about a bottle of wine, our waitress referred us to the somellier, who seemed like a nice enough guy but also seemed a bit inexperienced in his demeanor (he forgot to top me off after serving me the sample and filling everyone else's glasses). ONTO THE FOOD: thankfully very good and fairly priced. I'm on my phone so I can't see the menu, but we all really enjoyed the crab curry (lots of crab), the giant whole fish with tons of flavors and meat ($32, very reasonable), and the adobo chicken (tangy and good portion). The raw fish dish from the Korean section didn't quite work for us but it wasn't bad. They forgot our order of seafood egg noodles, which I suspect was the symptom of new restaurant kinks. They also served us delicious sticky rice ($2 a bowl) to sop up the juices. Finally, we shared a really excellent sticky rice, mango and ice cream dessert that was remarkably restrained on the sweetness, which I loved. We paid $50-55 per person with tax and tip and left full. It's easier to fix the environment, service and music than the food, so hopefully they'll take make the tweaks needed. I'd go back sometime. Edit: forgot to mention that the cocktail menu was really unappealing. They may have been trying for kitchy but they just looked too sweet and uninteresting, especially for $15
  9. New record for most expensive chicken in the city? BTW, Convivial' s $41 poulet rouge, which comes with a delicious tarragon sauce, veggies and some fancy mashed potatoes is excellent. Not QUITE kinship-good, but cheaper and almost as good.
  10. I had both chicken sandwiches and the gravlax dish here a few weekends ago. All of them were very good, but none of them were great. I'd go back if in the neighborhood, but don't feel a need to drive over there often.