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  1. Lamb Vindaloo

    that's why I go for thai iced tea/coffee
  2. This place isn't closed, is it? Title should be updated?
  3. MGMs food court has some very decent food at inoffensive prices. Had a great Reuben there.
  4. Softshell Crabs

    I agree with you re sauteed v. deep fried. I've found that many (about half?) of restaurants, especially good ones, will sautee them upon request even if they're listed as fried on the menu.
  5. I'm so confused by this place's popularity. It seems to be universally lauded, and I keep going back for that reason. That said, I've never enjoyed anything I've had here, from the prepared sandwiches, to the breads, to the coffee, to the desserts. Everything is a little overpriced and not that good. The french bread was decent, but it's the only thing I've tried that make me feel that way.
  6. My girlfriend took me here for my birthday last night and I'm so glad she did. One of the better meals I've had in DC. We had a 9 pm reservation at the Chef's Counter, but we ended up being seated at 9:15 because the previous party lingered. NBD. I liked the Chef's Counter, where we got to watch the chefs do their thing and watch the expediter review each dish, sending some back for improvement. Once seated, I ordered a delicious and inventive tequila-lime-cilantro-olive oil cocktail ($14) that I really enjoyed. For food, we each opted for the $98 five-course menu, as opposed to the $125 six-course menu because the six-course menu is a chef's tasting menu and I preferred to order the items I wanted. Plus, six courses sounded like too much. We ended up splitting ten dishes, nearly all of which were great. The bread service consisted of a relatively boring breadstick (it was dipped in squid ink supposedly but I couldn't take much of it), a foccacia, and a great cheese-filled puffy, along with some great tomato spread and delicious pickled artichokes. I liked it all. As for the food, the pastas really shined: I loved the linguine with XO sauce that reminded me of the spaghetti and canned white clam sauce dish that I grew up eating (this was of course much better) as well as the cheese-filled "purses" that were downright decadent. We had a third pasta in red sauce with ample portions of snakehead fish, which was just good but not great. Each pasta came with bread to sop up the sauces. We also enjoyed fantastic beets (four ways, all great), a perfectly cooked octopus tentacle and a juicy soft shell crab. The steak and goat were both good, but not as special as the others. Before the meat, I ordered the following glass of wine: 2014 Aglianico, Salvatore Magnoni (Campania, Italy) ($16). I was wondering if anyone knew much about this wine ( @Don Rockell?); I loved it, but, being a wine ignoramus, can't describe what I liked so much about it. I think I liked its acidity and its earthiness? Anything else I should look for in the future for something similar? For dessert, we split a beautiful summer berry dish and a rich chocolate tart with pop rocks. We also had three cheeses ($18): a Gorgonzola, a goat-sheep-cow milk soft cheese, and a peccorino. They came with some candied walnuts, bread, and a cranberry sauce. Loved them all. The house also gave us a glass of champagne and mini ricotta-filled canollis as a closer. Needless to say, although each dish was small, we left perfectly sated. As for the service, the pacing was great, on the leisurely side. We never felt rushed, but also didn't feel that things were taking too long. The waiter was exceptionally friendly, eager to wish me a happy birthday multiple times and quite knowledgeable, noting that he's worked with the chef since his days at Bibiana. I do have two complaints though: first, the waiter was too attentive, checking up on us about twice during each of the five courses. It was a bit much. I tried to be a bit curt with him to send a hint, but he didn't seem to receive it. Not the end of the world but not ideal. The other complaint is that after ALL FIVE courses he made the same joke: "Wow, it looks like you didn't like that". It was cute at first, then wore thin quickly. All in all, a pricey but exceptional meal. I've actually never been to any of the other high-end pasta houses in DC (Tosca, Fiola, etc.), so I don't have much to compare it to though.
  7. Had a grossly overpriced dinner here a few nights ago. We got two dishes of cold noodles: one with veggies and a ginger scallion sauce that was quite nice, one with some asian chiles that had way too much cumin and wasn't spicy enough. Each of those were $15+, which was expensive, but not offensively so. The biggest offender was the "dry-spice chicken", which consisted of about eight pieces of breadless fried chicken (seemed to be not even premium pieces of chicken) with some boring spices on it for...wait for it..$26! We figured it would be at least a half chicken at that price. Without a drink (just water), sharing three dishes, the two of us each paid almost $40 with tax and tip. Absurd.
  8. Cold-Brewed Coffee

    What you get from coffee shops should be either from a keg or from a pitcher, not from a bottle, ideally. @ALB i had a brewer just like that but just broke the glass, so i got a toddy. the first batch is brewing as we speak. dear god does it use a lot of coffee. @tfbrennan i noticed that you said you use 9 cups of water, instead of the recommended 7, why is that? also, do you brew it in the fridge or room temp? i'm surprised it doesnt come with a lid to put on while brewing too.
  9. Cold-Brewed Coffee

    Don, you're missing something. Cold brew doesn't have to be bottled and in fact I've never found a bottled version I like. Cold brew refers to how it is made: instead of just chilling hot coffee, it's cold the entire brewing process, which requires more beans and 12-24 hours instead of a few minutes, and is therefore more expensive. Cold brew tastes much different from regular iced coffee maker. None of the burnt bitter taste, much more natural sweet chocolately notes