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  1. Instant Pot v. Sous Vide

    If you have the time, I would recommend a braised brisket recipe from Molly Steven's "All About Braising" cookbook. Haven't had a chance to try making sous vide brisket (it is on my list). I have made a tasty InstantPot brisket using this recipe -- https://thisoldgal.com/pressure-cooker-friday-night-shabbos-brisket/ Would be great if you could cut your brisket in half, try both methods, and report back.
  2. The three websites that I refer to the most for InstantPot recipes are: https://www.hippressurecooking.com/ https://www.pressurecookingtoday.com/ https://www.dadcooksdinner.com/ this site also has sous vide recipes I like this recipe (https://www.hippressurecooking.com/pressure-cooker-oatmeal-how-to/) for pot-in-pot cooking of steel cut oats. It allows you to cook a single serving of oatmeal in your serving bowl (so no need to clean the instant pot liner).
  3. I have not made yogurt but I have made ricotta cheese.
  4. In South Florida there is Jacksons Ice Cream Parlor and in San Francisco Ghirardelli has an ice cream shop with seating.
  5. Last time I went to Attmans I got a potato knish to go. Heated it at home and had it with a side of Gulden's mustard. It was one of the best knishes I have had in a long while. Kat, I am curious to hear your opinion of their knish (and other items).
  6. Why are my clams grey?

    Well, there goes my theory. Looks like Al Dente's theory may explain your color shifting clams. Weird!
  7. Why are my clams grey?

    What kind of cookware did you use? If it wasn't stainless steel or enamel coated cast iron, it is possible that the pot reacted with the lemon juice (and the wine -- depending how acidic it is).
  8. Last year Harris Teeter had muscadine. Haven't checked there this year. Thanks for the reminder!
  9. SUV Recommendations

    pjnewman you might want to consider a Ford Transit (https://www.ford.com/commercial-trucks/transit-cargo-van/2017/) or a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (https://www.mbvans.com/sprinter/shopping-tools/build-and-equip#/model/model/sprinter/year/2017). You can have them customized with shelving / refrigeration / lift gate / etc.. If you get one of the tall models, you can walk in & walk out with the food you are collecting / distributing (much easier than packing & unpacking a SUV).
  10. Hamburgers on the gas grill, corn on the cob, and homemade yellow cake with chocolate frosting.
  11. @TrelayneNYC that galette looks delicious. If you don't mind sharing, where did you find the figs?
  12. German Restaurants

    I have been to the Old Stein a few times and it is very good (discussed at least one of my meals there on this site). Please visit and let us know what you think. If the weather is nice, try to sit outside.
  13. Pick-Your-Own Farms

    Went to Heartland Orchard in Markham Virginia yesterday for pick your own tart cherries. The orchard was full of ripe and almost ripe cherries. No need for a ladder yesterday -- if you go later this week, you may want to bring a stepstool or ladder. Harvest may last through next weekend. No admission fee & cherries are $2 per pound. There are a couple of farms and orchards that are run by the same family: Hartland Orchards, Hartland Farm & Orchards, and Green Truck Farm. I have had good experiences at all of their locations.
  14. I'm heading to Vegas next week for a conference and I'll be staying off strip. I'll have a rental car, so no need to keep me within any particular neighborhood. Already planning to go to Lotus of Siam, Eat, and Bouchon Bistro. Any other restaurant recommendations (would prefer off strip)? Looking for good food but no fine dining this trip. Thank you!
  15. A quick write up... was hoping to jog my memory by looking at the lunch menu on Trummer's website but sadly it does not reflect most of their current offerings. My friend and I had a nice lunch this past Saturday but there was no need for the reservations that we had made. We were the only two people in the dining room for at least twenty minutes and by the time we left, there were only 4 or 5 other groups of diners having lunch. The atrium/green house room is a beautiful space, even on a cloudy day. Our waiter was pretty good - mostly there when you needed him and never hovering. We shared a very tasty roasted brussel sprouts appetizer. The sprouts were perfectly cooked & came with a dipping sauce. The dipping sauce lacked much flavor and I think would have been improved with some lemon juice (or another acid). I had fish (think it was rockfish) with forbidden black rice, bok choy, and some tasty sauce schmear on the plate (really wanted more of that sauce). The fish was cooked well but the promised crispy fish skin was not crisp. My friend had a burger with pimento cheese and a fried egg along with a side of fries. It looked like a tasty burger & no complaints were heard. For dessert I had the brie topped with raspberry jam and baked in phyllo - the best example of baked brie en croute that I have had but I would have had the sorbet sampler that a nearby table got if only the waiter had mentioned it as a dessert option. My friend had a deconstructed carrot cake that looked beautiful & apparently tasted wonderful too. The waiter mentioned that the new chef, Jon Cropf, had brought along the pastry chef from his previous restaurant (unfortunately I don't remember the new pastry chef's name & can not find it via some quick googling). If I'm in the area, I would definitely go to Trummer's again.