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  1. We loved Shark on the Harbor last week. Had never been to West OC but enjoyed the lively harbor atmosphere of the place; hard to describe but very different feel from the main island. Server was very accomodating to two and four-yeah old's various food allergies, even serving us the peanut-infected amuse bouche away from the table so we could enjoy it without fear of exposing the kiddos. Bread service with pimento cheese, garden salad, crab cake, 2.75 can of Natty Boh, wins all around. Rosenfeld's continued to cook perfect eggs over easy, serve real bagels, and graciously provided two band-aids when two-yeah-old wiped out and skinned her knees on the outdoor patio. Loyal customer for life. If you end up at Fish Tales (as many do) the Red Snapper tacos were surprisingly delicious. Finally, just go to the boardwalk and let your 3 year old do some rides at Trimper's. Indoor, out of the sun, great retro feel.
  2. Dropped in just last week for the first time in more than a year. Forgot how good just the straight up "Italian Sub I" is. Bread is excellent, as are the hot peppers, and everything is proportioned just right.
  3. I find the both the body and flavor of the iced coffee here superior to most alternatives, including Compass.
  4. Heading over in a couple weeks. Any updates, or should I just eat at Rosenfeld's Jewish Deli all week? Could do a lot worse!
  5. Flying Dog Deadrise

    I noticed the more pronounced Old Bay too, and different aspects of the seasoning come out this year as well. Last year there was more of a celery/vegetable thing versus more peppery/smokey this year. Still good, just different.
  6. Flying Dog Deadrise

    Picked up a six at Westover Market last night. BTW--Flying Dog also has a very handy widget on their website for locating specific product lines. Will report soon.
  7. Does anyone know if they're bringing it back this year? If so, and if someone spots it, can you please let us know? Thanks.
  8. Bánh Mì

    Les Grival's has very good bread and the grilled pork is better cut/less grisly than what I'm typically getting in the DMV. But don't miss the spring rolls either, there's something going on in there that seems different or maybe just atypically well-executed.
  9. Excellent as ever. Only gripe was the cucumbers on the Szechuan dry noodles were not quite matchstick thin, a little wider and that threw something off texture-wise. Fried tofu had that excellent salt and pepper tang accompanying its light crisp. My little ones split the beef noodle soup, which put two-yeah old into slurping carb-zen for the duration of the meal and had four-yeah-old asking, totally unprompted, to return the next day. About 80% of the tables were full on a Friday at lunch, in a just world the line would be out the door.
  10. Dropped in today. Atmosphere is pleasant, with some awesomely cheeseball lounge covers as the soundtrack--think Foo Fighters played as a samba. Very friendly host and waitstaff. The chef attended several broths in sort of a semi-open kitchen (think hockey penalty box) next to the bar. "Hakata" Tonkotsu was thick and velvety as you'd want it to be, with thin scallions, egg and four generous slices of tenderloin inside along with a standard-size portion of noodles. The flavor of the broth was maybe just slightly too salty and the meat just a little overdone, but overall this was an excellent bowl of ramen I'd put up against Jinya or Ren's. Yeahwife enjoyed Buta Kakuni and its generous pork belly slices. I also enjoyed a couple bites of the crispy chicken in the Karedon donburi we ordered for four-yeah-old, and the curry itself was pleasantly spicy, though perhaps best enjoyed on the side. I think Columbia Pike now hosts our go-to ramen shop. Next I think I'll give the Shio a try and see how it compares with Bantam King's.
  11. What's Good

    Heading to H-town for a long weekend. The following are on the hit list: Star Snow Ice ShareTea Golden Oolong House of Bowls Les Grival's Probably space for another lunch in here somewhere, may want something like Tex Mex or BBQ after all that. Any ideas on what's good now? Will report back on the above.
  12. Dining in Ballston

    I strongly agree El Pollo Rico is superior judging by the chicken alone. Others I've found either dry, over-, under- or weirdly seasoned (see Don's hilarious post on the Wilson Blvd Super Pollo). The popularity of Rico seems to breed a virtuous cycle of fast turnover, so the chickens aren't spending too much time under direct heat. Also agree sides are better elsewhere, but I'm not really there for the sides.
  13. Dining in Ballston

    @Pool Boy @hopsing Just curious, what are some Pollo a la Brasa places in the area you like better than El Pollo Rico?
  14. Was there with a large-ish group last night. We all did AYCE option A--thought the miso pork belly and spicy chicken were highlights. Panchan also above average--egg custard was much more savory and rich than most places, stew was pleasantly spicy and the pickled chayote was a unique offering. Meats, though quite fatty, were not as "fatiguing" as one would expect, even on round two or three, and there was none of that mustiness you get when pork is less than fresh. Similar atmosphere to Honey Pig, more dressed up than Nakwon or Il Mee, but I think the food is better than any of those. I still prefer the more seafood-focused To Sok Jip, but I think this is could be anyone's go-to for bbq.