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  1. I speak for peoplekind when I proclaim that the fetishization of food has become hyper-exhausting. But shit Mark, I could listen to you sing for awhile.
  2. Tipping: Let's Get Rid of It

    ""We believe employers will pocket between $523 million and $13.2 billion in workers’ tips annually, with $5.8 billion being our best estimate," according to the study. It based its analysis on the notion that employers would pocket anything their tipped workers earn that is over the hourly wage that these same workers could get in a non-tipping job." This is propaganda, not journalism.
  3. Buffets

    As we all know te etymology pf the word buffet goes back to dirty peasant Frenchmen crashing castles halls demanding they be given more than pastry to eat. My favorite form of grimy luxury, besides Old County Buffet, in Minnesoooota is hiding in plain sight adjacent to 395. Hee Been has fantastic kimchi, they inspired and helped with the Number 1 Sons recipe, a soft serve machine, a sushi display that’s equally bountiful and mediocre, orange chicken, kale Caesar salad and piles of meats to cook table while slugging watery barley tea. It’s fantastic. I suggest soju before evening kareoke and tons of Cass beer at brunch. KN, I don’t know you but I am damm glad you post here.
  4. Del Ray has the demographic (money, education, cultural explorers) that an independent operator should be able to earn an honest living putting their heart and hands into something. It takes all types, surely the neighborhood can foster a gem or two and still get wings and sportsball covered too. Edited to change exploiters to explorers. My life with the autocorrect exploiter cult.
  5. Yeah! A place run/financed by folks who call neighborhood restaurants “concepts”.
  6. Mike Mushachio and family grow these. They vend at the Fall Church Farmers Market on Saturday and the Takoma Park Farmers Market on Sunday. Theirs are spectacular. If you're looking for big fruit flavor there are also paw paws / apple custards at markets. There's a fellow who reattached for USDA and new sells the best persimmons I've ever had. He's seasonal at the Takoma Park market.
  7. 1. "I miss the mob" by Derek Sivers on sivers.org 2. "You bank dollars, not percentage points."
  8. New owners have it listed at 18k/mo. 2/3 of the space is a storage building. On a sq/ft basis that's upper tier retail rent for DC...
  9. Why? Restaurant groups and concepts. Hospitality by spreadsheet is never a surprise. Will keep looking through holes in the wall. I know there are young guns out there who will be bringing restaurants to their neighbrhoods - can't all be the next star.
  10. A brother/sister team who make and sell lacto-fermented pickles are looking for a space to work in. Have outgrown curent shared kitchen. Since items are fermented needs for the "kitchen" are worktables, space for spices and salts and conditioned space where the pickle barrels can live. A wide hallway would work. Hot line not needed. Cold storage great but not necessary. Ideal landlord is old codger, loves sour pickles, who owns immaculate underground parking garage that stays cool year-round and can't hear loud music. Know this guy?
  11. Valley Pig Pickin', LLC

    Leaning back against a low-boy counter eating lamb ribs with green sauce was a hell of a thing in a DuPont circle alley doorway. Lamb should get more of a rap.