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  1. Ooh I went a few months ago to Fishing with Dynamite, I think on your recommendation. It was really good. I also went to Salt's Cure, and it was ~fine~. Had a mix of RW and nonRW meals. The pork shoulder was delicious, the fish was a bit under-cooked.
  2. Wanted to make a Dine LA / Restaurant week thread. Any places people are excited to try? Tried Lucques for lunch yesterday. It's kind of interesting, a good chef, really tasty meals, but it's in a high priced location in WeHo (and its reflected in the dish prices); and all of the dining energy seems to have moved elsewhere in town. For appetizers, a cold squash soup (it had a surprising zing of citrus that I loved) / salad were available for desert, and a white fish fillet in beurre blanc, and summer vegetables on top of polenta and quinoa were the lunch entrees. Both were really tasty. So, I was impressed, where I'm generally not impressed by the high dining plates here, dishes were tasty and really good, and it makes me want to go back.
  3. May 9, 2017 - "Los Angeles Restaurant Scene Is on the Move and Mixing It Up" by Adam Nagourney on nytimes.com And they do a good job on the highlights! Here's Looking at You on 6th in Koreatown is fantastic. Hamachi Collar (made with a hot fried chicken-esque rub), Tri-tip Beef Tartare, and cocktails. Kali is also a not boring take on what you'd imagine New California should be as opposed to what it often is!
  4. All of these recommendations are good. I also recommend the Ash (ahhsh) a traditional barley based soup which is really good here too!
  5. Please Introduce Yourselves

    Hello! Azad here I live in la now (which has a way different dining scene up and down the market), but read the site often when I lived in dc. I'll see what I have to offer now. Azad