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  1. Bánh Mì

    Also - try Chase the Submarine in Vienna - not your traditional Banh Mi, but a good twist on it: belly banh mi – virginia ham, braised pork belly, daikon and carrots, cilantro, jalapeno oil, banh mi Chase the Banh Mi
  2. Happened upon the newest food, grocery, condo block or two in Sterling, Virginia recently - had been to the CAVA there several times, but missed this place as it was not open. Lunch was not particularly busy but the way this complex is set up a block off Leesburg Pike (Route 7) it is a destination. There is a Harris Teeter and several other restaurants (Chuy's) in the immediate area. I saw signs for a Coal fired pizza coming soon as well. Miller's Ale House is tucked in the middle so if you blink you could miss it. There is green space in front with some kids games and benches so it appears to be used regularly. Lunch was great. Have a decent mix of salads and sandwiches, I opted for a burger as their description sounded pretty good and it was. Service was spot on and drinks refilled promptly. Atmosphere is more of the contemporary bar/restaurant feel with high exposed vents and gray ceiling acoustic tiles. The booths and bar area were nicely spaced and they had plenty of seating. I am sure the place will fill up and get busier as the condos there sell and the immediate population increases. They have outdoor seating as well, but due to the heat, I think everyone preferred the AC. After you enjoy a meal there walk out the front door directly across the courtyard to Colada Shop for a great coffee. Heard their Cuban sandwiches are great, but have not been back to try one yet. Anyplace that has Cafe con Leche and Cuban coffee is worth a stop.
  3. Instigated by convenience, ate there again last night with friends - service faltered a little as our server was training a new employee, but everyone's dinners from pizzas to jumbo lump crabmeat and avocado salad to Gyro platter were great and delivered without issue. Their featured specials which include apps/salads/entrees always look enticing and so far I have been 2 for 2 with the entree specials. Friends commented how they were impressed with the food - for a low-key meal on a Monday evening, they were reasonably busy.
  4. Situated on Lake Anne in Reston, Kalypso's Sports Tavern, with expansive outdoor seating across from the dock area and water. Plaza is dated due to the concrete theme of 1970s construction, but there are several recent additions to the area which all appear to be fairing well. Had not been here in some time but found ourselves there Sunday and decided to give it another shot. Outdoor seating area was nice, umbrellas are a little worn and could use a cleaning, but the open-air area was nice. They have improved their ordering system so it is automated and very efficient. From Humus appetizer to dinner salads, entrees and kids meals, everything was fresh, and nicely prepared. Service was efficient, and food came out quickly and hot. Lucky for us they had live music Saturday evening starting at 5:30 PM, which was great for atmosphere. Place was decently busy and when we departed around 7, there were people waiting to be seated.
  5. Paid Parking Slowly Killing Reston Town Center?

    ParkRTC Kiosks Overhauled At Reston Town Center According to article, 200,000 people have downloaded the ParkRTC app. This # appears to be pretty high given the controversy surrounding the roll-out and opposition to initial release.
  6. Paid Parking Slowly Killing Reston Town Center?

    ...and now Reston Association is weighing in. RA Board to Discuss Reston Town Center Parking at Meeting This Week
  7. Paid Parking Slowly Killing Reston Town Center?

    "Reston Town Center Restaurants: Business Is Improving after Parking Change" by Dan Taylor on patch.com PR Firm that handled Paid Parking has stepped aside.
  8. Dining in Tysons Corner

    Don't forget Greek (great lunch, if you do not have a reservation eat in the bar - Nostos Thai - Busara - decent, been there a long time and does solid business. Pizza - Crust Harth (McLean Hilton) - yea, I know a hotel restaurant, but it is locally-sourced, bee-hive on the roof kind of place. You can get in/out in 60 minutes. Lost Dog - says McLean, but it is 1/2 mile from Tysons just off Rt 123. Not as good as the original Arlington location, but decent subs and individual, unique pizzas. Alborz - another kabob place, I heard is very good, however I have not been here yet - but it is across the alley from Crust pizza noted above. Chef Geoff's - menu is always interesting, and changes seasonally. --- Clarity (dcs)
  9. Paid Parking Slowly Killing Reston Town Center?

    PassionFish Reston Is Helping Customers Evade ParkRTC, Too They join Mon Ami Gabi in a quest to reignite business at RTC. Reston PassionFish Helping with Parking at RTC
  10. Florida Keys

    Next trip, try (in no particular order) - having been to Key West many, many times, these are tried and true, consistent places where the locals tend to eat. The first 3 have excellent food and cool atmosphere. The last is more for area/view as it is right off the water, but food is decent too - Ricky's Blue Heaven is a great way to start the day with "breakfast with the roosters." 7 Fish Great Italian - Fresh Pasta Blue Heaven Pepe's Cafe Turtle Kraals
  11. Washington, DC Hikes

    Easily accessed for both MD and VA hikers, is Scott's Run about 1/4 mile of 495 on Georgetown Pike. Parking lot(s) are small and often fill up early on weekends as it is a popular destination. Several moderately challenging trails to hike on and good for adults and kids too.
  12. Understood, however it was not busy when we arrived in the main restaurant nor in the Brasserie. Two other parties arrived about 15 minutes after we got seated (2-top and 3-top), and their food came out before our's despite the orders being placed after ours. It was unfortunate, but I will give them another shot - we have been there before, but it was average at best and figured after a year perhaps things had improved.
  13. I should have read this prior to, I would have dressed like I had been hiking and then sat on the patio to see if the service were quicker....
  14. Having dined there in their Brasserie last week, it was very nice as far as atmosphere. The outdoor patio overlooks their garden areas and is somewhat shaded so that is nice. Service....after being greeted promptly and being seated slightly before our reservation, we got water and drinks quickly. Bread and butter = fine. Food....we ordered within the first 10 minutes of being seated, but waited for almost an hour for our appetizers, which were not overly complicated - braised Wagyu beef cheeks and a salad. We ate efficiently as we had allocated about 2 hours for a lunch and planned to have dessert. Our main courses came about 30 minutes after our apps (my wife actually asked if they would check on them since we were a little surprised the main course did not come out quicker after the delayed apps) which left us a little rushed to make an appt at 2 PM. We ate, requested the bill and skipped dessert due to the extended prep times, which left us short on time. Maybe an off day, not sure as we don't go there enough to know - however with such a nice atmosphere and talented kitchen, the service needs to step up a little. Funny thing was we picked the Brasserie since we figured the service would be faster in a smaller venue. The restaurant was empty when we arrived and when we left, but do not know if it was because they had better service and turned the tables quicker or it was not busy for lunch.
  15. Dining in Reston Town Center

    I think the rents commanded there dictate "chains" simply due to affordability and tolerance. You have regionally-owned chains, like Clydes, Ted's and Jackson's, but it is hard to imagine a local one or two location restaurant faring well with the charges for commercial retail there. This will likely become more apparent once the new retail starts coming in to replace stores as they turnover; whereas the regionals may even give up space to national chains. il Fornio's venture East of the Mississippi worked for 10 years here, perhaps longer if they didn't have lease issues.