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  1. That's like saying people venerate Jean Georges, Daniel Boloud or Gunther Seeger too much. it might be true. But he, and they, are deserving. Having had the pleasure of working for Frank for 6 years, his technique, flavors, attention to detail and work ethic are second to none. From his simple Oxtail Vaccinara or little pork head cheese croquettes to his more sophisticated Lobster and Oyster Navarin with Sauternes...his food is unlike any I've encountered in my travels or in my work with other chefs. i still dream of his stollen. His bread and tomato soup. His brandade. His bolognese. (I could go on).
  2. $26 for a ham sandwich might be on the pricey side. I'm not there. But if it's $26 and after eating it you are satisfied and full then I am ok with that. At Rose's Luxury, there are diminutive pastas on the menu that go for $13, $14 and $15. If I went there for dinner one night and just wanted to eat pasta...and be sated, I would probably end up having to eat two or three pastas. Which would cost anywhere from $26-$45. That is an expensive bowl (or three) of noodles, which typically comes with not much more than butter and cheese.
  3. All the photos I've seen look great. Irvin Van Oordt is a talented cook.
  4. Looks pretty terrible. Steak Frite of some sort?
  5. Beautiful photos indeed. it seems as if butter based sauces are having their moment (not a huge fan).
  6. In the beginning they might not have even offered tasting menus. I remember at some point they added one that was available Thursday thru Saturday (if I remember correctly). but it was very much in the same mold as Palena Cafe (the first incarnation). i loved going there and grabbing a few plates for dinner. Delicious food at a very good perceived value. While Johnny and Kwame were both young, only one was offering up a good perceived value...hence only one is still cooking.
  7. Conveyor belt pizza...the worst of the worst. ironically, conveyor belt ovens, due to the multitude of parts, are typically the most expensive types of ovens when compared to deck and wood fired ovens.
  8. Thank you. That means a lot. One of the best pizzas I ever had in my life was also a marinara pizza, but from Florence, Italy.
  9. The plating of this food is pretty terrible across the board. It makes Cedric's food (which is typicallly very delicious) look rather unappealing.
  10. I'm not a mash-up kinda guy. I bet if you mentioned high-chairs to the owner they would remedy the situation.
  11. Were there any dishes that were more Mexican? Seems an odd choice to put what amounts to eggs benedict at a Mexican restaurant (Mexican culture has a rich breakfast/brunch tradition).