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  1. Rieux


    I use uber 4-8 times a week. And I have a car.
  2. Rieux

    The Bahamas

    I remain totally unimpressed by food in Nassau, but the last time I was there my colleague (a local) took me to the Green Parrot (on Paradise Island just over the bridge, looking back toward the mainland). It was the best fish sandwich and most fun bar I went to. Popular with locals. This does not mean it is great https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g147416-d1754961-Reviews-Green_Parrot_Bar_Grill-Nassau_New_Providence_Island_Bahamas.html
  3. Yes, $200 total, $100 per couple. Brain fart on my part. And I, too, was keeping the secret, selfishly.
  4. I've been to Elle several times. It is wonderful. The coffee shop during the day has wonderful pastries and breads for eat in or take out and a good coffee program. I've had good muffins and financiers inside, as well as a good old bay scone. I've also taken out delightful individual goat cheese cakes and lemon bars. I've had dinner there once, where we had interesting and tasty cocktails, good wines, a friend had a rare cider, and some unique beers. Service is spectacular. Attentive, friendly, able to make good recommendations and pairings. Between four of us we had the cheese sticks, a kim chee bread, another toast I can't remember, two orders of clam spaetzle, a charred broccoli salad, and another beet dish I can't recall. The charred broccoli was delicious, but, really, everything was spectacular. Desserts were the goat cheese cake and a chocolate tart. The cheese cake was the favorite. For four people with at least 2 drinks each, and enough food and desserts among all of us the bill was $100. Not bad at all. We walked in on a Thursday at 7 with no reservation, but this was about 10 days ago, before Tom S listed it as # 1 in his dining guide. I think it is the neighborhood restaurant DC has been looking for, and is especially the one I have been looking for in MY neighborhood of Mt. Pleasant!
  5. Don, feel feee to delete if this isn’t appropriate, but we are looking for partners interested in splitting a share of 2 season tickets to the Nats in an established pool. 2 members had to drop out, leaving 2 openings. Right now we have 2 quarter share options available (can be combined into a 1/2 share too) in an established pool. 22 games. The cost of a quarter share is approximately $3200 for two seats and includes great perks like dedicated security/entry line, first dibs on post season games, and points that can be used toward parking and stuff. Awesome seats in section 213 row G seats 17 and 18 on the aisle in the Norfolk Southern Club, out of rain and sun, right behind home plate.
  6. "Mike Isabella and Partners Sued for 'Extraordinary Sexual Harrassment" shocking. Not.
  7. Rieux


    I have a great one for travel and work from, of all places, lululemon.
  8. Rieux

    Azores (Açores), Portugal

    Two groups of friends have gone and loved it. Said they had amazing four star several course meals with wine for two for 25 euro total.
  9. Rieux

    Sri Lanka

    Thanks. We saw this. Right now looks ok. We both work in international development in pretty gnarly places so we are used to being aware but are keeping our eyes open!
  10. Rieux

    Sri Lanka

  11. Rieux


    Air India, where they treat you like cattle. (Ba dum bum).
  12. Rieux

    Sri Lanka

    Any dining suggestions for the usual tourist locations in Sri Lanka?
  13. I’ve, sadly, found no good food from Northeast Brazil in the area. No good moqueca, no good bobó, etc. I end up going to By Brazil to pick up farofa and dendé oil and I make them myself.
  14. I'm not Don, but I did like the pastry. Plus if it's by Nick Pimantel and the Room 11 folks the food is going to be good.
  15. Not super set. They said they've been in from "the morning" until about 2pm the last couple of days. Right now they are trying to just serve the locals with coffee and pastries as they organize and get their flow going.