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  1. There's a restaurant in the old city called Boeucc. It's inside a former Medici palace and has been in existence for 325 years. It is a very grand restaurant just around the corner from La Scala. I had dinner there with a very diverse group of international folks , and I was impressed when the waiter took the order in 7 different languages. The famous Cutlet was very good. One word of caution in Milan, apparently it is illegal to serve cappuccino after 10:30 in the morning.
  2. These are all wines that, theoretically, are never out of stock. They can all be ordered with one days notice so the venue doesn't have carry any inventory. That's why they make you chose the wine 3 days before the event. But, to answer your question, yes- those are some terrible choices. I'm also pretty certain they are all from the same distributor.
  3. 30 years ago, Jean-Louis was the first restaurant in Washington with a $95 tasting menu option.
  4. I once saw a dining guide of Washington, DC from 1965. It listed the Jockey Club as $$$$ because the rack of lamb was $3.95.
  5. I walked by last week and the printed menu had Dover Sole at $42. That's way less than any place else I can think of.
  6. Gun liability insurance would be one answer. No insurance, no gun
  7. Australia dealt with this problem in a direct and successful manner. It might be time for that here.
  8. Here are the 2018 semi-finalists, just announced. Go Cedric!!
  9. Good statement by Elliott. More people should speak out like this. The ridiculous MoCo Liquor Control Board, after all these years is still a terrible joke in terms of pricing and it's non-existent "service", the county itself has an unfriendly business climate. Its a shame an affluent county like this is run in such a backwards manner.
  10. Its time for the Australian solution. Something radical and solid.
  11. The Trite Food List

    I laughed when I read this article yesterday. It seems to imply all millennials eat avocado toast. That's pretty hilarious.
  12. Nestlé is a very, very large company, actually the largest food company in the world. They do almost $3billion in water business yearly because they own 38 brands (Evian, Perrier, Panna, San Pelegrino, +++) and a surpising number of food businesses. Much more than Swiss Miss.
  13. Alhambra in DC

    This location has been a perennial black hole. It never gained traction when L'Espinasse or Alain Ducasse were there, never heard a peep about Decanter, which this replaces. It has an entirely in-inspiring menu. $39 Bistro box lunch- such a bargain. NOT