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  1. Corduroy Bar is closed tonight due to a private party. 5/22/18
  2. It's a really great place for lunch. Not crowded and quiet, the food comes quickly. The lunch menu has so many good things on it.
  3. Mark Slater

    Building a Wall between the USA and Mexico

    Be careful. The simpletons that think a wall is a viable solution might get offended.
  4. Mark Slater

    German Restaurants

    Thomas Hauck, quoted in the article, was sous chef at Citronelle for several years.
  5. Mark Slater


    Have a nice lunch at Le Relais de Margaux. Surrounded by chateaux in a Michelin star setting. Make sure to have dinner at La Tupina off of Quaie de la Monaie. It's a fancy bistro with a huge hearth at the front door and an amazing collection of vintage Armagnacs. They will try to sell you one from your birth year. While looking at the menu, ask for Le Bloc de Foie Gras. It comes with crusty bread that is slathered with duck fat and grilled. Make sure to get out of town and visit St. Emilion. It is the prettiest town in the area. Bordeaux is a major city with many medieval buildings still preserved. The center city is mostly pedestrian zoned. There are beautiful parks and a cool modern street car system.
  6. Mark Slater

    The Bias Against "Local" Wines

    I'm a big fan of Peay. Their Sonoma Coast Chardonnay has beautiful smoky oak texture. Have you tried their line called Cep? Very high quality at half the price of Peay.
  7. Katt, Le Bernardin is the place. Eric is a genuine person. I worked with him at the Watergate a few years ago.
  8. Mark Slater

    The Bias Against "Local" Wines

    If you want to try a classic viognier, Georges Vernay produces a generic Northern Rhone viognier. He is the master who brought the grape back from obscurity. French viognier, unlike domestic, is delicate, floral and light. I personally find domestic viognier to be oily, heavy, overoaked and downright unpleasant. Personal taste.
  9. Mark Slater

    White Wine and Cheese

    Find a really ripe Afidelice and a very cold, Premier Cru Chablis. Afedelice is the cheese like Epoisses that is rubbed with Chablis, instead of Marc de Bourgogne.
  10. $55 for Kendall-Jackson is criminal.