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  1. This seems to be everywhere. My last job did weekly inventory. Because everything these days is a phone app, they run what's called a theoretical inventory that gets compared to the actual inventory. Every Friday would be a blizzard of emails questioning every count (You are missing 305 tea bags!!), missing 1/8 of a keg. Truly a waste of time.
  2. really the only thing I liked at the Georgetown La Madaleine were the raspberry croissants at breakfast.
  3. "Hinky" - A Word Gone Archaic in One or Two Generations

    Remember that Jack Webb's most consistent quirk is that he always wore red socks.
  4. The Georgetown location had uniformly terrible service and food, yet always had people in it.
  5. Gun owner's insurance. Like automobile liability insurance. Let the insurance companies decide who is insurable. No insurance, no gun.
  6. Jose Andres Has been feeding Puerto Rico

    Reading it in the post is so unsettling. This will become remembered as the "Thin Skin Administration"
  7. One of the first things you learn in the wine biz is that bad wine doesn't get better with age. I'm sure the residual sugar would preserve this wine from Brooklyn's oldest winery for a long time.
  8. That's not a good sign. Wet basement is the definition of TCA.
  9. At the risk of sounding like a wine snob, I have to say, when I worked at the Watergate Hotel in the 1980's, I got to taste some amazing old wines. The wine that provided me with my first "Aha" moment in Burgundy was a 1949 Doctor Barolet Latricieres- Chambertin. It was like nothing I had ever encountered before. Forward and utterly delicious, smooth, deep, fragrant. I was floored. The flat out oldest wine I was able to taste: Chateau Margaux 1903. The best tasting old wine I ever tasted: 1945 Mouton-Rothschild. A fun book to look for is Michael Broadbent's Great Vintage Wine Book. As a famous wine auctioneer, his book has tasting notes on wine back to THE 18TH CENTURY. If you need to know the tasting notes for Chateau Lafite 1874, this is your book.
  10. Foie Gras

    I've been lucky to have tasted the famous 1967 several times.
  11. Foie Gras

    I love good Sauternes. I have been lucky enough to taste the greatest Sauternes from the best vintages. Sauternes early in a multi-course meal ruins the palate for the following wines, IMO.
  12. Foie Gras

    Nope. The classic pairing is Sauternes with cold terrine of goose foie gras (foie d'oie). Seared foie gras pairs much better with dry Alsatian Riesling.