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  1. Starbucks To Shut Down All Teavana Stores

    Well, all malls seem to desperately need more space for stores that sell clothes to size 0 women you know...
  2. Chicken 65

    I know when Minerva still had their Fairfax outpost, Chicken 65 was on the menu.
  3. Understatement of the year.
  4. Butter

    I don't care what anyone thinks, I like the TJ's Cultured and Salted butter. Because it has both qualities that appeal to me, a bit of a tang, but salted.
  5. Cheesecake

    Honestly, I'd go to Wegman's.
  6. Trader Joe's, 16 Area Locations

    Based on your recommendation, I bought a tub the other night. Delicious!
  7. I believe there was a settlement announced for Zakarian's case as well.
  8. I miss Frank, his commentary as well as his music. He was really a contemporary classical composer at heart, but also understood the business of the music industry.
  9. The gent who was president of the legal publisher I worked for in the 90's on 20th St was a member and brought our whole office there for some celebratory luncheon. I can't remember any details about it, other than no wine was served. I think the fare was more typical banquet material at that time.
  10. Re: the Kirkland Vodka, apparently it's made with the same water, and in the same region as Grey Goose, but not made by GG.
  11. I don't follow reality shows, but I do read Arl Now. Here's a summary from an earlier story about Oz that should answer your questions. This was in an ArlNow story June 22, 2016: The restaurant, at 2950 Clarendon Blvd, is co-owned by Ashley Darby, a cast member on the Bravo TV show Real Housewives of Potomac. The show began filming its second season in April — a process that was expected to take 3-4 months. From an earlier story: The restaurant serves authentic Australian cuisine, Darby said, adding that the food is new to many of the restaurant staff, including herself. “We’re all learning as we go,” said Darby, who was crowned Miss D.C. in 2011. Darby co-owns the restaurant with her husband, Michael, who is an Australian native and the co-founder of local real estate development firm Monument Realty. Also, to make things interesting, I think this is a May - December relationship.
  12. Wait...doesn't getting plowed negate the freezing weather? I studied this very phenomenon in upstate NY in my University days.
  13. You're correct that it was the original WF that I knew of in VA. Actually it started as "Fresh Fields" and is the reason I still sometimes call WF "Fresh Fields".
  14. Would Flynn and his son, who have both helped spread this fiction, be open to lawsuits from the affected parties?