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  1. There's a worryingly vague sign outside the door that just says they're temporarily closed. No reopen date listed. I hope this isn't the end for them.
  2. They do not serve alcohol in the front area. I will second KeithA's feelings toward the chicken. I have been coming here every few days for lunch for my quarter dark and it's been consistently good.
  3. I wonder what percentage of their sandwiches are consumed by one person in one seating... But anyway, I wanted to call out something different -- the way Stachowski's keeps/displays their whole chickens. They are basically air drying in a refrigerated case, which gives them such a leg up on any plastic wrapped chicken you can find in terms of getting that crispy golden skin when you roast it. A lot of recipes call for drying your chicken and airing it out in the refrigerator overnight, but the Stachowski bird I roasted tonight was good to go from the moment I brought it home. Excellent stuff.
  4. Hard to believe no one has posted about Oohs and Ahhs in 7 years...but anyway, based on signage I saw driving today, it looks like they either just opened or are about to open a second location right by the Walmart on Georgia Ave.
  5. Asheville, NC

    My biggest food revelation from a recent trip to Asheville was a cup of coffee. More specifically, a cold brew from Penny Cup Coffee in the River Arts District made from a blend that included 25% beans aged in bourbon barrels. The concept was totally new to me and the taste blew me away...It was smooth, and had just enough of the taste and smell of bourbon to make me feel somewhat guilty walking down the street drinking it. I wound up buying two pounds of the blend from them and have been happily making this myself for the last few weeks. But I guess I'm just not in the know because just after we returned I saw this tweet from Tim Carmen that Swings Coffee in DC is doing the same thing (and apparently isn't even the first to do so). I guess I'm just late to the party on this one but count me as a fan. The food in Asheville was generally excellent. Tried two bbq places and based on just one visit to each place but trying a variety of things, I'd say Moe's Original beats 12 Bones by a mile. I'm still dreaming of those ribs...I don't know if these were the two best bbq places in the area but they were what some locals recommended. Three other places I'd happily return to include: Curate for tapas - with the exception of dry lamb skewers, everything was top notch, especially the seafood. We particularly loved the roasted clams with pea puree, and the head-on shrimp. Chai Pani - casual but super fresh tasting Indian street food. The Bull and Beggar - They call it European inspired Appalachian food, which I have no idea what that means, but whatever it was it was good. Pretty simple dishes, but good flavors and solid preparations. We enjoyed the charred octopus, pork rinds, a fish prepared with green garlic sauce, and some excellent cheeses for dessert.
  6. The link just takes me to a generic Fresh Direct page. What's the name of the seltzer?
  7. So bummed by this news. With the caveat that my comparison set is basically Red Apron and Stachowski's, I think that SS&B has offered the best charcuterie in the city for several years now. Really sad to see them go.
  8. All I'm saying is I walked the perimeter of the Rockville location today while I was waiting for my food and after I finished. The restaurant is decorated with pictures, mostly of military situations and military personnel. Dozens and dozens of pictures, probably hundreds. And looking at those pictures, you would never guess, as I just learned Googling it, that "Racial and ethnic minority groups made up 40% of Defense Department active-duty military..." The pictures are nearly all of white soldiers (and Marines, Airmen...). I can't comment on the idea of the person responsible being rogue in some way, I'm just saying that's how someone chose to decorate this restaurant. And even if you don't attribute anything nefarious to it, something just felt really off about it to me.
  9. According to their website, Mission BBQ does what it does "for the love of our soldiers, firefighters, police officers, first responders—all our loved ones in service." I applaud their mission. I just wish it was easier to believe, based on the pictures they display on the walls of their Rockville location, that they are interested in honoring non-white soldiers, firefighters, police officers, and first responders as well.
  10. I just tried this place for the first time on Friday, going there at 1pm intending to sit down for lunch but finding every table occupied opted for take-out instead. We enjoyed everything we ordered...very different flavors from the typical north Indian dishes you find in places around here.
  11. Pre-Kennedy Center on a Thursday - Show is at 7:30 PM

    You know what was interesting, the line for sushi taro was much longer than ours for Little Serow. Don't they take reservations?
  12. Goat

    There's a little Bangladeshi grocery store in Arlington called Asia Halal Supermarket (5171 Lee Highway) that carries it. 703-533-0606.
  13. Pre-Kennedy Center on a Thursday - Show is at 7:30 PM

    We went to Little Serow this past Friday night and were maybe 10th in line when we got there at 5. We probably could have arrived 10 minutes later or so and safely gotten into the first seating. I'm sure it's even easier on a weeknight…not the scene it once was (though the meal was superb).
  14. Ice Cream Machines

    Thans, everyone. Our (very small) freezer seems to always be packed, so I think one of the self-contained models with a compressor is for us. The Lebovitz book looks great, too.
  15. Ice Cream Machines

    Any recent purchases people have loved lately? I want to get an ice cream maker for the summer!