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  1. First real sign of Spring: Ramps on the pizza tonight. Plus fantastic braised fava beans with sheep's milk and a new wheat bread that they're milling themselves. And strawberries from "Harry's Berries" in California (I was dubious about April berries--but sure enough, they're quite good), with gragnano, vanilla ice cream and shortbread.
  2. Just checked -- I suppose it depends upon what you consider "mid-afternoon"! ;-) 4:00 on weekends; 5:00 M-F.
  3. Actually, the wine bar menu is generally only available in the evening.
  4. Well, you just named my favorite three restaurants in town. I must be doing something right.
  5. OK, so let's rephrase the question: Do they usually run out of dough and, if so, when?
  6. The DC location was hopping last night--running on all cylinders with a very large crowd--and the tacos are as delicious there as they are out in VA (I got a bunch to go), although some of the special tacos sound a bit over-the-top or too jammed full of oddly matched stuff. I believe the prices are 50 cents higher per taco than in VA--$3.50 for regular tacos, $4.50 for the specials. But they aren't skimpy tacos. Three is easily a meal--two for most eaters.
  7. Is there less of a wait if one arrives on the late side, e.g., 8:30 or later?
  8. Please confirm that the $16 is for an order that includes all five of those very modestly sized salatim, not $16 apiece.