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  1. Tried Chi-Ko yet? Hardly "authentic," and the name is cringeworthy; but I was very pleasantly surprised by my meal there last night.
  2. It's where Afghan Bistro will be opening (purportedly) in September.
  3. Drove by a 5:00 in the afternoon yesterday--over 200 people in line. Can this possibly be worth it? Don't think I'd wait that long even if there were rumors of a return of Julien Shapiro.
  4. Putting together this, plus several severe downhill alerts at Sushi Capitol, plus Don's bar rave, adds up to the possibility that Chef Ogawa is putting all of his energies into the bar at Ogawa, and that it doesn't make much sense to choose either of the other two options.
  5. I might say Mangialardo's, except I don't think they have any seats.
  6. If it is, it's a miracle; a rare successful shot in the dark -- I haven't been to Pesce in at least 15 years (mostly because of prices; always liked the place), but the plate stirred up old memories . . . .
  7. I believe, but am not certain, that "Laotian" means from the country of Laos, whereas "Lao" is an adjective referring to the particular ethnic group, who might or might not be in Laos (e.g., Lao Isans in northern Thailand). My sense--but I'm happy to be corrected--is that "Lao" is much more commonly used by people from Laos. More to the point for present purposes, Chef Seng refers to "Lao food."
  8. "golden fried pockets" brought this to mind (which I'm sure is a far cry from what's served at BT!)
  9. I agree. Mirabelle would be slightly less pricey with a different address, and if it were trying to attract a different clientele. But Komi and P&P are much pricier. That's why I suggested its lack of (relative) popularity is mostly a function of location and, especially, formality/stuffiness, real and perceived, more so than the factors McArdle identifies.
  10. Megan McArdle identifies some of the reasons people aren't flocking to Mirabelle, but she neglects the two most important: location and, especially, formality-bordering-on-stuffiness--both of which are largely responsible for the prices (which she does mention). It was obviously designed for an expense-account, business crowd. Which, along with the prices, keeps the crowds away. And that's a shame, of course, because she's right: there's no one better than Frank Ruta. (FWIW, I've only been once, two months ago, and thought the food was, not surprisingly, wonderful; but since then I haven't thought once of returning, largely for the reasons stated above. By contrast, I *always* yearned to go to Palena (the "front room" cafe before expansion, especially), though the food was no better there.) Case in point: Komi. Virtually everything McArdle writes is equally true about Komi, and Johnny Monis. Except that it is even more expensive. Yet it is booked every night. It's not very hard to see the differences that are the cause of the disparity.
  11. It's long been a fave. (That carrot cake was amazing. I'll have to go back to Etto to try the marinara.)
  12. Different from week to week. Generally speaking, if you're willing to eat on the late side, just go at around 5:30 or 6:00 and tell them that; most days you'll be ok. If you want to be in the first sitting, good idea to be there by 4:45 or so. In between, it's very hard to predict . . . .